Sensor Does Not Work On Iphone 5s

Sensor Does Not Work On Iphone 5s

Turning off the iPhone while the sensor is not working seems an impossible task to many users. But in fact, this problem is being solved. you just need to know the treasured key combination.

To control a mobile device without using physical buttons, the iPhone has a function Assist touch. therefore, reload the gadget with a disabled key “Power”Simple enough. However, if the sensor fails, turning off the iPhone is more difficult: you have to resort to Hard reset. an operation that could harm the device.

How to restart the iPhone if the screen does not respond to touch?

The need to turn off the iPhone without a swipe on the screen, as a rule, arises when the device freezes when installing a mobile application. The sensor also fails due to physical impact.. for example, after the gadget falls to the ground. Most users, when the sensor freezes, immediately applies for warranty repairs, not suspecting that you can do without a 45-day wait and fix the smartphone yourself.

The likelihood that, after a reboot, a hovering sensor will “rise” is 90%. But since the screen does not respond to touch, turning off the smartphone in the usual way will not work. you have to make hard reset. It runs like this:

Step 1. Hold simultaneously two physical buttons. “Power”And”Home”.

Step 2. Hold them until the Apple logo appears on the screen. about 10 seconds.

Then release the buttons.

Step 3. Wait 4-5 seconds and you will see the desktop of your mobile device.

On iPhone 7, instead of the Home button, you need to hold down the volume down key.

How to turn off the iPhone if the sensor does not work?

If you just want to turn off the gadget and not restart it, you should act a little differently:

Step 1. Hold “Home””Power”.

Step 2 Hold the buttons for 4-5 seconds. until the screen goes blank. then release them. Do not wait for the appearance of a “bitten apple”!

After that, you can turn on the smartphone in the usual way. holding the “Power” button for 2-3 seconds.

Through a “hard reset”, not only the problem with the sensor is solved. TO Hard reset They also resort if the iPhone has become bad at catching the network or consuming too much power.

Possible consequences of a reboot without a sensor

If apply Hard reset one to two times, negative effects definitely will not. If you constantly use the “hard reset”, there is a risk that the memory module will fail, as a result of which all data stored on the iPhone will be lost. It is widely believed among users: each subsequent Hard reset increases the likelihood that the memory “sprinkled”. However, experts have not confirmed this.

It is only necessary to resort to a “hard reset” as at least. when other ways to solve the problem have already been tried and have not brought any result.


“Hard reset” is the simplest and fastest measure aimed at restoring the sensor to working capacity. But not the only one. If the user is afraid to produce Hard reset, he can turn to iTunes. the media combine will restore the device, and along with the recovery, the gadget will also reboot. There is an option for the most cautious users: wait for the smartphone to discharge and turn itself off, and then “start” it in the usual way.