Samsung TV remote control does not work

Samsung TV does not react to remote control

If your Samsung TV does not respond to the remote control, then you should take some actions that can fix this problem without going to the service center. We have prepared an article for you, after reading it you can try to solve the problem yourself.

The nature of the defect can be different, and depending on this should be taken certain measures to eliminate the problem.

But, first of all, you should determine the functionality of the batteries by replacing them with new ones or by testing them on some other device. Because of their depleted power capacity, the buttons of the remote control, at least, may not work immediately, causing suspicion of failure of the remote control (remote control).

Modern technology offers us the use of a special mobile application that performs the function of the remote control for Samsung TV.

Install the mobile app and make adjustments according to the instructions. Maybe now you won’t need the remote control at all.

Dead batteries

80% of all calls to service shops about TV remote control breakage have a cause in the batteries. The first thing to do when diagnosing a broken remote control is to replace the batteries with new ones.

Even if you just put new batteries in a few days ago, you should try to renew them. Batteries can be defective or expired, often even in the original packaging of these elements can be “dead.

If there is a voltmeter in the house, you can check their voltage with this device. Minimal charge value should be 1,3V. If the potential of the battery is lower. you need to replace it.

Check the functionality of the remote control with new batteries, further repair may not be necessary. If they are not the cause, go to the next step.

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My Samsung remote does not work, what do I do??

Okay, now that you know that the infrared remote of your Samsung Smart TV doesn’t require any setup, that the Bluetooth remote connects with a couple of buttons and that you can also use it to control other devices connected to the TV, what if everything suddenly stops working properly?

  • First, make sure you have batteries. Change to new ones and try
  • Secondly, if you have an infrared remote control, you need to check that it emits. For this you just need to point the IR port to the camera of your smartphone with the app active. You will see on the screen if it turns on or not when you press the button. If so, it may be a problem with the TV receiver, and if it’s not with the remote.
  • The third, in the case of the Bluetooth remote, could be unpaired and you have to reconnect. To do this, repeat the previous steps.
  • Eventually you can reset or calibrate the TV remote. To do this, all you have to do is remove the batteries and wait 3 minutes or press the power button and hold it down for about 10 seconds to make sure it “turns off”.
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By the way, although Samsung Bluetooth controllers already use a key combination to pair or force-pair them to the TV, there are other previous controls that have a pairing button on the back that you have to press.

Finally, in case the remote has died or been irreparably damaged, the only option you have left. is to acquire it. There are a priori compatible third-party models, but we advise you better bet on the official one. It’s more expensive, but you avoid potential problems in the future. That some time you have to sit down and enjoy your favorite shows and movies, it is not a plan to idle with the remote.

Full Repair Smart TV and remotes to them

But even this kind of technology breaks down and it is prone to failure. If you have a problem with Smart TV you don’t need to try to remove the fault by yourself. Only professional telemasters can help in this matter!

Our company “REMONT-TVV” works with many brands: Loewe, Philips, Samsung, LG, Sony, Metz, Rolsen, Panasonic, Toshiba, Thomson, Mystery, Bravis, Sharp, Pioneer and quickly perform repairs, all at a high quality and low prices. We save our client’s time and desire to get working equipment.

Following the steps above, you come to the conclusion that the problem is related to the remote control to try to put it back together. First carefully open the battery cover and try to remove it from the remote control. If you don’t, try shaking the remote several times by holding it with your right hand and pointing the battery compartment face down into the palm of your left hand. Old and consumed batteries can leak into the remote control, causing oxidation of the metal contact parts or internal electronic components, often making the remote control unrecoverable.

Call, text. We’ll come and fix it. We can do absolutely all breakages:

Smart TV doesn’t turn on. LED doesn’t turn on;. The red indicator does not respond to the remote control and the TV does not turn on;. The green LED lights up for a couple of seconds after powering on, then turns red or goes out;. The screen freezes with a static picture and no sound after powering on;. Screen freezes with static picture and sound after turning on;. Faults related to sound and picture failures, etc.

