Setting Up Mi Fit On Huawei

Setting Up Mi Fit On Huawei

The Huawei Health app is a personal manager for the user regarding health and sports. Using the program, you can control your activity, organize training data and control weight changes. The application supports synchronization with fitness bracelets and can be installed on any android device, regardless of manufacturer.

What is Huawei Health?

Huawei’s Health app is designed to track various indicators displayed by wearable devices. electronic fitness bracelets, smart smart watches and more. The program can enter information from smart scales and track changes in weight and the percentage of fat in the body.

Main functions

All applications related to health control and sports have approximately the same functionality. Huawei Health works on all Android devices, including all smartphones and tablets from Honor and Huawei, as well as on gadgets running iOS and iPadOS on iPhone and iPad, respectively. All reports on the operation of wearable devices are transmitted to the smartphone in real time.

Health program has the following the functions:

  • Keeping a training diary, taking into account their type and time spent;
  • Control of morning rise and overall quality of sleep (sleep and its phases are monitored using a fitness bracelet or Huawei Health on the watch);
  • Monitoring the distance traveled, the total number of steps to complete the daily goal, displaying the pedometer on the lock screen;
  • Obtaining and systematization of data on the heartbeat during training;
  • Control of calories burned during activity during the day, including the deduction of calories during walking and training;
  • Adding and monitoring the implementation of training and health goals;
  • Systematization of weight data and automatic updating of data if the scales are “smart”;
  • Several types of cardio workouts that allow you to take into account the features of running on rough terrain and in the gym;
  • Monitoring achievements when using the program.
  • Other functions depending on the devices used in conjunction with the application.


Google Play has a large number of applications that are similar in functionality. They are distinguished by a team of developers who were involved in the creation of the program, and some individual functions that are available in some applications and not contained in others.

Separate applications, such as the Nike Training Club, contain training plans for developing and improving your fitness. In such programs there is no sleep control or any additional “chips”, but there are a large number of sports programs that are selected individually, based on gender, age, weight or general activity.

Mi fit

The “Health” from Huawei is Mi Fit. an application for tracking activity and sleep indicators from Xiaomi. The user can set the desired goals to achieve a certain weight, as well as set the number of steps that he must go through in a day.

The program allows you to track weight and is well synchronized with fitness bracelets from Xiaomi and any other companies in general, as well as all Mi bracelets can pair with various third-party applications and use them as main ones. While the Honor Band only works with the original program from Huawei. Learn more about the functionality of Mi Fit can be found on Google Play.

Google fit

Program developed Google with the help of WHO (World Health Organization) and AAS (American Association of Cardiology) to maintain a training diary, monitor health indicators and monitor compliance with body activity for a long time. The user can receive reports on the work done during the day, general indicators for the week, month and year.

Using Google fit, you can:

  1. Monitor the progress of training, take into account the features of their conduct and control the pulse during sports.
  2. Set goals related to health. gaining muscle mass, losing weight, or conducting workouts to strengthen the body overall.
  3. Control any activity, not just training. For example, walking to work, or an evening walk or climbing stairs instead of an elevator.
  4. Get advice on playing sports, depending on the general condition of the body. underweight or overweight, high or low activity during the week, or taking into account the age characteristics of the body.

The Google Fit application works with many applications, which allows the user to synchronize data from different devices, receive this data in real time and track progress.

Any programs and utilities for monitoring sports and health work approximately the same. The interface is different, the location of the icons, some functions, but in general the applications are the same.

Install and configure Huawei Health

For all smartphones that were sold with EMUI 8.0 and higher, downloading and installing it from Google Play or, or from any other source, is not required. Users only need to update the program to the latest version, and use it for its intended purpose. The instruction for use is quite simple, since all the functionality is intuitive. Learn how to use the application and how to make settings later.

Download from Google Play or the App Store

For setting Health will be required:

Registration and login

At the first launch of the application, the user must accept the license agreement, confirm the region of residence and register the profile. Account registration procedure for all types of devices the same, including Honor and Huawei owners. The program does not have any “clear” account registration, you only need to select the country of residence and enter information about yourself.

