Sony Kdl 50wf665 Tv Review

Sony KDL-50WF665

Very satisfied with the quality.

The price and quality are excellent

A comment:
Smart and cool smart TV, easy to operate

The TV certainly pleased me! The image is excellent!

No shortcomings have yet been identified.

Juicy picture. Appearance. Not a bad sound. Diagonal, but it’s subjective. Sony has the best and most juicy picture at the moment among all TVs. Here is the backlight of the direct led matrix, in contrast to the edge led, which suffers from light.

Everything is buggy in smart that through wi-fi that through the wire everything opens for a very long time and when viewing loads for 2-3 minutes the Internet speed 100 megabytes expected more too expensive for this price with such lags bugs hangs the sound is not very

A comment:
TV fire thank you ozone I recommend everyone for 27p it’s super!

The TV was brought today, large, but not heavy, beautiful, tuned in to the Internet myself, smart, I watch and enjoy the big screen and show programs, I advise you to buy.

Not yet, I think it will be so

Great TV

Good TV for your money

Not yet discovered

The TV is super. The screen is large. The image is excellent. Very happy with the purchase.

The sound would be better

A comment:
In general, an excellent TV for the money, this is Sony

A very bright and beautiful picture, even if we compare it with 4k in this price segment, it is still brighter and more beautiful here, the sound is of high quality, I like it, the assembly is foreign, and this is very important, my old Malaysian Sony Bravia served for about 20 years. Protective power supply instead of a stabilizer.

Someone does not like that there are few applications, but the TV is not clogged with garbage and everything you need is in it, therefore it works very quickly.

A comment:
When I was choosing a TV, the picture was important to me, I compared a lot with LG and SAMSUNG in this price segment, SONY still had the best picture, although it was possible to save a 4K TV for this money, but for some reason 4K was inferior in clarity and brightness , and the most important thing in the TV is its picture, considering that 4k is needed only from 55 diagonal.

Sony Kdl 50wf665 Tv Review

Manufacturer, brand, quality. For 31.5 thousand rubles I am satisfied with the purchase. Let’s see how it will work further.

Does not support hard drives of 500GB or more. Horror! Although there are usb outputs for them, even 2! With the old LG and Samsung there was no such thing!

A comment:
Thin and light enough for such a diagonal, largely due to the fact that there is an external power supply on a cord to a socket of a significant size. A very cool system for recognizing automatic devices connected to Hdmi, while the TV set immediately switches to the active output itself. When you connect the apple TV, switching to the set-top box, the TV set is controlled by the remote control from the set-top box and when you turn it off, it turns off automatically! It is very convenient!

50 “(126 cm) sony bravia TV for 33 thousand rubles. A good option, the picture pleases FullHD, 1920х1080. Digital tuner. There are 20 digital channels.

OS. Linux is sadness, the past century. I want this price on Android. Bluetooth. Not(

A comment:
Maybe someone will come in handy. When setting 20 digits. Channels, insert the antenna at the back into the connector and select the setting. Numbers. Channels on the air and there will be happiness. There is no detailed installation in the documentation, I changed a bunch of antennas, but there was no sense, I scanned in cable mode (others) until I realized what I needed in the “air” mode.

I like the design and the diagonal.

I liked the design, the legs. The image quality through wi-fi is excellent, through the mts provider it is not very blurry when moving. Fast internet, in 4k shows gorgeous without lags.
Black is perfect.
Image does not lose brightness when viewed from an angle!

If you find fault: problems with autosearching channels from the mts provider, switching channels through a black window, the sound would be more accurate.

The TV is great, the quality is on top.

The operating system is inconvenient, nothing to download, the design is very old, there is no possibility of personification.

Looks beautiful and shows, with smart you need dances with tambourines

He doesn’t want to be friends with the phone in any way, Samsung of ten years ago is connected at once, but this one doesn’t want to. Maybe my pens are growing from the wrong place.

A comment:
The TV is friendly with the prefix, the picture is super, the sound is good, it hangs on the wall, beauty))))

Simple and convenient TV, in smart there is nothing superfluous, we only use YouTube and megogo, nothing else is needed, a beautiful rich picture that can be easily customized.

