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Ways to connect a TV to Wi-Fi

Wireless networks

The ability to connect a TV to Wi-Fi is one of the decisive criteria when choosing a device. But if everything is clear with the purchase, then at the settings stage, users begin problems. In this article you will learn how to connect TV to Wi-Fi, and you can also familiarize yourself with step-by-step instructions for different models.

Detection and activation of Wi-Fi Direct

And we will start, perhaps, with a wireless connection of PC or a mobile gadget to the TV. Here, Wi-Fi Direct technology is useful to us. There are three types of Sony TV. Each has its own way to search for a function.

TV-2 menu

  • Button “Home” (menu),
  • Go to “Settings”, then “Network”,
  • The sections “Built-in Wi-Fi” and “Wi-Fi Direct” are included,
  • After moving to Wi-Fi Direct Settings.

TV-3 menu

  • Button “Home” (menu).
  • Section “System Settings”, then “Setting Wi-Fi”.
  • Turn on the Built-in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct,
  • Go to the Wi-Fi Direct Settings tab.

Reference! The option is not available on all devices that are compatible with Wi-Fi Direct. To receive additional information, contact the management of the user of the smartphone, tablet or PC.

TV does not see a Wi-Fi network at all or is connected without Internet access

This is the most common type of problem. Usually, when you want to connect to Wi-Fi-the TV simply does not find it and does not show it in the list of available ones (or, less often, it is gray and you cannot connect to it).

In the list of networks (which the TV can see). There are no yours.

Reloading TV and router

If Wi-Fi does not work on your TV, you must first restart SMART TV and router. The failure can be caused by software and can be easily fixed by re.Initializing the drivers of the device. To restart the TV, turn it off and turn it on again. Some experts also recommend turning off the device from the network and then connect it back. This advice makes sense for those TVs that remain connected to the local network even after the screen is turned off.

After rebooting the router, wait 10-20 seconds between turning off and turning on. During this time, the provider side will close the previous Internet seance. Thus, the connection will be restored with the restored settings. When Smart TV and the router are turned on again, try connecting to Wi-Fi.

Fix Wi-Fi Connected But No Internet Access in Smart TV

How far is the TV from Wi-Fi router

Pay attention to the distance between the Wi-Fi router and the TV: the further, the worse and weaker the signal (T.E. Internet quality). By the way, it should be noted that walls, furniture (especially mirrors), other radio devices. Can significantly weaken the radio signal.

In the screenshot below, I showed a typical layout of a 2-room apartment: on the right-a successful option for placing a router, on the left is not so

The location of the router in the apartment: on the right side is a much better solution.

For diagnostic purposes and finding the cause of the problem, I would recommend the following:

  • Try to take the phone and, being next to the TV, also connect it to Wi-Fi (whether he will see the network? What will be the signal level?).
  • If possible, move the router closer to the TV (or vice versa). Will there be a signal.?

Problems on the side of the provider

If your network has previously been connected, but now has stopped working, perhaps your provider has already had problems. The problem can be diagnosed by connecting other devices not only to Wi-Fi, but also to the wired Internet.

sony, wi-fi, connected, internet

The lack of results of the network is indicated that the Internet does not work in full force. You must call a hot fishing line for the trimmer of your provider and tell them about the problem. If the problem is global, for example, affecting the whole building or district, then the information was probably transmitted to your Internet service provider for a long time.

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Incorrect data water

The most banal reason why Samsung, LG or Sony TVs cannot connect to Wi-Fi. If the password has not been changed for starters, then you can often find data on the register of the router.

Wi-Fi password should not be confused with accounts of the administrator panel of the router.

If your password is forgotten and all known options do not work, you can get information from the router integration. Let’s talk about password restoring below.

Resetting TV settings

A quick way to eliminate Wi-Fi problems on Smart TV is to restore factory settings. Before its execution, it is recommended to overwrite the values ​​of the main parameters not related to the network. After reset, you can return them on the basis of saved information. The path to the menu to restore factory settings on popular TV models:

  • LG: “Settings. Additionally. General. Reset of settings to factory values ​​”.
  • Samsung: “Support. Self.Sales. Reset “.
  • Panasonic: “Settings. System menu. Initial settings “.

Note! Factory settings not only restore network settings by default. Image, sound, energy conservation and other Smart TV settings will not be saved.

Internet setting manually

The connection error may be caused by the fact that the DHCP server is disconnected in the router, which is responsible for automatic determination of the parameters. In this case, you need to enter the settings on the TV, find the “Network” item and select “Manual Settings”. To set the value of the IP address, you need to choose any of the local range for this router. You can find out this range in the settings of the router in the browser.

The next field “Mask subnet”. The value is indicated for the addressing of the local network. Most often it is “ “. “Gateway” is an IP address of the router. It is the same that is necessary to launch settings through the browser. It can be found in the instructions.

