Screenshot on Samsung s9

Take a screenshot on the selected part of the screen

Open the image / app / file you want to capture.

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Open the Edge screen. Find the thin gray bar on the right edge of your phone and swipe left to open the Edge Screen with shortcuts to various apps. (If you don’t see a gray bar on your screen, your Edge Screen may not be turned on. To turn on Edge Screen, simply go to Settings, click Edge Screen to make sure your Edge Panels are turned on.)

Continue swiping left on the edge screen until you see the Smart Select panel.

Select your Smart Select Tool. Depending on what you need to capture on screen, you can click on either the Rectangle Tool or the Oval to create a screenshot.

Adjust the frame as needed. Any area outside the frame will be cropped in your screenshot. To resize the frame to suit your needs, simply drag any of the four corners of the frame to get the perfect crop.

Click Finish to save. You can add notes or drawings to the image before saving, share it directly with other applications, or save it to your Gallery (also like folder / Internal storage / DCIM / Screenshot folder).

How to take a screenshot on Samsung s9

Extended screenshots (with scrolling)

What if you need a screen that is longer than one screen, such as a news story or an email thread that needs scrolling? Instead of forcing you to glue multiple screenshots together, the Galaxy S8 can take extended screenshots that go beyond your display. But you need to download the additional Edge Panel and log into your Samsung account for it to work.

Open an image, app, or file and then the Edge screen as in the previous tip.

When the Edge Screen opens, tap the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen.

Open the panel loading screen. On the Edge Screen Options page, click Download, which is located in the upper right corner. (Make sure you have an internet connection before proceeding!)

Download the SoftKey Edge Panel.

If you have not yet set up your Samsung account or have not yet entered your registration information through another Galaxy app, you will be prompted to sign in here.

Install Edge Panel SoftKey. If you don’t see the SoftKey bar there, you may need to go back to the Edge Screen preferences and make sure the SoftKey bar is selected (with a blue checkmark).

Now that the SoftKey Edge is ready to go, you can finally take longer screenshots with your Galaxy S8. Open the SoftKey Edge panel again by swiping left over the gray bar and make sure whatever you want the screen cover is already open on your phone. For a full screen screenshot, simply click the Screenshot button on the SoftKey panel. Galaxy S8 will automatically take a photo of everything on the screen without scrolling.

To take a screenshot that is longer than your display, you need to press the Flash and Skip scroll button. The button is located on the left side of the overlay toolbar, which appears at the top of the screenshot, but will quickly disappear unless you immediately click the screen scroll button. You may need to repeat this step a couple of times to find out the time.

Screenshot with Bixby Voice Assistant

Bixby voice will be useful if you cannot pick up your smartphone and take a screenshot with a keyboard shortcut or palm.

  • Display the material you need on the screen.
  • Press and hold the Bixby button, or if you’ve set this up, say “Hey Bixby.” [Hey Bixby]
  • After activating the Bixby interface, say “take a screenshot.” [take a screenshot]
  • The screenshot will be automatically saved in the Gallery, where you can view, edit and share it.

Note that by using Bixby, you are missing out on instant editing. You can, however, combine commands. For example, “take a screenshot and share it to”

Screenshot on Samsung S9 using keyboard shortcut

This is the easiest way to take a screenshot, which most users are already familiar with.

  • Display the material you need on the screen.
  • Press and hold the volume down key and the lock key for about 2 seconds.
  • You will see a slight “compression” of the image, and options for editing will appear at the bottom.
  • If you want to edit the screenshot right away, select the options below to draw, crop or send.
  • If you missed these buttons, the screenshot is also saved in the notification bar, where you can expand it and also select the options to send, change or delete.
  • If you clear notifications, the screenshot is saved in the Gallery or any other image access application like Google Photos.

Taking a screenshot with palm gesture on Samsung S9

Samsung also provides a second way to take the same screenshot by swiping the edge of your hand across the screen.

