Setting up Airpods 2 on iPhone

Setting up Airpods on iOS devices

First of all, you need to check if the Airpods are connected to the device. To check it is enough to put on the headphones and wait for the sound indicating the connection. If Airpods are not connected, the required option in the settings menu simply won’t be there.

After making sure that the headphones are connected, you need to go to the settings and select the Bluetooth item. Next, in the list of connected devices, find Airpods and click on the “i” icon.

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In the menu that opens, you can assign an action to a double-tap for the left and right headphones.


To control listening to music through Airpods, you need to assign one of the following to the double-tap of each of the headphones:

  • Stop playback
  • Pause and resume playback
  • Skip to next track
  • Return to the previous track

Naturally, only one action can be selected per earpiece. For example, by double-tapping the right earphone, include the next track from the playlist, and the left one. the previous one.

New gestures in iOS 11

Recall that the ability to switch between audio tracks via Airpods appeared only in iOS 11. Therefore, for owners of devices running on the previous version of the Apple operating system, the list of possible actions will include only calling Siri, Pause / Start and stop music playback.

Using autodiscover

Airpods also have an auto-detect ear feature. If it is on, the headphones will automatically detect when they are inserted into your ear, and audio playback from the connected device will start automatically.

If you remove one of the headphones while playing audio content, playback will pause and resume. Removing both earbuds will stop playback without resuming.

When Auto Ear Detection is disabled, these options are unavailable and audio content plays through Airpods, whether they are in your ears or not.

Airpods control gestures

  • 1 Double-tap. basic gesture
  • 2 How to answer a call through Airpods
  • 3 How to control listening to music through Airpods
  • 3.1 Through double-tap
  • 3.2 Using Autodiscover
  • 3.3 Using Siri
  • 4 How to set up a double-tap action on Airpods
  • 4.1 Setting up Airpods on iOS devices
  • 4.2 New gestures in iOS 11
  • 4.3 Setting up Airpods on Android devices
  • How to answer a call with Airpods

    • If you receive an incoming call while using Airpods, you can double-tap on any of the earbuds.
    • In the same way, you can end a call or switch to another incoming.

    How to setup Apple Airpods 2 with Iphone XR

    How to control listening to music on Airpods

    There are three ways you can control your Airpods listening to music:

    • Through double-tap;
    • With auto-detect ear function;
    • With Siri.

    Let’s consider each of the ways.

    With Siri

    Siri will help you execute commands that cannot be assigned to a double-tap. For example, increase or decrease the volume of the audio being played. You can call Siri itself with a double-tap on the earpiece, if the appropriate settings are made.

    How to fix bad sound of any Airpods on Mac and Windows 10

    If you connect Bluetooth headphones to a computer on macOS or PC, the sound from them can be terrible, like the plugs from the 100 transition. No one is immune from the problem, but it can be solved in a few clicks.

    When I ran into it myself, I had to dig through the English-language sites: in Russian I found help only for macOS.

    Here are instructions on what to do in both cases. Help everyone with a Bluetooth headset.

    How to improve the sound of Airpods (Pro) on Windows 10

    Disable the “telephone connection” of the device:

    Go to Control Panel. To do this, on the desktop, press Win R. enter “control panel” and click OK
    2. Select Hardware and Sound. Devices and Printers
    3. Find your headphones in the list of devices and go to their Properties via RMB
    4. Click on Services
    5. Make sure there is no check mark on Wireless Telephony.

    How to improve the sound of Airpods (Pro) on macOS

    Headphones record and play sound at the same time

    Airpods have two modes: listening and talking. In the second case, the sound quality drops, because the headphones work at the input and output at once.

    This happens when something is trying to record sound right now. For example, open in the background Shazam or recorded recording of an audio message in the messenger.

    Windows 10 can attach additional functionality to the headset such as “telephone communication”, how to disable which I will describe below.

    Reconnect the audio output source if closing the programs did not help:

    Choose the Apple menu (). System settings
    2. Click Sound. Exit
    3. From the list, select Built-in Speakers, then your Airpods again.

    The Input menu in the same settings turns on the microphone of the selected device. Therefore, clicking on this item immediately lowers the quality of the reproduced sound. Make sure the menu is closed.

