Samsung TV Reset to factory settings

How to reset your TV

With constant use of TV, you may have some problems that can affect the performance. And one of the solutions that can help restore a normally working state of technology is to reset to factory settings. Especially for TVs with Smart TVs.

First of all, it will reset all the settings you configured earlier to factory defaults, and reset all your passwords, TV channels, color settings, and so on. So before this procedure, make sure that you can reinstall everything.

TV firmware will remain unchanged, it won’t be affected by the reset.

Below are instructions for different TV models with a brief description of what to do.

How to reset your Samsung Smart TV to factory settings

Before we go ahead and start performing a reset, you can do two types of reset settings. Soft reset and hard reset. You can always perform a software reset first and see if it solves your problems. If it doesn’t, it’s time to do a full reset.

Samsung Smart TV Soft Reset

A software reset will not erase any data or personal settings stored on your TV. To perform soft reset just switch off your Smart TV and disconnect it from power source. You can wait for a minute or so and then reconnect it to a power source. This is the best way to check if a particular problem is fixed. If the problem still exists, you can search for your Samsung Smart TV model and perform a full reset right away.

Samsung D-Series Smart TV hard reset

  • Turn on Samsung D-Series TV.
  • Take your TV remote and press and hold the exit button for 10-12 seconds.
  • A pop-up message will appear on the TV screen asking if you want to perform a factory reset.
  • You can select “OK” or “Cancel”.
  • Selecting Ok will start a factory reset.
  • When the process is complete, the TV will turn off.
  • Now turn on the TV and you will see the first one-time setup screen.
  • After the setup is complete, you can use the TV immediately.

Hardware reset of Samsung E, F, H, HU and J series Smart TVs

  • Turn Samsung Smart TV on and press the “Menu” button on the remote control.
  • From the “Settings” menu, scroll down and select “Support”.
  • Now in the “Support” submenu, select “Self-diagnostic”.
  • Now select “Reset” option.
  • Then it will ask you to enter the PIN code of your TV. If you have not changed it, the default PIN is 0000.
  • You will see a pop up window asking if you want to perform a factory reset.
  • Select “Yes.”.
  • Now the reset process will start. This may take some time, but not long.
  • When done, the TV will turn off.
  • Power on your TV and continue with initial setup.

Hardware reset of Samsung JU, JS, K, KS and KU series Smart TVs

  • Turn on your Smart TV and press the menu button on the remote control.
  • Scroll down through the main menu and select the “Support” option.
  • Then you’ll want to select the self-diagnosis option.
  • Under the self-diagnosis option, scroll down and select the Reset option.
  • The TV set will ask you to enter a PIN-code. Once you have entered the PIN, it will ask you to confirm the reset. Choose “Yes.
  • The reset process will now start. At this time, the TV screen may turn off and on repeatedly.
  • When done, the TV will turn off.
  • Turn it on to go to the one-time setup screen.
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Smasung Smart TV M, N, NU, Q and R series with hardware reset

  • With Samsung Smart TV turned on, press the “Home” button on the TV remote control.
  • Select “Settings” from the menu displayed on the screen.
  • Now you need to select the “Support” option.
  • Then select “Self-diagnosis” and then “Reset”.
  • You will be prompted to enter your TV PIN.
  • After entering the PIN you can select “Yes” to return to the factory settings.
  • The TV will now perform a factory reset. This will take a while, after which the TV should turn off.
  • Just turn your TV back on, complete the setup, and you’re done.

Full reset of Samsung’s A and T series Smart TVs

  • Turn on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Now press the Home button on your remote to open the Smart Hub menu.
  • Select the “Settings” option in Smart Hub.
  • Scroll down a bit and select the General option.
  • Under “General,” you’ll need to scroll down until you find the “Reset” option.
  • Select “Reset” and enter the desired PIN code for your TV.
  • A pop-up window will appear telling you that the TV will start resetting. Select Yes / OK and the reset process should now begin.
  • After the reset process is complete, the TV will turn off.
  • Turn it on and complete the setup and you should be ready to use the TV immediately.

So, you have two easy ways to reset your Samsung Smart TV, depending on your model. Remember that all data will be cleared when performing a factory reset. In addition, the default TV PIN code for most Samsung TVs is 0000. This process won’t take you more than 4 minutes. Everything, from performing the reset to completing the setup, should be up and running in about 5 minutes.

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What happens to the TV after a reset?

You can make all sorts of analogies to any other equipment here. Of course, absolutely everything will be erased, so you’ll have to reset. In a way, it’s like reinstalling Windows on your computer or laptop.

In principle, a complete reset of Samsung Smart TV has three significant consequences, let’s analyze each of them. Of course, there are also less significant consequences, but they can be omitted and left without further attention.

First of all, you will have to reset everything back to the factory settings. The exception is the network settings. Let’s try to analyze in more detail what exactly the user loses. Of course, manual adjustment of sound, brightness, contrast and other image parameters will be lost.

It is clear that after resetting the settings you will have to set absolutely everything anew. This is especially inconvenient if you have spent a lot of free time on manual color adjustments.

