Sony Tv Setup

How to install IPTV on Sony Bravia TV

The instruction will tell you how IPTV is configured on a Sony TV and will help you independently configure the IPTV function on a Sony Bravia TV using applications “Vintera TV” and “SS IPTV”.

Setting up IPTV on a Sony Bravia TV

Today we’ll talk about how to install IPTV on a Sony Smart TV and how to watch IPTV on a TV.

“Smart TVs” by Sony are powered by the Android TV OS, so owners have access to all applications of the service “Google play”. We will install them in order to activate the Internet TV service on Smart TV brands “Sony”.

Before watching IPTV on a Sony Bravia TV via Wi-Fi, let’s set up an Internet connection.

We go to the section “Installations”, select item “Net”.

  • We open “Network configuration”, push “Individual”.
  • We go to the type of connection that is used. “Wired” or “Wireless”.
  • Scroll to the line “Primary DNS” and write the address
  • Scroll to the graph “Save and connect”.

Iptv option on smart TV “Sony” activated via apps “Vintera TV” and “SS IPTV”. Let’s consider each separately.

Setting up IPTV on smart TV “Sony” runs in the integrated browser “VEWD” (formerly known as Opera TV). Before that it should be updated.

Go to the section “Net”.

  • Select an option “Refresh Internet Content”.

We will tell you how the application is installed “SS IPTV”.

Open the folder “All Apps”.

  • Sign in “Opera TV”, scroll down the screen to position “Settings”.
  • Scroll right to page “Developer settings”.
  • Click on “Generate ID”.
  • Remember the four-digit code that appears on the screen. Then proceed quickly as the password is valid for 15 minutes.
  • In the browser, enter the site address and register an existing Google account: write down mail, password.
  • You will receive a link in the email. Go on it and enter the name of the TV model and in the adjacent field. Generated code.
  • Press the confirm button and return to the smart TV menu.
  • Here also click “OK”.
  • After these actions, a new option will appear in the TV menu. “For developer”. Click here “URL Loader”.
  • In the address bar write
  • Click the button “Go”.
  • After appears “Terms of use”, click “To accept”.
  • Select a country, city, provider and watch IPTV.
  • Follow the link, click the “Download” button on the right;
  • Find the downloaded file with the apk extension and reset it to a USB flash drive;
  • Connect the drive to the TV, find, run the installation file;
  • The application icon will appear on the screen. Click on it to open the program.

Channels will appear when you first launch the application, you do not need to search and install m3u playlists separately.

Than 150 channels are declared in the application, which work stably with a Wifi connection from 50 Mb / s.

To watch IPTV channels on Apple smartphones or tablets, you need to download “Vintera.Tv” for iOS. The installation process and functionality of the utility does not differ from the version for the TV.

This completes the IPTV setup on the Sony TV.

Sony Tv Setup

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Iptv setup

Setting up IPTV on a Sony Smart TV begins with connecting to a Wi-Fi network or installing a UWA-BR100 wireless LAN adapter that connects to the device via USB.

Sony Bravia IPTV software, the configuration of which is necessary to connect to local TV broadcasting, is downloaded from the built-in application.

Setting up IPTV on a Sony Bravia TV

Sony Bravia IPTV TV that allows you to watch TV channels from local providers without using.

Sony Bravia IPTV TV that allows you to watch TV channels of local providers without using additional equipment.

To connect to TV broadcasting, you need to set up the TV by connecting it to the Internet and installing the necessary programs.

Wi-Fi connection

To understand how to install IPTV on a Sony smart TV, you need to understand if WiFi is available.

If a built-in wireless network is provided, then additional equipment is not required.

Press the HOME button on the remote.

  • Go to the Settings section.
  • Open Network Setting.
  • Select Wireless Setup.
  • Search for available points.
  • Open the point with the name of the installed router.
  • Enter access password.

Setting ends after connecting to the access point.

Some Sony TVs do not have a built-in Wi-Fi connection. For this, an adapter UWA-BR100 is purchased. The instruction is similar to the previous one, you just need to connect the device to the TV.

Installing SS IPTV

To connect IPTV on a Sony Bravia Smart TV, you need to follow these instructions:

Open the All Apps tab.