In chapter “My profile” You can set the gender of the smartphone owner, age, weight and height. Based on these indicators, the program will determine the calorie consumption during physical activity. Transferring these applications from the old to the new smartphone is difficult, since such functionality was not created for some reason by the developers.

There are several options for transferring data:

  1. Sync with Google Fit, with which you can save all the information and use it after updating or changing the phone. In this case, the use of the Health program becomes problematic.
  2. Transferring data through login. To do this, at the first start, you need to select any region except Russia or Ukraine. If you select a different region, “Sign in to your account” will appear. After entering the Huawei account, data should appear, as it is stored in the cloud.
  3. Transferring data using your phone’s backup and transferring all information to a new device. It is carried out using the pre-installed Phone Clone program. Instructions for using the program are available on the official website of Huawei.

There is no exact way to transfer; each one may have bugs and errors. A complete reset of the program data is possible.

Initial application setup

On the main screen of the program displays information about:

  1. Classes, which can be added using the commands: Recordings of lessons The icon with the caption “Add” Select the type of exercise Duration of training Distance Date Start time Press the “✓” icon and save the entered information.
  2. User heart rate, which is located in the “Pulse” tab. When you click on the tab, the heart rate statistics will be displayed. To configure the data you need to click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Sleep schedule, which is located in the “Sleep” tab.
  4. User weight. Data can be entered manually using the “Create Record” icon or automatically using synchronization with smart scales. To quickly connect the scales to the application, you need to click on the “Measure” icon in the “Weight” tab. A warning appears that there are no paired devices and a pairing suggestion. If you click on the “OK” button, the user will be transferred to the list of weights that can be linked to the application.

At the bottom of the screen is a small navigation bar, which displays Health, Exercise, Devices, and Me. In the “I” tab is the basic information about the user, as well as information about the version of the device in the line “Details”, in case of an update, a corresponding notification appears. In the same tab, you can set plans, receive activity reports for a specified period and familiarize yourself with your achievements. You can read about setting the exercise tab here.

Connect gadgets to your phone

The application is used for Android devices and devices running iOS. Wearable devices can be connected to the program. watches, heart rate monitor and others. To connect, use the “Devices” tab at the bottom of the navigation panel.

For connecting additional gadgets necessary:

  1. Launch the application.
  2. Select the “Devices” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on the big “Add” button.
  4. Select the type of gadget and open the corresponding menu item.
  5. Choose the necessary device.
  6. Synchronize a smartphone and, for example, a bracelet.

Features connecting other devices is no different from connecting bracelets.

Answers to popular questions

Below we will look at answers to frequently asked questions about the operation of the Huawei Health application.

Why does the bracelet turn off after closing the application?

You can disable it. To do this, go to the settings, select applications in the search bar, enter the name of the program, open it, click on “stop” and “disconnect”.

Why are there no dials in Huawei Health?

The dials for Huawei Watch are distributed depending on the region, so in each country there are different dials. The problem of the complete lack of dials arises due to an outdated version of the program, as well as problems with pairing.

What to do if continuous heart rate monitoring does not turn on?

If the program does not update the pulse, then first update everything to the latest version. If the problem persists, you need to reset the application and update everything again. Should help.

Why does it say that the application is not supported on the device?

The program is designed for Huawei and Honor devices, so it does not support other manufacturers. If such an inscription appears when synchronizing the application and device from Huawei, then you need to upgrade to the latest versions.

Is there a computer version?

Huawei Health is not designed for the computer, any special software for windows is not provided. To work through a PC, you can download and install an Android emulator. After that, configure the necessary application in it and engage in data tracking.


Huawei Health is designed to track and organize information about user activity, their sleep schedule, and general health status when synchronizing Huawei devices. It can be used without additional gadgets, but the functionality in this case is significantly limited. And you will not be able to track the pulse or adequately calculate the distance traveled.

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