The second really significant consequence is the deletion of all previously saved channels. No matter which brand of device you use, LG or Samsung, the information will be erased. This applies to channels previously found, as well as to the selected location, blocked transmissions, etc.д.

Unfortunately, many users compare resetting their Samsung TV with a software update. Of course, you can’t equate the two processes in any way. If you roll back to the default settings, the firmware version remains the same, there will be no change.

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This is basically all the user needs to know. If the consequences do not scare you, you can safely proceed to the reset of basic settings.

Instructions for resetting

Once you reset your Samsung TV, you can’t go back, so be prepared that you’ll have to reconfigure the channels and other TV functions.


  • First, press the Menu button
  • Go to Settings
  • Looking for General
  • Find Reset here
  • Type in the password 0000
  • Reset complete

N, M, Q, LS-Series and K

In these models of Samsung TV a little differently to perform the following steps.

  • Using the menu, go to TV Settings and press the Home button, which looks like a house.
  • Click on Support.
  • Go to Self-diagnosis.
  • Click on the Reset button
  • Enter your password and confirm the action.

J-Series and F-Series

For these series repeat the same steps. Only to exit to the settings press Menu or Menu/123 button, then select Menu, the rest see above.


  • Press the Menu button
  • Go to Support, that’s where the function is located.
  • Using the up and down keys go to the Self-diagnosis.
  • Select Reset
  • Enter the PIN or password you set, the default password is four zeros.
  • Confirm the action in the warning window that appears
  • TV will turn off and turn on.

Above are instructions for restoring factory settings on more popular TV models. For other series of Samsung TVs follow the same actions.

After restoring the default settings, the TV will reboot and when you turn on you will need to make the initial settings.

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Second method:

To turn off your device, press and hold the power button on the TV remote control.

Next on the remote control use the following sequence of buttons: Information. Menu. No sound. Power.

You should see the service mode of your TV.

In the next menu you should open Settings.

Finally, select Factory Reset. by pressing the OK button on your.

Why you need to know the pin code of your TV

The lock (parental control) is one of the useful options. It is used, for example, if there are children at home who, instead of doing their lessons, are distracted by the TV screen. Then parents set the pin code, but sometimes they come up with such a complicated combination that they then forget it.

As a result, channels are blocked and the user can’t watch their favorite TV shows. The problem is unpleasant, but you can solve it on your own, without asking for help from a TV wizard.

To reboot your Android TV

  • The settings menu opens. On some Android TV devices, there’s a “Quick Settings” section at the top that has a “Reboot” option. If you have the option to go there, do that, and you’re all set.
  • If you don’t have a “Quick Settings” section, then there are a few more additional steps to follow. First scroll down and select “Device Settings“.
  • Then click “About the device.”. Here you will see the “Restart” option. Select it to restart Android TV. The TV will go off for a while, and then you will see a loading animation when it comes on again.
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By the way, for Android TV to work more stable and hang less, then sometimes go to “System Update” and install updates.

That’s all you know how to reset your Android TV! Read even more articles and instructions in Android Articles and Hacks. Stay tuned to the Android 1 site, it’s going to get even more interesting!

Satellite TV

In rare cases, we may need to reset the LCD TV to factory settings or “Default” settings. This can be done by resetting with the remote control.

Basically, on all modern Samsung TVs, the reset is done in the same way. The only thing that might be different are some of the names of the menu settings.

Let’s look at the process of resetting to factory settings using a Samsung D-Series TV as an example.

Using the remote control go to the TV section. Press the “EXIT” key on the remote control. Hold it down for 7-10 seconds.

After pressing and holding the button a new window will appear. See picture below.

A window pops up, where you can restore all the default settings, including general TV menu, Smart TV and Smart Hub settings. All you need to do is to press and confirm the “OK” button.

samsung, reset, factory, settings

In some models of Samsung F, H series this button does not work. Therefore, owners of LCD TVs of this series, in order to reset to factory settings, will need to do the following manipulation.

It is necessary to press the “MENU” button on the remote control of the Samsung TV set and go to the “Support” menu.

After that select “Self-diagnosis” submenu.

Next, you need to select the “Reset” menu item. You will need to enter the PIN security code. The default value is 0000. A window pops up to warn you about resetting. Agree with it and press the “Yes” softkey.

On D-Series TVs there is a similar option.

Also press the “MENU” button on the remote control. Then go to “System” section of the menu. Go to the subsection “Plug Play”.

Press the “OK” button. In the window that appears, enter security PIN code. Settings will be automatically reset to factory defaults.

After that you can reconfigure the TV from the time, country, TV channels, video, audio and other settings.

samsung, reset, factory, settings

The next step of factory resetting is to go to the Smart Hub. Press “Smart” button on the remote control.

Then select settings section by pressing blue button on the remote control. See photo below.

Then in the window that appears, select “Reset”. See the picture above, it’s the second in the list. Enter default password again 0000. After that will reset the remaining settings.

Smart TV will reboot. After restarting, you will see that all the widgets you previously installed will be deleted.

If you now try to log in under the “Develop” account, you will see a window that will tell you that the account will need to be re-created. At the same time, the user will have to re-accept the terms of service agreement.

This will update services and install services and widgets.

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