Compared to the old sharp TV, the sound seemed fantastic until we bought a soundbar from sony, we came to the conclusion that the sound on TV is just disgusting, there are slight blackouts in the corners on a white background

A comment:
The picture quality in the price segment is even better than that of competitors in 4k.

First impressions: assembled okay, looks great on the curbstone. Turn on: immediately grabs at home wifi, logs into Netflix, Megogo and YouTube without any problems. Matrix backlit = no highlights around the edges. The sound for movies and news is the very thing, for music you need to connect something more bass, since there are inputs.

Until I figured out how and whether you can install your applications. If there is a possibility, it is out of sight

A comment:
Over 37k and free shipping. Definitely recommend buying

Great picture, sound too. Slim frame, no distraction while watching. Vf connect. A great. Just a good TV, the price / quality was arranged.

Not a very convenient remote control, as it seemed to me, and not the most user-friendly settings menu (although, by and large, there is nothing to do there, set the color / light once, connected it to the vf once. Everything)
p.S. Absolutely non-working browser. If you want to watch online. Connect the device or insert a flash drive, because it is almost impossible to run through the browser.

A comment:
Good TV, I recommend.
I use it for 2.5 months. Know problems.

The build quality is disgusting, I did not expect this from the once respected company SONY.

A comment:
The screen frame at the back is all crooked, to the point that the latch is not fixed.

Of the advantages, the price and the picture, cannot be compared with the Samsung.

Terrible menu, but if you do not use the Internet and smart, it may well work.

A comment:
A problem arose during operation. The TV itself turns on constantly! Did a return to factory settings, it didn’t help. We’ll be lucky to return tomorrow.

Motion. Sound. Smart.

I bought it yesterday. First impressions It’s just fly away. Ps4 pulls excellent colors bright, control well, I don’t know figured out right away, everything seems to be simple.
I wanted to take LG 4K for 35 tyrs, stood next to it, compared the film with my flash drive, there were dark spots on the skis around the edges of the screen on Sonya excellent. These are both 4K

Cheap price for this brand.

Terrible matrix.

A comment:
I bought a Sony KDL-50WF665 specifically did not want to buy 4k, so I took this model. I don’t use a TV, I’m connected like a monitor to a computer. What to say. It is pain and tears. His matrix is ​​probably one of the cheapest. And when working with a computer, all the gadgets must be turned off, otherwise the whole image will smear and disfigure. The viewing angles are no-brainer, and as it is cleverly done with the slightest deviation, it immediately whitens the image, but in general it seems to remain acceptable. For example, if you sit exactly in the middle, then the edges will already differ from the middle, this is practically not visible on films, but if you open a browser or text, you get the impression that the screen is simply dazzling in the eyes, even prints remain in the eyes, a very unpleasant feeling. Neither lowering the backlight, nor lowering the contrast and brightness in the TV or in the card control panel help, and even if sitting away from the TV still does not help. It seems that the TV has a TN matrix, expensive, but still TN. In general, it is very dazzling and hits in the eyes, cannot be removed. Before that, there was a dexp TV, though with a diagonal of 43, it showed better. In general, I’m not happy, I had to take some kind of cheap TV and not chase the SONY brand. In short, the hopes for the brand did not come true.
From a distance of 1 meter, the pixels are no longer visible, there is enough density, there are no highlights and blackouts, black is quite good, especially in contrasting scenes, the type of matrix is ​​VA.
Enter the engineering menu: 1 turn off the TV 2 press “i?” (This is one button, located at the top on the outer control ring of the remote control above the joystick button “arrow vveh”.) Then the number “5”, then the “volume” button, then the green button to turn on the TV. The TV turns on and the service menu turns on.

Well done (still SONY)
Juicy high-quality color rendering!
0 dead pixels!
No highlights on a dark background!

