Smart Tv Samsung Not Working

Dns server address change

Sometimes, although very rarely, the connection may be missing due to the fault of the DNS server.

As a rule, when you connect a SMART TV to the Network, by default, the DNS server to which the provider is connected is used. However, sometimes, especially under heavy load, the DNS server chosen by the provider cannot cope with the traffic, due to which the user cannot connect to the Internet. There is only one way to check the validity of this version by changing the DNS server address in the TV settings. To do this, in the settings menu of the SMART TV receiver, you need to sequentially perform the following operations:

  • Go to the Network section;
  • Select Network status and, after making sure that you have open access to the Internet, enter the IP Settings section;
  • In the DNS Settings item, select the Enter manually action and in the opened DNS Server address line enter the IP address or;
  • Saving the settings made, you need to make sure that the TV is still open to access to the Network.

After completing all the above operations, the TV receiver is rebooted and the Smart-TV is checked. If the applications started to function, then the TV receiver is normal and can be used.

Reset TV settings

It may happen that none of the above actions will lead to a positive result. In such a situation, you will need to reconfigure the TV itself. To do this, you first need to return the settings of the SMART TV receiver to the factory state, which will get rid of the errors that have appeared. Wherein:

  • All settings (except network) will be reset to the factory level;
  • All previously tuned channels will be deleted;
  • Firmware will not change.

Upon completion of the factory reset process, you need to launch Smart-TV. If the Internet connection is established, you can continue to operate the TV.

Updating software

The lack of connection to the Internet may be caused by the incompatibility of the outdated software of the TV receiver with the updates on the provider’s server. This raises the question of how to find a new firmware if there is no Internet connection. The output can only be one technician is updated from an external flash drive. To do this, from a work computer, using any of the well-known web browsers (Google, Opera, Firefox, etc.), you need to find the required model on the website of the equipment manufacturer (TV or router) and download the latest firmware version to a USB drive. Then the flash drive must be inserted into the flashable hardware and new software installed from it. After updating the software, you need to turn on the Smart TV receiver and check the connection to the Network. If the connection to the Internet is established, then the problem is solved.

Signs and causes of not working Smart TV

Signs that a SMART TV receiver requires user or specialist intervention for correct operation are the following phenomena:

  • After switching on, a message appears on the device screen about failed attempts to connect to the Network;
  • No application starts when the Internet is running;
  • When activating any software, the inscription server not found appears;
  • Tv shows nothing at all (black screen).

Most often, such signs indicate incorrect operation of the operating system or failures in the applications themselves, while the user can easily fix some of the problems on his own.

So, if the SMART application does not start, the reason may be the lack of the Internet, because it is at this time that the provider can carry out preventive maintenance or update the hardware and software (software). You can check this on other devices (computer, smartphone, etc.). In the event that it is also not possible to connect to the Network from other equipment, then try again later to log in from the TV receiver. If other devices have the Internet, then the problem may be a router malfunction.

If everything is in order with the router and the Internet, the next step is to exclude the possibility of malfunctions in the operation of the application being used. Its version could be outdated, or the software was installed incorrectly, or maybe it was just the fault of the developers that the program could not stand the load, and there were failures. To check the version, you need to launch another widget and make sure it works. If another application behaves incorrectly, you need to look deeper for the reason.

How to rehabilitate a broken Smart-TV

So what to do when the user has turned on the TV and the SMART TV application is not working? In general, the algorithm for restoring the operability of SMART TVs of all brands (LG, Sony, etc.) includes step-by-step execution of the following operations:

Rebooting the TV receiver (and with a wireless connection to the Internet and a router) by disconnecting the power supply from the outlet for 2-5 minutes;

  • Changing the WiFi access point;
  • Changing the DNS server address;
  • Reset Smart Hub settings (only for TV receivers of the Samsung brand);
  • Reinstalling a broken application;
  • Reset the TV settings to the factory level;
  • Flashing the router and TV software.
  • If, after restarting the equipment, the connection to the Internet has not been restored, you can try to connect to the Network manually. To do this, you need to enter the Network Settings menu and correctly enter the data available in the Subscriber Service Agreement (static IP address, static configuration, etc.) in the appropriate fields.