  • Open Settings, Advanced Features and make sure Palm Screenshot is enabled.
  • Display the material you need on the screen.
  • Place the edge of your palm on the edge of the screen and swipe across the face of the phone in one motion.
  • The screenshot will be taken in exactly the same way, with the same options for editing below.

Combining two or more screenshots on Samsung (Scroll Capture)

Whether you’re taking a screenshot on a Samsung S9 with a keyboard shortcut or with your palm, you’ve sometimes noticed an additional option in the bottom bar: “capture scrolling.” This option allows you to automatically scroll (in vertical scrolling applications) and stitch multiple screenshots into one very long screenshot.

  • Display the material you need on the screen.
  • Whichever application you open, it should scroll. do not forget to start the process from the top, as scrolling is carried out only downward.
  • Use a keyboard shortcut or swipe to take a screenshot.
  • Click the scroll capture in the edit menu at the bottom.
  • Keep pressing the scroll grabber until you have covered whatever you want to grab in the app.
  • Such a very long screenshot will be saved just like any other. you can change it, crop it or send it.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus: complete guide

One of the simplest functions of a smartphone is a screenshot. This basic feature is present on any phone, but each company implements it somewhat differently and adds additional features to make screenshots more useful and effective.

Samsung went the farthest on the Galaxy S9 and S9, providing many ways to take a screenshot on the Samsung S9, as well as a couple of additional features like capturing the scrolling page and editing right after capturing.

Below are all the ways to take a screenshot, edit it and share it on the Galaxy S9.

Screenshot of display on Galaxy S9 using Smart select

The third option is not a full screenshot, but can still be useful for capturing information on the display using a feature called Smart Select. If you’ve used Note smartphones before, a lot will sound familiar to you.

Smart Select is a side menu that can be accessed from the side display.

  • Open Settings Display Edge Screen Edge Panels. Through this menu, you can first activate the Edge screen and then the Smart select panel.
  • Open the page you want to take a photo.
  • Open the Edge panel and slide it out until the Smart Select menu appears.
  • Choose the type and shape of the selection you want to make. a rectangle, a circle, or even make a gif.
  • You will be returned to the capture page with a selection frame. Resize or position the frame and click save. When creating a GIF, start recording and stop when needed.

Then the result and the available functions will be displayed: draw, send, save and, if you have text, you can select it, and then paste it somewhere.

Screenshot on Galaxy S9 using Smart capture

And the last thing to know about screenshot on Samsung S9 and S8 is that Smart capture will give you even more options. This feature, unique to Samsung, allows you to instantly change a screenshot without having to open it in the gallery.

  • Make sure Smart capture is enabled: Settings Advanced Smart capture features.
  • When you take a screenshot (with keys or with your palm), you will have additional functions on the panel below. You can draw, crop, or send a screenshot, but the most useful is to capture hidden areas.
  • Click Capture Scroll to include previewable portions of the page in the screenshot. For example, on a long web page.

Now that you know how to take a screenshot on your Samsung S9, remember that they are all stored in the Screenshots folder in the Albums pane in the gallery. If you are looking at the Pictures panel, they will be displayed along with your photos. You can also access them through the file explorer by opening the internal storage, then the DCIM folder, where the Screenshots folder is located.

Four ways to take screenshots on Galaxy S8 and S8

Well, things are getting easier now. for the Android world. as Samsung is now using the combination that every other Android has always used. Follow this guide to learn all the ways to take screenshots on Galaxy S8 or S8

Bonus tip: smart screenshot editing and more

When you enable smart capture (method 3), it can be a little annoying, especially if you need to quickly take multiple (no scrolling) screenshots, since an additional popup appears after each individual screenshot. You can turn it off unless you need to take scrolling screenshots. However, note that Smart Capture also opens doors to a number of other functions, such as cropping or drawing on screenshots, or sharing them with a contact or via another application.

Samsung Galaxy S8

wins hearts not only with display quality and design, but also with an improved user interface, as well as new software tools and settings. If you’d like us to go over some specific tips and guides for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8. don’t forget to leave a comment to let us know.