The picture is beautiful
Build quality

Tricky menu after LG and Samsung
Not a convenient remote control
Smart TV that is not needed

A comment:
Bought for parents
For them, of course, heaped up
Because they do not need smart, but they wanted reliability and a large diaogonal
Was LG enough for 2 years
Samsung lasted a little longer
This one bribed with a foreign assembly that’s why they took

Bright, rich colors, fast in the player, does not slow down in game mode when connected to a computer. Fife picked it up right away. No brakes and departures. Omnivorous player. External disk for 1 ter. Powered by usb I immediately saw it. Configured: brightness 45, contrast 88, color 65, included black and white enhancements. In general, a good TV set.

A comment:
Nice TV but expensive.

Image, sound, smart

Unless 8 k

A comment:
Smart does not slow down, do not believe who says it, the browser is oak, and the applications are ok


50 ” (126 cm) diagonal screen with 1920 x 1080 px (Full HD, HDR) display resolution and 50 Hz refresh rate. This model features Direct LED backlighting, LEDs are evenly distributed under the LCD matrix. This option provides uniform brightness, no glare. The viewing angle declared by the manufacturer reaches 178 °. X-Reality PRO upscales every pixel for incredible Full HD clarity. Each scene is analyzed frame by frame, and the images are compared with the database to improve the picture and reduce the noise level. Thanks to the Clear Resolution Enhancer technology, which can increase the resolution of low quality images to Full HD resolution, the level of image distortion is not increased. When watching movies, Motionflow ™ XR technology creates and adds additional frames between the original frames. A special algorithm compares image elements in successive frames, calculates the missing phases of motion in the existing sequence, which allows you to achieve real cinematic quality, completely get rid of blur.

Sony KDL-50WF665 TV Review

Sony KDL-50WF665 is a 50-inch Full HD (1920 × 1080 px) TV model with 50 Hz refresh rate. Equipped with not only a PAL / SECAM tuner for receiving an analog TV signal, but also digital ones. Dvb-T / T2 / C / S / S2 standards.

A powerful 4K HDR X1 processor is responsible for image processing. This proprietary development from Sony “pulls” quality up to the HDR standard, makes textures more natural, and colors. Deep, realistic. The slim aluminum bezel surrounding the display is virtually invisible, bringing the great picture right up to you. There is Smart TV technology. I will tell you about this gorgeous TV in more detail.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Availability of exclusive technologies to improve picture and sound quality;
  • Protection against power surges;
  • Fast Smart TV.
  • High price;
  • Does not always connect to Smart TV the first time;
  • Few free apps.


The body of the Sony KDL-50WF665 TV is made in black. The TV is placed on two beautiful legs fixed on the sides of the case. The waterproof coating of the board will prevent short circuits in high humidity. Power surge protection. Up to 9000 volts during a thunderstorm. Wall mount is provided, VESA mount size. 200 × 200 mm. Dimensions. 1113 × 717 × 268 mm. Weight. 11 kg.


  • Hdmi (2 pcs.). Connection of digital devices for image and sound transmission (computers, laptops, recorders).
  • Usb (2 pcs.). Connect a USB flash drive or external hard drive. The model in this indicator bypasses its competitors.
  • Av input (red, white, yellow). Connect analog devices (cameras, DVD, Blu-ray players, some TV transmitters).
  • 3.5 mm audio output. For connecting headphones or acoustics.
  • Rj-45 (Ethernet) connector. For connecting an Internet cable.

The total sound power is 10 W, the speaker system is 2 built-in stereo speakers with a power of 5 W each. The TV uses the powerful S-Force Front Surround and Dolby Digital Plus algorithm to analyze and compensate for inaccuracies in sound reproduction through the TV speakers. It does this by creating a highly accurate photographic of the frequency response of the speaker system. The information is transmitted back to the device, compensates for peaks or dips in the original frequency range of the speaker system, provides clear, natural, even sound throughout the entire frequency range. Digital Sound Enhancement Engine restores high frequencies when playing music.


Smart TV with Linux-based Tizen operating system. This is a pretty good system, but with its own pitfalls. For example, when connecting to Smart TV itself, the TV cannot always pick up the Wi-Fi signal, you have to reboot it. On the second or third time, it is possible to connect to the network. This is the main disadvantage. There are few free apps on Tizen when compared to Android TV. Otherwise, the function works flawlessly, there are no slowdowns when watching movies online, everything is loaded quickly.

