Sony xperia z3 keeps restarting

Sony Xperia Z3 reboots itself

We invite you to find out why your Sony Xperia Z3 reboots by itself and how much it will cost a wizard to fix such a problem in a professional service center.

Service / work / breakdown Cost () Repair time Warranty, days.
t. 8 (921) 984-75-12, St. Petersburg, Kamennoostrovsky prospect, 42 (metro Petrogradskaya, we are on the map)
Diagnostics is free
Replacing the battery (battery) Sony Xperia Z3 2500 from 25 min. from 30
Software services, firmware 1500 from 30 min. from 7
Other problems after diagnosis from 30 min. from 30

Based on the of our services, you could understand that the Sony Xperia Z3 reboots by itself due to:

  • problems with the battery, which may not fit snugly, as a result of which it comes off the contacts;
  • problems in the software, both in the firmware and in any of the installed applications.

In the case of the firmware, you need to install the stable original one. If the problem is in the application, then for a start, it’s a good idea to reset everything to factory settings and check the phone’s performance.

In addition, damage to the internal components and modules of the phone can cause repeated reboots of the Sony Xperia Z3. You can get them both as a result of blows, excessive pressure (sat down, crushed in your ), and exposure to temperature factors, or moisture getting under the phone case. In this case, a diagnosis in the workshop is necessary to identify the problem.

proven ways to remove the pattern on a sony phone

I forgot the drawing of the pattern on my Sony Xperia phone and I don’t know what to do. about 15,000 people a month knock on the Internet with such a question.

Usually the problem of unlocking comes down to one thing. there is no universal recipe for unlocking sony xperia or ericsson phones, as there are a lot of models.

For example, Sony Xperia z3, z1 compact, st23i, Sony m2, m5, c5303, m2 d2303, e1, c3, Sony Ericsson, Xperia mini, Sony aqua, zr, sony c1905, c2005, 1905, sony lt25i, c2105, 6603, z2 d6503, m4, xperia e5, sony xperia e4 and so on.

Therefore, I will give here three ways at once. In most cases all three will do, but on some models only one is possible.

NOTE: you can remove the unlock pattern, you can lose personal data, save and restore.

The option with the loss of data, we can say the most common, besides, if you are faced with the question of what is more important than a Sony Xperia phone or data, then I am sure that you choose a phone, because you will not have access to data without unlocking the pattern.

ATTENTION: everything that will be described below applies to Sony phones running on Android.

All other devices, like the old Ericsson, are not acceptable without operating systems, however, they do not have a graphic key either.

The first way to unlock the pattern in your Sony phone if you forgot it. without losing data

After you have read this section, go to this page, there is a link to go to a special Google service (I’ll move it here later. I don’t want to be distracted now).

However, there is a lot of useful information with pictures about removing the pattern on Android.

For the method described here, you need: have an Internet connected to your phone and remember the password for entering your Gmail email.

In the absence of the Internet. the problem is easily fixable. here are three options for connecting Sony to the Internet, even when it is locked with a graphic key (in most cases, the Internet is already there and nothing needs to be done).

If you don’t remember your Gmail login details, they are also restored. By the way, I started something wrong, the method on the link above is applicable to unlocking via a computer, but if you haven’t forgotten the credentials, you can remove the pattern directly in the Sony Xperia phone or another of this manufacturer.

To do this, we type the wrong pattern 5 times. Next, you will see something like this button “Lost model?” Smatphone press the “Home” button or forgot, after clicking on “Home” (it is possible that you will get a slightly different message).

Now you will need to enter your email address and password. Then click “Login”, after which you can change the pattern, and then turn it off altogether, if desired.

The second way to bypass the pattern in a Sony phone while preserving your data

In Sony Xperia, it is easy to get around to remove the pattern with a code. To do this, the first step is to select an emergency call.

Then we type the code. ### (works on all Sony Xperia). after that the service menu will appear, in which select Service tests.

Then we find / select NFC. NFC Diag Test, we wait until the test is over and click on the “Home” button

You should now be on the desktop of your Sony phone. There is no point in describing what to do next.

NOTE: on some Sony Xperia Z, if the code above may not work, then try another. ###, after that the phone will reboot.

Exceptions in our life are common. they are also possible here. Therefore, if the method did not turn out to be effective, we go further.

