Samsung Types Of Phones

Types of phone breakdowns

The keyboard does not work for the phone, the device does not respond to keystrokes. The phone turns on, but it is impossible to enter the menu, dial a number, call or answer a call. The reason can be both the failure of electronic components and simple contamination of the contact pads. The defect is eliminated by cleaning the phone, or by replacing the controller. Sometimes components fail due to moisture getting into the phone. In this case, they are replaced with serviceable ones. Liquid has been spilled into the phone or it has been soaked in water. First, remove the battery from the phone. You can find out the full information on how to save the phone by calling us.

The most common breakdowns after liquid gets inside the phone:

1. Function keys, keyboard, phone joystick stop working.

2. The phone does not boot, the display is filled with white.

3. The phone does not respond to the charger and does not turn on.

4. The speaker or microphone of the device stops working.

5. Uneven backlighting, streaks are visible, the front glass is fogged up.

Never connect accessories or charger to your phone. In any of these cases, you urgently need to contact the nearest workshop for help. The sooner you contact, the more chances that the phone will be restored, the less costs will be required for its repair.

There is no online registration.

In the event that the phone has ceased to see the operator’s network or register in it (there is no inscription with the operator’s name, first you need to make sure that the problem is not with the SIM card in the phone. Try to insert a known working SIM card, it is possible that it was If the situation does not change with a working SIM-card from another device, then the problem lies in the cell phone. The reason for the failure can be a variety of malfunctions: internal mechanical damage, before the control phone programs.Such malfunctions can be diagnosed and eliminated by a technician in our cell phone repair workshop.

Doesn’t show cell phone display, screen doesn’t show or is flooded.

If the phone display is blank or is flooded with white, then the most common solution to the problem is to replace it. Often, the display breaks down after dropping the phone on a hard surface or other mechanical impact, such as impact or bending, in which case it may be in color stains. Sometimes the breakdown can be caused by a flat cable from the board to the display or other faulty electronic components. If the display glows white or artifacts appear on it.
,which can disappear and appear again, then the cause of the breakdown is most likely the cable connecting the main board and the display module. Often, cables get damaged on phones where the display is located on the mobile part of the phone, on the so-called sliders and clamshell phones. Other reasons for the display malfunction can be moisture in the phone or the phone’s software malfunction, the so-called firmware. All such malfunctions are successful. Are diagnosed and repaired by qualified technicians with special equipment and tools. The exact cause of the breakdown will be given to you in our service center after the diagnosis.

Color stripes or parts missing on the display.

The screen may have bright colored or white stripes. One of the most common causes of such defects may be a loop failure (see paragraph above). On different phones, the same malfunction can manifest itself in different ways. Sliders and clamshell phones are the most susceptible to such breakdowns, where the connecting cable is subject to mechanical wear as a result of moving parts of the phone, which, in principle, is provided for by the design, but all the parts are of extreme strength. However, the cause of such malfunctions can be trapped moisture or failure of electronic components. The reason can be given by the master only after a complete diagnosis of the device.

The speaker in the cell phone does not work, the caller cannot be heard or the ringing tone is not heard.

When you do not hear the interlocutor or the ringing tone, or hear very quietly and increasing the volume level does not help, then the most likely cause of the phone defect is. Broken speaker. Its replacement is a fairly standard procedure and does not require a lot of time. In the presence of spare parts, in some cases repairs can be carried out directly by contacting our workshop. However, the cause of such a defect can be a broken connecting cable connecting the phone board and the speaker. This breakdown can be considered typical for mobile phones with moving parts of the body. In the process of using them, the train may fray or the material from it gets tired and begins to break, a crack appears in the conductors, breaking the contact. The malfunction is not difficult and the repair of such defects does not take much time.

The caller cannot hear you or hears very badly.

Make sure that your phone and the subscriber’s phone are outside a closed room or near a window, and the signal level from the operator is not the last value on the screen, but at least 2-3 divisions. If the interlocutors do not hear you at the moment of the conversation, even when you are in an open space, then, most likely, the matter is in the failed microphone of the phone. Often, a malfunction of a mobile phone microphone is caused by moisture entering the microphone. It must be replaced at a service center. Replacing the microphone is not a difficult repair and is done quickly enough. However, there may be phones with similar symptoms, in which the microphone may be working, and the reason may lie in a malfunction of the connecting cable. In this case, the loop is replaced with a new one.