Picture-in-picture. Two images are displayed simultaneously on the TV screen: the first is displayed on the entire screen, the second is in the corner. You can watch a TV channel in parallel, and at the bottom right (in the “window”) run, for example, a from YouTube.

Recording. It is possible to record terrestrial channels to a memory medium (USB drive).

Time Shift is a function that allows you to stop the broadcasting of the on-air TV program at any time and record it in order to continue viewing from the moment of pause at another time.

Customer reviews Sony KDL-50WF665

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General impressions:
If you sit directly in front of the TV at a distance of no closer than 1.8m, then the displayed picture is very good: you cannot see the pixels, the brightness and contrast reserve is sufficient for viewing in a lighted room, the Edge Led backlight together in the glossy screen coating gives a deep, even black color without glare. White-black transition areas white color does not “flow”.
The TV has many picture modes, each of which can be calibrated to your liking. This is useful when watching different types of content such as movies, games or HDR content.
Hdr mode is defined in Windows 10 and you can watch youtube with HDR or play games that support this mode.
It is very pleasant to play PC games on this TV: the picture is clear, dynamic scenes are not blurred, and inputlag is not felt.
The TV has loud stereo speakers, which are enough to sound a room of 20m2. Speakers are directed downward and when installed on a wooden cabinet they are able to give out even some bass.

1. Nice looking picture.
2. Deep and even black color.
3. A large number of image settings.
4. Loud sound.
5. Legs that hide the wires.

Separately about the HDR mode:
I spent a lot of time learning how HDR works.
For its guaranteed work on a PC, you need an OC Windows 10, a modern card and an HDMI 2.0 cable. If all this is present, then in Windows 10 you can turn on the HDR mode, and on the TV you can select the HDR picture mode. After that, if you start a youtube channel with HDR content on your PC, youtube will detect the presence of HDR. It’s the same with games: I’ve tested Hitman, Asassins Creed: Origins, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, and Shadow of the Tomb Rider. They all allow you to enable HDR mode. But! As much as I tried to notice the difference between HDR and non-HDR modes, no matter how I adjusted the brightness in the game or on TV, I did not notice absolutely no difference between HDR and normal mode.
The problem is aggravated by the fact that it is technically difficult to compare screenshots or with these modes on the screen. You can only compare with your eyes 2 TVs standing side by side and working in different modes. All HDR gameplay recordings on youtube show highlights in places where details should be increased. Passing it off as the correct HDR implementation. This is not true. Such an implementation of the HDR effect was back in HalfLife 2. The new HDR mode should exactly expand the color space, and not overexpose bright places.
Thus, after a month of experimentation, I came to the conclusion that in this model the HDR mode does not have a clear and discernible effect on the image.

1. There is no button on the remote control to quickly switch image modes. Each time for this you have to make several additional clicks.
2. Enabling HDR mode has no noticeable effect on the image.
3. Smart TV has very limited functionality.

The TV was bought for use as a gaming PC monitor and for watching movies, it performs these tasks perfectly. I repeat: the TV image is very nice.
I can’t say anything about the quality of TV tuners and all sorts of image controllers (they are). Not using.

Technical details that I did not find on the Internet (determined during use):
1. Matrix VA.
2. Brightness about 1000nits.
3. Refresh rate when connecting PC via HDMI. 60hz.
4. Processor MediaTek MT5581s (ARM Cortex-A9, 32-bit, 1 core, 800MHz).

Tips and tricks:
1. Position yourself for viewing strictly opposite the center of the screen. When the angle of the line of sight to the normal from the center of the screen is more than 10 degrees, the image begins to fade and turn gray.
2. The optimal viewing distance from the eyes to the center of the screen. 2m.
3. I do not recommend connecting regular speakers or soundbar to this TV. Built-in speakers are enough. Only a HiFi system will give a noticeable improvement in sound.
4. If you value personal data, I recommend filtering traffic from the TV (or not connecting it to the Internet at all). Tv sends various encrypted metrics to multiple data aggregators (e.G. Samba TV).