    Verify and close programs that have access to the microphone:

    Choose the Apple menu (). System settings
    2. Click Security & Privacy. Confidentiality
    3. Click Microphone in the list on the left. On the right there will be programs that can record sound. Don’t change anything here
    4. Click the Apple menu (). Force Quit.
    5. Close all open programs that are on the list from point 4.

    Important. The Preemptive Quit. window does not display all open applications. If the sound is still bad, close the programs from step 4 in the macOS Status Bar (where the clock and the charge are).

    How to set up Airpods on iPhone: instructions for the first and second generation

    First of all, it is necessary to indicate what is the difference between these two options. So here it is only that they have different strategies for calling Siri.

    The first option activated the function by double-tapping one of the earbuds. In the second, a voice command such as “Hello Siri” appeared. When comparing other functions and capabilities, no differences were found.

    Before proceeding directly to the setup process, you need to connect the device to the phone, and place one earphone in your ear. Alternatively, install both gadgets in the case, but leave the lid open.

    Now that all the preparatory work has been completed, go directly to the settings. What do you think will be the first action? That’s right, click on the “settings” icon located on the main screen of the smartphone.

    Next, we need to pay attention to the line “Bluetooth”.

    This item will open to us a list of connected devices connected via the “Bluetooth” system. We need to find the line that is responsible for setting up Airpods. Usually it says “Airpods Headphones”.

    The first characteristic we can change is the name of the device. When the need arose, go to the name section. We change it to the one that suits us and return to the section of the main settings.

    Now that we are back in the main menu, we can start setting up actions when double-clicking on the left or right earphone.

    We connect Airpods to the phone

    If, for some reason, you do not know the connection sequence, then I suggest you read our previous article on how to connect Airpods to your phone.

    Follow all the recommendations and come back.

    What you need to know about setting up Airpods Pro

    This headphone release differs from its predecessors in appearance and design, as well as a redesigned control method. The new control option is not related to the topic of today’s article, so we will leave the story about it for later narration.

    First of all, it is worth noting that the two generations of devices have some functions that are almost identical. Airpods can also turn on Auto Ear Detection and make the microphone only work on one device.

    It is also possible to disconnect the pods from the phone, if such a need arises, and you can also forget the headphones for all attached devices.

    Now let’s take a look at the different functionality. First is the noise canceling function.

    There are two types of operation: “Active” or “Transparent”, which are provided for this function. If noise reduction is not important for you, then you can turn it off completely.

    This can be done by long pressing the button on the earphone housing. The factory version is designed to switch between the two above modes. However, you can make the setting so that the noise canceling mode is turned off.

    The setting is done as follows:

    • Go to the Air Subs settings in your phone.
    • Next, we find the item “Press and hold Airpods” and select the left or right sub. In this case, we will get to the noise reduction menu, where you can adjust the parameter for each ear separately.
    • Make a mark opposite the required ones, then switching between them will be carried out by pressing the button located on the earphone case.


    In the initial development, only double-clicking on one of the halves of the device was provided for performing actions.

    For selection, it is provided to lay the following:

    • “Siri”. if one of the first generation Airpods is assigned such a function, then it will be possible to use the voice assistant.
    • Start or stop the music player.
    • Skip to the next music track.
    • Skip to the previous music track.
    • Off. applies if you do not want to use the left or right earbud.

    The next parameter that I want to note in this paragraph is “Auto-detect ear”.

    I want to recommend that you leave this slider in the active position, since in this case the headphones will automatically detect when they are in your ear. At the same time, they will begin to pass sounds from the phone through themselves.

    After one of the headphones, no matter whether it is left or right, will be automatically turned off. Before they have taken their rightful position in the ears, no matter if they are already pulled out of the case, the sound will be transmitted to the speakers of the phone.

    If the slider is in an inactive state, the sound will be emitted from the headphones constantly.

    Airpods do not need to be paired. They can function one at a time, and each of them has a built-in microphone. If desired, using the built-in capabilities of the phone, you can determine which ear will function as a microphone in the first place: left, right or auto-switching.

    Since you cannot connect one device to two phones with different Apple IDs, there is a Disconnect button in this menu. After we click on it, you can connect the pods to another mobile device.

    Next to the line “Disable” is the function “Forget device”.

    Provided that the headphones are used not only on the iPhone, but also on other devices of the Apple network, then if each application uses the same Apple ID, then it will be disconnected from all devices.

    This concludes the description of the setup for the first generation headphones.

