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How can I unlock the screen on Andoid

Key unlock methods:

  1. swap left or right after pressing the unlock key;
  2. password entry;
  3. enter the graphic key.

Many modern smartphones have a fingerprint sensor. If it is present, then unlocking is also possible by fingerprint.
Some devices, in turn, can be unlocked by scanning the retina. In particular, such an opportunity is provided for in expensive Samsung models.

Most often, people ask the question: how to remove the screen lock when they cannot remove it by following the steps above. If this happens, it is most likely because the system has certificates that prohibit this from happening.

In order to unlock it all the same, go to the “Security” section and select “Clear credentials” there, and then confirm the corresponding intention. When this is done, you can try to remove the lock in the above way.

What to do if administrator removes the screen lock on Android

In this case, you need to perform “Clearing credentials” (how to do this, see paragraph above).
If the telephone is corporate, then before performing the appropriate actions, you must consult with an IT specialist of the company.

TOP 5 lock screen apps

Some may not like the look of a standard lockscreen, and some may miss its features. But, fortunately, you can install a third-party corresponding application on Android. There are many, here are just a few of the most popular:

  • Picturesque Lock Screen (developed by Microsoft employees, has many widgets);
  • LokLok (lockscreen messenger. you can use it to chat with friends);
  • Corgi (Lockscreen for those who use Feedly aggregator, and do not want to miss news);
  • MixLocker (lock screen with a huge selection of themes);
  • dodol locker (just a beautiful lockscreen).

It’s better to still use Loxcreen, and not turn it off. This will avoid a number of troubles. And so that the unlocking process can be useful and enjoyable, you can set the most interesting third-party lock screen.

Quite often there are situations when there is a need to remove the password from a mobile phone. How to do this correctly, we will describe in this article. In order not to forget the password on your mobile phone, you can not set it at all. Thus, your phone will turn on immediately, without the need to enter any data. After all, if you enter the password incorrectly, then your mobile device will be blocked and you will need to enter an additional pack code, which is often very problematic to find, and such problems are useless. This article will let you know how to: remove the password from the mobile phone, and what actions need to be performed for this; remove the graphic password from the phone; unlock and unlock the keypad. All these points will be discussed in detail a little later.

Data reset

This method will work on many smartphones that have the Recovery menu installed (TWRP, CWN or Standard). Using this method, you will have to not only reset the graphic key, but also delete all other user data. the phone book, SMS messages, notes and some other data. Fortunately, if you have a Google account and synchronization is enabled on your device, then you can easily restore everything. As for photos, videos and music, they will not go anywhere.

To reset the data you need to go to Recovery menu
and select the item in it Wipe data / Factory Reset
. For different manufacturers, the exit method in the Recovery menu is different:

  • Smartphone Samsung
    First you need to turn it off, then hold down the center key, volume up key and power button. On models released before 2012, you only need to hold the power button and the center key.
  • On smartphones HTC
    hold the volume down button and the power button. After the Android image appears, both buttons are released. Instead of Factory Reset, the desired menu item may be called Clear storage
    . It is advisable to remove and insert the battery (if it is removable) before going to the Recovery menu.
  • On smartphones Huawei
    It is also recommended to remove and insert the battery. Then you need to hold the power key and volume up button. After the appearance of the picture from Android, the buttons are released.
  • On smartphones Sony
    Usually one of the above ways to go to the Recovery menu is triggered. The exception is the old models. they may require connecting the device to the computer and installing the program Sony Ericsson PC Suite
    , where you need to go along the path "Instruments
    "-"Data recovery
  • On smartphone Zte
    usually it helps to hold the power button and press the volume up key at a certain time (then you need to hold it too). And also perform a data reset by pressing the “Emergency call
    "And a combination set 983987 #
  • On devices from Motorola
    , Archos
    , Asus
    and Prestigio
    the power key and volume down button are clamped. Sometimes, instead of the latter, the volume up key is used.

