Some keys on the Acer laptop do not work

The laptop keyboard does not work: the reasons and methods of solving

With desktop computers, if the keyboard stops working normally, they act quite simply. The input device can be replaced with another. Or disassemble, wash thoroughly, dry and collect. But what to do if the keyboard does not work on the laptop? You can’t turn it off, you can’t replace it without special knowledge. Even worse when not all keys work. This does not allow to write normally, blocks access to some functions. If a serious hardware failure has not occurred, to cope with the problem when the letters on the keyboard do not work without special knowledge.

Opinions on the Internet that some manufacturers put frankly low.Quality keyboards on their devices, absolutely far.Fetched. Modern sensors and processing chips are almost the same on all laptop models. Therefore, the reason why the keys on the laptop do not work can only be malfunctions associated with the features of operation. For example, this is:

  • A hardware failure, to which even careless treatment can lead, throwing a laptop to a solid table, vibration during transportation;
  • Software problems that often occur on devices with ports of the USB 3 class.0;
  • The presence of a large amount of pollution.

Do not forget about the main reason why users most often contact the service center: half of the keyboard does not work after pouring tea, wine, beer and other liquids does not work. The basic rule of eliminating problems with the buttons sounds simple: not panic and carefully look for the root of the problem.

Some keys do not work

The keys of the right block of the keyboard failed. In this case, do not rush to the master or start to disassemble the laptop.

A common cause of failure is a random shutdown of the Num Lock function, which leads to blocking this part of the keyboard.

To find out whether the Num Lock is turned on, you need to check the inclusion of the indicator (has the designation “1”): if the light is burned, the function is active, if the backlight is absent, it is necessary to press on the corresponding key.

  • The most common cause of this error is the pollution of the keys. The problem is easily eliminated in the process of cleaning the laptop. A distinctive feature of the device pollution is the need for a stronger press to work a certain key.
  • The problem can be associated with the wear of the device: any key is designed for a certain load (usually about 50 thousand presses). Over time and with active use, we wear out thin wires and closing paths, acidification of conductive contacts. With this reason, the most used keys refuse the most used keys.
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A number of keys do not completely function. If the keyboard is cleaned, and the buttons continue not to respond to pressing, then the reason for the failure is more serious: most likely, the tracks are broken.

Program failures

The Internet corrupted not only users, but also software developers. Today you can easily download drivers packages, improved Windows 10 functionality, external devices. It often happens that after updating his operating system, the user is faced with a situation where he does not work from the keyboard. What to do in this case depends on the complexity of the problem.

Check in safe mode

Safe mode is specially designed to eliminate problems in the software environment of the operating system. To enter it, you need to:

  • Turn on the laptop;
  • Without waiting for the appearance of the operating system loading, press F8;
  • In the list that appears on the screen, select a safe mode.

In Windows 8 and later versions, the entrance to the safe mode is made in another way. You need to press the start, select the control panel (standard control panel), press administration, go into the system configuration. Here you need to set a checkplace check and restart.

After the system is loading and the keyboard will work, it is worth eliminating the possible causes of problems. Recently installed programs are deleted for this.

Advice! It is recommended to rearrange all the drivers from the CD, which was supplied with the laptop. After that, the computer is rebooted.

System rollback

If the laptop was tuned not by a artisanal craftsman, but was supplied with the installed operating system, it is activated in the protection function. With any installation of drivers or other software modules belonging to the basic functionality, the recovery point is created.

some, keys, laptop, work

If the keyboard has stopped working, it is worth rolling back the system. This does not affect the user data and the installed programs. To restore one of the points, you need:

  • Turn on the laptop;
  • Press F8 until the list of actions appears;
  • Select “Restore the last state of the system” (with efficient parameters).

Then it will be proposed to choose one of the saved recovery points. First you can dwell on the last. If after that everything works poorly, then it is worth repeating actions and choosing a point with an earlier creation time.

Incorrect drivers

As mentioned above, the Internet corrupted users. Today you can download a ready.Made driver of drivers, one of the Driver Pack Solution or install a program that will update them automatically. The problem is that this method often leads to conflicts in the operating system on laptops.

Important! Only drivers offered by the manufacturer should always be installed. If the keyboard has stopped working due to the installation of incorrect software, it should be removed. The most correct way is to download new drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

How to do without some buttons

If the keys refuse to work at all, then there are several ways to temporarily solve the problem:

Note! Climb reassignment can affect the stability of the operating system. It is recommended to use this method of solving the problem only in extreme cases.

You can reassign one key to another

For reassignment of keyboard buttons, third.Party applications are used. The most popular free program is Mapkeyboard.

  • Download Mapkeyboard from the company’s website, and then install.
  • After starting the program, a window with a keyboard will appear.
  • Click on the LKM button that needs to be reassigned. Then indicate on the left below the key replacing the selected.
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Mapkeayboard can also turn off the keys. To do this, you need to select the Disabled parameter in the lower left corner.

