Sea turtles have not changed much in millions of years since they appeared on the planet. They are characterized by developed forelimbs, used as fins, and hind legs almost not involved in the movement. Also, in sea turtles, limbs cannot be drawn into the shell. Moreover, in some species, such as, for example, leatherback turtle, there is no carapace at all.

Sea Turtles

Despite the prevailing belief that turtles are slow animals, this statement is true only on land, where they really look awkward. However, they transform in water, becoming examples of speed and superior navigational qualities. Even in Fiji (a state in the Pacific), a sea turtle is a symbol of the maritime department. This is no accident – nature really rewarded these animals with qualities that allowed them to become magnificent swimmers.

Sea turtles. Photo and video of sea turtles

Scientists have not fully figured out why, but turtles have amazing navigational abilities:

Firstly, they accurately determine the place of their birth, and return there to continue the offspring. And even after many years they remember the place of their birth.

Secondly, sea turtles make grandiose migrations, presumably guided by the Earth’s magnetic field.

And thirdly, some sea turtles, for example, ridley turtle, they are collected for laying eggs in the sand only one day a year. Scientists suggest that only those individuals who were born in this place and who were lucky to survive gather on the beach. Locals call this day "invasion"when thousands of turtles come out of the water. This behavior suggests the collective consciousness of turtles.

Sea Turtles

Sea turtles. Photo and video of sea turtles

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When the turtle lays its eggs, it very carefully bury the masonry with sand, tamp it, and make it invisible. Looking at such egg care, it is hard to imagine that the mother turtle does not experience any maternal feelings, and after doing her job she returns to the ocean without waiting for the eggs to hatch.

The hatched bug is likely to live less than 10 minutes. Having got out of the sand, she rushes to the water, on the way to which a huge number of enemies await her, especially birds of prey. But, even after reaching the water, most of them will be eaten by marine predators. Only one in a hundred born turtles will grow to maturity and return to this beach to continue their family.

Adult individuals are also the subject of hunting for some sharks, large fish and, of course, humans. The meat of sea turtles is considered a delicacy and is served as an ordinary dish in many sea restaurants. Meat is considered especially tasty. green turtle, but some species of other sea turtles are poisonous. You cannot eat leatherback turtle and biss. Poison accumulates in these animals from the food they eat, which are poisonous jellyfish.

Sea turtles. Photo and video of sea turtles

It is interesting that the green turtle was used by seafarers as livestock when they went on long journeys. The turtle is very unpretentious in maintenance, but reaches 400 kg. net weight. Thus, sailors always had fresh meat on hand.

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