Setting Up Satellite Channels On Lg TV

According to statistics, a modern person spends up to 5 hours a day in front of a TV screen, and in order to provide the necessary comfort for watching programs, all settings must be correctly made. We will consider how to independently configure digital channels on LG TVs and satellite channels, providing high quality broadcasts.

General setting

The first step in setting up your LG TV is language setting.

  1. On the control panel, press the home button (house) and scroll to the side to the ellipsis tab (sometimes a gear is drawn).
  2. The settings menu will open. we are looking for the “general” tab.
  3. We select the item “language” and find Russian.

Setting Up Satellite Channels On Lg TV

LG TV general settings

The second setup step is setting time / date / geographical location.

  1. By analogy with paragraph 1 of the previous section, we enter the settings.
  2. Select “date and time” and set the current time and date.
  3. We go back one step and in the “system” section, open the “country” tab, select Russia.

Important! These parameters should be specified correctly, since the ability to use some functions depends on the correctness. for some regions, something may not be available.

Digital Channel Setup

You can set up channels on your LG TV manually or automatically. Auto search is very simple and is performed as follows.

  1. In the settings section (opens with the remote control button “home” or “house”) we look for the tab “channels”.
  2. We select auto search and indicate the type of signal. digital or analog. In 2020, the first option is relevant.
  3. Click “start search”.
  4. We are waiting for the end of the procedure and save the result.

The list and numbering are generated automatically. if desired, it can be subsequently adjusted.

Search for channels on your LG TV

Manual search carried out a little harder. For residents of a remote area, you should first go to the official website of the Russian digital TV. karta.rtrs.rf. Here in the line “search” you need to enter the name of your locality and make sure that it is in the broadcast zone. If everything is in order, then the procedure is as follows.

  1. In the settings section, you need to open the “channels” and select “manual search”.
  2. A connection type will appear in a new window, you need to specify “cable”.
  3. If the region has been set correctly earlier, a window will appear in which data for the search is entered. Frequency search. from 247000 to 770000, modulation. 256, LD. automatically. These are the parameters for searching in the Russian Federation, in other countries they differ.
  4. Next, do not forget to check the item “skip encoded channels”.
  5. It remains only to start scanning and wait for the end of the procedure and save the result.

This method will help Residents of remote areas where auto search may not find or find not all free channels.

Signal source selection on LG TV

IPTV setup

LG’s modern Smart TVs allow you to watch television over the Internet. To do this, you need to conclude an agreement with the provider and set up the TV. Previously, the device connects to the Internet, by wire or via Wi-Fi. it does not matter. After this, the following should be done.

Installing Simple Smart IPTV

Satellite tv

Models of LG TVs can broadcast satellite channels. the image will be very high quality if the user correctly performs the necessary actions, according to the instruction manual. Satellite channels are tuned after installing the antenna in a pre-prepared place. this is a spacious loggia for houses with increased comfort or a balcony in an ordinary apartment building. This choice is not accidental: there should be constant free access to the satellite TV antenna for the necessary adjustment of its position. It can be installed independently, but after a mandatory consultation with a specialist in charge of satellite TV from the nearest service center.

Important! In order to calmly watch channels from satellites in any region of Russia, a digital tuner must support the DVB-S2 standard.

Here is a sample guide on how to set up satellite TV on your Lg TV yourself.

  1. We insert the antenna cable into the connector on the tuner, and connect the product to the television receiver. On the remote control, press the Settings key, we get to the main menu. item “Channels”. OK.
  2. A popup window opens. program mode. OK. In the list that opens, check the box opposite Sputnik. OK on the screen and remote control.
  3. We enter the satellite field. choose EUTELSAT 36 A / B 36.0 E. OK.
  4. We go back and enter the frequency for 2-band converters. 9750/10600, and for 1-band converters, respectively 10750.
  5. Turn on the power.

Can manually configured. enter the digital (satellite) TV section. then “Transponder”. add, enter the necessary parameters. OK. Next, in the same way, we configure all transponders. If at the same time the network of Russian operators was identified immediately, then we set the auto search. When setting up, you must specify which channels to receive. only digital or local television broadcasting channels in order to watch regional programs.

Automatic installation lasts no more than 10 minutes, then the new list can be sorted by removing or keeping the installed channel at your personal discretion.