Screen Recording On Samsung S9

Way to record screen in Samsung Note 10

Mobile phone manufacturers have finally realized the importance of recording directly from the phone’s display. And they provided users with a built-in application in new models. Just like their competitors from Apple did. In “apple” smartphones, the function is available from version 11 of iOS. On Samsung Note 10 and Note 10, we can now record anything from a smartphone without any applications.

Everything is as simple as possible, and the function is available from the quick access menu:

  1. If you are the owner of Samsung Note 10, just lower the Android shutter of the device;
  2. Select function ” Screen recording “;
Screen Recording On Samsung S9

Select “Screen Record”. You will see the countdown digits. When the account reaches 0, recording will begin;

Recording from a smartphone screen

  • On the screen above, there are also buttons to control the recording. For example, click the square in the circle and the recording will stop. The record is saved in the device gallery. Select a pencil to add an item to an entry or edit it.
  • Even when a recording is being made from the mobile screen, you can write with a marker on the screen, indicate the elements with arrows, or write message words. Samsung’s built-in screencast program can be customized.

    Select the Android settings icon

    To do this, lower the curtain and select the settings icon.

    Further procedure:

      Choose “ Additional features “;

    Select “Advanced Features”, then click on “ Screenshot and screen recording “;

    Click on “Screen Capture and Screenshot” and select “ Screen Recording Settings “.

    Select “Screen Recording Settings”

    In this window, we can change the sound settings or enable voice recording during the creation of a screencast.

    Set up screen recording in Samsung phone

    You can only activate voice storage from a microphone or only system sounds and playable applications. Adjust the quality of the to be shot by selecting: 480p, 720p or 1080p. Samsung Note 10 is not the only smartphone from the manufacturer that can record from the display without applications. information about the models can be found on the official website

    Application for saving and display for Samsung

    If your model does not support screencast without third-party tools. it does not matter. In the Google Play mobile market, you can download any of your choice. There are several dozen.

    Apps for “Screen Recording”

    And to figure out which one suits you, you have to spend a little time. You need to familiarize yourself with the functionality of each to compare them. Also view comments. Which are left by users who have downloaded this program on their smartphone.

    During the review, we selected the first available application for “ Samsung screen recording “. If the information about the application is in English, click the “ Translate “.

    Click on the “Translate” button if the text is in English. Information about the application in the Play Market

    So you can read in Russian what a program for recording can do. At the bottom of the window, find detailed information about the application: about its size, supported versions of Android, the number of downloads. As well as the permissions that will need to be granted to the application.

    AZ Screen Recorder. allows you to record a screen on Samsung without Root

    Some applications to save actions on the smartphone’s desktop require Root rights on the device. But what if the device is new and there is no way to crack it. Then this is not necessary. Since there are other applications that do not require superuser rights. For example, the AZ Screen Recorder application.

    AZ Recorder mobile application

    Here are its main advantages over other applications that allow you to record the Samsung screen:

    With the buttons on the screen, you can easily control not only the recording process of the, but also the recording settings, quality and additional functions.

    How to work with the application on Samsung:

    1. After installation, run the program on the main screen or from the main menu of the smartphone;

    Click on the application icon. A small block with buttons will appear on the screen;

    Panel with buttons on the screen

  • To start writing from the screen, click on the red button;
  • Confirm the entry in the next system window. Check the box on the left so that the window no longer appears the next time you press the record button;
  • Confirm the screen recording. To control the running application, lower the Android shutter and you will see the “ Stop “,” Pause “And other functions.

    Buttons for controlling screen recording

    It is available completely free on the Play Market. Through the application settings, you can also enable / disable the system sound or microphone of the device. Manage recording quality, speed and more. And also take screenshots from the smartphone screen and crop them.

    Mobizen Recorder. will make from the Samsung Galaxy A30 display

    This application is recognizable all over the world. Mobizen on Google Play has been installed more than 100 million times.

    The program is very popular primarily because of its advantages:

    • Ability to shoots in 60 fps and 1080 resolution;
    • Support for almost any version or model of Samsung devices, which is also very appreciated by users;
    • Root rights are not required to install it;
    • The ability to shoot yourself with a front camera;
    • Built-in editor with great features, as well as creating your own signature.

    There is also a drawback in this application. in the free version you can shoot with the Mobizen watermark. The application is perfect not only for Samsung Galaxy A30, but also for other popular models with Android.

      Launch the installed Mobizen application through the icon on the desktop;

    Click on the desktop icon

  • The program control panel will appear on the right;
  • Click on the button with the camcorder to start recording;
  • Press the button with the camera to start recording. After a three-second countdown, recording will begin;

    Countdown to start recording Find the function in the settings for inserting a shot of yourself through the front camera. In this way, you can broadcast and stream games.

    Insert yourself into your

    After shooting, the does not have to be transferred to a computer for editing. You can create a movie in the built-in editor, which is semi-professional.

    How can I record from the screen of Samsung S9

    There is no built-in native screen recording function on the Samsung S9. But there is a very interesting feature, which is almost the same as the screencast program. It is able to work only if you run some application on your mobile device.

      Lower the Android shutter and find the item “ Performance mode “. Press it and hold until a new window appears;

    Hold the button until a new screen appears. Select “ Game »And confirm its activation;

    Select “Game Mode”

  • Next, select the game or program that you want to record from the screen;
  • After starting the game or program, you can find the buttons for controlling the game mode below. Select the extreme button on the right;
  • Select the rightmost button. In the new menu, click the ” Record “.

    Click on “Record”

    To stop the, you can click on the corresponding button in the menu. Or click on the side button. Thus, self-recording from the screen on the Samsung S9 smartphone will be very simple. And you do not need to install additional applications in the device that take up memory.