Samsung Tv Smart Hub Is Not Working

Reinstalling the app

If SmartHub does not work with a separate program, first of all we reinstall it:

Go to and select the “Apps” application with the button in the center of the remote control.

Samsung Tv Smart Hub Is Not Working

Choosing a non-working application.

  • We hold down the central button of the remote control and in the menu that appears, select “Reinstall”.
  • We are waiting for the completion of the procedure, and we are trying to start the problem service.

    Important! The instruction is relevant only for TVs on OS Tizen from 2015 release.

    For half of the users, this method helps. If you are not in the happy half, try other solutions.

    Change the Wi-Fi hotspot

    Sometimes a separate application stops working due to the blocking of some IP addresses by the provider. While accessing them, nothing happens or the result of the work is an error. To make sure that the problem is not with the provider, we connect to another router with a different provider. The easiest way is to distribute the Internet via a mobile phone.

    Updating the firmware

    It makes sense to check for a newer firmware in which the problem with the application has already been fixed.

    Go to the “Settings” of the TV.

  • Select the item “Support”.
  • Click on “Software Update”.

    We choose the option “Update now”.

    If we managed to find a new firmware, we confirm its installation with the “Yes” button.

    We are waiting for the completion of the procedure.

    If the TV could not find the firmware, it is better to skip this item. We can try to install firmware from third-party developers, but this is risky.


    This procedure removes all manually installed applications. As a result, the user receives a TV with a standard set of applications installed at the factory. All settings, work data and causes that provoke errors disappear after a reset.

    Important! You need to check that the TV is certified in the country. For Russia, this is indicated by the EAC image and the model code must end with XRU. If you reset Smart Hub on an uncertified TV, it may lock up.

    Go to the “Settings” section.

    Open the “Support” tab.

    Click on the item “Self-diagnosis”.

    Select the option “Reset Smart Hub”.

    We enter the PIN-code from the TV. If it was not changed. 0000.

    We are waiting for the completion of the procedure and exit the menu.

  • On the initial screen, select “Apps” and click “Ok” in the notification. Click on the elements “I accept everything” and “Ok”.
    Log in to your account and download the desired applications.

    Usually, after a reset, all applications work properly. If this is not the case, we continue to look for a way to fix it.

    Dns replacement

    If everything is fine with the provider, but the problem persists, the next probable cause is a problem with the DNS server.

    Open the “Settings” menu and select the “General” section.

  • We are looking for the “Network” tab and click on “Network status” on it.
    Checking for network access.
  • Click on the “IP Settings” item.
    Select “DNS Settings” and enter them manually. We can use the public Google server.
    Check again that there is Internet access.

    Time to check if the app works in Smart Hub or not.

    Everything About Smart Hub on Samsung: Key Features and Troubleshooting Tips

    In recent years, there has been a lot of talk around the Smart Hub on Samsung TVs, but few understand what this service is. Even now on the web, some consider it to be Samsung‘s proprietary shell, while others consider it a small function or whatever. It is important to understand correctly what the Smart Hub is, only then will it be possible to use all its functions.

    To put everything in its place, we conducted a thorough analysis of the application and are ready not only to explain its features, but also to help fix the main errors.

    How to download and install the YouTube app on your Smart TV

    For some reason, the YouTube smart TV app may be uninstalled. For example, in June 2017, YouTube was removed from TVs older than 2012. This happened due to the termination of support for the old version of the widget (a small program that performs a certain function) YouTube, which was no longer relevant due to the hardware capabilities of the TV. Other options are possible when the software has been removed, for example, due to a flashing of the TV system. How to download YouTube to your TV and install this application again, we will consider in this article.

    On Samsung TVs

    There are several ways to watch YouTubes on samsung smart TV.

    Using ForkPlayer:

    • You need to go to Smart Hub;
    • Press button A on the control panel;
    • In the window that appears, in the Samsung account field, enter the word develop. The password should be pulled up automatically. If this does not happen, you need to enter 123456;
    • Check the checkboxes in the items “Remember password” and “Automatic login”. And press “Login”;
    • Press “Tools” on the remote control. Then go to the submenu “Settings”. “Development”. Accept the terms of the agreement;
    • Go to the menu “Server IP address setting” and enter the following numbers in the boxes: 46-36-222-114;
    • In the “User Application Synchronization” menu, wait until the entire line is loaded. The message “Fully updated” appears;
    • Finish the actions by clicking the “Completed” button. Return to Smart Hub;
    • Press the “Exit” button on the remote control;
    • Go to Smart Hub again. The ForkPlayer icon will appear on the screen;
    • By launching this application, you can see a list of applications that are in it. Among them is YouTube.
    • The YouTube menu will be different from the usual. Nevertheless, the main functionality is present.