Cell phone won’t turn on or charge.

If the mobile phone has stopped charging the battery, then first you should check the health of the charger and its connectors. Most often it is it that fails, tk. The number of chargers in use and produced by non-branded factories is very large. You can check the device by replacing it with a known good one, or by connecting a phone with a similar connector to the diagnosed charger. If the charger is functional, then it may be in the phone’s charging connector. Precisely, in its wear or loss of contact with the main board. It often happens that by pressing the charging connector tighter or by changing the angle of its inclination, staggering, it is possible to temporarily achieve an indication of the charging process. In this case, you should contact the service center, which will replace the connector.

If the charging indicator shows that the phone is charging, but in fact it does not, then the exact cause of the malfunction after the diagnosis will be revealed by the service center. There are many reasons for such a breakdown, one of them. Defective battery or charge controller. If the phone does not respond to charging and does not turn on, the battery may have been severely discharged (phone storage). Leave the phone charging for a few minutes. If everything is fine. The phone should turn on. If this does not happen, try turning on the phone with a known charged battery. In the case when this does not help, it is the phone that is faulty. Be sure to remove the battery from the phone and contact a repair shop, only qualified diagnostics will reveal the cause of the breakdown. The fault may be a software failure, malfunction of the battery controller, or mechanical damage to the phone. Contact the service center.

The mobile phone cannot fully turn on or boot, freezes, glitches.

If your phone at some point started working with long delays when navigating the menu, freezes and glitches (failures in sending and saving SMS, viewing or listening to recordings, games, calling the phone book) or periodically reboots, then most likely the case is in software failure and it is required to update the software, (reflash) the cell phone. Another reason for such failures and malfunctions may be mechanical damage to the phone board or its elements. This usually happens after water gets into the phone, serious bumps, falls. The reason for the refusal can be determined only in the conditions of the service center.

Joystick does not work, some or all buttons.

These defects often appear either due to mechanical damage to the cell phone, or from the ingress of water into the phone. In the first case, most likely, you will have to change the board with the keyboard or the cable leading to the keyboard. In the second case, washing and drying defective parts or replacing them will help. Diagnostics at the service center will determine the exact cause of the malfunction of the mobile device.

The phone requires a code.

If your phone refuses to turn on or perform any actions without entering a security code, phone code, then most likely you need to enter the code specified in the instructions for the device. If you changed the security code and forgot it, or you could not find it in the description, then updating the phone software will help you. Be careful, when changing or updating the software, all data in the device (contacts, SMS messages, photos, etc.).

Middle price segment

Next, the lineup of Samsung phones is continued by the Galaxy J line. In terms of technical equipment, this series is slightly weaker than the flagship, but at a cost much more profitable. The J7 smartphone has a 5.5-inch display with Full-HD resolution. Here is the same processor with 8 cores, but it has cut frequencies. The device is controlled by the operating system “Android” version 5.1. The amount of RAM is 3GB. For storage, there is a 16 GB hard drive and an additional slot for memory cards with a capacity of up to 128 GB.

Samsung Types Of Phones

Budget smartphones

The lineup of Samsung phones continues with the more budgetary device Galaxy J1. For a modest price, you get a pretty productive device. It has a processor with 4 cores, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage with support for memory cards up to 128 GB. A little upsetting is the screen resolution of only 800 by 480 pixels. However, with a small diagonal of 4 inches, the image looks good. The picture is distorted only at strong tilts, practically does not fade in the sun.

The lineup of Samsung phones: characteristics and description

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones and tablets today. The lineup of Samsung phones contains devices of various classes, from budget devices with a minimum of functions to top-end expensive models that incorporate the latest achievements of engineering. In this article, you will learn everything about these phones.


For many years, the flagship of this company has been the Galaxy S series, which is currently being produced in the seventh generation. It is also possible to purchase the previous Galaxy models in the mobile shops, but they are no longer produced.

To date, the lineup of Samsung phones is headed by Galaxy S7. In the device, the company used all the developments and added support for all the functions that are at their disposal. The device is still controlled by Android. The heart of the smartphone is an 8-core processor, a 4GB RAM module and a 32GB or 64GB hard drive, depending on the version. If this is not enough, you can always install a memory card with a capacity of up to 200 GB.

