Setting Up Gmail On Iphone

How to set up Rambler mail on iPhone

We all love and respect Apple products, as using them brings us real pleasure. But sometimes it happens that customizing even simple things with a user-friendly interface causes a lot of negative emotions and headaches. And the reason for everything. “it just doesn’t work”.

In this article, we will explain in detail how to install Rambler mail on iPhone. You can read about setting up other mail services here

How to set up Rambler mail on iPhone

1. Well, let’s get started. I’m thinking about how to use the touchscreen, you already know (poke your fingers, toes, and other parts of the body on the screen), so just go to “Settings”.

Setting Up Gmail On Iphone

2. In the settings we quickly find the “Mail, addresses, calendars” menu and go into it.

3. If you have already tried to set up mail yourself, and nothing worked for you, then delete all accounts and click on the “Add.”

4. In a new window, we see a list of postal services, (we do not need at the moment) scroll to the very bottom and click “Other”

5. Next, go to the “New Account” menu

6. The “New” window appears in which we must enter data in the following fields:

  • Name. Enter the name of the account (you can enter anything, as long as you know that this is a Rambler mail account)
  • Address. Enter your previously registered postal address on Rambler
  • Password. Enter the password to your postal address
  • Description. Just like in the “Name” field, you can enter anything

After filling in all the fields, click the “Forward” button

7. Since Rambler mail on the iPhone works through the IMAP server, in the “New” window, click on the “IMAP” button. The fields “Name”, “Address” and “Description” are already filled in. You don’t need to change them.

8. Scroll down a little and fill in the fields for the incoming mail server:

  • Host name. We write exactly as in the picture. Mail.Rambler.Ru
  • Username. Enter your registered postal address. Username@rambler.Ru (the mailing address that you don’t need to write in the picture)
  • Password. Your password from mail on Rambler

9. Further in the section “Outgoing mail server”, as in the picture, we enter only the “Hostname”. The rest of the fields are optional.

  • Host name. Here you must enter mail.Rambler.Ru
  • Username. You can not enter anything
  • Password. Also optional

Next, click the “Forward” button

10. Next, the data check begins, and if everything is entered correctly. A beautiful bird will appear in front of each field. Which serves as a sign to us that Rambler mail on the iPhone is configured correctly.

11. If we saw this window, without any warning and error pop-up windows. Our mail is registered correctly.


Well, now you can go to the “Mail” tab and check there the previously read or new unread letters you have read. At the time of this writing, the current firmware version was 5.0.1.

Have questions?

If you did not manage to set up Rambler mail according to our instructions, please ask questions, we will be happy to help.

How to set up mail on iPhone (from Gmail to Mail.Ru and Yandex)

Detailed instructions for setting up any mail on iPhone.

The standard iPhone Mail app is on par with most third-party email clients. Many users of “Mail” do like more analogs at all due to its simplicity. In this tutorial, we showed you how to add any mailbox to the Mail app on your iPhone. In addition, we considered the possibility of adding additional boxes.

How to set up Yandex mail, Mail.Ru and other services

By default, the Mail app on iPhone only prompts you to set up mail for a few services: Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo !, Aol, and Outlook. Nevertheless, any mail service can be added to the application.

Step 1. Launch the standard Mail application and select the Other item at the bottom of the list.

Step 2. On the page that opens, select “New account”.

Step 3. On the next page, you need to specify:

  • Name. Your name, it will be displayed in the automatically generated signature when sending letters.
  • E-mail. Mailbox address.
  • Password. Password for the mailbox.
  • Description. This field is filled in automatically, but you can specify any information in it for easier identification of the mailbox.

When all the fields are filled in, click “Next”.

Step 4. At the last stage of setting up mail of any service on the iPhone, you will need to click the “Save”.

Done! You have successfully configured the mail of your mail service on iPhone, even if it was not in the standard list.

How to set up first mail on iPhone

Step 1. Launch the standard Mail application and select your mail service.

Important! If you use mail from Mail.Ru, Yandex or another service that is not on the list, then scroll down the instructions. It tells in detail how to set up any mail on the iPhone.

Step 2. Enter the login and password from your mail account.

Step 3. If the data is entered correctly, you will see the last page for setting up mail on iPhone. On it, the application will offer to synchronize various content stored in the mail service with a smartphone, for example, contacts or calendars. Uncheck or, conversely, check the boxes on the necessary items.

Step 4. Be sure to click “Save” to finish setting up mail on iPhone.

Done! Your emails will instantly appear in the Mail app.

