Screenshot On Windows 10 Computer

Even if you know perfectly how screenshots are taken, I’m pretty sure that in this article you will find some new ways for you to take a screenshot in Windows 10, without using third-party programs: only using the tools offered by Microsoft.

For beginners: a screenshot of the screen or its area can come in handy if you need someone to demonstrate something on it. It is an image (snapshot) that you can save on your disk, send via email to share on social networks, use in documents, etc.

Note: to take a screenshot on a Windows 10 tablet without a physical keyboard, you can use the Win key combination of the volume down button.

Print Screen key and combinations with its participation

The first way to take a screenshot of your desktop or program window in Windows 10 is to use the Print Screen key, which is usually located in the upper right part on a computer or laptop keyboard and can have a shortened version of the signature, for example, PrtScn.

When it is pressed, a screenshot of the entire screen is placed on the clipboard (i.E. In memory), which you can then paste using the standard key combination CtrlV (or the menu of any program Edit. Paste) into a Word document, as an image in a graphics editor Paint for later saving pictures and almost any other programs that support working with images.

If you use a keyboard shortcut Alt Print Screen, then not only a screenshot of the entire screen, but only the active program window will be placed on the clipboard.

And the last option: if you do not want to deal with the clipboard, but want to take a screenshot right away as an image, then in Windows 10 you can use the keyboard shortcut Win (key with OS logo) Print Screen. After clicking it, the screenshot will be immediately saved to the Images. Screenshots folder.

A new way to take a screenshot in Windows 10

An update to Windows 10 version 1703 (April 2017) introduced an additional way to take a screenshot. A key combination Winshifts. When these keys are pressed, the screen is shaded, the mouse pointer changes to a “cross” and with it, holding the left mouse button, you can select any rectangular area of ​​the screen whose screenshot you want to take.

And in Windows 10 1809 (October 2018), this method has been updated even more and now it is a Fragment and Sketch tool, which allows you to create screenshots of any area of ​​the screen and perform simple editing. Read more about this method in the instructions: How to use a screen fragment to create screenshots of Windows 10.

After the mouse button is released, the selected area of ​​the screen is placed on the clipboard and it can be pasted in a graphical editor or in a document.

Scissors Screenshot Program

Windows 10 includes the standard Scissors program, which allows you to easily create screenshots of areas of the screen (or the entire screen), including with a delay, edit them and save in the desired format.

To start the Scissors application, find it in the “All Programs” list, or, more simply, start typing the name of the application in the search.

After starting, the following options are available to you:

  • By clicking on the arrow in the “Create” item, you can choose what kind of picture you want to take. Arbitrary shape, rectangle, entire screen.
  • In the “Hold” item, you can set the delay of the screenshot for a few seconds.

After the picture is taken, a window opens with this screenshot, to which you can add certain annotations with a pen and a marker, erase any information and, of course, save (in the file menu, save as) as an image file desired format (PNG, GIF, JPG).

Game pad Win G

In Windows 10, when you press the Win G key combination in full-screen programs, a game panel opens that allows you to record on-screen video, and, if necessary, take a screenshot using the corresponding button on it or a key combination (by default, Win Alt Print Screen).

If this panel does not open for you, check the settings of the standard XBOX application, this function is controlled there, plus it may not work if your video card is not supported or drivers are not installed for it.

Microsoft Snip Editor

About a month ago, as part of its Microsoft Garage project, the company introduced a new free program for working with screenshots in the latest versions of Windows. Snip Editor.

The program is similar in functionality to the “Scissors” mentioned above, but it adds the ability to create audio annotations to screenshots, intercepts a press of the Print Screen key in the system, automatically starts creating a screenshot of the screen area, and simply has a more pleasant interface (by the way, to a greater degree suitable for touch devices than the interface of other similar programs, in my opinion).

