Smart Watch Apple Watch Does Not Turn On

If the Apple watch does not charge or start, you first need to try to deal with the problem yourself. Malfunctions of a technical nature are common, so the gadget owner must know the main reasons for their appearance and solutions.

Smart Watch Apple Watch Does Not Turn On

Why apple watch does not turn on

There are several main points due to which a smart watch may not turn on:

  1. The device freezes after installing new updates.
  2. A software failure has occurred.
  3. Moisture has entered the structure.
  4. There was a mechanical damage to the power button or the body of the device.

The clock does not turn on or what to do

First of all, when the gadget hangs, you need to reboot. To do this, hold the side button and the Digital Crown wheel until the Apple logo appears on the screen. The time it takes to turn on the device can vary from 10 to 40 seconds.

As a result of the reboot, the WatchOS system will automatically make changes and update the operating system to a new version, which will make the work more correct.

The watch battery runs out too fast

The small battery capacity of smart watches Apple is one of the disadvantages of the gadget. However, with proper operation, the charge should be enough for a whole day of use. If the battery runs much faster, then there is a technical problem.

  1. Put the device in economy mode. In this case, only the time will be displayed. To activate the function, you need to hold the side button for a few seconds until the “Eco mode” slider opens, and then move it to the right.
  2. You can save battery by turning off notifications on programs that are practically not used on your iPhone.
  3. In the settings, reduce the brightness of the backlight.
  4. In the “Settings” menu, you must open the “Basic”, and then “Activation when lifting the wrist.” Here you should turn off the “Wrist Raise” option. Thus, the watch will not turn on every time you move your hand, which will save power.
  5. It is recommended to turn off the heart rate monitor through the “Training” menu by pressing the “Energy Saving” slider.

Third-party applications that a person does not use at all often consume excess energy. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically clean not only the phone’s memory, but also the clock.

If none of the methods help, you can try the “Restore Factory Settings” function. To do this, open: “Settings”. “Basic”. “Reset”. “Erase content and settings”. In this case, the gadget will have to be reconfigured.

Iphone battery drains in a few hours

A possible reason for the rapid decrease in charge on the apple is the clogging of RAM. In this case, a complete reboot of the device helps.

  1. You must close all applications on the phone. Double-clicking on the “Home” button opens a panel with running applications, which should be stopped by swiping the icon up. As a result, only the main screen should remain.
  2. To perform a reboot, you must simultaneously press “Home” and the on / off button. Hold them until the screen goes blank.

If the above method did not help, then the problem lies in the hardware of the phone. The battery capacity may have decreased due to prolonged use of the device or mechanical damage. In this case, it is necessary to contact the repair service for troubleshooting.

The watch does not charge

If the charge indicator is off or a message appears on the screen that the charger is not supported, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Check if the USB connection to the device is correct. The adapter must be fully inserted into the clock connector, and also correctly inserted into the outlet.
  2. Make sure that you are using an original charger that matches the model of Apple watch.
  3. It is recommended to remove the plastic film on both sides of the charger.
  4. Inspect the instrument and charger for contamination on both sides.
  5. You can check if the charging process is under way by placing the Apple Watch back on the charger. A corresponding lightning bolt icon should appear on the gadget screen.

If the watch still does not charge, you must perform a forced reboot or use another charger, as it may have failed.

Apple Watch freezes and crashes

Rare freezes can be removed by restarting the smart watch, which is done by turning the gadget off for a while and then turning it back on.

Another way to troubleshoot is to update your system. To do this:

  • simultaneously hold down the side button and the Digital Crown wheel, as a result, the logo should appear on the screen;
  • “Clock” application opens on the phone, then the section “My clock”. “Basic”. “Software update”;
  • after opening the update section, information on possible innovations that need to be installed will be displayed on the screen.

Applications often become the cause of device malfunction. In this case, the gadget will not function correctly the moment the program is open. To troubleshoot, you must uninstall the software in this way:

  • open the Clock application on an iPhone;
  • find a “malicious” program in the list;
  • disable the program display on the clock.

In some cases, resetting to the factory version can help.

Cleaning apple watch

Watches, like any equipment, must be kept clean and dry. When cleaning it is forbidden to use surfactants, ultrasound and compressed air.

Cleaning your Apple Watch is as follows:

  1. The device should be turned off and disconnected from the charger.
  2. If the watch has a leather strap, it must be removed.
  3. The Apple Watch is wiped with a soft, lint-free cloth. A dry cloth is suitable, but if necessary it is moistened with water. If it is not possible to use a cloth, the watch is kept under a stream of warm water for 5-10 seconds.

It is recommended to regularly inspect the device for contamination in order to clean the surface in time. The most vulnerable spot to dust and dirt is the Digital Crown. Because of this, the element may become stuck or completely stop moving. To clean the wheel:

  1. Turn off the clock and disconnect from the charger.
  2. Remove the strap from the gadget.
  3. Under a stream of water, you must hold the wheel for 10-20 seconds. It is important not to use soap and other cleaning agents.
  4. During cleaning, always press the Digital Crown repeatedly so that the gap between the wheel and the housing rinses as much as possible.

After any cleaning, you must wipe the gadget dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.