    How to set up Airpods on iPhone

    Good mood to you my subscribers. Are you ready for a new dose of good content? Today we will consider in detail the question of how to set up Airpods on iPhone.

    Apple AirPods 2 unboxing and pairing with iPhone

    We may need information about changing the wallpaper on your iPhone. However, if you do not need it, then it will definitely not be superfluous to get to know her. Read it and come back. We are waiting for you.

    Is everyone back? Fine. Then let’s start.

    In today’s article, I told you how to set up Airpods on the iPhone 7 plus, and also sorted out the need and sequence of actions when working with the basic functions of the device.

    It seems to me that the article turned out to be informative and informational. What do you think? Write your opinion in the comments. And I want to wish you a good mood and take leave.

    What does this setting do?

    Changes the frequency response of the sound, giving more emphasis on low frequencies. That is the bass.

    This equalizer setting behaves disgustingly with 95% of the headphones: there the sound turns into a mess that even old Beats would be horrified by. But miracles happen with Airpods.

    Due to the open design, “Airpods” suffer most from the lack of bass: it is the first to be lost in any noise, and generally weak even in ideal conditions. The rhythm of the music is not transmitted as well as in some Powerbeats3 or any other normal in-ear headphones.

    ” Bass” slightly attenuates the very powerful high frequencies inherent in Airpods, in favor of bass and even half of the mids, which is closer to the lower range.

    Result? The music becomes multifaceted, much more pleasant to the ear. Bass “hit” appears, the depth of the mid frequencies in the instrumental tracks increases. Suddenly it becomes fun to listen to jazz, electronics, hard rock.

    On the street, you now better feel the rhythm, bass and in general you hear the whole track, and not just the singer’s screams breaking through the outside noise.

    It’s like Airpods are turning into Airpods 2. No hacks required.

    How to Improve Airpods Sound in 5 Seconds

    Many of you will receive Airpods this New Year. Or give them yourself.

    I adore my “air pods”, I always carry them with me. even if I plan to listen to music in other headphones.

    Yet the Airpods’ biggest weakness cannot be denied. They sound so-so. Good considering the lack of sound insulation, but no more.

    Recently I was advised the simplest trick, and I can no longer do without it.

    Improving Airpods sound on iPhone and iPad

    Don’t laugh, this is as brilliant as it is stupid. But it works!

    Go to Settings. Music. Equalizer.

    Click on the item ” low”.

    Never turn it off again.

    This setting will affect the whole sound, passing through Airpods. that is, work in any applications and games running on the iPhone. It does not reset itself after a reboot and even “wanders” when transferring a backup.

    Now listen to your favorite tracks in the iOS player. make sure I’m right.

    What about other devices? For example Mac

    It’s a little more complicated here. MacOS doesn’t have a general system equalizer setting like iOS does.

    But you can set these settings manually in the players that you use. For example, in iTunes:

    In the top bar of iTunes, open the menu: Window. Equalizer

    Select ” Low” from the dropdown menu.

    The result is almost the same, but only the sound from iTunes will change.

    There are various extensions for macOS that allow you to change the sound globally. All normal ones are paid (from 1500 rubles). I caught the system’s “screen of death” with them twice, so search at your own risk. Google to the rescue, amen.

    You can’t do that on Apple Watch. Although you hardly listen to music directly from them. Well, deal with Android yourself, you are no stranger to it. To buy Airpods to connect it to the “bucket” is a strange idea.

    Anulirane noise control

    The Noise Preamble function, implemented in Airpods Pro, can work in one of two modes. “Active” or “Transparent”. Ako is not necessary but from crawling somehow parvoto, such and second, you can turn it off. These are the options for cash in the setting on the listener and can and will be controlled through the onslaught and zaddzhane on the sensor in the upper corps on the listener. By subdivision, there are no errors between active and transparent mode, but what is necessary, you can add or replace one with a friend.

  • Check two or three modes for noise control, which are activated and switched on between the other ones you izirshi through the onslaught and zardzhane on the control. Cash in the following options:
  • “Cuddle on the noise”. insert noise and block;
  • “Skilliness”. noise is allowed;
  • “For the key”. deactivate on two previous modes.
  • Zabelezhka: Ako “Noise control” is not chosen as a lover, as well as a listener, who can be tuned in, that is, mode, cash for the switch, then attach it to two. You can sort out any options for dabbing on the noise and crawling in the main section on the tune on the accessory (see point 2 from the current instructions).

