Scanning Documents From Printer To Computer

Scanning documents and photos allows you to transfer the image to electronic form, process and send to another person. This is one of the important parts of professional activity. Previously, scanners were released separately from the printer, but modern technology includes several devices in one rhinestone. In this article, we will look at several ways to scan a document on a printer.

Scanning Documents From Printer To Computer

Preparatory stage

Devices for printing and scanning from different manufacturers do not differ in the principle of operation. Instructions on how to make a scan on a printer are relevant for a printer of any company.

To quickly and successfully scan a document from a multifunction device, follow these tips:

  • Download and install drivers for your device if there was no disk in the kit
  • Attach the front of the document clearly according to the pattern on the printer glass
  • On the computer, go to the “Toolboxes and Printers” section in the Toolbars
  • RMB open the context menu on the device icon
  • Set custom options
  • Click Start Scan
  • Wait for the scan to complete.

How to scan a document to a computer from a printer

Many people primitively use multifunctional devices for printing, without delving into deep functions. Sometimes the process of knowing the printer does not even reach the built-in scanner function. In fact, you can use it in several simple ways.

How to use a scanner using software

The Internet network has a large number of programs that are designed to work with scanning documents and photos. Special functional tools solve the problem of processing scanned documents, photographs and more.

The first, most common utility is ABBYY FineReader, which is provided by default with the Windows operating system. This is a handy program that recognizes about 150 languages ​​of the world. It is reliable and easy to use. For the average user, ABBYY FineReader will be a great option.

VueScan. Approaches many MFPs, saves documents in various formats (JPEG, TIFF, PDF and others). VueScan is equipped with an integrated OCR system. Initially, VueScan has standard settings for scanning, and most often users are satisfied with these settings.

For a high-quality result of transferring documents to the digital version, use the settings before starting work. Open the settings, align the document or photo at the edges so that it looks neat in an electronic version.

Of the free options for such software, you can use CuneiForm. Rich functionality, work with tables, various fonts, all this includes CuneiForm. Recognizes text in several dozen languages.

Paint program

To make a scan, the standard Paint program can quickly help. It is available on all Windows operating systems. Follow some simple steps to scan:

  • Install the printer and connect it to the computer
  • Attach the document or photo with the front side to the printer glass
  • Launch Paint
  • We find the section “File”
  • The item “From the scanner or camera”
  • In the window that opens, several functions will be offered
  • Choosing the right parameters for your requirements
  • Click View to verify that the changes occurred correctly.
  • Click “Scan”
  • At the end of the task, the image will be displayed on the Paint screen.
  • We save the satisfactory result by clicking “Save As”
  • Select the file format to save.

This is a very quick and easy way. It does not require software installation or any other additional steps. The method is available to all Windows users from version 7 to 10.

How to scan from printer to computer through Windows 10, 8, 7

The first two methods may turn out to be inoperative, so in this case it is worth trying to use the capabilities of the Windows system. To do this, follow the directions below:

  • In the penalty “Start” go to “Devices and Printers”
  • Find the name of the printer that is connected to the computer
  • Right-click on the icon, and then click “Start Scan”
  • In the window that opens, specify the profile, feed, color format, file type, resolution, brightness and contrast
  • Preview function for preliminary check
  • After that, click “Scan”
  • The page will scan and the image and import window will appear.
  • Import by opening the parameters before
  • The finished file is sent to the destination folder.

When working with photography, monitor the cleanliness and transparency of the scanner glass. With slight contamination, the images are not of high quality. During the scan, do not open the cover, so as not to light up the photo. Use graphic editors after running in the scanner.


All the described methods will be clear to ordinary computer users. In some cases, the easiest way is to use the mechanical buttons on the printer to scan a document. In this case, the device drivers and software for support must be installed on the PC.

Want to find a decent program for scanning documents? Our selection will allow you to make the right choice, taking into account your preferences on the part of the necessary functionality of a particular utility.

General Information:

ABBYY FineReader guarantees fast and efficient document scanning and text recognition. Able to translate various paper documents and pictures into electronic form. You can also get instant access to edit such files at any time. The application demonstrates excellent performance with modern versions of the Windows operating system.

Among the obvious advantages of the program, support is provided for 179 languages. Any text can be saved, sent by e-mail, as well as posted on the World Wide Web. It is worth noting that there is an extended modification of the application called ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional Edition, it has a wider range of features and has an increased license cost.