Available options


Brief characteristics

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-400Hz (50), X-tended Dynamic Range ™ PRO, Wi-Fi, HDMI. 4, USB. 3, DVB-T2 / S2 / C, Black.

  • Realistic pictures with X-tended Dynamic Range ™ PRO A unique backlighting algorithm provides a wider brightness range than conventional LED TVs for incredibly bright whites and deep blacks. Combined with High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities to display vivid colors and details, your viewing experience will be truly unforgettable.
  • Details. Nuances. Life. Hdr Processor X1 ™ combines with Object-based HDR remaster and Super Bit Mapping ™ technologies to reproduce colors more naturally in bright scenes for more lifelike images. Rich details and rich textures make the screen feel like it comes to life.
  • Immerse yourself in a magical world of invisible detail with HDR High dynamic range (HDR) TVs will revolutionize the way you watch TV content. Combined with HD resolution, High Dynamic Range (HDR) support for viewing delivers incredible richness of detail, natural color and contrast, and backlight brightness range many times greater than previous TVs. As a result, the image is more realistic and detailed with bright colors.
  • Triluminos ™ display: more brightness, more colors colors, more realism. The TRILUMINOS ™ display, with a specially designed backlighting system, selectively matches and transforms the colors in the image to match a wider color gamut. This avoids overly saturated and unnatural colors. Richness and realism of shades will give the brightness of emotions in every scene.
  • Rich in detail with X-Reality ™ PRO Imagine stunning clarity where every pixel is perfect. Individual areas of each frame are thoroughly analyzed and compared with a special database, after which the display quality of textures, contrast, color rendition and contours is improved independently of each other. The result is incredibly realistic detail, no matter what you’re looking at.
  • Slim aluminum frame The slim aluminum frame makes the TV look slimmer and more attractive. Nothing distracts you from what is happening on the screen.
  • Routing and routing cables Hide the cables so they do not get in the way. All cables can be neatly tucked away from the back of the TV and stowed away in the stand so that they do not interfere with viewing or disturb the order.
  • No cables in front of TV All cables and wires from a digital set-top box or Blu-ray player can be easily hidden in a dedicated stand.
  • Motionflow ™ XR Delivers Smooth Dynamic Scenes Experience fluidity and detail in even the most dynamic and fast-moving scenes with Motionflow ™ XR. This innovative technology creates and adds additional frames between the original frames. A special algorithm compares the key components of the image in successive frames and calculates the missing phases of motion in the existing sequence. In addition, some models support black frame insertion for true cinematic quality and completely eliminate blur.
  • Object-based HDR remaster Object-based HDR remaster analyzes separately each object in the frame, improving color and contrast. This brings the quality of any movie on our TVs closer to HDR: shadows are darker, highlights are brighter, and color transitions are finer and more accurate, delivering stunning realism in every frame.
  • Content menu: quick and easy search Functional content menu allows you to quickly find a movie, series, TV show and other content of interest. You can call up the content menu and explore the available live TV broadcasts, upon request, and downloaded content, without interrupting your viewing. In addition, you can customize the content menu according to your preferences so that the most viewed sections appear first.
  • Chromecast: Play from other devices Sony Android TV ™ TVs support Chromecast by default, allowing you to stream content from popular services such as YouTube ™ and Netflix from your device to the big BRAVIA ™ screen. Content can be streamed from Android ™, iOS ™ devices and laptop.
  • Google Play ™: Endless variety of content and applications Search for movies, TV shows, games and more on Google Play ™. Experience a huge selection of apps in a new light on your TV.
  • Made for sound: ClearAudio Mode Realistic sound as well as realism. Clearaudio technology optimizes TV sound for an even more immersive screen experience. Enjoy music, dialogue and sound effects in even better quality, whatever you watch.
  • Dsee technology reproduces digital music in every detail, low-definition Internet, as well as recorded TV shows and compressed audio files do not always have the desired sound quality. A lot of data is lost with digital audio compression. Digital Sound Enhancement Technology (DSEE) recovers frequencies lost during compression, especially high frequencies, for natural sound and wider soundstage.
  • Clear Phase Smooth Sound and Balanced Frequencies BRAVIA ™ TVs use a powerful algorithm to analyze and compensate for inaccuracies in the audio output from the TV speakers. It does this by creating a highly accurate photographic frequency response of the speaker system. This information is sent back to the device and allows you to compensate for peaks or dips in the original frequency response of the speaker system, providing clear, natural and even sound throughout the frequency range.
  • S-Force Front Surround Cinematic Sound Experience the full immersive experience of richly detailed soundstage. S-Force Front Surround technology simulates neural processes to create immersive, lifelike sound with delayed audio and a wide range of sound waves. Achieved with just left and right sound channels. Emulates a natural 3D sound field for a truly immersive surround sound experience. Installation of a full-fledged speaker system.
  • Turn your TV into a digital recorder: USB HDD REC Store your favorite TV programs on an external USB hard drive and watch them whenever you want. The USB HDD REC function allows one-touch and timer recording of digital broadcast to any external hard drive with a USB port and memory capacity up to 2TB. While watching TV, simply press the REC button to start recording. It will automatically stop at the end of the program.
  • Enhance your viewing experience with the TV SideView app Search, record and discuss your favorite TV shows with the TV SideView app. Use your tablet or smartphone (Android or iOS) to watch TV guide updates, learn about the season’s updates and get recommendations. If you have already made your choice, you just have to set a reminder so as not to miss the next episode of your favorite TV show or series. Share your impressions in the comments and read the opinions and comments of other viewers.