  • Find Opera TV (aka VEWD), open it.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Using the remote, go to the development section by pressing three times to the right.
  • Click the Generate ID button, write down or remember the received code. Don’t turn off the TV.
  • Register on the website, remember your email and password.
  • An email with a link will be sent to the specified email address, open it.
  • Enter TV model and ID, press the confirm button. The TV will start pairing.
  • Click Confirm on the TV, then go to the Developer section.
  • Open the URL Loader program, enter in the line, select the first GO button.
  • Agree to user agreement, select country and provider.

This completes the IPTV settings on Sony Smart TV, TV broadcasting is available through the program, you do not need to install a set-top box.

Installing Vintera TV

Vintera TV application for Sony IPTV is similar in functionality to the previous one. Therefore, it is worth considering it because of the easier installation method:

Open the Opera TV app, search for Vintera TV.

  • Click on the Install button.
  • Open the program, apply the necessary settings.

This completes the installation of the program for IPTV on the Sony TV.

Additionally, you can download Vintera TV for Android and download Vintera TV for iOS to watch TV channels from mobile devices or TVs with Android OS.

Sony TV brand has a wide range of applications that allow you to watch TV without a set-top box.

Tuning of Tricolor TV channels on Sony Bravia TVs with CAM-module

Preparing to set up your Sony Bravia TV:
Install the dish and aim it at the EUTELSAT W4 satellite (36B). Details about the coverage area of ​​the Tricolor satellites and the direction of the satellite dish in your locality are indicated on the Tricolor website. Write down the local oscillator frequency parameters indicated on the satellite dish converter.

In our case, the upper frequency is 10.75 GHz

Make sure the TV is turned off. Connect the cable from the satellite dish to the satellite dish input on the TV marked with:

Install a smart card with your subscription into the CAM module (DRE-Crypt CI module) provided by the satellite TV operator:

Install the CAM module (CI module) into the corresponding slot on your Sony Bravia TV marked with the icon:

Note: It may be necessary to first remove the safety plug from the CAM connector of the DRE-Crypt CI TV module

Setting up your Sony Bravia TV

1. Turn on the TV and go to the section
Installations. Digital configuration. Satellite Auto Tuning

2. Confirm the start of Auto Satellite Tuning.

3. Select a satellite dish configuration. With conventional individual satellite dishes, either Fixed Antenna or DiSEqC (default) should be selected. Click Next

On the scan page selection page, leave the default settings and confirm Next

4. Select the first satellite (Satellite 1) and press the center button on the remote control to enter the settings menu:

5. Select the LNB configuration item and enter it:

6. In the items Lower LNB range and Upper LNB range, enter the corresponding values ​​of the converter local oscillator (see item 2 of the Preparation section). In our case, the LNB Low Range by default matches the corresponding LO parameter. A Upper LNB range is not. Enter the appropriate values ​​for this parameter in megahertz (10.75 GHz = 10750 MHz) and confirm:

7. Return to the previous sony menu and pay attention to the item Transponder. This item directly configures the parameters for receiving program packets. The default transponder settings in the TV menu are the same as the Tricolor TV transponder settings in the western region.

Transponder frequency 12226 MHz
Polarization Horizontal or Left
Symbol rate (SR) 27500 ksym / sec

For this reason, there is no need to change the settings in this item. It may be required if the signal settings are changed by the satellite TV operator or TV settings in other regions.
If the antenna is connected and the initial parameters are entered correctly, an indication of the quality and signal strength will be displayed on the screen.

Return to the list of satellites and click Start.

8. Scanning of radio and TV channels starts, during which the progress and the number of found TV channels (programs) are displayed

9. Setting up your Sony Bravia TV is now complete. The number of channels found may differ depending on the current set of programs broadcast by the satellite TV operator. Now you can either exit the setup menu or immediately sort the channels by pressing the corresponding button at the prompt.

Attention! Some of the detected TV channels may not be available for display if they are paid and are not included in your subscription plan with a satellite TV operator.

Setting up your Sony Bravia TV

The modern Sony Bravia series TVs allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of progress. They have easy access to the Internet, a wide range of technologies, productive hardware, etc. Thanks to the use of the universal operating system (OS) Android, set-top boxes and TVs support the installation of additional applications, have extensive opportunities for flexible personalization and much more. Sony Bravia TV setup is in the spotlight today.