The third way to unlock your Sony Xperia pattern with data sweat

Sony Xperia, like any electronic device equipped with software, we are not immune to failure, one of which is to forget the pattern.

Fortunately, Android comes with a recovery menu where we can restore the phone to its original state.

This is a very simple process, although it may seem scary to some. do not be afraid, even if the black screen with text does not scare you, I have used it at least dozens of times and all are successful.

It goes without saying that all data stored on your phone will be lost once the process is complete. In order to start, you must completely turn off the device.

Hold down the combination of buttons to start. In most cases, these are buttons: on / off Increase volume or decrease top.

Each model can have its own combinations. If it doesn’t work, see the article on how to reset on Android phones.

Then, after you enter the menu, you have three steps. The first is to select the item with the voice buttons: Wipe data / Factory reset “.

Then press the power button, move to another menu. confirmations “No” and “Yes”. Choose “Yes”

You are now ready to reboot your Sony phone and, after a few tweaks, start using it as if nothing had happened.

Therefore, we select and press (the power button) on the line. Reboot system now.

a short summary is a step-by-step way to make it all even clearer.

  • Turn off the device completely
  • Get to the recovery menu
  • Select the option “Wipe data / Factory reset” (navigate with the volume buttons and select with the on / off button)
  • Select the “Yes” option (as you did before)
  • Select “Reboot Now”
  • Done

As you can see, this is a very simple process that may seem laborious only at first glance.

Just a few steps and your Sony Xperia phone is “ready for battle” again. Success.

Hard Reset on Sony devices, remove the pattern, restore factory settings

Sony took care of its customers and made one good program with which you can reset the settings, restore the phone to the factory state, plus remove the pattern from any Sony phone at the same time. It’s called Sony PC Companion.

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So, for any of these devices, using this utility, you can essentially do a hard reset, reset the settings, or remove the graphic key. To do this, you only need a USB cable (which comes with your phone), a computer and, in fact, your phone.

Below I will give an example of using this program on the example of one phone. But for any of the model, the instruction will be the same simple, especially since our program already contains instructions and Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

sony, xperia

It is also worth noting that as a result of resetting the settings on your favorite Sony device, all your contacts, SMS, magazines, notes, settings, files on the internal memory will be deleted. Therefore, if I were you, I would take care of them in advance. You can stop the loss using public services: DropBox, Cloud, Google contacts, Google Drive. You can set up synchronization and data backup by looking in the menu of your phone, namely in the item “Backup and reset”.

Instructions for resetting the settings:

  • Follow the link and click “Download PC Companion” (30MB). Or click on the inscription below and the download will start without fail.
  • After downloading, click on the program and run it.
  • Select the country, language and click “Install”. We accept the terms by clicking on the “Accept” button.
  • Then we press “Start” and several times “Next”, thereby skipping the greeting of the program.
  • Now we are interested in the “Support Zone”, namely the “Start” button under it. You need to click on it and wait until the process of downloading this tool from the Internet passes.
  • In the window that appears, below the inscription “Software Update”, click again on the “Start” button.
  • Click on the words “phone / tablet recovery”.
  • “Proceed”
  • We note the checkbox that we are familiar with the consequences of a reset, namely, with the loss of personal phone data. Click “Next”.
  • Waiting for the preparation process.
  • We read the recommendations, mark the checkbox “I have read” and click “Continue”
  • In this window, we are told that the charge level must be at least 80%. Agree and again “Next”.
  • Choose YOUR Sony model, click “Next”.
  • At this stage, you will need to carefully read the instructions that appear. First turn off, then connect your phone as it is written on the screen. Most likely, before connecting to a computer, you will need to hold down and hold the volume key on the phone.
  • The automatic process of restoring your Sony to factory settings will begin. DO NOT TURN OFF or DISCONNECT your phone. Only at the end of the process will the screen be prompted to disconnect the phone and then this can be done.
  • Done!

The above process will allow you to update the software of your phone, remove the graphic password that you forgot, eliminate possible software glitches and freezes of your phone, restore the factory firmware of your phone. If this article has become useful to you, you can express your gratitude by clicking on the social button. networks.

Sony phone restarts. what to do?

