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  1. Appearance and scope of delivery
  2. Sony Xperia L2. display review
  3. Performance characteristics
  4. Camera and sound Sony Xperia L2
  5. Autonomy and network smartphone Sony Xperia L2
  6. Price, pros and cons
  7. Full specifications of the Sony Xperia L2

Sony is doing its best to keep up with its competitors and gain its place in all price segments of the mobile market. That is why she pays attention not only to premium devices, but also to devices at budget prices. The Sony Xperia L2 smartphone has been recently introduced and is a completely natural update to last year’s rather successful Xperia L1. It features a nice design, an excellent front wide-angle camera and a mediocre filling. So, let’s talk about everything in order.

Appearance and delivery of Sony Xperia L2 2018

The device’s design is quite typical and recognizable for Sony smartphones, but there are some highlights too. Looking at it, you will never say that you have a budget employee in front of you, because it looks like an interesting, aristocratic device, characterized by a strict minimalist appearance and classic form. This is a rectangle with clearly defined angles and the front looks like almost all models from the manufacturer, but the back surface is slightly rounded. Thanks to this move, the Sony Xperia L2 is more convenient to hold in your hand, and the appearance only benefits from this. The device is made of plastic, but its surface due to the matte finish is quite similar to metal. The plastic used is durable and high-quality, it is felt as soon as you take the phone in your hand. The model is available in several color options, namely:

  • black
  • pink;
  • in gold.

All shades look good, they are not bright and pleasing to the eye. From our point of view, the black gadget is the most versatile and will be an excellent assistant for any user, emphasizing its good taste. The pink and gold models will suit stylish ladies, becoming for them not only a useful device, but also a stylish accessory.

A bit from getting to know the Sony Xperia L2 smartphone was spoiled by the impression that its case is quite easily soiled and easily collects fingerprints, especially if you have a black model in your hands. Perhaps things are better with other shades, but in our case such a problem was present.

On the front, we noted small, but still eye-catching frames on the sides and quite large on the top and bottom of the screen. This is a little negative impact on the appearance from our point of view, but it is quite common for public sector employees. Above the screen are quite predictably located:

    The front camera, the review of which we will pay more attention below.

Proximity and light sensors.

  • Speaker.
  • In the same place, in the middle, a silver inscription-logo Sony. There is nothing on the frame below, so it’s a little incomprehensible why it was left so big.

    On the back of the Sony Xperia L2 there is nothing superfluous, only everything you need, namely:

    1. The fingerprint scanner is round.
    2. Peephole of the main camera.
    3. Flash.
    4. A discreet Xperia inscription indicating which line this device belongs to.

    Fingerprint scanner pleased with its quick and reliable operation. During testing, he was not mistaken and the device turned on and unlocked in a split second.

    On the right side of the Sony Xperia L2 are the keys:

    • lock and power;
    • rocker-volume control.

    All buttons are pressed easily and conveniently, no need to put much effort. They are made, like the entire device, from high-quality and very durable plastic. On the left are slots for a memory card and two SIM cards of the Nano SIM format. over, to insert a memory card, not one of the SIM cards will have to sacrifice.

    At the top of the smartphone Sony Xperia L2 are:

    1. The hole of the optional microphone.
    2. Headset input standard 3.5 mm type.

    On the lower edge there was a place for:

    • main microphone;
    • dynamics;
    • USB Type-C port.

    The dimensions of the smartphone are good, you can’t call it massive and even in a neat female hand it lies quite conveniently. specifically, the numbers are as follows:

    • height. 150 mm;
    • width. 78 mm;
    • thickness. 9.8 mm.

    Weighs the smartphone Sony Xperia L2. 178 grams.

    The gadget is delivered to the owner in the simplest, white, small box with the name of the series and model on the front side and sides. We also saw silver logo lettering on the front, closer to the bottom. On the back there is some necessary information about the device. Opening the package, inside, in addition to the smartphone, we found:

    • power adapter with side output;
    • USB Type-C cable;
    • shipping film;
    • instructions for the owner to use the gadget;
    • warranty card.

    Unfortunately, there is no additional headset, case or any additional accessories. In principle, this is not surprising for the delivery set of budget devices, but still, when such trifles are found in the box, it is very pleasing.

    Sony Xperia L2. display review

    Sony Xperia L2 Usb Type Charging Play

    Unfortunately, the screen of the Sony Xperia L2 smartphone was a little disappointing. No, the display itself is quite good, as for such a price category, but it is no different from the one we saw with the earlier version of Xperia L1. In the new model, users quite naturally expected greater resolution and diagonal. over, it was quite possible to increase the size, because the frames at the top and bottom of the screen are quite large, and, as we said above, the lower one is not busy at all, so minimizing it would be a winning move.

    If we talk about the main characteristics of the display, then Sony Iksperia L2 they are:

    The screen is covered with a protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass. Implemented Dynamic Contrast Enhancement technology. For ease of use, girls with neat little palms and fingers have the option of turning on the mini-display mode. The color scheme is more inclined to cold shades, but if this situation is annoying, then you can adjust the color balance yourself in the system settings. The anti-glare coating and overall brightness did not work too well. There would definitely be problems reading the text in the sun, but in the room the display looked like a solid four.

    Sony Xperia L2 Smartphone. Performance Specifications

    The processor has the same story as the screen, that is, it is exactly the same as the previous Xperia L1 model. From our point of view, this is a significant omission, because a whole year passed between the release of these devices on the market and in the new version the manufacturer could try and install a more advanced filling. Especially given the enormous competition in the mobile technology market and the presence of a large number of young and not so companies from the Middle Kingdom, who are doing their best to consolidate their leadership status, offering annually both budget and premium news with the latest features.

    So, the heart of the Sony Xperia L2 smartphone is the 64-bit MediaTek MT6737T processor with four Cortex-A53 cores that operate at a clock frequency of 1.45 GHz. By the standards of very rapidly developing technologies, this is already a bit old chipset, but despite this, it is characterized by high energy efficiency and performance. During testing, the processor coped well with all the tasks, the phone worked quickly and without any hangs. The graphics accelerator is a dual-core Mali 720-MP2. With playback, simple applications, not too demanding and not very new games, he will cope, but of course you should not count on the possibility of enjoying the passage of the top new products. If some of them start at the minimum settings, then even in this case, periodic freezing and skipping frames will spoil the whole impression of the game process.

    As for the storage of data and RAM of the smartphone Sony Xperia L2, then everything is at a very good level:

    1. RAM. 3 GB.
    2. Internal memory. 32 GB eMMC.

    If the user needs to expand the internal storage, then for this you can use a microSDXC card up to 256 gigabytes. The operating system in this case is the seventh version of Android, namely Nougat. Pre-installed applications occupy about 8 gigabytes of the total volume of the internal drive. The owner can use the rest of the space at his discretion for various content.

    The interface of Sony Xperia L2 is quite familiar, as for the device of this manufacturer. In addition to standard Android applications, there are also several add-ons, namely:

      Movie Creator Selecting photos ands to create your own footage.

    Playstation. A synchronizing smartphone with a game console profile.

    Xperia Lounge. Sending a user various coupons and great offers for installing the most top-end applications.

  • Theme Store. Shop with various themes.
  • It is possible to split the screen into two simultaneously running applications, which makes working with the device even more comfortable.

    Camera and sound Sony Xperia L2

    Cameras. this is what can rightfully be called one of the strengths of the apparatus. The main and front module Sony Xperia L2 differ in the following characteristics:

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