4- How to take screenshots in an oval or square or create gifs

The new fashionable Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus also let you take funny screenshots in the form of rectangles and ovals. First enable it in Settings Display Edge screen Edge panel.

  • Go to the screen you want to take a photo.
  • Open the Edge panel and slide until you find the Smart select section.
  • Choose a rectangle, oval or animation.
  • Finally, select the area of ​​the screen that you want to turn into a GIF or take a screenshot.

How to take a screenshot by swiping across the screen

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have another interesting feature for taking screenshots. We find it easier to take a screenshot this way compared to pressing the keys. Although, if you are using the larger Galaxy S8 Plus, it will be a little more difficult for you to do. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Just swipe your hand from the edge from left to right.
  • As with the first method, you will hear the camera shutter sound and see a short animation on the screen.

This method is enabled by default, but you can disable it in the settings if required (if you accidentally take screenshots during normal use). To disable swiping for screen capture, do the following:

  • Enter the settings menu.
  • Scroll down to “Motion” and select “Motions and Gestures”.
  • Tap “Swipe with your finger” to take a photo.
  • Press the toggle switch to turn the function on and off.

TAKE A SCREENSHOT | Galaxy S9/S9 (4 Methods)

How to take screenshot on Galaxy S20, S20. S20 Ultra and Z Flip?

On Galaxy S20, S20. S20 Ultra and Z Flip have several ways to take screenshots. One of them. it is a palm movement. Activate it by going to Settings and enabling Palm Swipe to Grip in Advanced Features. Drag the edge of your hand horizontally from right to left or left to right and from edge to edge. Make sure your hand is in contact with the screen. Or take a screenshot in a more traditional way. simultaneously pressing two buttons, the power key and the volume down key.

After the screenshot is taken, you will get a preview and several options for additional actions at the bottom of the screen, such as drawing on an image, cropping an image, or submitting from a menu. Another option presented in the menu. it is a scroll capture, a feature that allows you to take scrolling screenshots of long articles or images. To use scroll capture, you first need to enable smart capture in advanced settings. Then you can simply click Capture Scroll from the options that appear at the bottom of the screen after capturing the screenshot. Continue clicking the Capture Scroll button to continue capturing long content. Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy Note8 offer a different way to access scroll capture. Take out the S Pen to activate Air Command, select Screen Recording, then Scroll Capture. Capture long text or images by scrolling, then add annotations with the S Pen.

There is Smart select to select certain shapes. On Galaxy Note10, Note10. S10e, S10, S10. S9, S9. Note9, S8, and S8 enable this feature by going to Settings Display Edge Screen Edge Panels. You can now select a rectangle or oval for screenshots of these shapes. Animation lets you select a portion of a video to create an animated GIF. On the Galaxy Note8, take out the S Pen to activate Air Command and click Smart Select from the menu. Use the S Pen to select any shape you want or select a video section to get animated GIFs.

Learn more about Galaxy.

How to take screenshot of Galaxy S8 and S8 plus

Here’s how to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8

Once you know what that function is, you will probably use your cell phone a lot, and without a doubt, this is the easiest way to capture what is happening on your phone screen.

There are apps out there to help you do this, but once I show you how to do it, you will probably agree that this is the easiest thing in the world, and never even think about downloading anything to get the job done.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how easy it is to take a screenshot on Samsung’s new flagship smartphones, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung s8 plus

How to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone by swiping your palm across the screen

This method works on the following devices, as well as most Samsung phones that came out after 2013: Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus. Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus. Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge. Galaxy S6 Plus. Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 3.

If palm movement does not work, to enable it you need to change the settings.

  • Open Settings Advanced Features (On some older phones. Motion & Gesture Settings).
  • Enable the corresponding function for screenshots.
  • Enjoy!

Easy Ways to Take Screenshot on Samsung and Other Android Phones

How to take screenshot on Samsung phone or other Android smartphone? this question sometimes catches us by surprise when it is necessary to share a screen image with friends or send a visual confirmation of calls made to an employer.

So how easy is it to take a screenshot on Samsung?

This guide applies to smartphones Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy C as well as other Samsung phone models.

