Sony speaker does not see bluetooth

Why the Bluetooth speaker does not connect to the phone

Music becomes the soundtrack of almost everyone’s life. To listen to music different devices are used. The easiest option is to ask for help from the built-in speaker of your smartphone. If you do not want to disturb others. plug the headphones. And if you plan to create a real party. use a Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speaker is one of the most popular speaker devices in 2020. It is a speaker system equipped with one or more speakers. Also some models have a built-in subwoofer for bass enhancement.

Speakers always cost differently. The final price depends on the technical equipment and brand. The main criterion for choosing a particular model for the buyer is still power. The higher the value, the louder the speaker will sound. But regardless of the chosen device they all have one thing in common. wireless connection to your smartphone.

The user really does not have to think about buying extra wires, because pairing is made possible with Bluetooth. The transmission speed of this communication channel is quite enough to play music on an external speaker.

The range of the speaker depends on the Bluetooth version. At the moment, the best option is Bluetooth 5.0, which provides the pairing at a distance of up to 50 meters.

If necessary you can also use an AUX cable for the connection. Still, most users choose Bluetooth. Here’s how to connect your speaker and solve the pairing problem.

How to troubleshoot connectivity issues?

To get your purchased speaker working, determine why it does not work and troubleshoot.

Before you begin

If you plug in your portable speaker and it doesn’t work, you shouldn’t panic. Check the battery charge and see if it is on or not. It is worth paying attention to Bluetooth, if it is not turned on, the device will not be able to play sound. In 90% of the cases the sequence of turning on is described in the instruction which is included in the bought device.

The speaker is not turned on

To turn the speaker on, press “On.”. But there are cases when you press this button and the lights do not respond. This indicates that the device did not turn on. The reasons are usually simple:

Why can’t the speaker be seen through Bluetooth?

There are a lot of reasons why the speaker is not visible when you turn it on. If you are not confident that you can fix the problem yourself, contact the service center.

In 80 percent of cases, the main cause is disabled Bluetooth. It happens in case of inattention or the visibility of the paired device has expired. Check that Bluetooth is turned on before turning it on.

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The problem occurs 50 percent of the time on the computer as well. If the necessary drivers are not installed, the device will not detect the portable speaker.

In addition, the drivers may not be compatible with a modern device or the computer’s operating system.


When a wireless speaker is purchased, it is most often connected to all of the devices that are. It is a computer, a tablet, a smartphone and even a TV set. If you will be using your device with different devices, then select the “Auto-connect” function. In this case, other devices may not see the speaker because it is already connected to another device.

Connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a Windows 7 laptop

First, turn on your speaker and put it in connection mode. Pressing the “Bluetooth” button, or the power button. As a rule, you need to press and hold for a few seconds. The Bluetooth indicator light should be actively blinking.

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There should be a Bluetooth icon in the tray. Right click on it and select “Add device”.

A new window should appear, displaying the devices available for connection. Our wireless speaker should be there. You will need to select it and click “Next”.

The next step is to configure the device, after which a window should appear with a message that the device has been successfully connected and is ready to work. And if the sound doesn’t play through the wireless speaker after connecting, you need to right click on the sound icon in the tray, select “Playback Devices”, then right click on the connected Bluetooth speaker and select “Use Default”. After that, everything should work.

The wireless speaker does not work.

In Windows 7 I could not connect the bluetooth speaker. The system finds it, detects it as a speaker, plugs it in, but it doesn’t work. No driver. If you open the connected devices, it will have a yellow exclamation mark. In the device manager it shows an unknown Bluetooth peripheral. And while connecting, you may notice a message that “The software for the device has not been installed.”.

I looked on the Sony website (I have a portable speaker from this manufacturer) and under “Downloads” I didn’t find any drivers. If I click on “Bluetooth Peripheral” and select “Update Drivers” in the Manager, then the system immediately gives out that nothing is found.

I did not download drivers from some third-party sites, or use programs to automatically install drivers. I hope you will not encounter such a problem and your speaker will be friendly with Windows 7. And if you know how to solve this problem, I would be grateful if you could write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. In general, upgrade to Windows 10. It is better, and there are no such problems there.

How to connect 2 Sony speakers to one phone?

To figure out why your phone isn’t finding your Bluetooth headset, you’ll need to rule out some flaws: Make sure the batteries in both gadgets are charged. Ensure that the accessory is not being used by another device. Check if your smartphone and headset sync is activated.

What to do if Windows can’t find the Bluetooth device you want?

Most often the system does not see only a particular device that we want to connect. Sometimes it can’t find any device. However, for example, the phone, tablet or other computer detects the Bluetooth device and connects to it. In Windows 10, it looks like this:

Endless device search. Note the message, pictured above: “Make sure your device is turned on and available for discovery.” And that’s very good advice.

1 In order for our laptop or PC to detect the necessary device, it must of course be turned on and in search mode. Almost every device (headphones, mouse, speaker) has a button that puts the device in connectivity mode. Makes it visible to other devices. Usually this is a separate button with a Bluetooth icon on it. Which you press and hold for a few seconds (until the light starts flashing).

Sometimes the power button performs this function. On my mouse, for example, this button is labeled Connect. After connection mode is activated, the light on the device should blink actively.

This means that the device itself is detectable.

Your device manual will also need to be updated to reflect the pairing status. It tells you exactly how to put it into pairing mode.

2 It is possible that the device is already paired with your computer. But for some reason it is not working. In this case, in the settings of Windows you need to find this device (it will be in the status of “Paired”) and remove it.

After that you must activate the connection mode on the device (in my case on the Bluetooth headset) and reconnect it.