Screenshot On Windows 10 Computer

At the moment, Microsoft Snip has only an English version of the interface, but if you are interested in trying something new and interesting (and also if you have a tablet with Windows 10). I recommend it. You can download the program on the official page (update 2018: no longer available, now everything is done the same in Windows 10 using the WinShiftS keys) https://mix.Office.Com/Snip

In this article, I did not mention many third-party programs that also allow you to take screenshots and have advanced features (Snagit, Greenshot, Snippy, Jing, and many others). Perhaps I will write about this in a separate article. On the other hand, you can look at the software just mentioned without it (I tried to mark the best representatives).

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09/22/2015 at 21:25

Thank. Useful article. I tried it, easy and simple. I think for beginners and not only will be useful.

05/20/2016 at 18:38

Previously, I clicked on the screenshot icon and that’s all, but now I can’t even find it, why do I need a screenshot of the entire screen and then trim it too much for a beginner.

05/21/2016 at 08:24

In the search bar on the taskbar, enter “Scissors”, you probably had that in mind. Or you had some kind of screenshot application.

09/23/2015 at 10:34

It’s useful, but it’s all in Windows 8.1, they didn’t come up with anything new

09/24/2015 at 10:38

There was a delay in the “Scissors” same 🙂

09/26/2015 at 22:55

Hello, I accidentally moved the “Screenshots” folder (drag and drop) to another disk, I can’t activate it again, there were no restore points at this point, tell me what to do, reinstall the OS, or is there a simpler way? Thank.

09/27/2015 at 07:24

Why activate it somehow? Click WinPrint Screeen and again you will have this folder in the right place.

09/27/2015 at 23:28

This folder “Screenshots” in the explorer. “This Computer”. “Images” does not appear (as it was by default, by successively pressing Win Print Screeen). Now, by successively pressing Win Print Screeen, a snapshot occurs, but it is visible only in OneDrive (Explorer. OneDrive. Images. Screenshots) Reinstalled the OS, the same picture.

09/28/2015 at 08:40

Here it is. Then, I suspect that this is some kind of setting that I do not know about. And what remained after reinstalling the OS is due to the synchronization of settings in Microsoft accounting.

Video: Screenshot On Windows 10 Computer

11.24.2017 at 14:44

Open the screenshots folder and set the default location in the properties

10/01/2015 at 12:04

How to insert a screenshot in this comment?

10/02/2015 at 10:57

Only by posting somewhere on a third-party image service and offering a link.

11/11/2016 at 00:26

After installing Windows 10 at startup, I get this message: The previously installed version of ESET NOD32 Antivirus cannot be transferred to Windows 10. To maintain protection, install the new version.
But the antivirus works fine. Tell me how to remove this message?

01/11/2016 at 10:09

In general, it is better to remove the antivirus before updating. But if you didn’t do this, then the correct way would be to remove ESET from the computer. Put a new version. Just problems may arise, not very related to the operation of the antivirus. Examples of problems when moving to Windows 10 with NOD32 antivirus: icon locations are not saved, some programs have problems connecting to the Internet.

02/08/2018 at 23:46

You updated the system itself, and the antivirus thinks that it is an old system but with some kind of “hookah” 🙂
As an exit for you. Reinstall the antivirus.

01/12/2016 at 19:01

Isn’t Lightshot set to 10? C’mon, I rolled back to 8. And I’ll say about ESET as experienced, although Dmitry already answered: Windows must be updated cleanly, without antivirus for sure. Tear it down; update the axis; put the antivirus. And there are no bugs! Imagine! And if your hands do not know how to do anything from boredom, then you should not drive on suitable software, because the first patch from the vendor put everything in its place.

Vladislav aka Analyst

05/19/2019 at 22:09

I regularly update dozens of computers, antiviruses are Emsisoft and Nano Antivirus. I have never disabled them for the duration of the update and NEVER had any problems updating because of them.

05/30/2016 at 00:48

There are NEW “Scissors” from Microsoft:
Oh, they’re already in the article.