Key features of FineReader:

  • Fast scanning of a large number of required documents;
  • High speed reading characters and letters;
  • There is a Russian language shell interface convenient menu;
  • Using a scanner, you can process images from mobile devices with fairly weak cameras;
  • Convert to editable text;
  • Integrates into the explorer context menu;
  • It can work with office applications Word, Outlook and Excel;
  • There is software to improve the quality of graphic files (noise reduction, 3D distortion correction);
  • Ability to keep the original paperwork.

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Using OCR CuneiForm, you can perform high-quality conversion of scanned text documents, as well as photographed text into print. In the process of text recognition, virtually any font is perceived, while the original structure of the document is preserved.

The application can send ready-made material to various text editors, there is a system for converting electronic copies of paper media, as well as graphic files into the optimal form for editing. The developer steadily releases updates for OCR CuneiForm. It is noteworthy that it contains a specialized dictionary responsible for checking texts.

Key features of OCR CuneiForm:

  • Preservation of the original font structure:
  • Both single and batch processing of documents;
  • Work with various office applications and text editors;
  • The scanner program can be downloaded for free;
  • Scanned documents can be saved in PDF and other common extensions;
  • Convenient search system for used documents;
  • Document analysis tools (finding text blocks, graphic images and tables);
  • There is an intuitive Russian-language interface;
  • The program of work with documents allows you to check the dictionary.

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If you are interested in a fast utility that can scan documents and efficiently recognize them, you should pay attention to Scanitto Pro. The program does not have the most extensive functionality, but it does an excellent job of decrypting any document. It is possible to make settings for certain copy and save characteristics in TIFF and PDF.

The main advantage of this document scanning program is the easy selection of the required area, as well as the control of the level of saturation, brightness and contrast of the received files. There is also a stripped-down version of Scanitto Lite. It is suitable for unpretentious users.

Key Features of Scanitto Pro:

  • Powerful scanning system, has a very simple implementation of the Russian-language interface;
  • Any material received can be edited;
  • Selection of scanning parameters according to user preferences;
  • Full integration with any modern platforms from Microsoft;
  • Effective tools for recognition, scanning and copying;
  • High resolution of received files;
  • Saving in jpeg, png, tiff, jp2, bmp and pdf formats;
  • Saving text to multi-page PDF and TIFF documents.

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Readiris Pro is a universal scanner for Xerox, HP, Canon, Epson and MFPs from other companies. The software supports integration with Microsoft office suites, can create scans in PDF using a virtual printer, and boasts the functions of converting and compressing sources with minimal loss of quality, with the ability to adjust contrast, color temperature, etc. A small program boasts optical recognition features both from printouts and from handwritten text. The digitization is quite accurate, of course, if you are not going to “feed” her a scan of a doctor’s appointment.

  • Work with any built-in twain scanner;
  • Ease of installation and use, low cost;
  • Supported color and black and white scanning;
  • The ability to quickly preview;
  • Recognition of handwritten words and characters from sheet A4, etc.;
  • Integrated compression, color grading and image conversion tools.

VueScan. A program that helps expand the functionality of your outdated scanner, the list of compatible devices includes more than six hundred scanner models! In the scanning process, the program retains the high quality of the source material. It is noteworthy that this applies even to old photographs.

The program functions allow you to connect extremely quickly to the required scanner. There is a manual adjustment of the color rendering level, contrast, output resolution, and so on. Any scanned text, you can save as PDF documents, as well as JPEG or TIFF. The scanner program is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It is worth noting that you can get VueScan for free, but the trial version is limited. The only drawback is the lack of a Russian-language interface.

Key features of VueScan:

  • It boasts an impressive number of models of supported scanners;
  • Fast enough text scanning;
  • Convenient wizard to work with the scanner;
  • The program interface, although it does not have the Russian language, but is implemented quite simply and intuitively;
  • Finished material can be saved in PDF, JPEG, TIFF;
  • VueScan supports the decryption option;
  • The application works effectively with scanners, has the function of deeply setting certain parameters.

Free program PaperScan Free, performs three main functions responsible for scanning documents, their editing and the option of direct printing of finished material. There is a system to simplify the process of connecting to various scanners.

The program contains a good set of tools needed to configure the scanner. A clear drawback is the lack of Russian, on the other hand. The implementation of menu items will seem understandable even to users who do not understand English. To maximize the effectiveness of the program, the developers introduced a special function to save scanned documents with a strong compression level of JBIG2.