Advice! To find the necessary data for configuration, you can also use any PC connected to this network. Having launched the “command line” application, enter “ipconfig/all” and watch the result.

Failure of the built-in Wi-Fi module

If there is no Internet connection, check if the Wi-Fi TV supports. If not, then you need to purchase an external adapter (is a flash drive). In order to avoid compatibility problems, it is recommended to buy a module of the same name with a manufacturer’s TV. If Wi-Fi support was, but then the connection disappeared, the hardware module most likely ceased to function.

As an example, consider the diagnosis of LG TV:

  • Check the availability of a TV connection to a wireless network in general. If there is no determination of available connections, there is a high probability of damage to the module.
  • Having opened the settings, we go into “support”. We study in detail the information about the TV, paying special attention to the symbols in the address bar. About the module malfunction will tell the address. It will consist of one zero.

It is almost impossible to eliminate such a hardware malfunction on its own. You will need special equipment. It is recommended to contact the service center.

The external adapter is connected to the TV using a USB connector or an HDMI Inte Wee. In electronics stores, you can buy devices with a multidirectional antenna, they provide a good signal reception.

It is recommended to use the USB cable when the TV and adapter is located at a certain distance. This minimizes interference, which increases the speed of the connection.

To exclude compatibility problems, see the information about supported devices in the instructions for the TV or on the official portal of the manufacturer of a particular model.

If there is no way to repair the Wi-Fi module in the service center, it is really possible to use the cable to connect. It will be necessary to insert the network cord at one end into the LAN port on the router, and the second. Connect to the TV. Routers usually have several Ethernet outputs. To connect the TV, any of them is suitable.

Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct technologies are used for a wireless phone connection with TV if there is no router. The process is carried out for smartphones based on Android OS.

It is necessary to act in the following sequence:

  • First of all, you need to connect Wi-Fi Direct on a mobile phone. To do this: go to “Settings”-“Wireless Networks”-“Wi-Fi Direct”.
  • On a television device, go to the menu and activate the same option.
  • All possible connections suitable for synchronization with it are highlighted on the large screen.
  • In the list that opens, you need to select the name corresponding to the smartphone, after which a request for synchronization from TV will be displayed on the mobile screen.
  • We need to confirm the system sentence.
  • On the phone, select and open the desired content file. In parallel on the large TV monitor, what is currently visible on the smartphone will be displayed.
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Sony TV | Connected, no internet | SOLVED | YouTube isn’t working on SMART TV. Wi-Fi set up.

How to activate Wi-Fi Direct on TV (for example, Sony Bravia) to duplicate the screen of a mobile phone, is told in the next

The phone must support the Wi-Fi Direct function and Miracast Protocol. Look for such data in your smartphone instructions.

TV sees Wi-Fi network, but does not connect: error

Re-check the name of the network and the password for access to it (I have one acquaintance stubbornly wanted to connect to the Wi-Fi network of a neighbor (the network was called almost the same as he)). It is very convenient for this to use a mobile phone with Wi-Fi support.

In general, also pay attention to the error code (if it is displayed) and its description. In some cases, only this code allows you to get to the “truth” (especially when any errors in the developers are made).

sony, wi-fi, connected, internet

Next, check the router settings (tab “Wireless Network Settings” / “Wireless Settings”). Whether you enter the correct name of the Wi-Fi network and password when you are trying to connect TV?

By the way, as a diagnosis, it would recommend changing the name of the network and its password. After, immediately try to connect TV (as the first device) according to these changed data.

In addition, pay attention to the section “Bandwidth Control” settings. If there is a similar option in your router model. In some cases it may begin to block access to the Internet to certain devices (in t.H. And TV).

If you do not know how to disable it (or at all, you cannot find it). Try to drop the router settings into default.

Control of the bandwidth (Tenda router as an example)

In a number of cases, they do not allow to install the network connection of old settings (if previously the TV was connected to another network). In order to accurately eliminate the reasons associated with this, it is recommended to reserve TV parameters in order to diagnose:

  • The TV menu has the following: “Settings. Additionally. General. Reset of settings to factory “;
  • TV samsung: “Support. Self.Diagnosis. Reset “(see. Screenshot below).

By the way, when resetting TV settings, not only network parameters will be cleared, but also lists of television channels. You will have to configure them again.

Try to use WPS technology instead of a regular connection to a Wi-Fi network (with manual password). Speaking briefly: by pressing the special. Button on a Wi-Fi router and TV-the devices will automatically connect to each other.

Conveniently?! Undoubtedly! In addition, in cases like ours, it allows you to save a lot of time!

    First you need to go to the TV settings and turn on WPS;

sony, wi-fi, connected, internet

WPS button on different models of routers (layout options)

To help!