07/14/2016 at 12:12

And why, when I try to make a screen, I see only a black screen?

You will now receive practical advice and a complete “alignment”: How to take a screenshot of the screen on the computer. We will tell and show everything. And even step by step with us you will make your first screen.

To begin with, what kind of word is this. A “screenshot”? It happens like this. You urgently needed to send a friend through a computer the location of the object on the map. A photo is not at hand, and not in the search for Yandex and Google from the pictures.

Or if you are engaged in an online business, and any technical support requires a screen of what is happening from you. Then, like it or not, the need arose: how to take a screenshot of a screen on a computer.

And computer gamers consult with each other and show how they managed to triumphantly overcome the traps in the game.

In general, it will be useful for many to learn how to take a screenshot.

Now we will show you an overview of the most popular screenshot programs. With the help of these necessary things, you can independently and free scan your computer screen in the form of a picture (image).

  • Using standard Windows tools and the “print screen” button
  • Special programs to take a screenshot
  • Using the browser you use

How to take a screenshot on a windows 7 computer and where to find it

This is the easiest way, but not the easiest. Its advantage is that it is always at hand, no need to download or access special programs. And minus. Besides the fact that you need to press a button on the keyboard, you will need a series of actions to get a screenshot of the screen and find it.

Now to the point. If you need to take a screenshot of the screen on a windows 7 computer (windows 7), you will first need one action, or rather, a button. The “PrtSc” (Print Screen) or “Psc” or “PrtnScn” key, whichever is on your keyboard.

If you haven’t found out, if there is no “print screen” button, you don’t despair, use the electronic keyboard. This is not a problem. You press “Win” “U” at the same time. A standard Windows window pops up, select “keyboard” and turn on “electronic keyboard”.

Where can I find a screenshot, where is it saved?

By default, after you take a screenshot of the screen on the computer, Windows saves it in the clipboard. Do not try to find the screen yourself and do not find out where it is stored. Just know that your “snapshot” is already in the memory of the “computer”.

Instructions on how to take a screenshot on your computer using the standard Windows program

  1. Press the “print screen” button when you find the desired picture. It is usually located in the upper right corner of the “F12”.
  2. Open the standard graphics program “Paint”. How? Click “Start”, then either enter “Paint” in the search box, or select “All Programs”, then “Standard” and “Paint”.
  3. The graphic editor will open. In the left corner, click “Paste” or the keyboard shortcut “CtrlV”. And from the “clipboard” your picture will appear.
  4. If you don’t need to do anything with the screenshot taken, then save it. How? In the upper left corner there is a “blue square” (“File”). Click it and select “Save As”. I advise you to save in “PNG” format.
  5. After you have selected the “image format” a window will pop up in which indicate to the computer where you want to save the “screen”. All.

If you want to edit the resulting image: crop or make changes (for example, text), then in “Paint” it is easy to do.

Be aware that with the combination of the “PrtSc” (Print Screen) and “Alt” buttons, the system saves only the active window to the clipboard, not the entire monitor snapshot, but part of it. These are the usual dialog boxes or windows that resemble Windows: such as the “Are you sure you want to delete all images?” Warnings when you empty the Trash folder.

How to take a screenshot on a Windows 7 computer using the standard Scissors program

In “Windows 7” there are “scissors” with which you can cut out the area of ​​the screen on the computer.

  1. Again, “Start”, then “All programs”, “Standard”, and “Scissors”.
  2. The picture on the display will turn white and a window will appear where you need to click on “Create”.
  3. Using the “mouse”, move the cursor. Indicate, as it were, the area that you need for the screenshot.
  4. A new window will appear, where in the upper left corner click “File” and “Save As”.
  5. Choose a place to fit the screen, and give it a name. All.

How to take a screenshot on a computer on Windows 10

We did not find something characteristically different from how to take a screenshot on Windows 10 or on another Windows. In both cases, the screen is easy and simple to prepare using standard utility programs that are in every set of the operating system.