How to set up mail on iPhone for second and subsequent mailboxes

Most modern users have more than one mailbox. Fortunately, adding new mail on iPhone is easy.

Step 1. Go to “Settings” → “Passwords and accounts” and select “Add account”.

Step 2. In the list that opens, select the desired mail service or the item “Other” (by analogy with the previous instruction).

Step 3. Enter your username and password for your account.

Step 4. Confirm adding mail by clicking the “Save” button.

Done! In this simple way, you can add an unlimited number of mailboxes to the standard Mail application.

Automatically set up mail on iPhone

Synchronization of mail for gmail, yahoo, outlook, aol, exchange mailboxes for an iPhone user. The procedure is easy, since they are all used by their own or friendly resources. A mail client is already built into the operating system of the phone, which will allow you not to use manual input of settings, but will automatically pull up all the necessary data.

Even when you open the settings, you can see that the above mailers are highlighted separately.

Setting up any mailbox on iPhone, including setting up gmail mail on iPhone, starts with Settings = Mail = Accounts. You must click “Add account” and select the required mailbox At this stage, you will need a username, an email address, a password from it and a description of the mailbox.

After all the data has been entered, click “Next”, the mailbox will be connected automatically. Setting up Russian-language mail servers is done in a similar way.

How to set up mail on iPhone

Reading time: 3 minutes

The emergence of smart technology obliges owners to use all its capabilities to the maximum. The variety of various applications allows you to do not only without paper media (for example, a diary), but even exclude the possibility of using a browser. Setting up mail on iPhone. Simple business, but requires care.

Additional mail settings

To use the e-mail box as comfortable as possible, after installation, you can continue to configure the program. Using the Drawer Behavior section, you can configure how folders in a drawer on iPhone correspond to folders on a server. The section “Where to move unwanted messages” will allow you to create a move to the “Trash” or “Archive” folder. In order not to clog the email inbox with deleted messages, you can ensure their complete destruction after a selected period of time.

It is best if messages are sent over a secure protocol. This will require enabling SSL. In addition to password authentication, you can also use NTLM, MD5 Challenge response, http MD5 Digest.

Additionally, you can synchronize the server port, path prefix and encryption standard. After securing the last parameter, all messages will be sent encrypted, so the recipient must have a digital certificate.

Automatically set up mail on iPad

To synchronize an e-mail box in automatic mode on other devices, the scenario is different from the previous one.

If the e-mail is synchronized on the iPad, then the next step will require entering the phone number for this gadget. The phone must support 3G. You will also need a cellular data system number. You can find it out by going to the “Settings” section of your mail service. The information will be in the “General” tab = “Details” = “Cellular data transmission system number”.

Then you need to choose a service provider. If the communication provider is not indicated in the list, you will need to send a link to your e-mail box, which is tied to a phone number.

After following the link, you will need to click the “Install” button. If the phone is protected by a code, you must enter it during installation.

After that, you need to enter the password for the e-mail box. Then the message “Confirmed” appears, and you can click “Finish”.

How to delete an email account

To delete e-mail from the phone, you need to use the same algorithm as with the synchronization of the mailbox. That is, log in through “Settings” = “Mail” = “Accounts”. After selecting the entry you need to delete, you need to click on it. Going to the next window, click “Remove Account” = “Remove from iPhone”.

After receiving confirmation, the entry will be deleted from the phone, messages will stop coming.

Setting up Rambler mail on iPhone

Setting up mail on iPhone completely duplicates the instructions for other Russian emails:

You need to visit the section to enter information about the new account.

  • In the drop-down list, find the sub-item “Other”.
  • Carefully fill in all the proposed fields, not forgetting about the short description.
  • The system will load the rest of the information on its own. If a failure occurs and for technical reasons all the fields are empty, then the information for the “Node name” will have to be filled in independently:

    • For incoming notifications to Rambler. “pop.Rambler.Ru”;
    • For outgoing. “smtp.Rambler.Ru”.

    Important! To avoid problems when entering information, you need to check each letter and change all incorrectly entered ones to correct ones. Password and login are entered twice, it is important to double-check before saving.

    Automatic creation

    When using service providers Yahoo, iCloud or Google (Google), the setting is done by entering the address and password. You can connect using the standard step-by-step algorithm:

    In the “Settings” section, select the item “Code and accounts”.

  • Click on “Add” and select your service provider from the drop-down list.
  • Enter e-mail address and password.
  • Press “Next” and wait for confirmation.
  • Choose “Calendar” or “Contacts”.
  • The action is confirmed with the “Save” button.
  • Note! If the service provider is not displayed in the drop-down list, then you need to press the “Other” button and enter the information yourself.