    Like on Airpods from the second generation, the device from the Pro series supports the assistant from the “Hello Siri” commander to the voice, but instead of you, you can crawl from the listener, you can set the action, for yes, you will push and pull the sensor.

    Airpods 1st and 2nd generation

    In the context of our current topic, there is a key difference between the 1st and 2nd generation of listeners on Apple, for which you can call Siri. On parvia, the assistant will be able to use the activator himself, through two times to do it, on one from the listener; On the second hand, the basin is intact because of the crawl of the “Hello Siri” command. Stop the controls and you can customize the options yourself.

    Important! For additional instructions for Airpods, rake and bdat connect to the iPhone and put it in (there is only one listener), or te da saa in kutiata for damaged, but it is determined rags and I open.

    • Start the standard iOS application “Settings” and go to the “Bluetooth” section.

    Parvoto nescho, but you can exchange it for an accessory. Ako ima takawa is necessary, choose a suitable element, set the method and you will find yourself in the main list of settings.

  • The only action, which can be due to the control, is not a double action in the listening room. And two different and single and eatable functions can be used for appropriation superbly and distinctly. Cash in the following options:
  • Siri. you will have an assistant on it. Ako imate the first generation of Airpods and from the crawl of an assistant for iOS, please assign a new one from the listener. With the second generation of the model, you do not need it, you can use the command from the “Hello Siri” command;
  • “Start / Pause”;
  • “Next Songs”;
  • “Preceding Songs”;
  • Disabled. As for some reason, you do not look for and use the elements on the accessory for control, the function can be deactivated either for one or all of them.
  • The parameter “Automatically open on the ear” should be left active. When the tazi function is turned on, listen to the automatic recognition of the phone in the ear and the sound will be sent from the iPhone. Whenever you miss a single listener, then you just take a pause, eat this chance and someone else preach you chief. Dokato Airpods are not in vie (dori ako veche sa vazu from kutiyat), the sound of a pre-speaker on a smartphone. Ako deactivate the tazi function, the audio is still playing prez listen to the dori when do not use.

  • Airpods do not work great by themselves, but they are one by one. every listener can be from crawling for listening on audio, and for talking on the phone, every one of them has a microphone enclosed. Ako if you wish, you can, yes, define how to “take in” the next work:
  • “Vinagi in bulk”;
  • “Vinagi is right”;
  • “Automatically turn on”.
  • The last option (all in the list) allows the system to be automatically recognized from the accessory from crawling in the moment and from crawling in the microphone. Leave it active. Explain the other two options.

    As necessary, Airpods can “Deactivate” from the iPhone, which allows them to connect to another Apple or other compatible device.

    Ako imate problems with the drive or ako search and spray yes from the crawl of the accessory, generally, rattles and from the crawl of the element Take the device.

    Important! Ako Airpods crawl not from the iPhone itself, but from other devices on Apple, those crawling a single Apple ID and they crawled into iCloud, when they choose the option Take away your device, listen to it will be separated from every single one.

    Tova byaha vsichki cash settings on Airpods from arvo and second generation.

    Airpods Pro

    Listen to Airpods Pro, they are distinguished from their predecessors not by the form factor, design and noise reduction, but also by the processing of controls. The latter is not directly related to the settings and we will overstay the main topic and briefly parameterize the parameters, in general for the model.

    Somehow with the 1st and 2nd generation Airpods, you can also change it to the Pro model, and then activate the “Automatic opening in the ear” and determine how the microphone works. automatically or automatically from the listener. This accessory can be deactivated from iPhone and Zabraveteako is not necessary. Discuss these options in detail in the preface of the article.

    Svrzvane on listeners of the KM iPhone

    Ako toku-scho bought Airpods and still didn’t put the iPhone in or don’t know how to send it, you can read a separate article on our website, which describes in detail how to twist the procedure.

    Set up on Airpods on iPhone

    Airpods 1st and 2nd generation and Airpods Pro have sensor controls and additional functions. It is used for some reason, and for the second, it is possible to set it up on the listener by itself, but we will show you how to send the product to the iPhone.

    Take it to you

    Airpods Pro, in contrast to its predecessor, is not supplied with an external microphone itself, but also with an internal microphone. They will put the trail of the catho in the ear, they rule the measurement specialists, and for that they will determine the hermeticity on the head behind the ears. In a set ima three deuces from the last. Sizes S, M, L. Tazi setting is all information when the accessory is connected to the iPhone, but what is necessary, you can repeat it. just crawl away from the menu item.