How to unlock Samsung using Hard reset

See other methods below.
. Actually forgetting the screen lock password on your Samsung phone is a common thing. There are many ways to help you unlock passwords, pattern, and any other PIN codes of your Samsung smartphone. However, if you really have no way, restoring a Samsung phone to factory reset is also a good choice.

Step 1. Turn off your Samsung phone.

Step 2. Press the Home, Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously to open the recovery menu.

Step 3. After entering the recovery menu, use the volume down button to navigate, scroll to “erase data / reset factory settings” and use the “Power” button to select.

Step 4. Scroll down to “yes. delete all user data” using the volume down button to confirm the deletion of all user data and press the power button to select.

Note. Be sure that you do not mind deleting all the data on your Samsung device, this cannot be undone.

Step 5. If everything is done, all user data, including password, PIN, pattern, etc., will now be deleted from your Samsung device, please wait patiently until it is completed.

Step 6. Use the power button to select “System Restart Now” and your Samsung phone will reboot automatically.

When you finish the above steps, your Samsung device will now be like new, proceed with the setup. If this is done, you can now use your Samsung phone again. Now you can set the lock PIN, pattern, password for your phone, but please remember it.

In addition, since all personal data has been deleted, you can restore through the backup created by KiK, MobileTrans or another backup tool, now you can restore the backup on your Samsung phone.

probably is the most necessary device today. A person who is without a device, as without hands. If before it was used as a means of communication, now it is a diary, music, hobbies, work, communication with friends and family. But what if you have a lock and you forget its combination? Do not worry, today we will help to deal with this problem.

The main thing in the article

Reference. Types of lock and unlock screen Android

Phone lock is designed to protect user data from unauthorized access and unwanted information leakage. You can unlock the phone later using the pattern key and password.

The advantage of android-locking is that you can set arbitrary complexity for the graphic key, thereby enhancing security. The second point. in addition to locking the screen, the user can set security to access certain folders and certain user data on the phone.

However, not all Android users need built-in protection. Therefore, it is no secret that there are alternative add-ins for Android that allow you to install alternative blockers and methods of blocking. In particular, it is possible to unlock the screen with a double tap. To activate it, just install the Knock Lock application and then switch the screen unlock method yourself. instead of the graphic key, specify “double tap”. The application works on all devices, including Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Summary. Well, choose the most convenient, fast and safe way in terms of losing user data. If none of the methods for unlocking the Android screen worked, ask us a question through the Question-Answer form in the right column of the site, describing the problem as fully as possible.

Types of Screen Lock

Today, android has the following types of protection:

  1. Blocking may be absent at all if the owner of the equipment is confident in safety and does not need an additional level of protection;
  2. Normal svayp. protects against accidental inclusion, is not able to protect against intruders;
  3. The graphic key is one of the most common solutions. The owner of the equipment draws a figure at certain points and at each unlocking depicts this figure;
  4. PIN. a sequence of certain numbers that must be entered to unlock;
  5. Password is one of the most reliable ways to block. The user must enter a sequence of lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers invented by him;
  6. Fingerprint is one of the new and safe ways to block;
  7. Face recognition is also a new type of blocking, which, unlike a fingerprint is still a “raw” solution, is under development;
  8. Iris scanner. found on expensive device models, today it is the most reliable smartphone lock.

Special programs

A number of special programs will also help unlock the screen of your Samsung phone. We will consider the two most popular and repeatedly verified by users.


Dr.Fone application has repeatedly helped owners of Android smartphones restore access after an unsuccessful lock or system error.

First you need to run the program and go to the "Advanced Tools" tab. There you need to select the subsection "Removing Android Lock screens."

With it, you can delete any information, up to contacts and passwords. Simply connect the smartphone and press the Start button.

Everything happens in the following sequence:

  1. Smart via a cable connects to a computer.
  2. Goes into boot mode by successive keystrokes.
  3. Dr.Fone selects the required recovery package.
  4. The equipment returns to operating mode and no longer requires a password.