    Resetting Smart Hub to Factory Settings

    Smart Hub is a proprietary Samsung service that provides access, navigation and control of both built-in TV and multimedia applications located on remote servers. Incorrect operation of this service may block the connection of the Samsung SMART TV to the Internet. Resetting its settings will delete all downloaded applications, and with them all errors. In this case, a reboot and automatic installation of all factory software occurs.

    Before resetting Smart Hub settings, owners of Samsung SMART TVs need to make sure that their equipment is certified for the Russian Federation. The certified TV receiver code on the nameplate must end with XRU. In addition, the EAC designation must also be present there. If the TV receiver is not certified, then resetting the Smart Hub settings may block it.

    So, the process of resetting the parameters to the factory values ​​consists in the following actions, in the Settings follow the route Support→Self-diagnosis→Reset Smart Hub and enter in the corresponding line the security PIN code of the TV receiver by default, it is 0000. Then, after waiting for the message Reset is complete on the TV screen, you need to go to the main menu and select the APPS panel. Information about the initial setup will appear in the window that opens. After accepting all the necessary terms of use and privacy, the user must sign in with their account, select the applications that they want to install, and press the Done button.

    After making sure that all preinstalled applications are loaded (their icons should not be highlighted in black), you should restart the TV receiver, after which you can try to launch the software. If the TV is connected to the Internet, then everything is fine.

    Where to begin

    The first problem faced by the user is the connection of the TV to the Internet. As a rule, this happens using a Wi-Fi router. These devices differ in shapes and colors, but the principle of operation for all models is identical to receiving a signal from a provider with subsequent transmission to the end user literally over the air.

    Why Smart TV doesn’t work on my Philips TV

    Modern TVs from world brands have amazing technologies and useful features, thanks to which the device turns into a full-fledged computer. Smart TV allows you to watch movies, play music files, use search engines using the Internet, watch paid high-quality channels, for example, through Rostelecom. Over, there is no need to carry out lengthy settings and install additional software, it is enough to connect the TV to the mains and find your access point. It would seem that everything is very easy, but there are unforeseen situations, for example, the smart TV does not work on the Philips TV even after performing all the actions specified in the instructions. Let’s figure it out.

    How to quickly connect your Philips TV to the Internet

    You must go to the main menu. Click on the key that shows the House (hereinafter Home).

  • Go to Configuration.
  • Choosing Network Connection.
  • Next, you should select the type of connection. There are two types: Wired and Wireless. The first one involves connecting to the Internet via a network cable that connects to the router, the second one uses Wi-Fi directly.
  • When connecting with a wired method, use a network cable and router. If you did everything correctly, a corresponding notification about the working Internet will appear on the screen. Connecting via Wi-Fi is almost the same, only without a network wire from the list of networks, you should select your access point and enter the password from it.
  • Then you need to update the firmware, this will fix all the errors made in the old version of the software. Press Home and again Configuration.
  • But only now we select Program update. Securing.
  • Next, select the installation source: from the network or flash drive.
  • The TV will check for updates itself. If there are any, he will offer to continue the installation, you must agree with the further update. If there is no new software, a message will appear, which will mean that you have the latest version.
  • Now you can go directly to smart TV, to do this press Home and select Browse Net TV.
  • When you buy a used Philips TV, it may retain the network settings from the previous owner, so it is advisable to reset all settings, since this often does not work smart TV on Philips and Samsung TVs. In addition, such a solution will allow you to adjust the contrast, channel arrangement, brightness for yourself.

    Smart Tv Samsung Not Working

    Most recently, there was a massive glitch affecting almost all Samsung TVs, making it impossible to connect to the Internet. Now the problem has been solved, users are once again happy with all the advantages of smart TV.

    How to check your network connection

    If you are connected to the Internet, you can go straight to watching movies or use Rostelecom to watch high-quality TV. Otherwise, the verification activities should be continued. The Philips TV connection test is almost the same as Samsung, with the exception of a few commands. If you have any problems with Smart TV, then be sure to check the network settings of the TV.

    Click on the button with the image of the House and go to Configuration and select Network Settings. After clicking View network settings, you can see all the network characteristics of the device. You should pay special attention to the IP-address field, there should be a number in the format 192.168.Х.Хх. This will mean that the TV and the router have found each other. If this condition is met, but the smart TV still does not work, then you should proceed to check the router itself.