      It should be said that perhaps not all links will open. And some users note that standard applications stop working.

      There are also cases of ForkPlayer freezing after restarting the TV. To solve this problem, it is recommended to create a Samsung account. You can do this on the website through a computer, or on TV. To do this, you need to press A in Smart Hub. “Create an account”. And before starting the specified player, go to your “account”. Also, do not turn off television equipment without first leaving ForkPlayer.

      Using the Smart Hub search bar

      The main screen has a search bar. If you enter “watch online” into it, a list of files will be displayed, including those from YouTube. True, all the functions that are inherent in this resource will be absent, you can simply watchs.

      Official widget with Samsung Apps

      The installation is standard, as for downloading any applications. In Samsung Apps, you need to find the YouTube app. But this is already for Samsung TV release after 2012. In this software, it will be possible to link a smartphone or tablet with a TV so that you can run on the device and watch on TV.

      Using widgets with playlists

      There are also widgets, free and paid, which contain ready-made playlists. But they also have a YouTube viewing function.

      Some of them are: NstreamLmod, SmartON, LmPal, etc. You just need to install them in the usual way. Note that the installation of such paid programs completely pays for itself, since they contain various online portals for viewing with good quality and stable broadcast.

      As you can see, YouTube on Samsung smart TV can be used in different ways, each of which has its own characteristics and level of complexity.

      Program installation

      It has already been mentioned that the old YouTube app has been removed by the developers. But it has been replaced by a new version of the software, which has an updated design, as well as better support. Another important point is the integration with the Chromecast.

      Newer smart TV models have built-in DIAL protocol which is based on Chromecast. This device is made by Google and is designed to stream audio and information over Wi-Fi. Simply put, you can play a movie on your smartphone that will be streamed via Chromecast to your TV.

      What to do for owners of old TVs:

      • Purchase a newer device model;
      • Purchase a special media player: Chromecast or Android Box on the Android TV operating system, etc.;
      • Install ForkPlayer app.
      • When it comes to media players, there is nothing difficult here. Devices are connected to the HDMI input of the TV.

        But installing ForkPlayer is not that easy. Let’s take a closer look at this method.

        On LG TVs

        1. Let’s list the steps you need to follow to install YouTube on a new LG TV model:

        • You will need to turn on the TV;
        • Find the “Start” button on the control panel;
        • Find “LG Store” in the list of applications. All programs that can be installed on your TV are shown here;
        • Enter YouTube in the search bar. After the application is found, you need to go to it;
        • In the window, you will now need to click the “Install” or “Install” button depending on the language.

        Now you can use all the functions of the app on your LG smart TV again. Installation is intuitive and straightforward.

        2. Now let’s consider installing the ForkPlayer application:

        • You need to go to the settings;
        • Select “Network”. “Network connection.” “Connection settings.” “List of networks.” “Advanced settings.” Then choose a wired or wireless connection;
        • Now in the item “Set DSN” select the “Enter manually” tab. And enter the numbers: 85-17-30-89;
        • Click “Ok” and “Finish”;
        • On the main window, select the Russia TV application. If it does not appear, you need to download and install in the usual way;
        • We go into this application, but ForkPlayer will be installed instead;
        • Further in the list of applications, we are looking for YouTube.

        On Android

        Google has created the Android TV operating system, which is designed specifically for smart TVs. And many manufacturers have begun to install it on their devices, unlike LG and Samsung, which prefer to support their “operating systems” WebOs and Tizen, respectively.

        Android TV turns your TV into a multimedia center. In addition to the usual settings for choosing a content source and its quality, there are signs of the familiar Android. That is, you can install many more applications than other smart TVs. Access is via the Play Market. And the menu itself is very simple and straightforward. If you have Android devices, you can use them as a remote control.

        As already mentioned, Android TV has set-top boxes for TVs, the setup of which is as simple as setting up the built-in firmware.