I fell in love with the Sony form from the moment I used its first brainchild. the sony ericson s-100 phone / Time passed, the phones changed. wolfmans appeared. telephones changed, but love for them did not pass, on the contrary, it became stronger and stronger. sony has always been renowned for its stability. It’s like the iPhone, only thinner, lighter and more pleasant in the hand. What would someone say that the sony phone is rebooting, this could not be. It could not have come out until the models of the Sony Xperia series. By the way, as for the model itself, I found only one drawback with them (unless, of course, you do not notice that the new phone is constantly rebooting). the impossibility of copying applications from the phone’s memory to a flash card. For this, manufacturers need to really get their hands off. But back to my story, in which I will tell you what was my reason why my sony xperia phone was constantly rebooting, which caused not only a lot of trouble. but sometimes it also led to a nervous breakdown. Once I almost sent him flying against the wall when he began to reboot right in the middle of an important conversation. Well, first things first.

What a joy it was after buying a brand new Sony Xperia phone. But the joy, alas, was not long. Almost immediately, the phone began to reboot. The first thing I did was surf the Internet and start scouring the forums asking why the sony phone restarts, there weren’t many answers. they all boiled down to the fact that either a phone flashing or an android update to a fresh version is needed. All this was done by me immediately. But alas, it did not bring results. Sony phone kept rebooting constantly. the solution to the problem happened by accident. Once rearranging the SIM card, I dropped it so that I could not get it. I had to restore the SIM. By the way, it should be noted that the old SIM card was quite old, it had to be cut to mini-SIM on our own. The new SIM card was already the right size. So after installing a new SIM card, my sony phone stopped rebooting and has been working very stably for a long time, only there is not enough memory.

sony phone restarts. problem solved!

So, if your sony phone restarts, try replacing the SIM card with a new one, it helped me personally, I hope it will help you too. Now you know one of the reasons why the sony xperia phone restarts. All the best!

How to restart Sony Xperia if it freezes

While using the smartphone, various system malfunctions may occur, and the user is faced with the fact that his Sony Xperia freezes and does not respond to any actions, including the physical power button. Sometimes the hang can be caused by technical malfunctions or problems with the microSD memory card. In this manual, we will show you how to restart your Sony Xperia if it freezes.

Due to the fact that the batteries in modern Xperia models are non-removable, you cannot make a physical reset, but the Japanese have provided this possibility and integrated a small physical hard reset button into each model! In most tablets and smartphones, it is located under the cover of the SIM card slot or under a removable cover (budget models) marked “OFF”.

To restart your Sony Xperia, do the following:

  • Open the cap
  • Use a pen or other thin, but not sharp object to press and hold the OFF button. Refrain from using needles and similar sharp objects!
  • After the device vibrates several times (usually three vibrations), you can release the button and release it. You will see that the device has turned off.
  • Launching the smartphone.

There is another option for a two-minute forced restart, which must be performed if the process described above does not work. Its essence is similar:

How to solve sony xperia restarting problem

  • We find the OFF button under the plug and hold it with a handle.
  • We hold the button for 120 seconds, not paying attention to vibrations, and after this time we release it.
  • Connect your smartphone to the charger and charge it until the charging indicator appears on the screen.
  • You can turn on your smartphone.

Reboot by holding down the buttons:

  • Hold down the power button and the volume up button at the same time.
  • After about 10 seconds, the smartphone vibrates three times and turns off.
  • Turn on your device.

Sony phones malfunctions

Most of the breakdowns of phones of any manufacturer are associated with their improper use. Malfunctions of Sony phones are also associated with shocks and falls of the device, contact with liquids, software malfunction and, occasionally, a factory defect. In this article, we will look at the symptoms of breakdowns, the causes of their occurrence and methods of elimination.

If your Sony phone is charging slowly or not charging at all, the reason could be both the charger, which will need to be replaced, or the charging connector. In this case, specialists will try to repair it or immediately replace the connector.

Also, due to mechanical stress or moisture penetration under the phone case, a software failure may occur, which leads to a similar problem. Service technicians will update the firmware and eliminate the consequences of finding liquid and the result of a fall. return your phone to normal operation.

It happens that the indicator shows that the charging process is in progress, although the phone is not actually charging. It’s all the fault of a burned out charge controller or a problem in the charging circuit. Only specialists will help you cope with this problem.

