Setting Up Apple Tv Through Iphone

iTunes is a free app for Mac and PC. It plays any audio and files and syncs data to iPod, iPhone and Apple TV.

All interaction between iPhone and computer takes place through iTunes. It is iTunes that installs the necessary drivers for working with the iPhone on the computer.

You can always download the latest version of iTune at:

Installation options
We recommend that you turn off Apple automatic software updates.

Setting Up Apple Tv Through Iphone

Search for music files

Having checked the items Add MP3, AAC, WMA files, do not forget to destroy the originals later, as iTunes will copy everything found in its own folder.

Save song information in iTunes Music folder

iTunes constantly maintains a hierarchy of folders within its Music folder in perfect order. If there are tags in your songs, you can be sure that the song I Will Always Love You will definitely lie inside the Bodyguard folder, and that, in turn, will be inside the Whitney Houston folder. It accustoms to order, we recommend saying YES to this item.

All presets are completed, after which you will be taken to the main iTunes window. We recommend that you go to the Edit menu and select the Settings item there.

Here we advise you to leave only the most necessary: ​​Films, Programs and Ringtones, as well as check the very useful item Find CD track names on the Internet.

We recommend that the Play movies and TV shows and Play clips fields are set to a value in a separate window.

If you are not on the local network with the same happy owners of iTunes who want to listen to your music, feel free to turn off the search for shared libraries.

Here we recommend checking only Buy and download using the 1-Click method.

Parental Control Tab

If you plan to listen to Podcasts and Radio, then check the corresponding boxes (there are a lot of radio stations in iTunes, among which, unfortunately, there are no Russian ones). Remember that radio and podcasts will eat up a lot of Internet traffic.

Apple TV Tab

This tab is for you if you have an Apple TV set-top box that can stream movies and music from your computer to a large TV panel. If you do not have it, then Search should be disabled.

This tab will list iPhone backups. Naturally, the list is empty on the very first setup. We recommend checking the Search for Remote iPhone and iPod touch checkboxes, this allows you to control iTunes from your iPhone.

On this tab, you can set the location of your music in iTunes. Please note that iTunes copies all the music that you have added to your folder. Although this setting can be disabled, we do not recommend doing this.

Having run through all the tabs of the iTunes settings, the window can be closed.