        There are many games available for Android TV, and dedicated USB gamepads have been released for TVs. Let’s not forget about social media. At the same time, users are offered a virtual keyboard for large screens, which can be controlled from the remote control. If you get used to it, the process will be as convenient as when accessing social networks via a PC, tablet or smartphone.

        Here are a few manufacturers that use this OS: Sony, Phillips, Ergo, Sharp, Kivi.

        Android TV was released in 2014, so there are no problems with YouTube. And you can download the YouTube application for Android TV through the Play Market.

        What YouTube will give on TV

        Smart TV differs from the usual one by the presence of programs for Internet access. By default, the TV firmware contains different applications depending on the operating system available. But you can install any other programs that are suitable for your TV.

        Youtube on TV allows you to watch the content that is available on this site. The widget is designed in such a way that it is convenient for the user to work with it on TV. There is all the basic functionality as on the online portal:

        • Login to your personal account and settings in it;
        • Subscriptions;
        • Search.

        Smart TV does not work. Possible malfunctions and their elimination

        Equipment manufacturers are trying in any way to facilitate the process of connecting and configuring their equipment. Smart TVs are no exception. It would seem that it is easier. They took it out of the box, plugged it into a DC network, connected it to the Internet and you’re done! But everything is not always as simple as it seems. In this article, we will determine why smart TV does not work, the main problems with setting up and connecting the TV, and also show you how to fix them.

        Network failure, no network, no internet access

        Everyone has the same problem. There is no Internet connection on the TV, although the rest of the devices in the house are regularly connected to the World Wide Web.
        The workaround for the problem (until Samsung fixes the problem) is as follows:

        In the network settings, set the DNS server manually and set the value:

        The settings window images may differ depending on the model:

        Connecting Smart TV to the Internet

        Smart TV Internet Connection Diagram

        The most common scheme for connecting home devices to the Internet is via a WiFi router, into which a cable from your Internet provider is connected. Routers come in different models, colors and shapes, but the principle of operation is the same for all. To receive the Internet from the provider and transmit a signal to devices via WiFi or cable.

        The preferred method of connecting the TV to the router is cable. It is the cable connection that can provide the necessary speed for streaming. No matter how good your home WiFi router is, be aware that the data transfer speed over WiFi will definitely be lower than through a cable. The further the device is from the router, the older the router itself, the lower the speed.

        And so, most likely you already have a router at home that “distributes” the Internet via WiFi to all your devices. Laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. Everything works great and no problems arise. But when you try to connect the TV to the Internet through a router, problems begin to arise:

          As practice shows, about 35% of users do not remember the password for their WiFi. How to be? Remember the master who set up the router, call him, ask for a password? Reset router to default settings? There are simpler solutions. If the apartment has a laptop that has already been connected to WiFi with Windows XP / 7/8/10 installed on board, then you yourself can easily spy on the saved password. To do this, just go to the Network and Sharing Center. Manage wireless networks. Properties of the WiFi network we need. The Security tab and check the item “Display entered characters”

        . Attention.

        As it was established. As a result of a failure that affected almost ALL the available series of Samsung Smart TVs, the TVs cannot connect to the Internet.

        Smart TV problems

        Sometimes it happens that the TV seems to be connected to the Internet, but still does not go into the smart one. After making sure on another device that the problem is not in the Internet connection, we begin to look for problems on the TV:

        Technical work on the manufacturer’s servers. You just need to know that someday it may happen. Nobody will warn you about the start of work, and you will only know that everything is in order the next time you turn on the TV # 128578;

      • Outdated smart tv firmware is also a common problem. Usually, TVs are automatically updated via the Internet, but there are also crashes. Then you have to either start the update manually via the Internet, or download the update file to a USB flash drive and update from the flash drive. Old firmware can cause non-working applications, for example. Youtube on Philips TVs. Attention! You only need to download the firmware designed specifically for your TV model! Installing the wrong firmware can harm your TV.
      • Hardware malfunction of the TV. If software errors can be corrected at home, then, in case of problems with hardware, it is better to contact a certified service center (especially if the TV is under warranty).
      • We hope this article will help you at least a little with solving smart TV problems. Our experts are always ready to help you. Contact!

        App TV features

        Naturally, you will not surprise anyone when you hear that using standard browsers is used to enter the world wide web. But this is on the computer, but what about the TV? It turns out that the result does not change from the rearrangement of the terms, that is, on the TV, the browser is also used to access the Internet. Samsung has installed its own standard browser that comes with the Smart TV. It is called App TV and you can immediately find it when you go to the menu.

