Set up Wifi on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

One of the methods for unlocking Huawei modems for SIM cards of other operators.

How to set up Utel Internet on an Android smartphone or tablet

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  • 2015-04-10 19:28
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For a large number of people who use mobile devices, the ability to connect an Android smartphone, phone or tablet to the Internet is one of the most important functions. Without access to the network, the device becomes much less useful and attractive, since there is no full interaction of the device with software that provides the Internet. We will tell you how to set up an Internet user on an android.

How to distribute wifi from an android tablet

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  • 2015-04-04 11:49:00
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Difficulties in arranging the distribution of the Internet via Wi-Fi from a tablet should not arise for an experienced user today. To do this, you just need to turn on the Internet connection on the tablet, and then make an access point from the gadget.

How to connect to Beltelecom WiFi on an Android tablet

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  • 2015-02-06 21:39:02
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If you want to connect to a WiFi network through the Beltelecom operator, then it is worth considering the fact that the connection does not work like it does when connected to regular wireless Internet. The algorithm of actions is almost the same: a person selects a wireless network from the list of proposed ones; then clicks on the “Connect” item, but unlike other WiFi networks, when connecting to Beltelecom, the password box does not appear.

Sony Xperia. How to set up the Internet?

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  • 2014-10-29 02:35
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In the article we will tell you how to set up the Internet on Sony Xperia.

How to set up Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy S3

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  • 2014-08-30 17:18:00
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As a rule, users have no problems setting up WiFi on the Samsung Galaxy S3. And for those who have, we offer our instructions for setting up Wi-Fi on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

How to share Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy S3

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  • 2014-08-23 16:16
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Speaking about the Samsung Galaxy S3 model, we note that this phone is capable of replacing a USB modem, that is, it allows itself to be used as a distribution point for wireless Internet.

How to set up Wi-Fi on iPhone 4S smartphone?

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  • 2014-08-23 14:55:00
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Set up Wifi on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

How to set up Wi-Fi on iPhone 4S smartphone? Using Wi-Fi can not only simplify the work with the device, but also significantly save money on the balance.

Transfer files via Wi-Fi to a computer

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  • 2014-08-23 01:27:02
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Transferring any data over a wireless Wi-Fi network will not be difficult if you follow simple rules. Firstly, you need to connect your computer or smartphone to the WLAN (the so-called local area network). Secondly, you need to configure shared access to the folders in which the files you need are located.

Nokia Lumia does not see WiFi?

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  • 2014-06-06 11:48:02
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Nokia models rarely show glitches or errors. But no one is safe from them. If your device Nokia Lumia, in particular models 920, 520, 820, 1520, 1320, 625, does not see Wi-Fi or is not looking for it, then you need to perform a combination of the following actions.