Screen Does Not Work On Huawei

“Why does the touchscreen not work on Huawei and Honor?”. a question the answer to which users of gadgets of this brand are looking for when faced with such a malfunction. The new smartphone models are completely touch-sensitive, which is why touchpad breakdowns create significant discomfort in the work. Read how to solve this situation in this article.

Why the display does not work on the phone Huawei and Honor

There are many reasons why the screen does not work on Honor and Huawei. The main ones are:

  • dust and oil droplets clog the apparatus;
  • the film is not properly glued;
  • poor perception of the touchscreen sent by the signal;
  • breakdown of the sensor control chip;
  • the various components that are present in the touchscreen have ceased to function.

Preventing screen problems on Honor and Huawei consists of the following:

  • Do not take a smartphone if your fingers get dirty;
  • re-stick the film after first removing the previous one.

The device initially may not work only in certain places. where mechanical damage is clearly visible. But over time, the web grows, the malfunction spreads throughout the display. To solve the problem, immediately contact the master, so as not to aggravate the situation.

What to do if Honor and Huawei screen issues?

Most often, the cause of a broken touchscreen is hidden in a module malfunction. In this case, you need to completely change it.

  1. Clean the device with a special wet towel as it becomes dirty.
  2. If bubbles occur after gluing the film, remove it and glue another.
  3. Reset the settings to factory settings, start working with the device again.
  4. If cracks appear on the screen, replace the entire display.
  5. If the microcircuit breaks during a fall, replace it at a service center.
  6. Shocks and moisture cause the circuit board to malfunction.

Before carrying a smartphone, the master needs to transfer personal data.

Screen Does Not Work On Huawei
  1. Plug in USB cable, transfer important data to PC.
  2. When supporting the OTG gadget, you can use a USB mouse as a manipulator for transferring or synchronizing data with the cloud.

If spilled liquid, then carefully dry the device.

But if it was not possible to react in time, then proceed to eliminate the oxide. For implementation, use:

  • card or similar material;
  • alcohol solution;
  • a toothbrush;
  • eraser;
  • Napkins without lint.

Before you start parsing a gadget, it’s important to study the instructions and understand how to do this. For maximum convenience, open the tutorial.

If you have any questions or have complaints. let us know

Clean very carefully, as sudden movements will cause additional damage.

After disassembling the phone:

  • expand the napkin, lay out all the accessories on it;
  • wipe the disassembled elements with alcohol, an eraser, and then with a clean cloth;

If rust is found, clean these areas with a toothbrush. Treat this area with alcohol, wipe with a clean cloth.

But if you spilled a sweet drink, then it’s difficult to eliminate the consequences yourself.

If the display is dirty and does not respond to touch, then wipe it thoroughly with a cleaning agent. Then remove moisture with a dry cloth. For cleanliness and to prevent scratches, attach a special film.

If the cable is damaged. the sensor does not work. immediately contact the service center for repair.

In case of software failures, the user needs:

  • restart the smartphone;
  • check the temperature of the phone, put it in conditions with the necessary parameters;
  • make sure the correct operation of the SIM card;
  • Download the gadget in safe mode.

Keyboard malfunctions on Android is a rare occurrence that occurs mainly due to the fault of the user. Sometimes the inconvenience of work is associated with the included auto-rotate, which is eliminated with one click.