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3 Not everyone knows, but on the same Bluetooth headphones (I think that on all) you can do a reset. They will disconnect from all the devices they were paired with and you will have to reconnect them. Sometimes it helps to solve a problem with the detection of wireless headphones on the computer. On my JBL headphones, as far as I understand, the reset is done as follows:

  • Turning on headphones.
  • Activate connection mode (so that the indicator light starts blinking).
  • Press and hold the volume up and down button for 5 seconds. Several times instead of blue light will flash white.

On Sony headsets, for example, you can reset the settings using two buttons: the Power button and the Pause/Start button. They need to be pressed and held for 7 seconds.

Of course, that on different devices, different manufacturers, etc. д., this procedure can be performed in different ways. For example, you can activate the connection mode by holding down the connection button for a long time (about 30 seconds). You need to look at the manual and google the information.

4 In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, Alexander wrote about the problem when a new laptop on Windows 10 does not see the Bluetooth mouse, and later shared his solution. The following steps helped him (You can try the second one right away. If it does not work, then 1 and 2.):

  • You need to press the Win R key combination, enter the services command.msc and press Ok. After that, find the service “Bluetooth Support Service”, open its properties and set the startup type: “Automatic”. Click “Apply”. Restart the computer.
  • Go to “Options”, under “Bluetooth and other devices” and go to the related parameters “Other Bluetooth options. A window will open in which you need to check the box next to “Allow Bluetooth devices to detect this computer” and click “Apply”. Try to connect your device.

Once the device is connected, uncheck this box in the settings. So that other devices can’t see your computer. This refers to new devices that have not yet been connected.

How to understand why the phone does not see the wireless headphones?

Since we have two devices (phone and headphones) in this scheme. If this is the case, you will need to find out what is causing the problem. And this can be done in the following way:

  • Try connecting the headphones to another device. To another phone, tablet, laptop, etc. д. Preferably to 2-3 different devices. If these devices also fail to detect the headphones, then there is a problem. And if the solutions in this article didn’t work, then it’s probably a hardware failure.
  • Try connecting your headphones to another Bluetooth device on your phone. This can be other wireless headphones, a speaker, another phone, etc. д. And if it sees them, then the cause is definitely in the headphones.

I have tried to prepare the clearest and easiest instructions. But since there are so many phones and headphones themselves, it is very difficult to write specific instructions on this topic.

You can always write about your problem in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, ask a question and get an answer. Just do not forget to specify the model of headphones that your phone does not see and describe everything in detail. It will be much easier for me to help you. All the best!

The main characteristics and advantages of headphones “from five thousand and above

The range of operating frequencies of high-quality and expensive headsets can reach up to 30 000 Hz! This means only one thing: the owner of these “ears” will get a sound of excellent quality. They also stand out for their strong bass and cool designer look that will celebrate the creativity and style of their owner.

But in the pursuit of model popularity, the buyer in some cases does not pay attention to the cable. Depending on the model, it may be too thin and easy to get tangled up or rough and uncomfortable, which will not fit in your when you need it, for example. So the cable largely predetermines the degree of durability of the entire headset.

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Bluetooth turns on by itself

often than not, Bluetooth is turned on by apps that have access to it. Each of you has probably seen notifications with the Allow button the first time you start a program after downloading. It is likely that you have not hesitated to allow Bluetooth to run automatically.

To find out which apps can start Bluetooth on their own, you need to:

  • Go to your smartphone’s Settings.
  • Next, go to Applications and find the Permissions section.
  • Scroll down to Bluetooth.
  • See what applications have access to it and disable it if necessary.

Check app permissions for certain functions.

The other thing is that I don’t understand why we should turn off Bluetooth in 2021? In your Yandex.Zen we have long ago dispelled the myth that Bluetooth drains the battery.

There’s a second reason. Often applications will access Bluetooth to determine the location. If it is important to you that the smartphone does not follow you, it is better to disable this function:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then click on Location.
  • Then go to the Search section.
  • Turn off the rocker switch next to Search for Bluetooth devices.

Turn off Bluetooth in the location settings.

Well, here the disabling is quite justified. Many users are sensitive to control all settings, so as to prevent their device from any snooping as much as possible.


After connecting the wire, you need to configure the radio on the speaker. Setting the FM-frequencies is worth considering the example of the Chinese speaker JBL Xtreme. Your device is equipped with Bluetooth. This type of wireless connection plays a major role in the configuration of radio channels.

The headphones or the USB wire are already connected, then the Bluetooth button should be pressed twice. Do this at intervals of a few seconds. When pressed for the first time, the device will switch to wireless playback mode. A second press will switch on the FM radio mode.

Note that on many Bluetooth models this button can have three triangles. To start searching for radio channels, press this button. It will take a little while for the speaker to start picking up the radio signal.

To automatically start tuning and saving channels, press the Play/Pause button. Pressing the button again will stop the search. You can switch radio stations by briefly pressing the “” and “-” buttons. A long press will change the volume.

A Bluetooth speaker without an antenna can also be used to listen to the radio via your phone or tablet. To do this, you must activate Bluetooth on your phone or tablet, go to “Settings” or “Options” and open the Bluetooth section. Then start the wireless connection by sliding the slider to the right. You will see a list of available devices on your phone. From this list, select the name of the desired device. In a few seconds your phone will connect to the speaker. Depending on the model, connection to the phone will be signaled by a characteristic sound from the speaker or a color change.

Listening to the radio from your phone through the speaker is possible in several ways:

After downloading you should open the application and start your favorite radio station. The sound will be played through the music speaker.

Then follows a similar setup for listening: select your favorite radio channel and turn on Play.

As almost all portable speakers have a jack 3.5, you can connect them to your phone via AUX cable and thus enjoy listening to FM stations.

In order to connect the speaker to the phone through the AUX cable, you need to do the following:

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