    Finish the trail of the product “Continue”, start the scan and scrape it off. Ako order the file, koito izpolzvate, lay down the good on the suture, you will receive the news, the trace of which can be seen can be closed (the “Svrshen” bud in the gum gum). In the opposite case, rubbish, yes, choose ear pads with different sizes and repeat the test.

    Screen settings

    In addition, on the other hand, the Airpods Pro are not obvious, the settings are not obvious, with the Koito you can definitely determine the speed on the onslaught on the sensory controls and explanations between the two, somehow and yes activate the function behind the noise pre-wave in one listener. For access to these functions, send the following:

    • Open the “Settings” and go to the section “Universal access”.
    • In the block “Motor-motor apparatus” (“Physically and motor”) namir Airpods.
  • Define the options available:
  • Onslaught Speed ​​(Onslaught Speed). There are three options available. subdivided, bavno and dori bavno.
  • Continuity on the onslaught and zadarzhan (“To natisnet and zadrzhte Continuity”). Cash and three options. by subdivision, ksa and dori in ksa.
  • Anulirane on noise with a single AirPod (“Cancel on noise with a single AirPod”). How to activate the toosi switch, the function behind the noise prevention, if the condition is turned on, then the work is done in the ear is a single listener.
  • As you can see, set up on Airpods Pro is a little wider from those on the model from the first and second generation, which is dictated by the tyakhnat functionality. All controllers are added from a single (“Start / Pause”), double (“Next songs”) and triple (“Previous songs”) through a dokosvan to a sensora. All other actions can be pulled out through the link to Siri.

    Pregled on nivoto on damaged on listen

    Ako do not look for bateryate on Airpods and kutiyata and they will be exhausted at the most inopportune moment, the rag is not itself, but I will “override” in a timely manner, but also keep an eye out for nivoto on the damaged. On the iPhone, the product can start a little at a time, everything from Koito to the title is written to a separate page.

    Sega know how to set up Airpods on your iPhone, regardless of whether you gave a thought for the first, second generation, or for the Airpods Pro. mail settings for iPhone, iPad:

    • Name. of your choice
    • The address.
    • Password. your mail password
    • Description. any, of your choice

    Incoming mail server:

    • To work, you need the POP3 protocol
    • Host name.
    • Username. your login (without @
    • Password. mailbox access password

    Outgoing mail server:

    • Host name.
    • Username. (with @ we enter only small letters;
    • Password. Your mailbox password

    Mail settings on iPhone and iPad

    • Name. any
    • The address. your_login @ (or bk, list, etc. depending on who has what)
    • Password. your password
    • Description. any of your choice

    Incoming mail server for IMAP:

    • Host name. pop.
    • Username. your login (without @)
    • Password. your password for access to mail

    Outgoing mail server:

    • Host name. smtp.:25
    • Username. leave blank
    • Password. leave blank mail settings for Apple iPhone, iPad

    • Name. whatever you want
    • The address.
    • Password. your password
    • Description. of your choice

    Incoming mail server:

    • We need POP3 protocol
    • Host name.
    • Username. your
    • Password. your password to access the box

    Outgoing mail server:

    • Host name.
    • Username.
    • Password. your password to access your mailbox

    IPhone Mail Settings.,

    We already publish full instructions that will tell you how to set up mail on iPhone. The same article is intended for people who confidently use the iPhone, know what outgoing and incoming mail servers are, and who only need settings. 🙂 To quickly set up the desired mail provider.

    Apple iPhone Mail Server Settings:

    All settings have been carefully checked. Go to your email accounts in the smartphone settings, add the provider you need, and use E-mail messages. mail settings for iPhone and iPad

    • Name. any
    • The address.
    • Password. your password
    • Description. any
    • You can work with two protocols POP or IMAP. To use IMAP, you need to enable it in the mail settings.

    Incoming mail server for POP:

    • Host name. (,,,
    • Username. your login (without @
    • Password. your password to access the box

    Incoming mail server for IMAP:

    • Host name.
    • Username. your login (without @
    • Password. your password to access the box

    Outgoing mail server:

    • Host name. (,,,
    • Username. your login
    • Password. your password to access the box

    If you do not succeed or have questions, please leave them in the comments.