Sony Kiev Ukraine Connection Verification Setting Warranty

Playback. 3.4

The Sony KDL-43WD756 scored relatively low in various format playback tests. The TV does not display dynamic scenes very well, does not support 4K and 3D, but it has a very low signal latency.

During the tests, the device did not play 2K and 4K clips from external media, some WMV, TS, FLV, RMVB clips and even MKV and AVI. In dynamic scenes, the image on TV looks jerky, and this is clearly visible to the eye. The TV received a MotionFlow function, which should smooth the picture down to 200 Hz, but it seems that it was not enough.

Sony KDL-43WD756 stretches various things correctly and without overscans, including when connected from a laptop. The difference between the same in HD (1280 × 720) and SD (640 × 480) resolutions is practically invisible, which means that the TV “fits” low quality content well into high one. Sony KDL-43WD756 copes well with deinterlacing. Displaying 1080i (interlaced) format. It looks surprisingly smooth, like 1080p progressive.

The Sony KDL-43WD756 has a low input lag of about 26ms, regardless of the picture mode. However, we cannot recommend it as a game model because of the poor display of dynamic scenes.

Design and appearance. 3.8

Despite the low price tag, the Sony KDL-43WD756 TV looks pretty pretty and, in our opinion, will fit into any interior.

At the front, narrow bezels can be noted. About 0.7 cm on the sides and top and 1.6 cm below the screen, which is a bit unusual considering the price of the Sony KDL-43WD756. From the side, the case looks thin and as if divided in half by an aluminum insert. The light curved TV stand is original in shape, almost the same as used by Sony KDL-40WD653. It is lightweight and takes up little space (unlike the massive “legs” of Samsung TVs, for example, the Samsung UE40JU6600U), with it the TV will fit on a shelf only 23 cm deep. Despite its lightness, it holds the device securely. In addition, if the appearance of the protruding wires seems unaesthetic to you, you can hide them inside the stand. Its legs are hollow inside.

As for the back panel, it looks strange and unsympathetic. Of course, during use you will see it at most a couple of times, but you will remember it with its bulging angular blocks, connectors scattered in different directions and an abundance of screws, especially in the corners of the case.

The thickness of the Sony KDL-43WD756 at its widest point is 5.6 cm, which is thinner than average, weight without stand. 9.1 kg, with it. 9.8 kg. In comparison, the Samsung UE43KU6650U is much thicker and heavier.

Functionality. 4.0

Formally, the Sony KDL-43WD756 is a functional model with a typical set of features: Smart TV, Wi-Fi (with Wi-Fi Direct support), a digital tuner and even content recording to external media. But in practice, these functions don’t work very well. In addition, this is not Android TV, but just an old-style Smart TV with an outdated-looking interface and no special prospects for the future.