    Deleting a single letter

    After entering the mail, you need to go to the “Inbox” subsection. Pressing the “Changes” button will display the entire list of saved letters. From it they select the unnecessary, click “Archive” or “Basket”. Another way is to quickly swipe to the left over the selected notification and confirm the desired action.

    Change the settings for managing your iCloud Utility account (,, or

    Go to the subsection “Settings”, from them move to “Accounts and codes”.

  • Touch the label of the mail that needs changes.
  • After pressing, the page is scrolled to the end and the item “Mail” is selected.
  • Find the subsection “Advanced”.
  • The user can choose further actions. Delete or archive his letters.

    Note! Some service providers provide the ability to automatically delete emails after a certain period of time. In most cases, notifications are stored on the service provider’s resource for no more than one calendar month.

    Setting up Yandex mail on iPhone

    Standard mail settings from Yandex to iPhone:

    From the “Settings” menu go to “Codes and Accounts”.

  • Select the “New Account” key.
  • Click on the subsection “Other”.
  • Fill in all information about the profile in the service: address, password, nickname, short description.
  • Note! Starting with operating systems 10 and 11, manual input is not required, the settings are recognized automatically by the software. On iPhones of the s, se, x, xr series, both manual and automated configuration can be used. The adjustment of the iPad depends on the operating system installed on it.

    If the letters do not want to be sent or do not come, then you need to go to the SMTP account section. There it is necessary to put a tick next to the item “Use SSL”, and in the subsection “Name” enter the inscription “”. In the column “Port” put “587”. The procedure ends with saving the information.

    How to clear mail on an iPhone

    Cleaning is carried out in several ways: you can delete both a single letter, and several at the same time.

    Set up Gmail on iPhone

    How to set up this mail on iPhone? The process is one of the simplest and does not require additional parameters or complex manipulations. Everything is ready in advance, the user just needs to go through a small authorization in the “Codes and Accounts” subsection. After saving the information, you can start working.

    Important! If after the procedure the letters from Gmail do not come, then the account owner entered incorrect information about him or incorrect parameters. Sometimes an error occurs after a software update and is associated with the removal of important information.

    Setting up mail from Gmail

    Photographic instruction

    Yandex Mail

    The program from Yandex has a lot of settings and capabilities. The offline email viewing function is especially good.

    Setting up a Yandex program for iPhone. Before proceeding with the configuration, you need to download the application.

    • Click on the icon above to go to the App Store and download the program.
    • We are waiting for the application to download and go into it.
    • The program immediately prompts you to log in.
    • Enter data from the Yandex service (username and password) and click Login.
    • If you have several accounts in Yandex, then in the upper left corner we find a button in the form of three dashes and click on it.
    • In the main menu, find a circle with a plus sign inside and click on it.
    • Enter the details of another Yandex account and wait for authorization.

    Setting up mail on iPhone

    Millions of people around the world use email. She almost completely replaced regular mail, and soon everyone will write letters only in electronic form.

    We use a computer to view e-mails. But the computer is not always at hand, and there are times when an important e-mail needs to be read urgently and a quick reply. The iPhone comes to our aid in this.

    There are many ways to view email on your iPhone. This can be done using the built-in Mail application and thanks to third-party mailers Mail.Ru, Yandex, Gmail, Rabmler, etc. On the iPhone, you can not only send replies and write new letters, but also attach various files. Those. You can fully work with mail, no worse than on a computer. In this article, we will analyze how to set up mail on iPhone.

    First you need to decide where we will receive mail. There are many applications, thanks to which you can receive fresh mail and send emails. Here are some popular programs:


      Mail.Ru email client that supports Yandex, Gmail, Rambler, Yahoo! And iCloud.

      • After launch, the application offers you templates for filling in data for popular services: Google, Yandex, Rambler or we can create our own template.
      • We select the service you need, enter your e-mail and password and click Login.
      • We are waiting for the loading of letters.
      • To add additional accounts, in the upper left corner, press the Menu button.
      • Click on the round button with a cross and enter data from another account.

      Photographic instruction

      Post office

      The standard Apple application allows you to receive e-mail from all the famous mail services: Yandex, Gmail, Rambler, Mail.Ru, Yahoo! And branded Apple iCloud mail.

      Setting up the standard Mail client on iPhone boils down to the following:

      • Open Settings.
      • Scroll down the Menu and find the Mail tab.
      • Click on add account.
      • In the menu that appears, select the service account in which you are registered.
      • If from the proposed one you do not need, then add the account manually.