    Often, the router is far from the TV, which prevents it from connecting to the network. Therefore, it is necessary either to install the router in a different place, or to purchase a more powerful model. Sometimes the TV refuses to connect to the router, even though all other equipment successfully uses the network. At the same time, Samsung TV can have Internet access, but Philips does not, many will think that the problem is in the TV, but in fact it is hidden in the router. The solution is to update the firmware or install an alternative version for very outdated models.

    Sometimes a specific application or function does not work in Smart TV, so when checking the connection, you should check several options, for example, the browser, the music application and the work of Rostelecom.

    If the TV is connected to the Internet

    In some cases, even if there is a network, the application refuses to function properly. If other devices are stably accessing the Internet, then faults should be looked for on the TV:

    • It is possible that scheduled maintenance is being carried out on the manufacturer’s server. You can find out about this on the official resource or from the company’s consultants.
    • Smart TV is an application that should update automatically, but sometimes it crashes, because of them, the work is not performed correctly. The solution is to replace the firmware, but it is better to do this in a specialized center.

    First launch of Smart TV

    When you start it for the first time, the terms of service will appear on the screen, with which you must agree. Next, you need to make small settings, these are one-time manipulations. After agreeing to the terms, you must perform similar actions with Cookies. Next, you will be asked to register with Philips, this is an absolutely voluntary matter that you can skip if you wish. The next window will offer the function of storing the viewed material in order to further recommend materials for viewing.

    Now you can choose whether to block applications that have a limit of 18. The list of settings has ended, the next time you start Smart TV, they will no longer be there. After that, a special window will open where you can go to watching TV, choosing an application or go to the browser.

    Setting up a Philips TV Smart TV is very similar to setting up other brands of TVs, such as Samsung or LG. Therefore, if you have experience using such a technique, then you will probably cope with this situation. The main thing is to adhere to certain rules and recommendations! Smart TV is a very useful function, because it allows you not only to view paid materials such as Rostelecom, but also to use the completely free benefits of the Internet.

    Ways to Watch YouTube on Samsung TV

    There are several ways to open YouTube on Samsung Smart TV to watchs later. If the application has disappeared, then you can play the content using third-party devices: tablet, smartphone, computer or laptop. The essence of this method is that the equipment must be connected to the home wireless network. In the YouTube application on your smartphone or tablet, click on the special icon to transfer the image to the large TV screen.

    You can also download the YouTube app on your Samsung Smart TV. Mostly it is included in the list of preinstalled programs. Use the search to find the you are interested in. The launch is carried out by pressing the Play button. The intuitively simple functionality of the application will help you figure out how it works as quickly as possible.

    Let’s go back to broadcasting an image from a certain device to a TV screen. The advantage is that Samsung has proprietary mirroring technology. Only users with Chromecast-enabled devices will be able to use this type of functionality.

    If the app was removed from the TV during a firmware update, then you can connect a device that will act as a smart set-top box, such as an Xbox or PlayStation game console. Remember that if you still decide to connect a smartphone, tablet to the TV, then all equipment must be connected to your home WiFi network.

    Equipment synchronization is mainly carried out automatically. However, there are exceptions. In this case, you need to perform a few simple manual steps:

    Using your TV remote, open Settings.

  • Select Connect to Phone from the list of options.
  • A blue code will appear at the bottom of the screen, enter it on your smartphone.
  • In principle, there is nothing complicated. Each of the proposed methods is effective in its own way. The choice is up to the user.

    Why YouTube disappeared on Samsung Smart TV and how to get it back

    What to do if the YouTube app icon is missing from your TV desktop? The specificity of recovery is determined according to the cause of the software failure. Therefore, first you need to find out the cause of the problem, and only then you can decide how to return YouTube on a Samsung TV.

    Why did access to the application suddenly disappear? Youtube on Smart TV Samsung stops working for several reasons. Now let’s take a closer look at each of them. We will definitely offer effective solutions to the problem. You won’t have to call specialists. You can restore the operation of the TV yourself.

    Reasons why YouTube isn’t working

    Youtube is the largest hosting in the world as of today. Why is this site so popular? The dynamic growth in the number of active users of this service is explained by several arguments:

    • Access to content is provided exclusively free of charge;
    • Each user has the ability to seamlessly upload their own;
    • Bloggers, whoses are gaining many views, will be able to monetize their channel;
    • Purchasing a paid subscription will allow you to disable ads and open access to additional materials;
    • Hosting is adapted for viewing on mobile devices, tablets, smartphones. You can download a special application for free;
    • This service can be seen as a full-fledged replacement for television broadcasting;
    • On the hosting space you can finds of various topics;
    • The service is constantly progressing and developing, new functions appear;
    • The quality of content uploaded by users is also gradually improving.

