Setting Language On Samsung Smart TV

This material will step by step and sequentially describe how to set up “Smart TV” on a Samsung TV. Essentially, the algorithm below is universal and applies to any device in this series.

Setting Language On Samsung Smart TV

By sequentially performing the operations described below, it will not be difficult to perform the setup procedure for such a multimedia universal device.

What is a Smart TV?

Before you talk about how to set up “Smart TV” on “Samsung”, we’ll figure out what it is and why this option is so popular in such devices today. Old television solutions could only display an image that was obtained either from an antenna, or from a player, or from any other similar device. But here they could not connect to the Internet and download the site or play a movie from the global web without special tools. Therefore, a new generation of television receivers with the Smart TV function appeared, which were deprived of the previously indicated drawback. In essence, such solutions are universal multimedia centers and are capable of not only surfing the web or playing a movie, but also perform monitor functions. The presence of an integrated operating system turns these TV sets into full-fledged computers with a reduced level of functionality. Continuous improvement of the software will ultimately lead to the fact that the line between personal computers and such multimedia centers will be erased.

Operating Systems

Before setting up “Smart TV” on “Samsung”, you need to deal with the system software. Today in TVs with this option you can find such operating systems:

Tizen proprietary development of Samsung. It has one of the best levels of functionality at the moment and a fairly impressive list of supported software.

WebOS. This is a development by LG. In essence, this is a complete analogue of the system software from Samsung, which in terms of functionality and the list of application software is not inferior to its direct competitor.

Also on the devices of this series you can find the Android OS. Most often, Sony and Philips brands prefer it. It should be noted that this is a stripped down version of the operating system for mobile devices. The level of functionality is not inferior to the previous two operating systems.


The South Korean company Samsung has included in the list of supplies of its latest television devices of this class:

Set of stands with fixing bolts.

The control panel with a full set of batteries.

Coupon with a full list of warranty.

Brief installation instructions.

In paper form, the user manual is not included in the package for the reason that it is included in the TV menu as a separate item. Therefore, before setting up “Smart TV” on a Samsung TV, it is strongly recommended that you turn it on and study in detail the electronic version of the supplied documentation.

Wired connection

So, how to set up “Smart TV” on a Samsung TV? First stage. this is a wire-based commutation. At this stage, it is necessary to perform the following manipulations:

We remove the purchased device from the box. Also, all its contents are extracted from the latter. At the same time, we pay attention to the instructions that are marked on the box. The implementation of the latter will avoid possible damage to the equipment at this stage.

Then the stands are mounted, which are fixed using special screws. When performing this operation, we pay attention to the recommendations given in the installation instructions.

We install the TV in place. We check its stability.

We connect a television cable to the antenna input, which can come from:

Cable Provider Equipment.

A set of satellite equipment.

Connect the power wire from the side of the plug to the socket of the TV receiver, and on the other hand. to the power supply network.

In some cases, you may need to connect a twisted pair cable to the RJ-45 port. This is one of the possible options for connecting to the global web. But since today such solutions are everywhere equipped with WiFi. adapter, it is best to use it for these purposes.

The setup process is identical in both cases, but the absence of additional wires greatly simplifies the connection process.

Choosing a language and region

Since it’s easier to set up TV on Samsung “Smart TV” in your native language, the next step. This is the choice of interface language and region of the device. After turning on the TV for the first time, the start window of the interface appears, in which you must immediately select the language. Russian. Then click “Finish.” After that, the second form for choosing a region will open. Here you must select a country. Russia.

Channel search

Now let’s figure out how to set up channels on “Smart TV” in this case. First you need to determine the signal source for the tuner. Most solutions of this class are universal and can receive the original signal from such sources:

Antennas (in this case, both analog transmissions and digital DVB. T / T2 formats can be viewed). To decode digital transmissions, in some cases, an additional decryption module may be required.

Cable operator equipment. In this case, the channels can be broadcast in analog or digital format. In the latter case, additional equipment may be needed to convert the received signal.

A set of satellite equipment. In this case, everything goes only in digital quality. Signal format. MPEG-2 or even MPEG-4.

The channel search order in any case consists of the following steps:

Press the “Settings” button on the remote control (“gear” is drawn on it).

Using the navigation buttons, find the sub-item “All settings” and select it with the “OK” button.

In the new menu we find the “Channels” section and go into it.

At the next stage, we initiate the procedure for automatic channel search from the menu item of the same name.

Next, we set one of the three previously indicated signal sources.

After that, select the signal format: digital, analog or a combination of both.

After that, the automatic search procedure starts.

At the end of it, we save the list of found channels.

Edit Channel List

After completing the search procedure, we will figure out how to set up channels on “Smart TV” “Samsung”.

In the same “All Settings” menu, select “Channels”. Next, select the “Channel Sort” sub-item. We go into it and, at our discretion, edit the list below. Also in it you can create folders in which there will be only those channels that broadcast only certain content, such as children’s cartoons or musics.

Network configuration

The next important step. this is the setting for connecting to the global network of “Smart TV” “Samsung”. “How to set up the Internet?”. here is a question often raised by untrained users. In this case, the procedure is as follows:

Go to the “All Settings” menu.

Select the “Networks” section.

Next, we search for all available connections.

Choose your home network.

When prompted for a password, enter it.

Widget installation

The most important step is how to set up “Smart TV” on “TV”. This is the installation of mini-programs to expand the functionality of this device, which are also called widgets. In this case, it is necessary to perform the following manipulations:

We enter the main menu of the TV and select “Samsung Application Store” (in some cases, it may be called the Samsung Store).

We go through the registration procedure in it.

After the list of applications appears, select the one you need and open the window for installing it. Click the “Install” button.

At the end of the installation procedure, go to the main menu using the appropriate button. We look through the menu items and a new item should appear in it, which will correspond to the previously installed program.

This is the most important step in the process of configuring such a multimedia solution.

It is even more important than how to set up channels. Samsung Smart TV is turning into a full-fledged multimedia recreation and entertainment center.

Also, such a multimedia device allows you to view IPTV channels without a special hardware set-top box. To do this, follow these steps:

We conclude an agreement with a cable provider to provide such services.

After that, according to his recommendations, install a special application.

Launch the installed widget and watch the program.

All of the above will be the answer to the question of how to set up channels on Smart TV. TVs from “Samsung” Today they are quite popular, so we hope that the instruction given by us is useful to many readers.


This article describes in stages such an operation as setting up “Smart TV” on a Samsung TV. As can be seen from everything previously stated, there is nothing super complicated in it. This procedure is for everyone.