Video: Screen Unlock Dual Tap Tap Huawei

Samsung Find my mobile

This service will help you quickly and safely unlock Samsung Galaxy without deleting data and rollbacks to factory settings.

  1. To get started, go to
  2. Next, enter the email address and password for the Samsung account (if there is one. Otherwise, this method will not work).
  3. A list of attached gadgets should appear on the left. You need to choose the one you need.
  4. In the list of available functions, tap on “”, and already there, select the option “Unlock my device”.

Unlock pattern

Consider the easiest option on how to hack a Samsung account. If the phone was connected to a Google profile, then restoring access to a smartphone is as easy as shelling pears. We randomly drive several options for combinations until the system stops you with a message that the attempts are exhausted. Below is the standard phrase “Forgot your pattern?”. Tap on it and expect to switch to a Google account. Follow the instructions and restore the ability to use the phone.

Owners of Androids younger than version 2.2 are really lucky, because there is a significant flaw in this OS, which developers later successfully eliminated. So, to crack the key, just call yourself from another phone and accept the call. Next, reset the connection and go to the menu, where in the “Security” section we deactivate the current code.

On some models, the following method works: we wait until the smartphone starts to signal a low charge and, when the notification is displayed, go to the menu and remove the graphic cipher request.

Removing the security code when the VPN network is on

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a virtual network that is designed to provide secure access to the Internet. How to disable password on iPhone. When activated, all information transmitted over the network will be securely hidden from third-party attacks.

To enable VPN, you need to put a digital or graphic key on the input screen. How to take a screenshot (screen) of the screen on the iPhone. And removing such a password in a standard way will not work. In this case, you must first remove the VPN:

  1. Via the Samsung menu, enter the “Connections” section.
  2. Open the “Other Settings” tab and tap on the VPN line.
  3. You will see the virtual network used on the device. Call its properties by clicking on the gear icon, and then click “Delete”.

Not a day goes by for me on Twitter, by email, Hangouts or Skype, to not be asked the same question: What to do.

After successfully deactivating the VPN, you can unlock Samsung in normal mode.

Encryption of internal and external memory

Smartphone encryption with built-in algorithms allows you to protect personal files and settings from possible hacking. As with VPNs, without a screen lock, this mode will not work. How to disable screen lock on Android. How to disable the password on Put a screen lock with a password on the Samsung. Therefore, to disable the PIN code (graphic password) on the Samsung Galaxy J1 or any other mobile device, first refuse encryption:

  1. From the Options menu, select Security.
  2. In the "Encryption" section, click on "Decrypt".
  3. After that, go to “Encrypt external memory” and click “Disable”.
  4. At the last stage, open the “Lock screen” tab and tap “No”.

Removing third-party certificates

Some programs downloaded to the phone from the Play Market or third-party resources require additional security certificates. Trying to unlock the screen, how to disable unlock. If on. During their installation, you may be asked to set a password. How to disable password lock screen android phone. And while the certificates will work, the PIN-code cannot be disabled. Therefore, before removing the screen lock of a mobile phone, delete the existing certificates:

  1. Open the "Security" section.
  2. In the Other Security Settings tab, select Delete Credentials.
  3. Confirm cleaning by clicking Ok.

If the desired line is in an inactive state, then no certificates were found on the smartphone. In this case, other actions must be taken to unlock the display.

Disabling Administrative Rights

For the stable operation of some applications, administrator rights are required (do not confuse with root access). How to take a screenshot on Samsung. Screenshot on. Two options for making a screenshot (screenshot) of the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 Android-Handy. Update Andro. It is in their opening that the impossibility of disabling the screen lock may lie.

We will remove administrative rights as follows:

  1. Through the settings of the smartphone, we enter the section “Lock screen”.
  2. Click on “Other Settings” and select the line “Device Administrators”.
  3. In the window that appears, all programs that use system privileges will be displayed. Disable the extended rights opposite each item by dragging the corresponding sliders to the Off position.