    Where to go to open YouTube on Smart TV? Tvs have a pre-installed client. The interface is not much different from a regular mobile application. With it, you can watch and follow the activity of bloggers. It is completely optional to use a browser to view the content.

    Why did the app stop working on my TV? If there are certain difficulties, then first you need to figure out the reason for their appearance. The most common options are:

    If we talk about Samsung TVs, then the main reason for the incorrect operation of the application is often the refusal to support old models. Last year, the transnational corporation Google announced that all devices older than 2012 will no longer be able to use to watchs through the official application.

    Is it possible to get YouTube back if it’s gone

    It is impossible to restore the official widget missing from the toolbar. The South Korean manufacturer has officially dropped support for legacy devices. Because of this, you will not be able to return YouTube. However, you can also watch live broadcasts through a browser. Resetting user settings and flashing will not help restore the correct operation of the application.

    If the client’s icon disappeared on the Samsung TV, you can go the other way. It is about installing an unofficial application. You can do this by following a simple step-by-step instruction:

    Download and install the You Tube analog app on your TV.

  • Unpack the archive downloaded on your PC to a USB flash drive, name the folder You Tube.
  • Connect the USB flash drive to the USB port of the TV, after disconnecting the equipment.
  • Turn on your TV and then immediately launch Smart Hub.
  • A new You Tube icon will appear in the list of available widgets.
  • This app was specially designed for owners of TVs that were released before 2012.

    Alternative way out of the situation

    What to do if YouTube app on Samsung Smart TV stops working or slows down? Your actions directly depend on what exactly caused the software to malfunction. If the matter is in outdated TV, then it will not work to restore the official YouTube application. Therefore, it is necessary to look for alternative options.

    Alternative methods are not so convenient, but they are effective. Therefore, you will be able to play from the most popular hosting even if there is no YouTube on the TV. Step-by-step instructions for setting up YouTube viewing on older Samsung TVs:

    If your TV has a browser, then the task is much easier.

    Most of the problems with the YouTube application occur if you are using a Samsung TV older than 2012. In all other cases, the situation is solved by restarting the application. The alternatives presented above will help solve the problem with watching on YouTube.

    Unlock Samsung Smart Hub, change region, flashing TVs from Europe

    [Updated 02/05/2020] New wave of blocking. Models of all series are under threat. Our specialists are already working on finding a solution to this problem. Stay tuned.

    If your TV is brought from Europe, then most likely you will face the problem of a blocked smart hub. No app will be available for use. The screen will display a message with the text As Samsung Smart Hub is geo-blocked for this particular product, Samsung Smart Hub may not be available in your current location You can remove such a message, or unblock the smart hub only through the service menu and using the service remote control. Such manipulations should be performed only if you really know what you are doing. Otherwise, the TV may turn into a brick and to revive it, you will need to contact a service center to replace the motherboard. On the J series, the interlock lettering looks slightly different than on the H and reads as follows:

    You cannot use Smart Hub in your current location because the TV was purchased in another country.

    [Updated 01/22/2020] From 01/22/2020, a new blocking of Smart-Hub Samsung TVs that were imported into Ukraine with gray schemes came into force.
    The new Samsung server settings will be applied to owners of 2018/2019 TVs, they will receive a block after the TV is rebooted (power outages). If the owner of a gray TV 2015-2017 makes a Factory Reset, it will also receive a lock.
    When blocked, the following message will pop up in the window:
    TV is not fully functional in this region.

    Resetting your TV and router

    Resetting the network parameters is quite simple. Let’s take a step-by-step guide for Samsung Smart TV as an example:

    Turn on your TV device.

  • Press the buttons quickly in the appropriate sequence: Info, Menu, Mute, Power to open the system menu.
  • Select the Option section by pressing the Enter button.
  • Activate the Factory Reset function.
  • Turn off the TV to close the service menu.
  • Turn on the TV and re-configure the device after changing the name of the home network and the password to it.

    If the connection to Wi-Fi is still not established, do the following:

    • Manually change the DNS value to parameters: or You must first disable the DHCP option on the router;
    • Open the main menu, and then the Control section, switch to the Sub Option subsection, and then to the RF Mute Time tab. Set the frequency with which you will switch to the next TV channel (you need to specify the time in milliseconds). Initially set to 600 milliseconds.