Over, you can do without any programs at all.

As mentioned above, in order to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer on windows 10, you need to turn your attention to the keyboard and find special Win Print Sc SysRq keys (Win PrtScr) on it. And then, using a combination, click on them. The image on the monitor will darken a little and Windows will instantly take a screenshot and place your screen in a folder.

Where to find her? You ask. And here everything is easy and simple. It is located in the “Screenshots” folder in the “Image” operating folder. Open and see the screenshots you created.

Useful advice, who uses exactly “Windows 10”: the screen can be made using the keyboard shortcuts Windows (with the flag) and “H” (English). In this method, the program will take and save a screenshot in the “cloud”. And it will give you a list of applications with which you can send the picture electronically or edit it in the online service.

What to do if there is no such “magic” button “print screen” on the keyboard?

How to take a screenshot if there is no “print screen” button? Or a screenshot program

There is a solution for this method.

The most elementary is to select the “electronic keyboard” and repeat the necessary steps. And there is another option using specialized programs.

Honestly, there are many such utilities. And even we have not all tried them. But we definitely know that taking a screenshot of the screen with their help does not represent much effort. Everything is pretty simple: you need to download the program to your computer, run it and take a “screen capture”. A snapshot.

Screenshot Software

  • Lightshot (https://app.Prntscr.Com/en/index.Html)
  • Screenshot (https: //screenshot.Rf/)
  • FastStone Capture (http://www.Faststone.Org/download.Htm)
  • Fraps (http://www.Fraps.Com/download.Php). Makes screenshots in games
  • PicPick (http://ngwin.Com/picpick)
  • Clip2Net (http://clip2net.Com/en/)
  • Screenshot Joxi (http://joxi.Ru/lander/)
  • Paparazzi (https://derailer.Org/paparazzi/). Mac only

Online services for saving screenshots

  • PasteNow (https://pastenow.Ru/)
  • Makescreen (https://makescreen.Ru/chrome)
  • Snapito (https://snapito.Com/). You can send pictures to Pinterest
  • Web Capture (https://web-capture.Net/en/)
  • IMGonline (https://www.Imgonline.Com.Ua/website-screenshot.Php). Ukrainian service
  • S-shot (https://www.S-shot.Ru/)
  • ScreenPage (http://screenpage.Ru/)

Download as you know, nothing is needed. Just select and copy the link where you want to take a picture, paste it into a special field of the online tool and edit as you like. Save to your computer.

Take a screenshot using a browser

The browsers themselves will help you how to take a screenshot of the screen on your computer. Applications and extensions are available for all search engines: Yandex, Opera, Google, Mozilla Firefox and others.

Today, Yandex, Opera, Google, Mozilla Firefox, the leaders in our country, already have a page capture function built into the settings.

How to make a screen using the program “Lightshot”?

Let’s look at the example of “Lightshot”, we use it very often. By the way, I made this picture above using “Lightshot”.

  1. Download the program from the official website for free. (No viruses, do not worry. Everything is clean)
  2. Install (the program always starts with the computer, along with Windows).
  3. An icon appears in the upper right corner. An image of a purple-violet “feather”.
  4. When you need to take a screenshot, click on this “pen”.
  5. The display will fade and you will be prompted to select an area for the picture.
  6. Right-click and drag the frame to the desired size.
  7. At the bottom and side of this frame, additional useful functions are located, including for saving a screenshot. (Dealing with the add-ons will not be any problem. Pupils do everything with a half kick).

Video. How to take a screenshot step by step, a screenshot on a laptop or computer:

If you have something to add. Welcome in the comments. So introduce your friends (share on social networks. It’s useful for them, I’m very pleased, and it’s not difficult for you to click on the icon of your favorite social network) with 20 or more ways “How to take a screenshot of the screen on your computer yourself.”