WPS button on a Wi-Fi router: why is it needed and how to use it-https: // ocomp.Info/WPS-KNOPKA-Wi-Fi-ROUTERE.HTML

If all of the above did not give a result, then it is possible, as a temporary measure, you will be arranged by the connection of TV to the phone or computer (which have the Internet).

This will allow you to view films and photos (which are saved on them), play computer games on the big screen, sow on the Internet, looking at the Internet prayer in their size.

A couple of articles on connection and setting brought below.

In rare cases, the fault of incorrect work TV with the Internet can be firmware (t.E. Software installed in the device). To eliminate this defect, you must download the correct firmware from the manufacturer’s website and update it.

I warn you that such a procedure is often the reason for the refusal of warranty service (in addition, it can cause a tv breakdown).

Detailed information about the firmware TV: https: // www.Samsung.Com/ru/

Problems on TV different manufacturers

LG TV does not connect to Wi-Fi network

If the LG TV does not connect to Wi-Fi, then you will need to carry out the following actions: go to the main menu, go from it to the section with the settings.

Then switch to the tab with support for the device and thereby find the necessary information about the product. There it will be necessary to check whether the information regarding the MAC address Smart TV is correctly reflected. Often for this reason, the LG TV does not connect to the Internet or router.

LG TV does not connect to Wi-Fi-repair Smart TV LV, which does not see the network:

DEXP TV does not see a wireless network

If the DEXP TV does not connect to Wi-Fi, but the condition of the wires and router is normal, then the following actions in the main menu are Smart TV:

  • Select a wireless network item.
  • Enter the password in the window that opens (check it and remember on the device).
  • Go to settings (Smart TV menu).
  • Press the section network or Internet and wi-fi.
  • Turn on wi-fi (if it is already active, turn off and turn on again).
  • Go to the submenu “Add a network”.
  • Wait for active networks (a list of available options will appear automatically).
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Then you need to choose the name of your wireless network from the list. After that, you will need to enter a password in a standard way and remember it. Before the confirmation, you need to make sure that there are no errors, since the next time the device will be connected to focus on the presented and saved information in the menu.

It must be borne in mind that the TV can be located far from the router. For this reason, there may also be problems with the connection. Frequent cliffs are not rarely connected precisely with the fact that a wireless source is located, for example, in the next room.

As a result, the Smart TV user may encounter a picture and image braking.

It is recommended to consider when installing TV such parameters as remoteness from the router and the thickness of the walls in the room.

BBK TV does not connect to Wi-Fi

If the BBK TV does not connect to the Wi-Fi network, then you can try a method using WPS.

It is suitable if the user has a login and an authorization password on a router (not all models support this technology). Then you will need to perform a number of actions: squeeze and hold (up to 10 seconds) WPS button. As a result, the corresponding indicator should light up.

After that, you can activate the technology directly on the TV. To get started, you will need to wait for the synchronization of devices. Sometimes it is required to enter WPS-pin. It can be viewed in the integrated router.

sony, wi-fi, connected, internet

Sony TV does not see a wireless connection

In the case when the Sony TV does not connect to Wi-Fi, you will need to check the relevance of the set time and date parameters. Then (if everything is accurate), it is recommended to turn off the automatic update. Then you need to return to the main menu and turn off the TV using the remote control. Then re-turn on, after 2-3 minutes.

Samsung TV does not connect to Wi-Fi

When Smart TV from Samsung cannot connect to a wireless network, you need to go to the “Support” section on the main menu.

There, select the “Appeal in Samsung”, click “Arrow down” and “Mac Wireless Inte Weight”. Then enter the data, check and save it.

Xiaomi TV does not see the network

If the Xiaomi TV does not connect to the Wi-Fi network, or frequent connections occur, it is recommended to completely turn off the device for 3-4 minutes. Then re-enable, go to the section of the main Wi-Fi menu, check the relevance of the entered password and login.

In the event that there is no connection, you will need to additionally look at the settings of the router used, the main attention should be paid to the point on the ban on the address of the TV network card.

If the ban is set, you will need to add the address to the “White List”. For this purpose, you need to go in the router settings in the “Access Control” or “MAC-filtration” menu, depending on the model, using it.

It also happens that the listed methods do not help and the TV cannot connect to the wireless network. In this case, it is recommended to use the method of replacing the DNS server address.

To do this, the user will have to go to the “Settings” menu, then to the section called “Network Settings”. There you will need to choose the option “Wi-Fi Settings”, choose the relevant from the proposed connection points. Go to the “DNS” point (usually at the bottom of this section). Then, in the line “DNS address”, you will need to indicate 8.Eight.Eight.8 or 8.Eight.4.4, as well as or To complete, you will need to click on the “Save” button.

The Smart TV TV does not connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi-why does not see the network and what to do to eliminate the reason:

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