    If you are still not connected to the network via Wi-Fi, you need to reset the router settings. It is very easy to do this, but you should only do it if you are sure that you can configure it again. When turning on the router, press and hold the WPS / Reset button (for about 10 seconds) until the SYS indicator starts flashing rapidly. Release the button and wait for the device to roll back to the basic parameters.

    Changing the location of the router

    What to do if the TV does not see the router or the Internet periodically disappears. The signal quality directly depends on the distance between the TV and the router. Walls, furniture are all barriers that negatively affect the quality of the connection.

    Therefore, if the TV does not find your home network, then try placing the router a little closer. This applies to cases where the TV and the router are in different rooms, which are separated by a large corridor.

    After changing the location of the router, the TV will see the home network. The user does not have to look for alternative ways to solve this problem. The solution is very simple and does not require any special skills.

    What to do if your Samsung TV won’t connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi

    Thanks to setting up an Internet connection, the Smart TV platform has become extremely popular. Mostly users buy devices that support this function. However, what if the Samsung TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi? Why this problem appears and how can it be solved?

    There are several types of faults. For example, the TV does not see the router, or the desired network is detected, but the TV device does not connect to it. Now let’s analyze failures in the wireless connection to the Internet.

    Very often, connection problems arise through the fault of the user. Not everyone knows how to connect a TV to a home network.

    Possible problems and how to solve them

    Why won’t the TV connect to my home network? There are many reasons. Sometimes it is extremely difficult for even a professional technician to determine the cause of the failure. Let’s consider the main prerequisites for the emergence of problems with the Internet:

    • The network equipment is configured incorrectly;
    • Smart TV settings are incorrectly set;
    • Problems in the TV operating system;
    • Problems with the provider;
    • Weak signal.

    To quickly understand why the Internet is not working, take a look at this table, which contains the main reasons for the lack of connection and how to fix the failures.


    Tv does not see the router

    Turn off your router and TV, and then turn it on again; reset network settings; install operating system updates.

    The user is connecting to a different Wi-Fi network

    Go back to the network settings section and then select the name of your home network

    Incorrect security password

    Re-enter the security code in the appropriate field

    Incorrect operation of the dynamic configuration of the network node

    Configure automatic assignment of DNS values ​​and IP address settings. Go to Network, then to the Network Status tab. Select Configure IP and then set the Obtain automatically value. The problem persists? Enter the settings manually: IP, mask, gateway, DNS, this information is provided by the provider.

    Software failure and system errors in the TV

    The issue is fixed by updating the firmware

    Connecting Samsung TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi is not much different from connecting devices released by other popular manufacturers. The only difference is the different names of the subsections of the main menu.

    A quick guide to connecting Samsung TV to Wi-Fi

    To determine the causes of problems with connecting to wireless networks, you must first carefully study the main features of setting up a Wi-Fi interface. It cannot be ruled out that the TV is not connected to the router due to incorrect user actions. Follow the simple instructions:

    Turn on the router.

  • Take the remote control and open the main menu of the TV.
  • Go to the Network subsection, and then select Network Settings.
  • Choose the best connection method Wireless connection.
  • Connect to your home wireless network.
  • Enter your password and click OK.
  • The step-by-step instructions clearly demonstrate that connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi is a very simple and straightforward process. Users shouldn’t have any problems.

    What to do if the Internet was there, but then stopped working? It is necessary to determine the cause of the failure. Based on this, remedial measures are determined.

    Inoperative Wi-Fi adapter

    To determine the probable cause of a malfunctioning wireless module, inspect the TV for mechanical damage. Check device performance and health.

    If the TV is equipped with a built-in module, then the hardware component is checked for operability as follows:

    Try connecting to your home network from your smartphone or tablet. If it fails to connect from another device, it means that the built-in Wi-Fi module is not working. Contact the experts to solve the problem.

  • Open the main menu on your TV by clicking on the Support option. Now select Contact Samsung. Scroll down the web page. The corresponding numbers will be indicated in the MAC address line. If the combination consists of zeros or dashes, then the module is faulty.
  • Sometimes Samsung TV does not connect to the Internet due to incorrect parameters that were set by the user. You can reset them. How to do it? Find out now.

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