Connecting an additional keyboard

The easiest way is to connect an external keyboard panel. You can do this using a USB cable. It is also possible to connect a wireless keyboard via Bluetooth.

Virtual keyboard

Virtual keyboard call guide for Windows 7:

some, keys, laptop, work
  • Click on the Start icon.
  • Go to the “control panel”.
  • Open the “Special Opportunities” tab, then. “Center for Special Opportunities”.
  • Select the line “Turn on the screen keyboard”. Make sure that on the “Parameters” tab stands a mark near the point “Putting the pointer to the key”.
  • Click PKM on the taskbar panel.
  • Select “Show the touch key button”.
  • In the lower right corner will appear icon with the keyboard panel. Click on it to run the laptop screen keyboard.

The work of the screen keyboard is carried out by LKM presses. To remove the virtual panel, just press the cross icon in the upper right corner.

There are a lot of ways to repair the keyboard panel. Elimination of problems is impossible only if the conducting film is oxidized or all paths of the train are damaged.

Identifying the cause of buttons sticking

The primary hardware cause of clamp sticking is always a shift in the internal base of the keys. Such a keyboard reaction is manifested due to the intervention of the secondary cause. Here it is more complicated and you will have to find out what caused the shift of the keyboard element.

Without taking into account the software reasons, there are several explanations for this:

How To Fix Shift Key Not Working On Acer Laptop

  • Strong dusting, large clustering of dirt or sticking with liquid.
  • General overheating of the laptop.
  • The fall of the device.
  • Mechanical damage due to frequent retention.

(Solved) Acer Laptop Keyboard Not Working in Windows 10

There are many similar situations, but one result is a problem with the laptop button and something needs to be done with this.


First, let’s figure out why some letters do not work on the keyboard. There may be several reasons for this:

  • Temporary software failure, for example, due to damage to the laptop.
  • Breakdown breakdown due to moisture or oxidation of the contact group.
  • Bad contact on the train. To check the version, you will have to disassemble the laptop and check the quality of the keyboard connection.
  • Mechanical exposure. It happens that some buttons do not work due to falling or impact.
  • Random shutdown in BIOS and T. D.

Understanding the reasons why the buttons do not work on the keyboard allows you to navigate the situation faster and eliminate the malfunction without involving specialists. What steps should be taken, consider below.

How to introduce characters with non.Working devices buttons

It is not always possible to repair the laptop immediately, which does not cancel the need to continue to use it. In this case, you need to select a suitable method for entering the text and control of the device.

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If some keys have stopped working, you can “reassign” them for rarely used serviceable. This will require the installation of a special program, for example, Mapkeyboard for Windows. It allows you to “hang” on any button the desired function using a mouse or touchpad. Find out how to turn on the touchpad on the Lenovo laptop in BIOS.

In case of malfunction of most or all keys, it is most convenient to connect an external USB device. If you do not need to print a lot, it is permissible to use a virtual layout, which is launched from the “Special Opportunity” section or through “Search” on request “screen keyboard”. Input is carried out by clicking on the desired symbol.

Possible reasons for the failure of the laptop keyboard

All malfunctions can be divided into two groups: mechanical and software. The first belongs to:

  • Garbage or dust falling under the keys.
  • A departed, incorrectly connected, damaged train.
  • Incorrect interaction with the battery. Some laptops work inadequately if the battery is faulty. You can check this by connecting power from the network.
  • Pouring the keyboard with liquid. Even if the device is turned off in time, conductive tracks may oxidize.
  • Violation of throughput due to physical damage.
  • Obsolete or faulty drivers. It is rare on modern laptops. The update is carried out inside the “keyboard” section “Device Manager”.
  • Viruses that fell on the device along with third.Party programs. You can check by loading the laptop in safe mode. To do this, when turning on, you need to go to the list of additional download options using one of the keys of the functional row (depending on the model, more often. F8).
  • Input filtration is enabled. To disconnect, you will need to go into “special capabilities” “control panels”, click on the “Center for Special Opportunities” line, open the “Relief of working with the keyboard” tab. At the bottom of the window will be able to remove the mark from the point that includes filtering.

The presence of physical malfunction is checked by connecting an external keyboard. Software. Opening BIOS or launching another OS.

Prevent of characters with a broken keyboard

What to do if the keyboard does not work on the laptop, but you need to look for drivers and guidance? Two options for leaving the situation are possible:

some, keys, laptop, work

Search systems also offer to introduce characters with a virtual keyboard: you need to click on the icon on the side of the search bar.

These methods will help to find out what happened to the laptop keyboard to fix the device on your own or make sure you need to transfer it to a specialist.

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