Setting up satellite TV on your TV

Setting LG TV to Satellite

According to statistics, the modern man spends up to 5 hours a day in front of the TV screen, and in order to provide the necessary comfort for watching programs, you need to make all the settings correctly. We will consider how to make independent adjustment of digital channels on LG televisions and satellite channels, providing high quality broadcasting.

Today users have all kinds of TV models in operation: with flat LCD or plasma screens, equipped with Smart TV. all of them support watching digital channels. Television equipment experts say that setting up digital or cable TV on all modern TV models, such as Sony or Philips, differs in minor nuances. We’ll take a look at how to configure digital channels of LG television of the latest models.

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We follow how to automatically search for all digital TV channels, tune them and install. After tuning 100 channels, turn off the automatics, t. к. then the duplicates will go, and the tuned ones will be quite enough for exciting viewing.

To sort the channels, the remote control has a key “List”, which means a list, a register.

As you have made sure, setting channels on LG brand digital TV is fast, you just need to sort the tuned list, and enjoy watching.

How to choose a satellite to install an antenna?

How to choose a satellite?

So, if you want to buy a satellite dish, then decide who will be your operator and will provide services. Satellite television is so called because it uses satellites to receive channels. They broadcast channels to very large areas, and the antennas receive them and send them to the receiver, which then transmits the image to the TV.

So, to view satellite TV, you can not do only one antenna. you need to buy a tuner. All this you need to install and configure.

Currently there are two types of satellites. The first transmits open channels and the second transmits encoded channels. It also happens that one satellite uses several operators. Then it is usually suggested to buy cards for each channel to decode it.

But in most cases, all channels are combined into one package and you need only one card to access them.

Satellite coverage

Russian-language channels are shown on many satellites. They differ in location and all have their own coordinates. Receive a single satellite dish can only signal from one satellite, but if there are others, they can be set up and use the services of several.

When choosing a satellite, you must consider whether you can point your antenna to it. In other words, it all depends on your location and if there is any interference, consider whether it can be eliminated. If this is not possible, then try to install the antenna as high as possible or choose another satellite.

How to configure satellite channels on your LG TV

When buying a new LG TV, the owner needs to make its initial setup, as well as program the channels. Modern models of LG TVs have standard settings of TV channels; minor differences may be in the name of the parameters depending on the TV model.

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What are the channels on LG Smart TVs

It is important to make the connection of TV channels on LG TV according to all broadcasting standards.

There are different ways of delivering the TV signal to your TV:

Broadcast channels via cable with CAM module, TV must support DVB-C standard. To receive IPTV internet TV one needs a TV set-top box from the provider. In addition, if the internet disappears, so does the TV signal. Satellite television gives a digital encoded signal coming from the satellite to the receiving antenna (dish), the TV also supports the format DVB-T2, as all current models of LG televisions. In this case the user has access to a huge number of TV channels.

All modern models of LG TVs support Smart TV option, which means that such TV can connect to the Internet to access a large amount of various content. To configure the channels in Smart TV on LG, you need to have an account and Internet access.

Smart TV platform from LG has a number of significant differences from competitors:

  • A large number of russified applications;
  • Convenient and clear navigation with a remote control;
  • Clear synchronization with all devices via Smart Share.

Thanks to the capabilities of LG Smart TV you can, with a built-in browser to access any information on the Internet, chat in social networks, watch movies and serials as you wish, as well as use other services at any time. DLNA technology gives you access to content from your other devices (laptop, smartphone and so on).

How to connect satellite TV in LG TVs

Despite the development of digital broadcasting and IPTV, many people still prefer to watch satellite TV. How to configure them?

LG TV settings can be made in automatic mode. Almost all models have an auto search function for available channels. Searching at LG TV sets is easy, all you have to do is to specify required parameters and confirm the start of searching process, and found channels will be saved in the TV set memory.