        Users claim that this browser is one of the most functional in comparison with similar options, but from other manufacturers. We will not rate it, since each user decides for himself how much this configuration suits him or not. Nevertheless, consider the features of this application:

        The program is built using Flash technology;

        The browser is multitasking, especially when compared to other peers;

        In the process of work, it allows you to open a large number of windows without compromising functionality.

        In addition, Samsung has released several interesting add-ons that improve browser performance. Here are the coolest ones:

        Ability to support HTML5 protocol;

        Ability to work in WebKit-based.

        How to download and install a browser on a Samsung Smart TV

        Often, owners of smart TVs are poorly versed in how to install a new browser there, and whether it is possible at all. This is indeed allowed on many models, but not on all. Therefore, before you take any action, you need to find instructions for your TV. Read if it is possible to replace a web browser on it, for example, with Yandex or Google, which are popular today.

        If so, then you should follow these steps:

        Samsung Smart TV has a special assistant called “Smart Hub”. To immediately get into this application, you need to take the remote control and press the bright hexagonal button;

        A window will open where the user can see a list of programs that can be downloaded and installed on the TV;

        Searching for the desired browser is very simple. You can either rewind the sentences until you find the one you need, or enter the required application into a special search bar;

        After the choice has been made, the application must be downloaded and installed.

        Browser update on Samsung Smart TV

        It is high time to forget about those times when TV channels from other countries showed the ceiling of the TV functionality. Now, the level of development of these devices has increased so much that it is no longer possible to call them TVs, because in terms of capabilities they are more like computers. It is not surprising that now such a technique is called nothing other than Smart TV, which means, a smart TV.

        How to update browser on Samsung

        Most Samsung TVs have a browser built into the firmware and it can only be updated by updating the entire firmware. Naturally, this creates problems, since the manufacturer often overlooks that Smart TV is a TV for surfing the Internet, therefore, improvements for the standard browser are not added to the software.

        How can you update it so as not to lose the set of functionality that it already had? It’s a matter of luck.

        It is most convenient to read the description of the new firmware, what features it adds, etc.

        You can also search the Internet for comments from those users who have already tried the update, and share your impressions on specialized forums.

        If there is no suspicion about the quality of the new firmware, then you can install it. This is done according to the standard principle:

        Next, go to the “Support” section;

        Choose “Software Update”;

        Seeing that there is a possibility of updating, clicks on “Ok”.

        It remains to wait for the download, carry out the installation, and the browser, along with the entire system, will be updated.

        Ways to solve problems

        In some cases, Samsung Smart TV does not work or gives slight glitches. If the application does not open at all or a black screen appears when opening, then you need to do the following:

        Reboot. To do this, disconnect the TV from the network for a couple of minutes, then turn on and download the application. If this does not help, then you need to go to the second attempt.

      • Reinstalling the application. You need to go to “Apps” and select using the central PU key. An additional menu will appear, where the “Reinstall” tab is selected. Upon completion of the reinstallation, select the non-working application and restart.
      • Also, the application may not function if the provider of certain IP addresses is blocked. To do this, simply connect the TV to another Wi-Fi point. Another common problem is related to the DNS server. To check it is worth changing its address on the computer. The algorithm of actions is as follows. Open the menu. Select the “General” tab. The “Network status” line. The “IP settings” line. The “DNS settings (manual input)” line and type the combination “”. Restart the device and check the application operation.

        What is Samsung Smart Hub

        Samsung Smart Hub is a special service from Samsung that provides access and control of multimedia applications, provides interactive television and Internet access. The first TVs with the technology appeared in 2011. They had to connect to the Samsung app service. Later models have a built-in web browser, Skype, search engine, and support wireless communication. Today, smart functionality is supported by TVs of the premium and mid-range segment, there are such opportunities in some budget options.

        The Smart Hub program has the following useful options:

        • Reproduction of digital television;
        • Watching TV over the Internet protocol;
        • Viewing from external sources;
        • Access to YouTube;
        • Access to Skype;
        • Internet surfing.

        What to do if Smart Hub does not work. Smart Hub app on Samsung TV: all the details

        Today TVs with Smart Hub platform are gaining popularity. With its help, you can easily listen to your favorite tracks, watch movies online, communicate on social networks. In other words, Smart Hub turns your TV into a multifunctional smart device.