If administrator privileges are not removed for a utility, it may be a virus. In this case, try checking Samsung with a mobile antivirus program, and then completely remove the problem program.

Operating system crashes

If all the proposed ways to turn off the lock screen did not bring a positive result, most likely there was a system failure on the mobile phone. To eliminate it, you will need to reset the Samsung settings to factory settings.

This procedure is performed through the “Archiving and Reset” section with a few clicks. However, it leads to the deletion of all data and settings from the phone. Therefore, before starting it, save important information in a safe place.

How to find out the Android version on a smartphone

If you need to find out which version of the OS is installed on your smartphone, this is not difficult. There are several methods. For the simplest, you need to go to the desired settings section of the smartphone. Consider the example of a smartphone Samsung Galaxy

  • Find the settings section.
  • Scroll to the end of the menu. Last line: About the device (or Information about the smartphone), click on it. It happens that the version of Android is already indicated on the line.
  • In the window that opens, select the Software Information line. Selecting this item will open a window with detailed information about the software installed on the smartphone. Including the version of Android.

This method is not always possible to use, since some developers and manufacturers indicate in this paragraph the latest version of the software, and not what system the OS is based on. In this case, you can obtain the necessary information by installing free software. You can find and download applications that let you know the version of Android on your smartphone in the Play Market.

As you can see, removing the key or password is not so difficult, the main thing is not to panic and stay with a cold head. One of the ways is simple and harmless, with them you will not lose data. Others are more complex, requiring programming, as a result of which some data disappears. But in any case, passwords are reset with both easy and complex unlock methods.

Like any other surprise that may happen at the wrong time, a gadget that has blocked causes its owner not the most pleasant emotions

However, it is important to understand that the block is a serious answer that the electronic organism gives out for no reason. If an antivirus is not installed on the gadget, then picking up something harmful from the Internet is as easy as shelling pears

Plus, users often do not show much pickiness in the software, installing various dubious programs. Plus, it also happens that certain software elements simply conflict with each other. It happens that the most banal and simple thing becomes the reason for blocking: a forgotten Galaxy A3 graphic key or password that was entered "at random". Several such attempts may result in a device failure. Then only such a thing as a hard reset Galaxy A3 can unlock the device. So specialized portals or advanced users call resetting, which is an unsafe procedure. Of course, you may not fully understand what dumping is. However, everyone who owns electronics knows what formatting is. The rigidity of the actions here will be similar.

Hard reset kills all user information, content, contacts, software, games, multimedia and all other entertainment. There will be nothing left. Therefore, do not rush to start returning your gadget to its original factory settings when you did not make any copies.

As a rule, an information reserve is created using portable media. These can be flash cards with a large amount of memory, USB hard drives with a large capacity, a stationary machine. However, they are not always available and free. While file storages on the Internet are always available, and there are a huge number of them: Apple cloud, Samsung. DropBox, Yandex drive. You can safely store a backup copy of your information there. And now let’s proceed to the direct algorithm.

The first way to hard reset Samsung Galaxy A3:

Another method that is deemed more stringent may also be necessary. Therefore, you need to carefully study what is written in the instructions below, so as not to make mistakes in the presses, and not to resort to pressing the keys clearly in turn. Otherwise, you may not achieve a hard reset.

How to unlock a Samsung phone

In this article, we have collected the most common methods for solving such situations that will help to quickly restore access, and in some variations. without data loss.

Remote control

This method is suitable for those who manage applications through a Google account. This is a convenient feature that helps not only if the user has forgotten the password or pattern, but also when the equipment is stolen or lost. It allows you to remotely call a phone, erase data and leave a message that will be displayed when a smart person turns on the smart.

In order to control the screens from a distance, you need to go to your Google profile from the computer, select the “My devices” column and take the necessary actions with it.

Through safe mode

Safe mode is used to fix malfunctions and errors of the operating system, including changing the unlock password (or pattern).