The smartphone display is worthy of special praise. The large 5.1-inch screen with 2K resolution will surprise even the most sophisticated user. The display has the best viewing angles and color reproduction of all the competition. The only worthy rival today is Apple iPhone 6 and all its modifications.

The Galaxy S7 has a Note version. The gadget has an enlarged screen of 5.7 inches. The rest of the characteristics remained the same. The device was created for those who thought the display of the main model was small.

Samsung phone (metal case): lineup

The company introduced a separate line of devices in a completely metal case. The Galaxy A7 smartphone is a pioneer in this area. The creators emphasize that the main thing in it is the appearance and stylish design, and not the technical equipment. Therefore, it is worth purchasing A7 only for the metal case. If you are looking for performance, then the S line is the best.

Samsung E1272

Outwardly, the mobile device looks rather small and neat. The phone weighs only 83 grams. The main material of which the case is made is metal and plastic. The device turned out to be very compact, and this is a huge merit of Samsung. Clamshell phones in this price range have very similar characteristics. Samsung E1272 is equipped with a TFT screen with a diagonal of 1.77 inches with a resolution of 160X128 pixels.

The Samsung company, whose clamshell phones are very popular, took care of the desires of their customers by equipping the device with a good camera. The user will not be left without music either, the device is endowed with an audio player that supports all common formats. In addition, the FM radio and voice recorder can easily launch this Samsung mobile phone.

The clamshell Samsung E1272 is equipped with two inputs for a SIM-card, and 64 MB of memory are allocated for storing information. The battery capacity is 800mAh, which will allow you to stay connected for a long time. The cost of the device is approximately 2000 rubles.

Samsung GT-C3592

The GT-C3592 is a fairly new model and shows what a good Samsung cell phone should look like. The clamshell has all the functions you need today. The attractive design will appeal to both men and women. The plastic of which the case is made is strong enough to withstand drops and other damage.

The large display with a diagonal of 2.4 inches and a resolution of 240×320 pixels will allow you to conveniently view information on the screen. Gprs and EDGE technologies will make it possible to visit your favorite Internet pages. Of course, the phone cannot boast of built-in memory. Only 40 MB. However, it can be expanded up to 32 GB using microSD, the owners of the device believe. The mobile is also equipped with a good 2 MP camera, which will allow you to take fairly high-quality pictures.

Samsung GT-C3592 boasts a capacious 900mAh battery. The price of the device is approximately 4000 rubles.

Samsung G400

Very high quality and powerful phone. The body of the device is made of soft-touch plastic, which allows the phone to lie comfortably in the hand. The essential difference of this clamshell from many similar mobile phones is the presence of a TFT touch screen. The diagonal of the display is 2.2 inches, and the resolution is 240×320 pixels. On the case there are volume buttons, connectors for charging and headphones, as well as a small screen that shows the time and missed calls.

The memory in the device is 100 MB, but you can install a microSD of 16 GB. There is support for wireless communication via GPRS and WAP technologies. The phone already has a browser and an email client.

The battery capacity of 880mAh will allow you to stay in touch for up to 5 hours, and in standby mode the battery will last for 300 hours.

Today you rarely see the famous clamshell phones. Smartphones came in their place and brought with them a lot of innovations. However, there are people who are used to using clamshells. The most famous company that produces these devices is Samsung. The clamshell phones of this company are distinguished by their stunning appearance and excellent performance.

Samsung has worked hard enough and was able to release a number of mobile phones with a variety of shapes and parameters. In this article, we will consider the most common from Samsung clamshell phones.

Samsung SGH-E910 Serene

An extremely unusual mobile phone. It will especially appeal to those who value not only functionality in the device, but also a memorable appearance. The phone will help you stand out among your friends with its extravagant look. Its main uniqueness lies in its management. It takes place with a rotary button dial. In addition, the phone screen itself can be rotated 180 degrees.

The phone’s display is made of high quality and has a resolution of 320X240 pixels. The clamshell case doesn’t cause any controversy either. The device is small enough to fit easily in your hand.

The built-in memory in the phone is 16 MB, but it can be increased by using cards. Like many similar devices, Samsung SGH-E910 Serene can play all usual formats without any problems. The camera of the phone deserves a separate mention. A VGA-camera is installed here, which is endowed with a 4x zoom. The pictures are very solid and rich.

In call mode, the phone can live for about three hours.