Setting up satellite channels on LG TV: step by step instructions

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Before tuning it is important to specify the initial parameters. the country (Russia, Germany or Switzerland), language, date and time. To install free satellite channels, do the following steps:

  • Make sure that the antenna cable is plugged into the TV or set-top box.
  • Press the button with an asterisk “Settings” on the remote control.
  • Go to “Channels” section.
  • In the “Channel Search” window that opens, select “Receive mode”. “Satellite”.
  • Then select the tab “Satellite settings” and specify the parameters in accordance with your satellite dish and the port, where the cable is placed on the back of the TV (frequency is usually 9750/10600; item “LNB power” must be active).
  • Press “Done” button.
  • When you are done with the settings, go back to the Channel Search section and press “Auto search”. You can also set the search mode manually if necessary.

After completing the search, the appropriate window will appear with the message. The operating system of your TV will automatically assign TV channels a serial number which can be changed if you wish. Pay channels will be available only to CI-card holders.

Problems that can occur when tuning satellite channels on LG TV

LG TV users can often have problems when tuning satellite channels. Let’s consider the main of them:

You need to ensure that the equipment is connected correctly, check the integrity of cables and inputs, as well as the correct location of the antenna. Perhaps you should change the country in the settings, or, alternatively, perform a manual channel search.

Check the correct installation and connection of the digital set-top box, as well as the cable input. If all is well with the equipment, please contact the operator and clarify the problems.

With the receiver

TV set has 2 main functions:

The receiver is connected to a TV that meets these criteria:

  • Presence of audio-video input. Decoding a digital waveform means to display the picture and the sound in separate two signals. For this purpose the RCA and HDMI connectors are suitable, as well as the VGA.
  • Matrix resolution. To obtain a high quality picture, the TV must have a high pixel resolution. At lower values the picture sharpness drops noticeably.

The receiver is connected to the TV set with audio-video wires. The best option is considered the connection through the HDMI connector, which has the maximum bandwidth. Experts recommend to connect the cable to this socket.

To test the signal level perform the following operations:

The screen will display 2 power scales. The scale you need is colored in yellow. Its value should not be lower than 65%.

Tuning TV channels

Receiver contains information about the physical channels on which the satellite programs. This allows you to quickly find all available channels in auto mode:

  • insert the activated ISP card into the CAM module and connect to the CAM socket;
  • In the system settings, select the appropriate satellite;
  • specify the necessary data for the satellite and frequency range;
  • To activate the process of channel search.

Branded TV receiver, which is included in the package, greatly simplifies the setup of television channels.

How to connect and configure

To connect to TV is quite simple. You need to perform a few actions:

  • It is necessary to connect a plug to the socket on TV, which is labeled as LNB Satellite IN (for example, as on LG televisions).
  • When the antenna is already connected to the TV, you can safely turn on the equipment and enter the settings menu.
  • Next, you need to select the auto search for TV channels.
  • When the device asks for a broadcast search location, the user selects “Satellite” and clicks on “Next”.
  • Now you should choose the desired satellite and confirm your choice by clicking “Next”.
  • If you click on advanced settings, you will see a window with different parameters. Here you will see indicators that relate to signal quality and level.
  • If you do not have a CAM-module, but want to search for free channels, you need to check the box “Skip encrypted channels. After that press “Run”.
  • Now the automatic broadcast search should start. While searching you will be able to keep track of the number of TV channels the system found. If the user stops the search prematurely, the previously detected TV channels will still be saved.

Once the scan is complete, you will be able to use satellite TV.

What you need to get free channels?

Since the setting of 20 free channels. the most trivial and common task, then we will begin with the description of it. It’s actually very easy to do. Connection is made with a regular TV antenna.

In the case of an ordinary television antenna and its connection, there are usually no difficulties. But setting up an internet broadcast will take some time. To set it up you will need:

  • TV with Smart TV function;
  • connection to high speed internet;
  • A special application that you install on your TV;
  • playlist with channels (in some cases).

In general, the configuration of both digital and Internet broadcasting on modern TVs is similar. The instructions below are suitable for most LG, Samsung, etc. TV sets. д.

Adjusting the satellite dish with their own hands. useful tips

Hi, everyone! As many years of experience in installing and maintaining satellite dishes, I want to share my experience. Perhaps someone will find my experience useful.First, I’ll introduce you to the best, in my opinion, tuner helper. It is called a satellite dish. There are many variants of the device, but for a one-time (and in my case is not a one-time) installation in most cases it is enough to have an analog device The functionality for the advanced user is quite wide.