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Our tip. Always use new quality batteries with the words “Alkaline Batteries” written on them. These batteries have a slightly higher price, but are justified by their longer life than conventional batteries, they do not leak after they are consumed and are not recyclable. Back if the batteries work on the remote control, you must clean the waste from the batteries with a dry cloth, insisting on the electrical contacts, which is desirable to clean, then using a fine abrasive material with a glossy or sharp point of the object more severe.

Our company will repair Smart TV TVs at home and in the Moscow region. We have been working for more than a year. During the fruitful activity of the TV masters have gained confidence and respect of the customers all over the county. They trust us! Our work is appreciated! Take advantage of quality craftsmen services now.

Key element markings

Each button even on the smallest panel has a specific function, and is signed with a word or symbol.

  • The element with the word “Menu”. Most often used to turn on and off the device, and also allows you to make adjustments to the image without the remote.
  • The “Ok” button. is designed to confirm the selected settings or action.
  • Elements labeled “” and “” are designed to travel through the channels. After pressing “Menu” they are used to move between the settings options.
  • With the help of ” ” or “-” buttons one can adjust the volume, and after “Menu”. decrease or increase the values of the chosen settings.
  • The button “AV” is intended to select a special mode, which allows you to useDVD-player or video recorder. In some models it may be absent, but when you turn on such devices, the mode activates itself.

The set of buttons can be different for different brands. For example, modern representatives of the brand Philips have the buttons on the back panel on the side. And for Samsung devices the keypad is often implemented in the form of a joystick, which performs the basic control functions.

Samsung UE65HU9000TXRU LCD TV, joystick button

TV malfunction

The signal from the remote control to the TV is transmitted by a special infrared sensor. It’s possible that the lack of response when you press the remote control buttons is due to a broken TV. How to make sure the TV is broken? Try changing channels with another remote control, if it responds then you need to buy a new one. However, if there is still no response, be sure to contact the service center.

If the model you use supports Smart TV, then you can create an alternative remote control. Download a special app on your smartphone. The program allows you to use your cell phone to change channels, adjust the volume and activate other functions.

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Practice shows that users do not manage to repair complex faults on their own. For example, to resolder the board. Therefore, if you do not have special skills, it is wise to seek help from professionals in order not to exacerbate the damage.

Control your TV with your smartphone

The advent of wireless technology has allowed users to gain unprecedented control over electronic devices, using Wi-Fi and remote access via the Internet. This technology allows you to automate offices, homes and entire businesses. The Android device held by millions of users is a treasure trove of possibilities, and an Android remote control app. The best thing about device automation.

To realize these possibilities, there are many apps for remote control of Android and TVs. Users will just need to choose the best of them. Here are some of the popular phone remote control apps you can use to turn your phone into an Android TV remote control device:

  • FamiSafe Remote Control for Android.
  • Mi Remote Controller” MAC.
  • Unified Remote DCP “Unified Remote“.
  • Team Viewer Remote Controller” MAC.
  • A “Sure Universal Remote” MAC.
  • IR Universal Remote “IR Universal Remote”.

So, the remote is an essential part of the operation of any modern TV. If the RTC does not work, you should not throw it away until all possible malfunctions have been checked and eliminated. And if it does need replacing, TV lovers can get help from modern unified remotes or specialized smartphone software.

The TV is faulty

If the screen (matrix) is broken, burned out all the boards and the power supply, it is better not to repair the TV, and buy a new one. If you have power fluctuations in your house, then in order not to burn out anything, install protection and sometimes look at the parts of the TV.

In these times of technological advancement, Smart TVs are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to Smart TVs, you can watch your favorite shows and movies over the Internet. The most famous Smart TVs brand “LG” and “Samsung“. These televisions have modern signal receivers built into them, and stores give them at least a three-year warranty. Smart TVs can be controlled via a phone app.

Of course, even televisions with titanium plating and heavy-duty boards can break. Be careful when choosing a TV and then you will be protected from many problems and malfunctions in the future. Now you know what are the most frequent malfunctions of your TV.

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