Log in as follows:

  1. On the switched on phone, you need to hold the power button until the option “Disconnect” appears.
  2. This option needs to be clamped with a tap for a few seconds.
  3. A message appears about the transition to safe mode (entails the disablement of administrative rights). That is, after the agreement through the OK button, Samsung will start without installed applications. in its purest form.
  4. Next, you need to go to Settings and disable password entry, or change it to the one that you will definitely remember.
  5. The standard view of the operating system will return after a reboot.

Hard reset with keys

Hard reset. rollback to the factory settings with the subsequent erasure of all data contained in the internal memory. If the last synchronization with cloud storage was long ago, then there is a risk of losing contacts, media and achievements in different applications.

As a rule, a hard reset is initiated from the Settings, but in case of urgent need it can be performed using the buttons. holding down a certain combination of them.

To do this, you need:

  1. Turn off the smartphone.
  2. At the same time, hold down the volume rocker, the Home and Power Off buttons. On some new models, a key that returns to the desktop is not provided, then all the others are pressed.
  3. The power button must be released as soon as the company logo appears on the display, the rest must be held for another 15 seconds.
  4. When executed correctly, the message “Recovery” should appear on the screen.
  5. Next, select the Factory Reset item with the volume rocker.
  6. The selection is confirmed by the power key.
  7. Once all the data has been erased, Reboot System Now is selected to reboot Samsung.

Flashing from a computer

It is better to trust the flashing to a qualified master from the service center. Independent manipulations can burn internal parts, the OS can work “crookedly”, or even the gadget will turn into a lifeless “brick” without the possibility of recovery.

Screen Unlock Dual Tap Tap Huawei

However, those who are willing to take risks should use a special program for the computer. Odin. Flashing, as well as rollback to the factory state, will delete all the information stored on the phone.

A detailed firmware guide can be found on the Odin utility developer website, and carry out the procedure at your own risk.

There are many nuances in working with this software that cannot be covered within this subsection.

Method 3 reset

a hard reset will delete all data from your Samsung Galaxy, including games, applications, photos and contacts. Use it only if the above methods did not help, and nothing else remains.

For its implementation:

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Hold and hold the keys "Power home volume up" at the same time (if there is no "home" key, then you do not need to hold it). After the “Samsung.” signature is displayed, release the “power”, and hold the remaining keys until the reboot (about 10-15 seconds. if the phone does not restart, then repeat all steps again).
  3. Use the volume keys to select the line “Wipe data / factory reset”. Confirm your selection with the "Power" button.
  4. Select “Yes” or “Yes. Delete.”.
  5. Confirm the deletion of all data from the phone.
  6. The smartphone will restart and return to the state “out of the box”

Please note that on versions older than 5.0 the method does not work. After a reboot, the system will require you to log into Google account, previously installed on the phone

If you can’t remember the data for authorization, contact a Samsung service center.

Password is a reliable way to protect the contents of your smartphone from strangers. A graphic combination instead of numbers is also convenient, because remembering a figure is easier than a 4-digit pin. But how to unlock the phone if you forget the password? If you cannot remember the given combination, or another person accidentally changed it, you can still unlock it. In the article, we have collected working methods on how to disable the graphic key or digital password.

Our instructions are designed to restore access only to personal gadgets. We will not tell you how to crack the password on the phone so as not to violate the right of every person to the inviolability of personal data.

In order not to remember the digital password, create its graphic version in the settings of the mobile device. To unlock the graphic key on Android, you need to connect the points on the display in a certain sequence. To set a key:

  • open the "Security" section;
  • go to the “Screen lock” sub-item;
  • click on the “Pattern Key” and draw a shape.

Do not use the simplest characters, numbers and first letter of your first or last name. For reliability, draw an invented figure on paper and save it so that you can always remember its appearance. If you didn’t do it and can’t remember the picture in any way, read below what to do if you forgot your phone password