      Mail settings for other services

      Have an irresistible desire to add some exotic e-mail box to the system, but the network did not find even the slightest details about the required setting? Parameters do not “cling” even in automatic mode? The situation is, of course, difficult, but solvable, there are at least two options:

      Contact your service provider. It is difficult to find an email service that does not provide parameters for authorization on different devices through third-party tools. It is worth looking for login details somewhere in the profile settings, or rather in the section related to the network. Sometimes the service provider even puts out detailed instructions on how to hook up to different systems (including Mail on the iPhone), and even with screenshots. This is the case, for example, on the mail.Ru website;

    • – Look at the Apple website. If you didn’t manage to find the much-needed information on official resources, then you will have to act by third-party ways and turn directly to the “apple”. A special platform is available on the support page, where they allow you to find a complete list of parameters in just five to ten seconds that allow you to quickly put Mail in order;
    • Everything is described — the account type, ports, and important host and server names for receiving and sending emails. Almost all major mail services can be traced, but, however, there are exceptions. If the information was not found on the Apple website, then the best option is to return to the service provider and contact support there.
    • Removing emails from the server

      Until recently (on iOS version 7), Apple developers allowed to archive any messages that appear on Mail, either on a smartphone or tablet, or directly on the servers of the mail service. After iOS 10, the situation has changed. From now on, users can only choose where to transfer old and no longer used messages. Either to the trash can or to the archive. This parameter is configured in the “Accounts and Passwords” section, in the settings of the selected service.

      Settings for mail.Ru

      You can set up Mail on iPhone as follows:

        In the section “Accounts and passwords” select the item “Add a new record”;

      In the list that opens, click “Other”;

    • Then, in the “Mail” section, select the value “New account”;
    • Enter real parameters, where the text fields “Name” and “Description” can be filled in any way, and “e-mail” and “Password” only as indicated in the mail service;
    • If the information is filled in correctly, the system will automatically enter the necessary information in the field “Server of incoming and outgoing mail”, and select the necessary parameters of the SSL protocol;
    • If the messages did not load or the connection with mail.Ru is broken, then you will have to look into the settings of the created account;
    • Precisely, in the SMTP panel, where you will have to enter several additional parameters;

      The first step is to switch the Server icon to the on position;

    • Then enter smtp.Mail.Ru into the “Hostname”, port. 993. Fill in the rest of the information in accordance with the data from the account on mail.Ru mail. Save data. Proceed directly to use.
    • Step-by-step guide to set up any mail on iPhone in minutes

      “Mail” is a famous Apple tool that allows you to interact with e-mails in a compact client, where smart mail sorting is available, the interface is clear, and new accounts are allowed to enter at least indefinitely. Important messages will come. This, at least, is the case with Google and Yahoo, but what if you need domestic services? It’s that simple! So how to set up mail on iPhone.

      General algorithm

    • Settings for mail.Ru
    • Settings for Yandex.Ru
    • Settings for GMail.Ru
    • Outlook Mail
    • Rambler Mail
    • Mail settings for other services
    • Removing emails from the server
    • Email apps on iPhone

      General algorithm

      Any interaction with third-party services in the built-in iOS tool “Mail” begins from the “Settings” menu, or, more precisely, from the “Accounts and Passwords” section, where, firstly, information about the logins and passwords saved in the system for authorization, and secondly, a special platform is available for interacting with iCloud and “electronic boxes”.

      Immediately after going to the section, you need to click on the “Add account” menu item, and then you will continue to act according to the specified, depending on the added service (mail, yandex, gmail), algorithm.

      Sometimes setting up a new work or corporate mail takes no more than ten seconds, sometimes you have to enter a dozen additional values, select servers and nodes, and configure protocols. Even with a strong desire, it is impossible to get confused when setting up. Even beginners who are working with the Mail tool for the first time will immediately understand all the nuances and get a truly multifunctional, and most importantly, totally customizable platform for personal and corporate communication on the network.

      Outlook Mail

      You can interact with the famous Microsoft service from a separate application, but if you really want to keep everything in one place, then you should go the already familiar way;

    • Go to the “Accounts and Passwords” section. Select the item with the authorization of the new account;
    • In the list that appears, click on “”;
    • Fill in the mail and password information in the text fields. If two-factor authorization is enabled, then you cannot do without entering the numerical combination received on the mobile number;
    • The service will work automatically if the data is entered correctly and without errors. Messages should come immediately, otherwise, in case of problems, you will have to re-authorize.