Tips for setting up your TV before use

If we are tuning channels on a Sony Bravia TV for the first time, you should follow a few simple procedures in advance that will greatly simplify your life in the future.

  • At the first start, select the language. If it was not installed during the initial setup, we can do this in the Settings menu on the Language page.
  • We set the location. In order for the TV to correctly process the signal, display TV programs, and display the correct time, we recommend setting real geolocation. In some cases, you need to switch to another region, for example, in some devices the high-frequency range of Wi-Fi is not available, but after switching to America everything works fine.
  • We set a password. We can do this in the settings. This setting of your Sony Bravia Smart TV will allow you to block channels with content not intended for children.
  • We check the correct connection of the antenna, HDMI cable, power supply and other cables.
  • We insert the batteries into the remote control. Navigation will be easier and faster with it.

There are many more parameters that are useful to adjust on Sony Bravia Smart TVs, including brightness, contrast, sharpness, calibration, sound, but they are all performed in a similar way. Some are located in the TV settings, others can be adjusted directly on the remote control.

How to set up digital TV on a Sony TV?

We have already touched on the topic of how to tune channels on a Sony TV, but did not delve into the specifics of choosing options. Now we will indicate those parameters that can be useful when searching for TV channels. If you selected the Air mode, scanning will start automatically. In the Cable option, you need to make additional settings.

What we pay attention to:

  • Operator selection. It is better to set the Other option on this line.
  • Fast or full scan. The first option is preferable for those who know the network frequency of their own provider. In other cases, it is better to run a full search for all networks.
  • After completing the search, some of the TV channels may be of poor quality. If all the settings are correct, and the signal is still weak, it is better to filter out unnecessary channels. We can add them to the end of the list during sorting or simply delete them, it is unlikely that there will be a desire to watch channels with strong noise.

Tuning channels on Smart TV Sony Bravia

At the initial stage of using TV, it is not easy to figure out how to set up digital TV on a Sony TV. The reader does not have to do everything by trial and error, since we have made detailed instructions.

How to set up digital TV on a Sony TV:

Open the main menu and click on the item Install.

  • Go to the internal catalog Digital configuration.
  • Select and click on the link Digital setting.
  • We activate the action under the Autosearch numbers option. Stations and confirm the manipulation.
  • We set the Ether or Cable mode and indicate other basic parameters.
  • Click on the Quick Scan mode.

How to get online on a Sony TV?

Before you can use all the advantages of the Internet, you need to configure access to it. In the case of a cable network, everything is quite simple, just connect the wire to the corresponding port on the TV, and the network will become available (if you do not need to enter a password). The wireless connection is a little more difficult to set up.

How to connect Wi-Fi on Sony TV:

Click on the Home key on the remote.

  • Open Settings, and then the Network tab.
  • Click on the Network Settings option.
  • Go to the Wireless Configuration section. Here we can also Configure a network connection if you need additional parameters for working with a cable network.
  • Select the Easy, Automatic mode or press the WPS key.
  • Follow the wizard’s prompts to connect.

If you need to specify auxiliary network settings, then in the fifth step, select the Expert or User mode.

Iptv on Sony Bravia TV

There are many options for setting up IPTV, but the most practical one involves programming. Opera TV (VEWD) is a worthy representative of the niche, so we will take this software as a basis.

How to set up IPTV on your Sony Bravia TV:

Go to the All applications section, look for Opera TV and launch it.

  • Go to Settings, and then to the development section, where we press three times to the right.
  • Click on the Generate ID button and remember the displayed code.
  • We go to the website and go through the registration procedure.
  • We activate the account through the letter that will come to the mail.
  • Enter TV model and ID, then confirm the action.
  • Go to the Developer section.
  • Run the URL Loader, specify in the line and click Go.
  • We agree to the terms, indicate the country and provider.

A slightly simpler way involves using the Vintera TV app. Its functions are similar to the previous program. You just need to open Opera TV, enter Vintera TV, press the Install button and start the program. After specifying the basic settings, everything is ready to go.

The above is a basic minimum that any Sony Bravia TV user will need. We learned how to search for digital, cable and IP TV channels, as well as connect TV to the Internet. Most of the remaining actions differ little from similar procedures on Android smartphones, so they should not cause significant problems.

Setting up your TV

Setting up a modern TV consists of setting up the input source, setting the picture and sound quality, setting and sorting TV channels, setting the functional parameters of the TV, setting up the Internet connection.

