Screenshot On Samsung A3

Standard method

The first scenario is used most often. This method will be close to people working with “apple” gadgets. How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy or any other Android-based device?

It is necessary to adhere to simple recommendations. They look like this:

Open a document or page on a mobile device that you want to capture on an image.

  • Press the button to turn off the smartphone. Together with her, hold down the “Home” key. It is located at the bottom of the phone.
  • Hold the buttons down until you hear a small click.
  • Release controls.
  • All. The proposed algorithm almost always works. The main thing. Press the buttons of the mobile phone at the same time.

    Screenshot On Samsung A3

    About methods of action

    The first step is to find out if it is really possible to take screenshots on Samsung mobile phones. Is it so? Yes, every modern smartphone can take a screenshot. The main thing is to know exactly how to act in this or that case.

    Today, you can bring your idea to life:

    • Using additional branded devices from Samsung;
    • By using standard telephone buttons;
    • Through third-party programs.

    Important: if a person is thinking about how to take screenshots on Samsung, he should understand that Samsung offers several combinations of buttons to accomplish the task. Further it will be described in more detail about them.

    Spen to help

    For example, use a special stylus for Samsung phones. It also helps you take screenshots. The method does not require any additional programs or applications.

    How to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone? Follow the directions:

    Open the page to be photographed on the mobile device.

  • Enable SPen. Press the button located on the stylus.
  • Double-tap the screen with your device.
  • Actions will appear on the screen indicating that the captured image is saved. Nothing difficult or special. This method is rarely used in practice. It is not very convenient for most cases. There is another original approach to bringing the idea to life.

    How to take screenshots on Samsung: tips and tricks

    Sooner or later, every mobile device owner thinks about taking screenshots. This feature makes life much easier. Today we have to learn how to take screenshots on Samsung. What tips and tricks will help bring your idea to life? Will every Samsung mobile phone owner be able to cope with the task at hand? The answers to all these questions are given below.!


    It is about using third-party programs and applications to capture images on a mobile phone screen. How to take screenshots on Samsung? It is enough to download and install some specialized application for yourself. With its help, literally in a few clicks you can 100% and quickly create a picture obtained from the display.

    Usually the algorithm of actions is reduced to the following instruction:

    Download and install an application for taking screenshots on your mobile phone. You can choose any program. There is a great app for Samsung called Screenshots.

  • Run the screen capture program.
  • Open the page you want to capture.
  • Press the button (or make a special movement) responsible for creating a screenshot.
  • On this, all actions can be completed. A couple of minutes. And it’s done. After saving the picture, you can use the images as the user wants. For example, just save them on your mobile phone or send them by message.

    Original solution

    How to take a screenshot on Samsung A3 or any other? You can use another interesting way. It is provided in all new models of smartphones from Samsung. It’s about using a touch action control service.

    It boils down to the following steps:

    Switch on the phone. Wait for it to fully load.

  • Open “Settings”. “Gesture control”.
  • Go to the section “Hand movement control”.
  • Click on the “Palm swipe to capture” button.
  • Open the document you want to capture.
  • Swipe your hand across the screen. It is necessary to do it in the direction from left to right.
  • No further action is required. It is now clear how to take screenshots on Samsung using hardware capabilities. Only the proposed actions do not always help, or they simply do not suit the owner of the mobile phone. In this case, you can choose an alternative solution.

    3 button combinations

    The easiest method is the basic keyboard shortcuts provided by the developers.

    Before taking a snapshot, you need to prepare the desired image: display it in full screen, disable widgets, configure the control panel.

  • In the case of the a5 gadget, the screen is saved by simultaneously pressing the Home and Display Lock buttons.
  • The screenshot will be placed in the device’s memory after the display flashes and a confirmation beep.

    Some smartphones are equipped with a different control system, therefore, you can make a screen using a different scheme.

    If the phone is not endowed with a mechanical component “Home”, you will have to use a combination of buttons “Volume down” and “Power on”.

    Successful image capture will be accompanied by a visual and audio signal from the gadget.

  • For outdated models, you need to hold down the “Home” and “Back” buttons at the same time.
  • Screenshot Snap

    An advanced utility from Ashampoo with an intuitive interface and a powerful screen capture editor. Taking a screenshot on Samsung a3 with Snap installed is quite easy. The main toolbar contains an extended settings menu where the user is free to:

    • Enable or disable individual program functions;
    • Set acceptable screenshot quality;
    • Display the visual design of the interface to your liking;
    • Set destination directory to store snapshots.

    The full version of the program works on android 4.0 and higher. The platform supports Russian localization, which does not require root user rights to be installed on the Galaxy a7.

    In addition to simply capturing the display, the utility will make a scrolling screen of any web page. After the initial saving of the image, a photographic editor with wide functionality opens:


  • Drawing geometric shapes, arrows.
  • Application of stamps, watermarks.
  • Adding text information.
  • Cropping and resizing.
  • Additional effects. Shadows, outlines, color tones.
  • Social media adaptation for quick screenshot sharing. Facebook, Twitter, Google.
  • Additional software

    It is possible to take screenshots with non-standard dimensions only after installing auxiliary programs. Applications are downloaded from the official Google Play service.

    Built-in functions

    It is possible to take a screenshot on the Samsung A3 and new models using a dynamic panel that opens with a swipe of your finger from top to bottom. After accessing a set of modes, you need to do the following:

    Select “Screenshot” option.

  • Usually this function works with a delay. A couple of seconds after clicking the screen will be written to the device’s memory.
  • A similar option is hidden in the main menu of the operating system. It opens by long pressing the power button.
  • After displaying the required picture, it is not difficult to perform the described procedure.

    Experienced users practice the instant screen capture method. Taking a screenshot on the Samsung galaxy a5 can be done with one flick of your hand using the standalone gesture recognition feature. This option has taken root well in last year’s models.

    Before using the described functionality directly, you need to activate the motion recognition option.

  • Open the basic settings of the smartphone, then go to the “Motion” section.
  • Select the appropriate function, set your own gesture, then save the changes.
  • Open the required image, full-screen application or page in the browser, then repeat the movement specified in the previous paragraph.

  • If successful, android will confirm the correct saving of the screen.
  • Ways to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A5

    Taking screenshots of web pages from the display of a Galaxy smartphone or tablet is a topic of interest to many users. Complex image captures. Scrolling or invisible. Are difficult to accomplish using basic gadget functionality. There are many ways to solve a problem, each of which is applicable in a specific situation.

    Screen Master

    This application positions itself as free markup for images of any format. Additionally, it allows you to take a screenshot on the Samsung a5 and convert the picture into a full-fledged image with explanatory inscriptions, photographic effects.

    Screen Master is able to take a screenshot of the galaxy a3 with the following triggers applied:

    • Screen keyboard;
    • Floating buttons;
    • Smartphone shaking.
    • Full access to the utility is provided free of charge.
    • Installer size. 5 MB.
    • No restrictions on the use of screenshots taken.
    • Saving images in excellent quality.
    • Adding annotations.
    • Capturing the page in the browser.
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