This also applies to other Android phones. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean (4.1, 4.2, 4.3), KitKat (4.4), Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android 6.0, Android 7.0. Android 8.0 Oreo and Android 9.0 Pie (so this includes most Android phones).

How to take a screenshot on your phone using buttons

Are these all options how to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone?

Fortunately, most Android phones offer an easier method for capturing your screen.

In order to make a skin shot on the phone using the buttons, you need to press and hold the home button and the power button at the same time:

  • Press the power off button and the “return to home screen” button (or cancel the action) at the same time.
  • Hold both buttons for more than a second until you hear a trigger sound or see visual signs that a skin shot has been taken.

Screenshot Easy

The first application for taking screenshots. Screenshot Easy This app has great features for ease of use. For example, it allows you to take pictures using the screen overlay button, the button on the notification bar, shaking the device, or using a widget.

There are also some great post-capture options, you can crop screenshots, convert them to a ZIP file, edit colors, and add time and date stamps. You can save images in PNG or JPG format.

Finally, Screenshot Easy has screen recording capabilities including support for scrolling through screenshots.

On devices prior to Android 4.0

Before Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was released in October 2011, there was no way to take a screenshot in the operating system.

Fortunately, not many people use older versions of Android on their phones. But if you are forced to use Gingerbread or Honeycomb. possibly because your primary device is out of order and you are using an old spare. you also need to know how to take screenshots.

The best way for non-rooted devices. use Android SDK. Yes, it is cumbersome to set up, but this is the most reliable approach.

You can download the SDK from the official Android site. Installing and configuring the SDK app is beyond the scope of this article, so check out the No Root Screenshot It app if you want a simpler user interface.

Screenshot on Samsung how to make

Screenshot Galaxy S20 using Smart Capture Toolbar / Screenshot

The next thing to know about taking screenshots on the Galaxy S20 (and older models) is what smart capture is. now called the Screenshot Toolbar. will do a lot more. It’s something pretty unique to Samsung and allows you to instantly do something with your screenshot instead of opening it in the gallery app.


  • Make sure smart capture is enabled in Advanced Capture & Screen Recording settings (it will be enabled by default)
  • When you take a screenshot (using buttons or swiping with your palm, below), you get additional options at the bottom of the page in the form of a banner (as shown above). You can draw, crop, or share, but the most useful is the scroll capture, marked with downward pointing arrows.
  • Capture scrolling by touch to include parts of the display that you can see, for example, on a long web page. this is really useful.

Super Screenshot

Super Screenshot is free to use and contains no ads, making it a great choice for users looking for a clean and easy-to-use screenshot app.

Perhaps its best feature. it is the ability to crop your screenshots before they are saved in memory. It also allows you to resize pictures, draw on them, add text notes and set various filters. To achieve the same results using the standard Android method, you need to download a photo editing app.

You can save photos directly to your phone’s SD card to save space where needed.

You might be interested in scrolling screenshot apps and OCR based screenshot apps to help you find screenshots quickly.

Palm screenshot

A proprietary feature of Samsung smartphones, with which you can take a screenshot by swiping your palm across the screen.

Go to “Settings”.

Open the section “Additional functions”.

Next. “Movements and Gestures”.

Turn on “Palm Screenshot”.

Take a screenshot by swiping your palm from left to right or from right to left.

Quite an interesting way, isn’t it? It is a pity, not present on all Samsung smartphones.

3.Rotate your Android phone

Early versions of Android didn’t allow apps to take screenshots without rooting. It was a security feature designed to prevent malicious downloads from spying on you and stealing your personal information.

However, rooting an Android device opens up a whole world of possibilities for you. There are many apps in the Play Store that have a simple Take Screenshot button. specially for use on older versions of Android with rooted access. We have included some of them in the list of the best Android apps to take better screenshots.

Screenshot Galaxy S20 using buttons

Samsung supports the traditional Android method of taking a screenshot by pressing buttons:

Please note that this is different from the Galaxy S7 and previous devices, which used a combination of a standby button and a home button.