If the phone constantly reboots, “hangs” on the logo or when the camera is turned on, it is impossible to enter applications, then the problem usually lies in the phone software and a Sony phone software repair is required. In addition, falling and falling into an aggressive environment could lead to failure of the power amplifier and a similar situation.

May be due to battery failure or moisture getting inside the phone.

These are the most common Sony phone malfunctions. There can be a lot of reasons: from an uncharged battery to a software failure of the device and the failure of one of the microcircuits. Only a thorough diagnosis of specialists will put everything in its place and determine what the problem is.

The display does not work in Sony Xperia, image distortion, the appearance of various kinds of artifacts.

If your phone has problems with the display (does not show, there are stripes, etc.), most likely, you will need to replace the display. As a rule, our service technicians try to repair a faulty component. This malfunction occurs after being dropped and bumped, or after contact with moisture.

If the mobile phone has problems with the network. the operator’s signal has disappeared or the device does not catch the network, then first check the SIM card. If everything is in order with the SIM card, contact the specialists, only they will be able to figure out the reasons (software malfunction, failure of electronic components, etc.) and eliminate them as soon as possible.

Joystick, keyboard, power button does not work.

If the keyboard and other buttons stop working in the Sony phone after a shock or fall, as well as as a result of liquid getting inside the device, the help of specialists will come in handy more than ever. They will carry out high-quality diagnostics, replace non-working components, dry the phone and clean it from corrosion. they will do everything to make your phone work in normal mode.

These and many other malfunctions of Sony phones are easily fixed at our service center in St. Petersburg. If your phone has stopped working correctly, and you do not know what is wrong with it, bring it to us for free diagnostics. Any feasible help from the “Smart Center” masters will be guaranteed to you.

Sony Xperia keyboard shortcuts

When Xperia is off: Volume and USB cable are connected to the computer. FASTBOOT MODE. the mode of installing custom firmware and kernels. Pressing Volume. and USB cable connects to PC. FLASHMODE. installation mode for official firmware.

Sony Xperia Z3 Keeps Rebooting

If Xperia is on: Simultaneously press Power and Volume Down. take a screenshot of the Sony Xperia screen Simultaneously press Power and Volume Up until the first vibration (

10 sec.). reboot, pull out and insert the battery in the same way. Press simultaneously Power Volume Up to three vibrations (

15 seconds). forced shutdown of Sony Xperia.

For some models, actions can be confirmed by different diodes glow.

Sony Xperia Service and Engineering Codes

#. see IMEI Sony Xperia###. entering the service menu (how to remember. ## SERVICE ##)###. information about the battery, information about the gadget and statistics (how to remember. ## INFO ##)###. launching the demo mode, testing a large number of functions (how to remember. ## SELLMORE ##). It is important when buying a Sony Xperia Z to run this combination and check everything for performance, it does not matter if you buy a tablet or a Z series smartphone.###. Information and settings;###. Voice Dialer Logging Enabled;###. the code is used to get detailed information about the phone and the battery. You will see on the display:. Phone information;. Battery information;. Battery statistics;. Usage statistics.

###. using this code, you can reset the following settings to factory settings:. Google account settings of a smartphone or tablet;. data and settings of Android and installed applications;. downloaded applications. The code DOES NOT touch:. system applications and applications that come with the device;. data on memory card (photo, video, etc.).PS: Before proceeding with the reset, the smartphone will ask for confirmation and you will have a chance to change your mind.

27673855 #. hard reboot with resetting all settings, deleting user files and applications (hard reset), as well as reinstalling the smartphone firmware.###. View detailed information about the camera of the device:. Upgrade the camera firmware to the image;. Upgrade the camera firmware on the SD card;. Get the camera firmware version;. See how many times the firmware was updated.ATTENTION: Never use the first option, otherwise your phone camera will stop working and you have to take your phone to a service center to reinstall the camera firmware.

