See How It Is Recorded From Others On The Phone

It is often important to determine who is calling from an unfamiliar number. I wonder how your number is signed in the device of another subscriber. We will discuss the possibility of obtaining information, the positive and negative sides of the tool. We’ll also help you find out how your number is recorded on the phone of others.

  1. Can I find out how you are recorded on the phone with another person
  2. How the GetContact App Works
  3. Pros and cons of the program
  4. How to use GetContact
  5. User reviews

Can I find out how you are recorded on the phone with another person

Mobile phone users often record contacts so that it is more convenient to remember a stranger. Emoticons, nicknames, descriptions of a person’s features are used. Sometimes it’s good to see how is your number in your friends contact list signed, acquaintances, relatives. Not so long ago, a curious person could find out only by looking at someone else’s device.

At the beginning of 2018 Russians have the opportunity find out all your nicknames, without delving into someone else’s cell phone.

How the GetContact App Works

Initially, when creating a widget, the main task was identification of an unfamiliar number and blocking unnecessary calls. It turned out that the program provides an opportunity to find out how any subscriber number is signed in the contacts of other users.

How the GetContact process works:

When installed on a gadget, the function pumps all confidential information from the contact list. It processes it and sends it to the database. A grand cloud of exchange of personal data of application users is being formed. The cloud storage contains the data of subscribers who installed GetContact.

The application allows you to find out how any subscriber is marked on someone else’s phone. Allows you to read information about nicknames, nicknames and other definitions of the number owner, but does not show which android it is written on. Identifies and issues the person calling your number, even if it is not recorded in your contacts. His nickname and photo will show.

How you are recorded on the phone of others is a very interesting question. Many people want to know what nicknames friends and relatives give them.

Pros and cons of the program

Useful features:

  1. Application useful in terms of obtaining information.
  2. You can learn a lot of interesting things about yourself, your spouse, determine who is trying to get through with an unfamiliar subscriber. There is a sense of security.
  3. Using the information obtained through the function, you can create your contact database, add the necessary subscribers.
  4. Helps get rid of advertising calls. The creators of the program provided the ability to remove their contact from the database.
  5. Must pass verification go to Unlist and enter your number in the application form.
  6. The term of removal is 24 hours. When registering for the service. Delete the profile. It is likely that not all data will be deleted from the system.

See How It Is Recorded From Others On The Phone

It’s important to know the negative side of getcontact:

  1. By running the program on your gadget you agree with the policies of the authors of the application and allow the transfer of your personal data to any person requesting information. Information from the phone book is transferred to the cloud storage, e-mail addresses, personal data from social networks, photos, IP addresses, call lists are copied. This is a global telephone directory with additional information about the participants in the list.
  2. Your information and contacts become available to different companies., to strangers, scammers. Kaspersky Lab experts believe that your subscriber may appear in the database, even if you did not connect to the program. Information will be collected from the phones of your friends using this application.
  3. Among the data, there may be bank card details, card PIN, passwords for entering personal accounts, other secret archives. The possibility of reselling the information base to scammers, collectors and other annoying unscrupulous individuals is not ruled out.

Video: See How It Is Recorded From Others On The Phone

In the spring of 2018, experts from Roskomnadzor started studying the program with the aim of verification of compliance with legislation on personal information of citizens.

As a result of the study, it was decided allow the program to work in Russia, but prohibit the removal of information about the data of Russians outside the country. ILV also promises to track the implementation of the technical ability to inform citizens who have not installed a program about the use of their confidential data. ILV recommends that these functions be used with caution. In Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, the use of this type is prohibited.

How to use GetContact

If you decide to use the application, you can Download it for free on the AppStore and Google Play sites.


  1. After installing on the gadget at the first login, you must confirm permission to access information.
  2. To register, indicate your phone number, get SMS with code.
  3. In account enter Surname, first name, e-mail and complete the registration.
  4. For information in the search field the desired phone number is entered in international format or the name and surname of a person, the button is activated “Search”.

The requested information is generated and displayed on the device screen. The “How I Recorded With Others” application is very popular with young people. Adults do not care how their number was recorded on the phone of others.

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User reviews

The app evokes a double feeling in me! Curiosity and fear. Interest in the new is in our blood, but as you imagine what strangers can know about me thanks to this miracle, it becomes scary. It is not known why this information will be used.

I installed a new application because I got all sorts of advertisers and social services. Questionnaires. It has become much calmer! Calls only on business.

I have my own company. Tired of advertising calls. It is impossible to change the card. All work contacts are tied to it. Installed on a working corporate phone and solved the problem with unnecessary calls. Work has become much easier.

Video on the topic “How to find out how I recorded with friends using the GetContact application”:

Is it dangerous to install this on your phone? How to remove from the database? And also the best jokes on the topic!

February 28, 2018

Now in the first place of the Russian App Store is a tricky application that allows you to find out under which name a particular number is recorded in the contacts of other phones. Even using the application, you can deanonymize any number at all. Even the one from whom 100 rubles were extorted from you, that “by mistake” was thrown into your account. True, there are several reservations.

The application only sees contact names that are clogged up with phones that also have GetContact installed. Since the application is difficult to understand and, in general, the news of its existence has so far reached only the most advanced segments of the population, you are unlikely to find much new there.

The second point is information security. You will have to “merge” all your contacts into the application database. And not the fact that your number will not fall into the hands of any annoying spammer.

It is important to understand that even if you did not install GetContact, GetContact already installed you. Rather, any person who has your number and who installed the application has already handed you over with all the giblets to Big Brother.

They say there is a way out. To remove yourself from the GetContact database, you need:

Open the application and go to the “About GetContact” settings, then to “Account Settings”. There click on “Delete account.”
But that’s not all! Go to the GetContact website and go to the “Unlist” tab. Enter your phone number and click “Unlist”.
The number will be deleted within 24 hours. But it is not exactly.

The popularity of the new toy has just begun to spin its blades, but scandals are already everywhere. Residents of Kazakhstan did not have time to get a taste, posting screenshots from GetContact, as it was banned due to the law on personal data. But the Kazakhs still uploaded a lot of finds to the Network with the opening of intimate details of personal lives. By the way, a novelty was also banned in Azerbaijan.

The Russian punitive body is still silent, so the bacchanalia of the owners of the application was transferred from the Kazakh Internet to the Russian Internet.

It would seem that these are just names recorded on mobile phones. Not correspondence, not audio or even video. But human nature is such that even here we are able to show creativity and exquisite lapidarity.