Table: TV settings options

Setting up your TV Parameters
Setting the TV to output source from:
DTV. Digital TV from antenna plug
ATV. Analog TV from antenna plug
AV. Audio and signal from composite port
SCART. Signal from the comb connector
YPbPr. Component signal
HDMI. Signal from high quality / audio port
PC. Using a TV screen as a personal computer display
USB. Port for connecting a signal from a flash card or HDD devices
Adjusting image parameters
Brightness. Setting the luminous intensity of all areas of the TV picture
Contrast. Changing the ratio of luminous power of the brightest and darkest areas
Sharpness. Adjust the sharpness of the image outlines
Saturation. A change in the color components of the screen image compared to a black and white image
Color tone. Setting the color spectrum of lighting
Image format. Changing the aspect ratio of the screen picture
Setting up your TV Parameters
Configuring sound settings
High frequencies. Adjustment of high-frequency components of the audio spectrum
Low Frequencies. Bass adjustment
Balance. Adjust the volume ratio of the left and right speakers
Surround sound. Setting the strength of the surround effect
Equalizer. Adjustment of the components of different parts of the audio spectrum
AGC. Adjusting the automatic gain control level
SPIDIF. Setting up digital output connection for connection to high-quality audio equipment
Tuning TV channels
Automatic tuning. The process of searching, numbering and storing TV channels occurs automatically
Manual setting. Automatic search of a pre-selected TV channel is performed
Fine tuning. Allows you to shift the frequency of a pre-tuned channel, allowing you to obtain acceptable picture and sound quality in the presence of electromagnetic interference
Setting functional parameters
Menu language. Setting the display language for the TV OSD
Audio language. Setting the audio language
Subtitles. Configuring display options
Teletext. Setting the output of transmitted teletext information
Blue screen. Setting the screen appearance when there is no TV signal
Time setting. Setting the internal clock
PVR setting. Recording a TV program on an external media according to a schedule
Setting up the TV connection to the Internet
Add network. Setting the choice of a home network from the list of possible connections
Wired connection. Setting up the connection between the TV and the router via a twisted pair cable
Wireless connection. Setting up a wireless Wi-Fi connection between a TV and a router
IP setting. Setting a unique address for connecting the TV to the Internet
DNS setup. Determining the domain name of the internet connection

How to tune channels on your TV

Our craftsmen adjust the TV and adjust the image on all models of imported and domestic production, on modern equipment and on those released in the twentieth century. Experienced specialists know how to set up television channels, how to display high-quality picture and sound, how to set up the Internet on a TV, we suggest calling the master to set up a TV from our workshop.
8 (926).444-16-66 We are ready to help you.
For your convenience, a Consultation on setting up TVs has been organized.

How to set up a new TV

How do I tune in channels on my newly purchased or used TV to watch satellite TV? It is necessary to search for TV channels on the satellite receiver, while the TV is connected to the receiver with a special cable and switches to monitor mode.

To tune the TV to receive terrestrial channels or cable channels, analog or digital, you need to connect the antenna plug to the socket and, by pressing the button located on the body or on the TV remote control, enter the MENU. Then, in the AUTOMATIC TUNING or MANUAL TUNING mode, scan the entire frequency range. In this case, in AUTO mode, the TV is set up automatically, and in MANUAL mode, you need to set up each TV channel separately.

. Attention. In the “automatic tuning” mode, not only will all active channels be found, but also jamming signals will be saved and the current numbering of TV programs will be changed.

Do you know how to tune channels on a TV in good quality and the desired sequence? Fine!
But, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Very often the quality of the TV setting on different programs changes from good to unacceptable. In this case, it is necessary to check the parameters of the antenna TV signal, first of all, its level and signal-to-noise ratio in the entire frequency range, and carry out work to bring them in line with the standard. You need to call the wizard to set up your TV.
We are ready to help you. Call us! Tel. 8-926-444-1-666

How to set up the Internet on your TV

Modern Smart TVs use most of their ‘smart’ capabilities when they go online. Your apartment must have a dedicated router connected and configured to allow various home devices to connect to the network.
How to set up the Internet on your TV? To configure it is necessary to enter the MENU items. Net. Network configuration. Select an item. Cable, for connection via a network cable, or item. Wireless when using a Wi-Fi connection, while you will need to enter a username and password to enter your home network.
When using an external wireless adapter, after connecting it, you need to restart the TV: turn it off, and after a minute turn it on again.

