Screenshot Sony Xperia C

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Screenshot Sony Xperia C

If you, like me, do not participate in the race of megahertz and megapixels, then the Sony Xperia V is an excellent device.

However, in megapixels the Xperia V didn’t leave the distance and remains among the leaders. 13 megapixels were pushed into the camera. By the way, the camera is very good, so I won’t complain about large files.

There is also an HDR function in the standard camera application. In this mode, the camera takes two pictures with different exposures in a row, and the phone quickly glues all this into one picture. This is a very useful feature when you have very bright areas and shadow in your frame:

Just keep in mind that nothing should move in the frame, otherwise, due to the specifics of HDR, your moving object will double. In the big picture, this is noticeable on the branches on the right:

Here is another example where HDR performs well:

However, this is not always necessary, therefore it is convenient to display the function as a button on the screen, there can be 3 of them in total. When everything is in order with the light, I recommend using a polarizing filter for the phone and turning off HDR:

To launch the camera on the lock screen, there is a special shortcut. an instant photo, when when you unlock the device, a picture is taken immediately without additional clicking somewhere:

But the Xperia V does not stand out against the background of the camera. What distinguishes this device from the rest is its waterproofness. Advertising images do not quite reflect the essence of this chip, and many do not understand why this is necessary:

For those who like to enjoy outdoor activities, this is an important advantage, because the phone is completely fearless to drop it in snow or water. You can even take a bath with the phone, while it works great.

The connectors are sealed with sealed covers:

This may be a little inconvenient when charging, because you need to constantly pick up the lid, but do not drown the phone. By the way, the battery is 1750 mAh, it lasts for a whole day of active use.

It should be noted that the attention to detail at Sony is on top.

Or a phone application, it searches for contacts without any tricks, Russian letters are in place, and in general, there is everything that can come in handy when dialing a number. For some reason, some manufacturers manage to spoil a good device with software. It’s good that Sony didn’t go this way.

A screenshot on Xperia V is also conveniently made. just hold the power button, a menu will appear:

You can also use the universal way for screenshots, everything works.

But what’s not very cool is the lack of a hardware Home button, all the function buttons are touch-sensitive on the screen, with Home in the middle. When you type a message, it’s easy to miss and get to the house instead of a space:

But the keyboard is excellent, as I like. alternative characters are immediately drawn on the buttons, there are separate keys for the comma and periods.

By the way, regarding the design of the device, the Xperia V has a slightly curved back cover made of soft, pleasant to the touch plastic. There are no scratches on the cover, and the protective glass of the camera also does not deteriorate, because it is in a small recess. Keeping such a device is very convenient, tactile sensations on the top five. And regarding attention to detail, there is an LED indicator on the front panel, so instead of blinking it smoothly pulsates when there are notifications.

Fans of Walkman players will be very comfortable, because the Xperia V has excellent sound and a traditionally convenient player interface. Actually, you can even imagine that the Xperia V is a Walkman with a phone function 😉