Sony Xperia M5 Microphone Does Not Work

Smartphone users often encounter a problem when the edges of the sensor do not work well on the Sony Xperia XA1. In most situations, solving the problem requires replacing the part, but in some cases, glitches with touchscreen cases can be easily eliminated.

Sensor does not work on Sony Xperia xa1: causes of the problem

As a rule, the following reasons can affect the sensor’s performance:

Sony Xperia M5 Microphone Does Not Work
  • congestion of operational memory;
  • dirt or improper sticker on the protective film;
  • activation of the “Work with gloves” mode;
  • malfunctioning memory card;
  • failure of the touchscreen loop due to falling, mechanical damage or moisture;

Very often, the sensor glitches around the edges, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the user: you cannot correctly write messages and erase text, go into some applications or use the buttons located at the bottom of the gadget comfortably. Some owners adapt by turning the screen, but for the normal functioning of the device in the future, the problem needs to be solved as quickly as possible.

If the sensor does not work well in the Sony Xperia xa1, you can first try to fix the software malfunction. In the case when, after the performed manipulations, the sensor continues to refuse to function, it will need to be replaced with a new one, which is sold complete with a display and a frame.

Possible situations and solutions

As practice shows, in 20% of cases when the sensor on the edges does not work on Sony xa1, you can fix the problem yourself by removing some settings and restarting the device. In other cases, you will have to resort to replacing the part. Remember, if you still need to replace the touchscreen, buy the original part from a trusted manufacturer.


Try to reanimate your smartphone by doing a normal reboot. Turn off the device. After 5 minutes, turn on Sony Ixpiria again. Has the touchscreen earned? If so, set aside anxiety. Otherwise, proceed to the next steps.

We clean from dirt and remove the cover

Check how tight the protective film is to the screen. Perhaps the problem lies in the dust particles getting under the tread during gluing. In this case, buy a new film or protective glass and reposition it on the display.

It is also recommended to clean the screen of dust with a special cloth and antibacterial composition.

Sometimes, some edges of the case may touch the display, violating the correctness of its operation. Therefore, verify the opposite by sliding or removing the protection.

Memory card

Remove the CD card from the slot. Now restart your smartphone. If the screen starts functioning normally, it means that the problem was in the memory card. Need to replace it.

Hardware issues

In most cases, the cause of a broken touchscreen is due to a sensor failure in case of mechanical damage, moisture or falling from a height. The only right solution is to replace the missing part.