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So, the device is the simplest. Two connectors, knob-twist and dial indicator. Sometimes there are additional LEDs, but we don’t need them right now. The connectors are signed: to LNB. The converter is connected here. This is a plastic knob on the antenna. It is also called the head, the cannon, the peephole.

The second connector TO RECIEVER. Connects the cable to the LNB IN1 connector on the receiver. For example this one:

So, here is the order. Install the antenna, preliminarily figuring out the approximate direction to the satellite. Here you can be guided by the neighbors’ antennas, and if those are not available nearby, the site mapsat helps. There you can select the desired satellite, determine your location and see the line for the trimmer to the satellite. The picture is an example:

There are also all the tuning parameters, but for a beginner it is quite difficult to understand them. So, let’s skip them for the time being, we do not need them as much as it seems to us.Connect the cable to the receiver (to LNB IN1 socket) and at the other end of the cable connect the feeder to TO RECIEVER socket. If the scale starts to glow it means that the receiver is powered. By the way, it is easy to check the cable for a breakage: if the scale is not lit, it means that there is a short circuit or a break somewhere. This is one of the additional functions of this device.Now connect the converter to the second plug TO LNB. Turn the knob until you hear a squeak and set the pointer to the middle of the scale. By the way, if at connection the head to device the scale at once extinct, most often the problem in a half-dead power unit of the receiver: it not enough power to supply the antenna, only on the receiver. This way you can diagnose the power supply. This is another useful feature of this device.Now we have to configure the antenna. I will tell you by the example of Tricolor as the most popular. NTV is adjusted in the same way. they have one satellite.The antenna is pointed “slightly” upwards. The angle is listed in the “angle of location” line on the above website. Here I will specify. For my area, the angle of almost 30 °, in other regions may be different. In the south, I remember, the antennas almost look up into the sky. This angle is for the line from the antenna to the satellite relative to the Earth’s surface. This line for the trimmer is not the direction of the head from the center of the dish, do not be confused. If you have imagination and remember school geometry about angles of incidence/reflection, you can imagine how a line for a trimmer from the sky at an angle of 30° falls into the center of the dish and is reflected from it to the head))) But it’s easier, again, to look at your neighbors’ antennas: for the next couple of hundred kilometers, the antennas have the same angle.So, we set the vertical angle approximately, slightly tighten the screws and begin to move the antenna slowly, centimeter by centimeter, to the left and right in the approximate direction of the satellite. I usually look at the map landmarks in the form of the ridge of the roof of the neighboring house, fence, road or tree. It helps a lot. At the moment when the signal is acquired, the hand of the device rises and the “beep” becomes higher. If the pointer reaches the maximum and the sound strains your ears, stop, turn the knob counterclockwise and set the pointer to the middle of the scale again and tune the antenna more accurately. We got the maximum, tighten the bolts of horizontal tuning and loosen the vertical. Adjust the maximum vertical alignment according to the sound and the arrow in the same way. Tighten the screws and that’s basically it’s done. After that I press a little more on the various edges of the dish: it happens that the Focus is slightly out of alignment or the dish is crooked and you can correct it a little using brute force.Everything! We remove the device, fix the cable and search for channels on the receiver.

What are the disadvantages of the device?It does not understand which satellite it is tuned to, unlike the digital ones. It is oriented only on the signal level. It is the receiver that sets the parameters of this satellite. For example, I often encountered such a trick: a little to the left of the tricolor satellite hangs another one and the device reacts similarly to it. So, it picks up the signal but does not tune the channels. The frequency seems to coincide, too. But it is enough to turn the dish three degrees to the right and there is already a desired satellite.This unit is not very good at catching a signal on Telecart/MTS/hotbird, because there polarization is linear, rather than circular, as in Tricolor/NTV. You need to rotate the head by a certain angle, with tricolor the angle of the converter is not critical. In principle, you can tune it, but you will have to suffer a little longer.How else do I use this feeder? It is my main diagnostic tool.I first connect to the receiver without connecting the antenna cable. If the scale is lit, it means that the power is on. I set the pointer to the middle, connect the antenna cable. If it goes out, it means that you have to change the power supply or a short circuit on the cable. If the arrow doesn’t move, it’s a bust.If it is slightly elevated, it means that the antenna is out of tune.All this is brought from the house, and then, under the circumstances go to the antenna.

