Sony Xperia Where Simka

Sony Xperia Where Simka

Along with flagships, Sony has replenished the budget segment with a new smartphone Sony Xperia E3 review which we have prepared, taking into account the interest of users who wish to purchase an inexpensive device from a renowned manufacturer with good technical characteristics. Compared to its predecessor, which was focused on music, this model received a lot of improvements in technical and visual terms. This leap is very noticeable, and users will certainly appreciate the smartphone.

Design and dimensions

Despite the budget orientation, the smartphone received a stylish OmniBalnce design, high-quality materials and not the smallest dimensions. 137.1 x 69.4 x 8.5 mm, which weighs 143 grams. This allows you to confidently hold it in your hands and feel that you are holding at least a budget smartphone. In terms of design, you can see a mixture of Xperia M2 and Xperia Z3 Compact models. Around the display there are large frames, the earpiece and microphone are parallel to each other, on the back there is a main speaker.

The corners of the case are rounded and made of a special polymer, which should soften the blow if the smartphone suddenly falls on a corner. The side faces are also rounded and made of nice plastic. The back cover is made of matte plastic. In general, the smartphone looks very stylish and definitely more expensive than it is. True, the display is covered with plastic. there is no glass, so you probably need a film. The smartphone is presented in 4 color options: black, white, yellow and copper. The large power button located on the right side edge looks beautiful.

The back cover is removed, but this is only to insert a SIM card or microSD memory card. the battery is not removable.

Display Sony Xperia E3

59% of the front panel is occupied by a 4.5-inch display with 854 by 480 pixels WVGA resolution and 218ppi density. The matrix is ​​made using IPS technology, therefore, it will provide good viewing angles and high-quality color reproduction. For its class, the display looks really good, even despite the small resolution. In direct sunlight, the information on the display is read perfectly.

Performance, autonomy and other hardware features

A smartphone was built on the well-known Snapdragon 400 chipset. 4 Cortex-A7 cores at 1.2 GHz and an Adreno 305 accelerator. This hardware is also installed on mid-range smartphones, so this is a great stuff for a budget employee. This provides sufficient performance, applications run quickly, smooth operation of the interface is ensured. A small screen resolution helps this. The only thing that may not be quite enough is 1 GB of RAM, if you run a bunch of applications at the same time. And, nevertheless, during the test, an excessive slowdown of the smartphone was not noticed. In synthetic tests, the phone gains a good amount of points for its class.

The amount of internal memory is also not large. 4 GB, of which about 2 GB is available to the user, however, you can correct the situation using the microSD memory card.

The 2330 mAh battery provides really good battery life on a single charge. In the tests, the phone showed a high result and we can confidently talk about two days of work from one recharge in the average usage mode.

There will be two versions of the smartphone on the market: with support for one SIM card and Dual SIM version. Please note that this is one of the few state employees working in fourth-generation LTE networks. There are all the necessary wireless modules: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and GLONASS, plus an FM radio. Connecting to a PC is via USB 2.0. It is noted that the phone perfectly catches the network, and communication problems are not observed even in places where it is not the best. Out of the box, Sony Xperia E3 comes with a preinstalled Android 4.4.2 system.

User Interface Software

Xperia E3 has a standard set of applications, supports the ability to change themes and, in general, the interface is pleasant and not complicated, those who are already familiar with the company’s smartphones know it well, for beginners it’s certain to like it.

All standard multimedia applications are present: WALKMAN audio player, Albums and Movies. By the way, the speaker is quite loud and produces a fairly clear sound, but if you put the phone on the table, it will be muted due to a perfectly flat back cover.

Cameras Sony Xperia E3

The main camera is a modest 5-megapixel module with LED flash. The camera application has various modes and additional functions. By the way, the camera can write in Full HD 1080p format, which is great for such a module and is an advantage among competitors. The camera interface is also no different from the entire line of smartphones. This model does not have a mechanical start button for the camera, so shooting is done using a virtual button.

The photo quality for such a camera is good, the amount of noise is insignificant, the exposure is understandable, the detail is above average, the focus speed is pretty fast. Below you can see examples of photos taken on the Sony Xperia E camera:

As already mentioned, due to the ability to record in 1080p Iksperiya E outperforms its competitors. Of course, the quality of the captured is far from ideal Full HD and, nevertheless, despite the artifacts, splashes and not a high frame rate, the is not bad. Example recorded:


Summing up the Sony Xperia E3 review, I want to say that Sony wanted to make a splash in the budget device market with this model, while not rocking the boat. The smartphone turned out to be stylish and catchy, with a good battery, LTE support and sufficient performance for its class. Of course, in order to reduce the cost of the device, I had to sacrifice display pixels, camera pixels, but in general, a user who wants to get a high-quality smartphone for such an amount will not find many competitors in the market.