How to tune the TV to receive television channels

Reception and tuning of channels on the TV must be done on a new, just purchased device, as well as in the event of a change in the source of the antenna signal, or when new television programs appear on the network, which has recently happened quite often.
There may be several sources of a television signal, and depending on this, they decide how to tune channels on the TV.

Terrestrial antenna channel tuning is done using the remote control or buttons on the TV case.

  • A cable antenna is similar to setting up to receive signals from an over-the-air antenna.
  • Satellite dish tuning to channels is done using the satellite receiver remote control, or the TV remote control if there is a satellite tuner in the device.

    Recently, terrestrial television (the list of terrestrial TV channels is given on the terrestrial TV channels page), i.E. Setting the TV channels to receive a signal from the TV tower, provided the only opportunity to watch TV programs on your home TV. In this case, the design of the receiving television antenna is oversized, it must be located at a high height and oriented directly to the TV tower. The picture quality of the TV set connected to the terrestrial analog TV leaves much to be desired, since the TV picture is influenced by the high-rise buildings located nearby. In addition, the number of received television channels is small. Setting up TV channels for high-quality reception through an over-the-air antenna in urban conditions is not easy, and often impossible.

    Currently, on the territory of Moscow and other large cities, the most widespread is TV setting to cable TV channels (list of Rostelecom and Akado channels), which allows you to receive more than 40 analogue television programs in excellent quality and more than 100 digital ones. Broadcasting is carried out via an antenna cable already laid in the apartment, and without installing additional receiving TV blocks. Receivers. In order to connect the TV, simply insert the aerial plug into the socket. The ability to receive analog TV channels is paid monthly by a rent receipt.

    Tv Sound Setting

    Setting up the sound of the TV, as well as setting up the image, is done through the corresponding menu item.
    In this section, you can adjust the sound at high and low frequencies, adjust the sound balance of stereo speakers. You can also select sounds from preset values ​​optimized for speech, cinema, music, etc.

    It should be noted that modern TVs rarely have excellent sound quality, and no setting of the TV will make the sound perfect.
    To get good sound in this case, you need to connect an additional device to the TV: home theater speakers or soundbar.

    Sony Brand Ownership Instructions

    Models 2010 rock and dal

    Since not all SONY models have a digital tuner for cable TV (DVB-C), you need to reconvert your SONY TV model.

    Models with a DVB-C tuner can be either KDL-EX or KDL-NX. For example, the KDL-32EX402R2 is the first 3 liters in the name of the model (KDL), so it can be used for those that are digital in the KLV-BX models, etc. Tuners DVB mute.

    1. Press the Menu button (for some won models, they will be called Home on the remote control panel (remote PDK). Press the button for the blue color.

    2. Select item Parameters.

    3. Know at the menu list of Digital configuration, see at the new.

    4. Find the item AutoPOSHUK digital stations.

    5. Select the type of TB connection. Viber Cable.

    6. In the item to select the type of scan, select the Outside scan mode. To select the item Manual and enter the frequency.

    7. An access code is required for Auto. Dal is entered symbolically.

    8. Natisnit Pochati. Check it out, if the TV broadcaster completes the channel post.

    Zvernit respect to the bottom of the screen menu of your TV. At the bottom of the menu bar, prompts are displayed, like the buttons of the PDK display in the TV menu.

    Adjustment of digital channels on TV sets of the SONY trademark

    1. Onslaught of the Menu button, select the item Nalashtuvannya.

    2. At vіknі, wіdkrylosya, the item Digital configuration is vibrated.

    3. When you vibrate the point, press the OK button. At vіknі vibramo item Digital adjustment.

    4. Dalі vibraєmo item Autoposhuk digital stations.

    5. To feed: Do you want to see the automatic popping of the stations? Onslaught OK button.

    6. Vіknі vibraєmo Cable.

    7. Then vibrate Shvidke scan.

    8. Select the item Manual.

    9. Dali entered frequency 298.000.

    10. The access code to the stitching is available for Auto. Dal is entered Symbolic speed 6.952, Frequency 298. After all the onslaught passed.

    Pislya ts’go televizor know the whole package of digital TB.