Setting up your Zte Blade A3 Smartphone

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A simple and quick way to reset to factory settings (Hard Reset) on a ZTE Blade AF3 smartphone

Sometimes to fix the problems of logging into the smartphone system on Android (phone ZTE Blade AF3. no exception) sometimes you need to do Hardreset (reset to factory settings). And although this operation is generally simple and does not cause difficulties for advanced users of gadgets, but in certain cases it restores the phone’s performance. The main thing for those who do the first time is to follow and follow the procedure for this action. But keep in mind that as a result of a reset to the factory settings, all user settings are erased and the memory is cleared ZTE Blade AF3, including user-installed applications. It is advisable to take care of Backup (data backup) to restore all settings and applications. Big minus on ZTE Blade AF3. this is the inability to do Backup in established Recovery (there is not even such an item in the menu). But having a Google account, you can use this backup method.
We pass to the main thing. reset to factory settings via stock Recovery:

1. Turn off the phone (in Settings Additionally Special Features must be disabled. Quick turn on or remove and insert the battery)
2. Press the top edge of the sound button ( Volume) and without releasing, press the power button (Power) Hold until a splash screen appears Zte.
3. When the screen saver appears ZTE. release the button Power, and the button Volume continue to hold until a robot with a triangle appears. Appeared. button Volume release and press briefly again. A menu will open Recovery.

4. The Sound button. move down the list and select the third item. wipe data / factory reset.

Press button Power and in the next window with the Sound button. select. Yes and press the button again Power. The factory reset process will begin.
5. When finished, a message appears. wipe data complete.

Press button Power and the smartphone will reboot ZTE Blade AF3.

Next, you need to configure the initial login.

You can also reset to factory settings via Settings phone along the way. Settings Accounts Recovery and reset,

Setting up your Zte Blade A3 Smartphone

going to the lowest point. Reset.

And in the next window it will be indicated that with this action the user data is deleted. Having an activated Google account, in the previous window you need to check the box next to. Data backup and select the desired account.