Sony Xperia Z1 Firmware Rollback

Sony Xperia Z1 Firmware Rollback

To write this manual, we were prompted by the beginning of a regional update of the Xperia Z3 and Z2 devices to the new version of the Lollipop system. At that time, while some are already happy with the new firmware, others are waiting for it in their region, and sometimes for a very long time. Therefore, it was decided to write this detailed manual on how to flash Sony Xperia using the two programs XperiFirm and Flashtool. The firmware process is completely not complicated and the instruction is suitable for all models of smartphones and tablets Sony Xperia. It can be used both for installing new firmware, and for rolling back to an older version, which can also often be needed.

How to flash Sony Xperia smartphone. step-by-step instructions on the example of Xperia Z2 firmware to Android Lollipop

Before you begin, you need to remember. everything that you will do is done exclusively at your start and risk! The site administration is not responsible for all the actions you have taken. this is worth understanding. Read the instructions from letter to letter and delve into the whole process, be careful. There is no need to unlock the bootloader for firmware, you do not need to have a root. Also, replacing the firmware with this method does not affect the warranty. warranty service is not lost. Before starting, we recommend that you back up your system.

  1. Initially, you need to activate USB debugging: go to Settings. Developer Options and check the box next to the item.
  2. Go to Settings. Security and check the box “Unknown sources”.
  3. All drivers for your smartphone model must be installed on your smartphone. The best way to install all the drivers is to install the PC Companion program. You can also initially install the FlashTool program and find the latest drivers in the “C: \ Flashtool \ Drivers” folder, from where you can install them.

Getting firmware using XperiFirm (If you have already downloaded the FTF firmware file, you can immediately go to the “Sony Xperia firmware process using FlashTool.” If not, then follow the instructions below.)
This is just a super application, the developers of which shake hands.

  1. Naturally, you need to have a fresh version of XperiFirm. Download
  2. After launching it, select your smartphone model (1) in the left part of the list, click “Check All” in the main part of the window, so that the application finds the current firmware versions for the regions, sort the list by tapping the “Latest Release” column (2) to Find the latest versions. You need to select the firmware in the “Operator” field which says “Customized ”. I don’t think it’s worth taking operator firmware. After selecting the necessary software in the right column, you can select the desired version. the newest one for updating, or the older one for system rollback.
  3. After clicking in the window that appears, you must confirm the firmware download. Please note that the checkmark is in the “Unpack automatically” item and click on the “Download” button.
  4. In the next window, you will be prompted to select a folder for downloading. here you can choose any folder that suits you.
  5. After that, the firmware download will begin, at the end of which you will hear a beep and see the corresponding notification window. By the way, write down the values ​​of “Market” and “Release”, which are displayed in the window, they will still be useful to us.
  6. Go to the folder that you selected in step 4 and check if there is a folder with the firmware that contains all the necessary files, as in the screenshot below, which will be needed to create the FTF-file of the firmware and install it on Sony Xperia via Flashtool.

The process of creating firmware using Flashtool

  1. First of all, download the FlashTool program and install it. Link
  2. To run the program, go to the PC in the installation folder, which is located in “C: \ Flashtool” and run the executable file FlashTool.exe. If the program gives an error, then it may be necessary to clear the contents of the “C: \ Flashtool \ firmwares” folder.
  3. After starting the program, open the tab Tools. Bundles. Create
  4. In the window that opens, you must click on the button with three dots in the “Select source folder” item and select the folder with the previously downloaded firmware.
  5. After that, in the window you will see that all firmware files are loaded in the “folder list”. Double-tap on the hidden field “Devices” to select your model of smartphone or tablet.
  6. Enter in the “Branding” and “Version” fields the values ​​that you had to remember when downloading the firmware.
  7. Select all the files in the “folder list” window and click on the right arrow button to transfer all the files to the “Firmware content” window and click the “Create” button.
  8. After that, the process of creating the FTF-file of the firmware will begin, which will end with the corresponding inscription. The firmware files will be created and moved to the folder “C: \ Users \ YOUR PC_NAME \ flashTool \ firmwares \” (the path will be indicated in the creation window).

Sony Xperia firmware process using FlashTool

  1. This is the final stage of the process when you have already created FTF firmware files or downloaded ready-made ones on the Internet!
  2. It is necessary in FlashTool (if it is not already there, then download the program) press the button with lightning and select “Flashmode”.
  3. In the “Firmware” window, select the desired firmware. If you want to save all your applications, cache and data, uncheck the “Wipe” panel. If you want to completely clean the smartphone, then the checkmarks should be checked. Click the “Flash” button.
  4. The program will begin preparation, which will be indicated by the inscription “Preparing files for flashing”.
  5. The preparation process may take some time, after which the “Wait for Flashmode” window will appear. After this window appears, you need to turn off your smartphone and connect it to your PC. Hold the “Volume.” Button (volume down) on the device turned off, and only then connect the USB cable!
  6. After that, the firmware process will begin, which will also be completed by a corresponding notification in the FlashTool window. After that, you can turn off the smartphone and turn it on.
  7. Congratulations, you just requested your favorite Sony Xperia!