###. The code is used to change the On / Off button mode. By default, when you press the button for a long time, the following options will be shown: “Silent mode”, “Airplane mode” or “Turn off the smartphone”. Using a code, you can make the phone turn off immediately, without choosing options.#282 ##. The code makes it possible to make a backup of user data (photo, video, audio, etc.).###. Launching service mode with the ability to run various tests and change settings in service mode for GPS and WLAN, Bluetooth;### or ### or ###. WLAN (use the “Menu” button to run various tests);###. GPS test;###. shows the MAC address of WI-FI;###. Another GPS test;###. Shows the address of the Bluetooth device;###. Bluetooth test;

sony, xperia

Sony phone reboots itself

It is quite common for a Sony phone to restart itself when dropped or hit hard on a hard surface. In this case, diagnostics of your mobile device is required. Specialists of “Smart Center” in St. Petersburg will conduct a free diagnostic examination, identify malfunctions and eliminate them as soon as possible.

Types of services Price, p. Time
Sony phone reboots / won’t boot completely by itself 900-1500 from 50 min.
Phone diagnostics IS FREE minimal

After mechanical impact, the printed circuit board of the mobile device and its elements may be damaged. Replacing components will help solve the problem. Failure of the Sony signal power amplifier could also cause the mobile device to restart periodically. And this breakdown can be easily eliminated on the basis of the service center.

Another reason for rebooting can be a faulty battery. The battery will need to be replaced to restore normal phone functionality. In addition, the problem when the Sony phone reboots itself may be caused by moisture getting under the phone. over, this is not necessarily moisture that has come in recently, perhaps these are the consequences of a liquid that once got in. The center’s experts will remove the remaining liquid or, if necessary, clean the phone from corrosion. they will do everything possible to restore your device to its previous performance.

A defective flash card can also cause the mobile phone to restart spontaneously. Take out the memory card and observe the further operation of the device. If there were no drops, bumps and moisture getting under the case, then, most likely, the software malfunction is to blame. Professional firmware (software update) should help in this situation.

There can be many reasons why a Sony phone reboots itself. But only high-quality diagnostics based on the service center will be able to give an accurate answer why this malfunction occurred and how to fix it. Entrust your mobile phone to professionals. efficiency and quality of work will be guaranteed to you.

sony, xperia


Hello, what is the specific brand? if an update is in progress, then it is necessary, just a newer version of the software is released

Sony phone reboots itself

Consider a situation where your Sony phone reboots itself: what could be causing this anomaly and how to fix the problem.

how to fix sony xperia phones stuck on xperia logo or bootloop problem

We recommend that you contact the service center for professional help. You can also ask us a question in the form below, or call the contact phone number.

This problem is divided into 2 types of breakdown sources: software and hardware.

Let’s start with a simpler one. software error. This includes both the smartphone firmware itself and the installed applications.

Regarding the firmware. Remember if there was a recent Android update over the air or you manually flashed it. If so. roll back the firmware, i.e. we put the past, stable version. Do not know how to do it yourself without turning your phone into a “brick”? Contact the service center for help.

Installed apps that may cause your Sony Xperia to restart during a call, game or any activity. It’s good here if you remember after installing which program the problem appeared. If you don’t remember. do Hard Reset, i.e. we reset the phone to factory settings. This will delete all of your data, so be sure to back up important information. Hard Reset is done directly from Android: the item in the settings “Backup and reset” and there you select “Reset data”. Names may differ from Android version.

And now about the software reasons for the breakdown. First of all, we look at the battery: whether it has visible swelling or signs of oxidation. This is true? Change the battery to a new one.

Now let’s look at the contact group (where the battery contacts the smartphone contacts). Are there any signs of oxidation or extraneous dried liquid (coffee, juice, etc.). We clean carefully so as not to damage other elements.

In our practice, there have been cases when a smartphone (Sony and other manufacturers) themselves rebooted as a result of the power button closure. Here either the button itself was damaged (depressed), or microcracks formed on the train. As a result, the phone received a constant command to turn on / off, and from the outside it seemed that it was rebooting itself.

Shocks, falls, moisture ingress. these are the main reasons for most smartphone breakdowns. As a result of these actions, any of the components can exit, because all of them are interconnected dough. To pinpoint the “weak link”. diagnostics needed.


Hello, the problem cannot be solved remotely. In your case, you need diagnostics


Hello, diagnostics are needed for a more accurate answer. Bring it, we’ll see. Diagnostics is absolutely free. There can be many reasons. from moisture ingress to software.


Hello, roughly in terms of cost, it will be 1500r, come to us for a free diagnosis for a more accurate answer.


Good day. a problem with the camera itself, replacement is required. at a cost from 1500 to 1900.