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tips not related to the device. It’s pretty rare for a converter to go bad. Usually from a blow to it, for example, ice from a roof or a close lightning strike.The cable often spoils: the insulation crumbles, water gets inside, the central core on the converter connector rots. Sometimes even lightning strikes. Don’t let the cable get to the bad: often water comes to the receiver through it and requires an expensive repair.The aerial is knocked down depending on many circumstances: the anchors/dowels became loose, sagged or bent under the pressure of snow from the roof, the bolts became loose. Do not touch the antenna without visible problems. Often customers immediately get to twist the antenna, and then call the master. And the problem, for example, in the glitch of the receiver. Accordingly, the master will take money for diagnostics and antenna tuning, and not just for resetting.From banal problems on which cause very often, but thus clients do not see:-Grew a tree after 5 years of normal work;-grew an icicle opposite the antenna;-broken cable;-bent reflector. The text came out a lot, but hopefully not in vain wrote. Perhaps someone will be useful.P. S: I feel that about the device will say: ha, a toy. Professionals use megafinders for 5-10 tons.р. But I wrote for beginners who want to try their own installation. And buying a device for a few thousand for the sake of a single installation makes no sense. And I have a more powerful device. I use it for installations without a receiver for 75°, 85°, 13° satellites. Good luck with your installation and keep your hands clean!P.P.S: interesting coincidences at the bayanometer:

How does Tricolor TV without a satellite dish

At present the largest satellite broadcasting operator Tricolor TV was the first to offer its subscribers the connection of TV channels without installing a satellite dish. This service has gained wide popularity among subscribers, and watching Tricolor without the receiver became possible not only in the city, but also at home.

The operator offers its subscribers the access to basic resources without connecting the dish, through the global network. Tricolor Online service was launched, offering users to watch various online programs, games and entertainment via the Internet. The package is suitable for users who do not want or do not have the opportunity to install an antenna.

To connect you need a receiver with Ethernet-port. If the customer has old equipment, it can always be replaced or new equipment can be purchased by contacting the company’s office. The equipment offered to subscribers by Tricolor TV already has the necessary model of receiver for viewing via the Internet.

It is possible to watch Tricolor TV programs without a receiver for subscribers who have modern TV sets with Smart TV function and connected to the Tricolor online service. You must have a subscription to the basic package “United” and be authorized in the system with your ID-number. If the user has problems with the connection, you can contact the technical support of the company or call the hot line for trimmer.

Setting up the TV display

Slowly moving the antenna mirror in the vertical and/or horizontal planes around the intended location of the satellite, you should achieve a stable signal from the satellite. To check the level of signal strength and quality use the info-banner window by pressing red button “f1” or “i” twice (also press green button if needed).

If the signal strength is less than 70%, you need to check the cable connection (cable from the receiver to the satellite dish) and to tune your antenna, perhaps the antenna is not accurately tuned to a satellite and does not receive the signal from it. You need to adjust antenna’s position. You can do this as follows:

Looking at these scales of signal strength and quality you should slowly move the antenna one centimeter at a time, keeping 3-5 seconds in each position until both scales in manual search fill up at least to the values shown in the table below.

Remember that the signal strength depends on the weather conditions. In conditions of heavy clouds, heavy rain or snowfall, the signal level can decrease up to the disappearance of the image. Snow stuck on the antenna also greatly impairs reception conditions.

Tighten the adjustment nuts while checking the signal strength.

If you can not adjust your aerial we suggest you to contact your dealer who will come to you and tune up the TV channels. Select your nearest dealer.

The level of signal strength and quality depending on the model and software version of the receiver:

GS B627L, GS B623L, GS B626L, GS B622L, GS B621L

GS B520, GS B522, GS B531N, GS B533M, GS B534M, GS B521, GS E521L, GS B521H, GS B521HL, GS C592, GS B531M, GS B532M, GS B5310, GS B5311

GS U510, GS E501, GS E502, GS C591, GS C5911

GS B527, GS B528, GS B5210, GS B523L, GS B529L

GS B210, GS U210, GS U210CI, GS B211, GS B212, GS E212

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