        Appearance and general principles of work

        Among a number of functions, the following key services are worth noting:

        The selected apps take up little space and are installed in just a few steps. To do this, select a suitable option from the list and press the “OK” button on the remote control. After the description opens, click “OK” again. At this stage, download and installation takes place.

        How to set up correctly

        In order to properly configure the Smart Hub, it is recommended to adhere to the following algorithm:

        The first step is to set up your internet connection. A cable is connected to the connector on the TV. The user’s network packet speed for a stable connection must be more than 15 Mb / s.

      • The second step is to enter the service menu. To do this, press the “Smart Hub” button of the same name on the control panel.
      • Registration is required after downloading the application. Here you need to select the item “Create an account” in the menu or on the control panel the button “A”.
      • Next, agree to the terms of service. Enter data (login / password) and click “Login”. Dialing is carried out thanks to the on-screen keyboard.
      • After a certain time, the TV software and installed utilities must be updated. For this, synchronization with the server is carried out via the TENET-TV application:

        Enter the site and pass authorization.

      • Open the settings menu using the “D” / “Tools” key on the remote control.
      • In the “Settings” section, click on “Development”.
      • Then go to “IP address settings” and enter the address from the Smart Hub.
      • Confirm syncing user apps.
      • When the process is completed, a message will appear on the screen about the successful installation of the TENET TV widget.
      • Smart Hub service: how to set up and how to troubleshoot

        All modern Samsung TVs have a built-in platform called Smart Hub. However, to a person who has never come across Smart TV, this name is unlikely to say anything. Confusion among the mass of widgets, a multitude of buttons and suggestions that are not easy to understand. All this awaits a beginner mastering a smart TV. But there is no need to despair, a detailed analysis of the service and instructions for setting it up will help you sort it out very quickly.

        Description of Samsung Smart Hub

      • How to connect
      • Wired connection
      • Wi-Fi
      • Activation and sync
      • Account
      • Synchronization
      • Installing Applications
      • What to do if Smart Hub doesn’t work
      • Application crash
      • Ip blocking
      • Dns server problems
      • Reset


        It is impossible to use Smart Hub on Samsung TV without registering in it. To do this you need:

        • Press the “Smart Hub” button on the remote control, and after “A”;
        • Find in the window that opens the item “Samsung account” and then “Create a Samsung account”;
        • Confirm the terms of the agreement;

          Fill out the form (it is recommended to enter the standard name “developed” in the Login field).

          After that, the profile will be created, then you need to enter it:

          • Start “Smart Hub” again,
          • Enter your account specifying the username and password selected during registration.

          What to do if Smart Hub doesn’t work

          Not often, but still there are times when the platform does not start or when a button is pressed on the remote control, only a black background is displayed. There may be several reasons for the failure, let’s try to consider the most common and ways to eliminate them.

          Installing Applications

          After completing the basic tasks related to setting up your TV, you can start downloading any widgets. This is done through specially developed by the manufacturer Samsung Apps.

          • Sport,
          • Children,
          • ,
          • Information,
          • Education, etc.

          That is, you can search and select whatever you want. By clicking on the program you like, just click on the installation and after a while it will appear in the general list, on the main page of the Smart Hub.

          How to connect

          For Smart Hub to work on your Samsung TV, you first need to establish an Internet connection. This can be done in several ways:

          • Via LAN wire;
          • By connecting it using wifi.

          Let’s consider each method in more detail.


          In order for the device to be able to update widgets or software as needed, it is important to configure the update with the server. This is done through the Tenet-TV application, but to configure it you need:

          • Open the TV settings menu by pressing “D” or “Tools” on the remote control;
          • A window will be highlighted where you need to select “Settings”, and after “Development”;
          • Click on “IP address setting”;
          • Specify standard:;
          • Agree with further synchronization of applications.

          If everything is correct, a message about the complete synchronization should appear on the screen. After that, you will need to enter the “Smart Hub” menu again, and start the Tenet-TV widget (if it does not work, then press the Smart button twice).

          In a new tab, you need to register the device: instead of the login and password, indicate the issued data of the registration documents of the device (you can find out: from the seller, from a Samsung representative or in the operating book of your TV) and this will be the last stage of setting up synchronization.