Screenshot Lenovo K5 Pro

1. Not expensive (in May 2016 it was sold at a discount for only 10 thousand rubles).
2.4G and OTG.
3. The 4000mAh battery charges in 2 hours with a native charge.
4. 64 GB ROM.
5. Interactive backlight (turns on in low light in the sun)

1. About once every two weeks the network disappears (rebooting helps).
2. The lack of a slot for a second SIM card.
3. The speaker is loud, but the sound quality is disgusting.
4. The 3.5 mm jack gives a weak signal, for example, if you connect to the speakers through aux then
the volume will be significantly lower compared to the old Samsung i8160.
5. There are some applications that do not work on the Z3560 chipset (From known
6. The camera does poorly in low light.
7. For 2 years there has been no firmware update and will not, sit on 4.4.4.
8. Heats well even in medium games (Clash Royale, Clash of Clans).
9. In some applications such as Calls, Calendar and more, displays no
the time is correct (for example, they called you at 11 o’clock, but it will display if they called at 12.

A comment:
In general, for a year of using the phone I’m satisfied, WOT Blitz at high go to 60 fps but with subsidence, the smartphone itself sometimes lags but not significantly. For a year of use, he ditched the battery, play an hour in the game and surf for an hour and by the evening already 30%.

The screen is good. bright and big
Memory size
On this obvious advantages end

The battery is clearly not 4000 mAh, it doesn’t catch wi-fi, the connection periodically disappears, the speaker began to crack and buzz during conversations

A comment:
Perhaps if the specialists from Lenovo screwed up this model, it would not have been so bad, but in fact, almost immediately after the release of this unit, they stopped supporting it. Only one update came out and it remained the only one for all my 2 years of use.
To summarize: I would never advise anyone to take this model. only if the table is propped up.

Good speaker, screen, camera. It is convenient to hold in your hand, but not for long.

Rebooted, slowed down, hung.

A comment:
A terrible phone, I used it for 2 years, and it was hell. For phone “lived” my life. Reboot when I wanted to, hung at an inopportune moment, slowed down when I wanted. Had to write SMS or message again. 2-3 times gave in for repair. Even 2 weeks before buying a new phone. So, I do not advise. Now I have a new phone for more than a month, and I don’t have a soul in it.

Screen 5’5
64GB memory
Operative 4gb
Akum 4000mAh

Not high-quality plastic, the camera is not very.

1. Not a bad camera.
2. For such a powerful price.
3.4G and OTG.
4. Battery 4000mAh.
5. 64 GB of ROM.
6. If there is not enough brightness, then the interactive backlight turns on in the sun.

1. About once every two weeks the network disappears (you have to reboot).
2. One SIM card.
3. The poor speaker is loud, but the sound quality is poor.
4. Auto brightness does not always work.
5. The 3.5mm output is a weak signal in the headphones is not noticeable, but if you connect, for example, to the aux machine, the volume will be much lower than the same drive.
7. There are not many applications that do not work on this processor (From the well-known Shazam).
8. The camera does poorly in poor lighting conditions.

Screenshot Lenovo K5 Pro

A comment:
In general, for a year of using the phone I’m satisfied, WOT Blitz at highs go to 60 fps but with subsidence, the smartphone itself sometimes lags but not significantly, I never dropped it, but for a year of use I ditched the battery (often used modem mode) to play for an hour game and hour to surf and by the evening already 30%.

After 2 hours, the phone began to hang. The screen goes blank, and does not unlock, a reboot saves. The volume and lock buttons stopped working after 2 months. Hard overheating is not just in games, but with simple use. Charging is enough for 2-3 hours. The camera twitches (the Matrix itself jumps with the lens (apparently from overheating) with a characteristic crunch) I’m certainly not a programmer, but when I turn on the camera, “An error occurred in the Camera application” I’m worried. The screen flickers spontaneously. The phone does not charge due to overheating. Is writing “Battery temperature high, charge not possible.” In the headphones. quiet. Compared to the same iPhone and Samsung. Listening to music to the maximum, you calmly talk with a friend.

A comment:
Do not try to buy this unfinished device. Greedy pays twice.!

Pretty loud speaker, (after my Samsung), good battery, memory

My phone lags wildly, hangs, sometimes the screen blinks, 4GB of RAM does not feel at all. everything is sharp, inhibited, in addition, android 4.4.4 adds even more problems. At first, since the phone was designed for WoT Blitz, I wanted to download it, but as I entered the Play Market it showed me that this game is not supported on your device, to say that I was surprised, to say nothing, but then it passed,

A comment:
In general, the smartphone is good in terms of performance, but there is no optimization, so it is very buggy.

Great screen with a high margin of brightness.
Really a lot of operative.
Quality camera.
Good rear speaker.
Film with bumper included.
Native headphones arranged for quality and lived for six months, I think a good time.
When switched on, the S-power mode (with reservations) extends the battery life much more significantly than the mode “in airplane”, although when it is turned off, the battery, as they say, makes up for lost time.

A comment:
Use experience. nine month. Opened a life hack for zoom: so that the detail is not lost, you do not need to zoom in during shooting and crop by cropping (pixels will climb too), and zoom in on the finished photo with a gesture and take a screenshot.
He made a poultice from overheating by stuffing foil from medicinal candies under the bumper.
In addition, I carry with me an external 20,000mAh battery, the phone is almost constantly charged from it and discharges it about half a day.

With each month of operation, the phone loses its software features, there are no updates. No merits left. Although there were.

The camera seemed to be quite good with stabilization, but the application “camera” stopped running in the second month of use.
The screen spontaneously resets the brightness to a minimum and in the sun it is impossible to return it since it is not visible what is on the screen, but it is necessary to climb into the wilds of the menu for additional. Parameters.
After four months I stopped working wiFi Generally fell off as a function
After almost two months, he began to lose the network or issue a SIM card error, the SIM card is new!
And all these problems are not solved!
Loses the mobile network and finds only after a reboot.