Samsung Xpress M2020w Wifi Setup

Hello everybody! In the article for today we will have only one topic, namely the WiFi setting in the Samsung m2020w model printer. I must say right away that there are two ways to connect a device to a wireless network. The first is the “infrastructure mode”, when the device is connected primarily to the router, and already through it it will be possible to have access from a computer, laptop, phone or other device.

The second is the “Ad-hoc mode”, when the connection between the computer and the printer is carried out directly via Wi-Fi. Next, I will give all possible methods, connections. If you have any questions as a result of reading the article. write them in the comments.

WPS is such a convenient button that allows you to quickly connect two devices. If your router supports this connection and it has such a button, then move on. Also this connection has some peculiarity. You can connect simply with a simple click, but you can connect with the input of a special PIN code. The PIN code is indicated on the label under the chassis of the router and consists of 8 digits. We will analyze two methods

Without PIN

Press the “WPS” button on the device panel. Hold it for about a few seconds until the indicator starts flashing. Next, we approach the router and immediately click on the same button there. After that, the indicator should blink and connect to the router.

With PIN

First we need to find out the PIN, for this we hold down the WPS button for 10 or more seconds. A report sheet will appear where the desired value will be. Next, hold down the IPN button for 3 seconds until the indicator starts flashing. Now from the laptop we connect to the new printer grid and enter the appropriate PIN.

Setup using the program

  1. To set up a wireless network, you must first connect the Samsung Xpress m2020 printer to a computer or laptop via a USB cable. Cable can be found in the box;
  1. Now we take the disk that should go with the device and insert it into the CD-ROM. You can also download this Samsung Easy Wireless Setup program from the official website.
Samsung Xpress M2020w Wifi Setup

  1. First, the program will welcome you, just click “Next”. Now you need to select the type of connection, we will connect the device via Wi-Fi, so we select the bottom item, as in the picture above;
  2. Make sure the printer is not connected through a local cable. Now in the next step, you need to select “Yes, I will configure the printer’s wireless network”;
  3. In the “Choose a wireless connection method” window, select “Use USB cable.” I honestly don’t even understand why this item was inserted, but oh well. let’s move on;
  4. Next you should see a list of the necessary WiFi networks. Just select the one you need and enter the password. If you have an invisible network, then click “Advanced” and then enter all the necessary data: name, operation mode, authentication, encryption, key, etc ;
  1. If your model supports the Wi-Fi Direct connection function, then you will see such a window. I will say more simply, this function allows you to connect without using a router, that is, directly. When setting up, there’s nothing complicated, you just check the box, enter the name and password, and then connect to the network from the laptop. If you connect via a router, then uncheck the box and go “Next”;

After connecting to a wireless network, the installer will also prompt you to install additional applications. Wait until the program also installs a driver for your operating system, otherwise the printer will not work with your computer or laptop.