The Free version is distributed on a free basis, it is worth considering the presence of a paid modification of PaperScan Scanner Professional Edition, which demonstrates higher scanning speed and has advanced functionality.

  • The application has the function of direct printing of scanned documents;
  • You can significantly compress the file size using special compression technology;
  • Import images and PDF files;
  • A free utility supports a large number of different scanner models;
  • Ability to edit scanned text files;
  • When working with the scanner, you can use the auto-rotate and document alignment options;
  • The presence of filters and additional effects;
  • Support for Windows 10 and previous modifications to this platform.

RiDoc. Document scanning program that can reduce file sizes during processing without the slightest loss. There is a function that is responsible for outputting text to a file, as well as the ability to apply watermarks on scanned material.

RiDoc has the option of exporting documents to pictures. Quickly and efficiently scans and digitizes paper documents. The application is valid for free for 30 days, after which, you will need to purchase a full version.

Key features of RiDoc:

  • Batch processing of documents;
  • The function of applying watermarks to the finished material;
  • Email content transfer;
  • Recognition of Russian-language and various foreign texts;
  • Office types of documents can be converted to jpg, png, etc.;
  • High speed document scanning, trial version is free;
  • Significant reduction in file size without loss of original quality;
  • Work with both manual and automatic scanners.

In our selection, a list of the most popular text scanning programs has been reviewed. An important factor for programs in this category is the ability to decrypt the text of documents, as well as the quality of the scan. The information must be readable, and the image scanner should clearly transmit each line of the image into the document.

Some applications have a Russian-language design, which may become another significant factor when choosing the best scanning program. Therefore, let us briefly review the following programs that can properly recognize text and scan a document into a file:

The computer program ABBYY FineReader 10 Home is one of the most common means for scanning documents. Able to quickly and accurately find blocks, translate text written in different languages. Advantage of ABBYY FineReader. The presence of an impressive language base. Do not forget about the availability of a version with advanced Professional features.

OCR CuneiForm stands out among its competitors, with good grabbing rates for photographed text. It is noteworthy that a photograph can be taken even on a 2MP camera of some rather outdated mobile device. The program boasts a dictionary check function, which guarantees a high degree of information quality of the finished material.

Scanitto Pro, perfectly copes with the narrower specifics of work. The application very quickly recognizes the text and can save it in the desired document format. It is noteworthy that the program can find a given area of ​​the paper medium and improve the display of the material before saving to the information medium. There is a function of scanning with one click of a key.

VueScan has a strong base of comparable scanner devices. Among analogues, the program demonstrates the highest rates of connection to the scanner. Of the additional pleasant options, it is worth noting the convenience of manual color reproduction.

When choosing free document scanning programs, you should pay attention to PaperScan Free. The utility is quite simple in terms of functionality, on the other hand, it performs all the necessary scanning options, in addition, you will be pleased with the unique compression technology, which can significantly reduce the file size, leaving the original display quality. If you like the Free version, you can always purchase an extended version of Professional with already more impressive functionality.

RiDoc. Another powerful tool for scanning. It is worth noting that Reedock includes a specialized tool for reducing file sizes without noticeable deterioration of the display. The information remains readable. If necessary, the RiDoc document scanner will help you export document formats to graphic extensions. The program can set watermarks on the finished material and send the document by mail.

Note that we did not consider standard tools. Software manufacturers, such as HP Scan, as well as applications whose main functions are aimed at solving other tasks: scanner Adobe Reader, Nitro Pro. There is also BlindScanner, created to organize access to scanning devices over the network from various laptop computers.

Also, the portable utility Winscan2pdf Portable did not get into the rating. It works without installation in the operating system, but lacks many of the necessary functions, in particular, it does not allow changing formatting, does not print, and does not recognize words. But with ease of use, everything is in order. Just start it, select the folder in the dialog box and click on the button “Scan”. However, for work you need to ensure that the virtual printer is not disabled in the OS!

Note that we looked exclusively at PC solutions. Android applications did not get into the review. You can select and download any one you like from Google Play. Their algorithm of operation is approximately the same. And all that they allow to do. This is to digitize a sheet of paper in pdf format using the camera of a smartphone or tablet. To start scanning, you just need to take a photo. It will not work to fully process it or translate it into text. Some progs, of course, have a mode for converting digital photos into text format, but desktop solutions can do this much better.