The TV can connect to the Internet not only via Ethernet cable, but via Wi-Fi, and it works quite stably. During the tests, the connection was enough to watchs on YouTube and update the system “without interruption”. In comparison, Wi-Fi Direct let us down a little. We managed to transfer the picture from the Samsung Galaxy S7 to the big screen (the connection worked only with a slight lag), but the TV refused to sync with the Huawei Honor 8. However, and this is already not bad, various difficulties in the work of Wi-Fi modules are found almost everywhere on TV, even in expensive models.

Sony KDL-43WD756 can read and even write to external USB drives. But during the tests, he did not always read the flash drives the first time, and once even hung up and did not want to “see” anyone anymore. I had to let the TV “freshen up”. Disconnect it from the network and turn it on again.

Sony KDL-43WD756 TV: Review

Sony KDL-43WD756. An inexpensive 43-inch Full HD TV with a nice design and an old-style Smart TV.

Based on the test results, we praised its energy efficiency, low signal latency, fairly accurate color reproduction, average viewing angles, Smart TV, and a decent design and weight for its price.

On other counts, it turned out to be quite an ordinary TV. Full HD resolution is no longer impressive today, moreover, the screen has low contrast and uneven backlighting. In terms of smart features, this is not a hyped Android TV, but its own OS with an old-fashioned design, limited selection of applications and a slow browser. In addition, the built-in player does not play quite a lot of different formats, and in dynamic scenes the image twitches noticeably.

Most likely, Sony does not pay much attention to budget models, although there are exceptions like the Sony KDL-32W705C. Keep in mind that for the same money you can already choose a 4K TV.

Ports and connectors

Sony KDL-43WD756 received not the largest set of ports and connectors, but at the same time it has everything you need and relevant. An atypical location can be noted. They are scattered and directed in four different directions at once.

  • One HDMI
  • Headphone jack
  • Two USB ports.

It should be noted that the USB connectors are located close to each other, that is, it will not work to connect two large flash drives at once.

“Into the wall” directed:

  • Scart connector
  • Digital optical audio output
  • Network port (internet connection via cable)
  • Hdmi connector.

Besides them, it is worth mentioning only the connector for one antenna, which is directed downward, and the slot for the CI expansion module, it looks up. Interestingly, this year the company abandoned ancient component-composite connectors in any form, but left an even more archaic and less commonly used SCART.

Image quality. 3.4

The image quality of the Sony KDL-43WD756 is not high, but typical for a budget employee. We rated it three out of five due to low contrast, uneven backlighting and mediocre Full HD resolution. For the same money you can find a model with a 4K screen.

Display resolution. 1920 × 1080 pixels, typical value, with a diagonal of 43 inches, the pixel density is 51 per inch. It can be compared in clarity with the 28-inch HDTV LG 28LF491U. To avoid seeing individual pixels, we recommend sitting at least one and a half to two meters away from the screen. However, hardly anyone will watch TV closer.

Sony KDL-43WD756 has a typical brightness, up to 236 cd / m2. This is enough for most rooms without very bright lighting. The measured gamma value was 2.2, as it should be. The color gamut is quite wide, 99% of the standard. Color accuracy is high for its price, with an average error of 3 units. It happens less, but it will not be striking. A good result for a state employee. At the same time, the contrast ratio of the KDL-43WD756 turned out to be low, 1280: 1 at a brightness of 200 cd / m2 (like the Samsung UE40JU6600U), which does not look very good in black and white or dark scenes. Although if you reduce it to 100 cd / m2, the contrast rises to about 5000: 1. The brightness distribution turned out to be uneven, only 74%. It happens even worse, but in very egregious cases like LG 65UF950V, where one part of the screen could be three times brighter than the other. The color temperature is somewhat overestimated, 7000 degrees, although the picture did not seem cool to our eyes. Viewing angles are average, with OLED TVs generally wider. With a deviation of 30 degrees, the picture still looks good, but the black color quickly starts to take on a gray tint.