Samsung Tv No Sound


A professional always uses an integrated approach. You can’t just take it and fix it. First, you should establish the source of all troubles, then follow the instructions when repairing the broken area. Everything must be done strictly according to the recipe, because then potential problems cannot be taken away. The TV does not display an image due to system defects. Of course, it is possible to outline the circle of the most vulnerable, but, alas, this cannot be achieved with absolute accuracy of the diagnosis. You should always pay attention to the little things that affect the performance of the entire mechanism. To begin with, let’s voice a list of signs of illness for repairing a TV, if there are obvious signs in the form of burning parts, or the expiration date of any part has not yet passed.

  • When you press the power button, you hear a pulse, but there is no image.
  • Nothing happens after power on.
  • In operating mode, only sound is heard without.
  • Some channels are not shown on the TV.
  • After switching on, the picture is so bad that the picture cannot be viewed.

And so, knowing the nature of the manifestation, you can start fixing it! It is worth starting with the area that ensures the functioning of the problem area. If we are talking about case number 2, then the first thing we should pay attention to is the power supply. In other cases, the problem is much more serious.

If qualified diagnostics is not a problem for the owner, then you can start repairing. Problem areas, which I already remembered about the inverter blocks, power supply, horizontal or vertical scanning. If the model is old enough and contains a picture tube, it should also be examined. With a TV device on a liquid crystal screen, like any plasma screen, malfunctions often arise precisely in the matrix, which is often the reason for the exhaustion of the resource or the human factor. Hitting a faulty box only aggravates the breakdown, as evidenced by the identification of faults where they, in fact, should not be. High-tech plasma (LCD) is not designed to withstand physical deformation, be careful with such equipment. In case of incompetence, we advise you to refrain from interfering with the inner sanctum of the technique. Call the master to your home, each of them is a specialist in urgent repairs. The advantages of this method of repairing a TV are not at all in the guarantee, not even in the speed and quality of the work carried out, but primarily in the availability. The services of professionals are aimed at helping people at a democratic, affordable price. They are getting rid of unnecessary work, headaches of owners of broken models.


The high quality standard that has recently become the norm in the production of televisions is not a panacea for failures, problems and defects that sometimes arise in any electronics. Needless to say, if users themselves rarely read the accompanying instructions for TVs, not to mention compliance with the operating conditions. The Soviet past taught many to self-repair, hitting the box in order to improve the quality of work. But this is fundamentally wrong, because today the manufactured products are technologically advanced, quite sensitive to any mechanical influences, therefore even one inept interference in the body or a blow on it can create a lot of trouble for the owner. One of the existing signs of the human factor, as a rule, or a power surge in the network, is the absence of sound accompaniment to.

What to do if there is no sound on the TV?

As in the investigation of crimes, in our case, it is important to establish everything to the smallest detail: how did the malfunction arise, what preceded it, what is the nature of its manifestation? A specialist will need this information to accurately localize the source of all troubles in TV. Also, it is important when carrying out self-repair of the TV. First, the broken part should be accurately identified. As practice shows, in 80% of cases, the sound on the TV disappeared due to the occurrence of three types of malfunctions. Let’s take a closer look at each of them. The first one is caused by malfunctions in the operation of the radio channel, possibly damage to the effects processor, the entire mechanism of the central processor, occasionally failures during memory processing. The second is a speaker malfunction, which is caused by wear, contact separation, burnout. The third is the breakdown of microcircuits, and there are quite a lot of factors preceding this, starting with network outages, voltage surges, and ending with a short circuit, failure of capacitors or, again, contacts.

Sound recovery instructions

But let’s get back to the topic of the article and get started. Our primary task is to restore the sound flow in the TV, the source is approximately installed, which means it’s time to repair. Unscrew the case with the tools and carefully remove it without touching the other blocks. We look at the details and visually look for potential breakdowns. If they are not there, we proceed to check the operability of the circuits and blocks, in the absence of responses, we pay attention to the contacts, they even connected can be cold, which means the circuit itself is inoperative. If we find such situations, we change the circuit or try to debug it. Independent work is very painstaking and difficult, therefore, if you do not want to dig into technology with your own hands, call our master to your house and fix the TV inexpensively. The guarantee will be a guarantee of long and serviceable functionality of the equipment, and the quality of work for many years will confirm the good quality of the assistance provided. Over time, all clients remain more than satisfied, they begin to use the services of our workshop specialists with pleasure.

Use the golden hands of the service center masters by calling the master to your house.

No sound through HDMI on TV due to hardware issues

The second most common reason for no sound when connecting a computer to an external monitor / TV via HDMI is a hardware issue. It can manifest itself in two cases:

Samsung Tv No Sound

Defective HDMI wire. It is possible that the wire through which the devices are connected was previously pinched or damaged its contact base. There is a possibility that there is a partial wire break or other problem;

  • An adapter is used to connect HDMI to an external playback device. For example, if DVI-HDMI or VGA-HDMI adapters are used, then sound will not be transmitted through them. There should be no problems when using a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter if the adapter is made with good quality. Some cheaper options do not have the pins required for audio transmission.

Selecting the correct playback device

When an external TV or monitor is connected to a computer via HDMI, the Windows operating system should automatically determine that the default sound will be broadcast from the connected source. If this did not happen for one reason or another, the user must independently assign a TV as a sound reproduction device. For this:

  1. In the lower right corner of the screen, click on the speaker icon (Digital audio) with the right mouse button and select Playback devices in the window that opens;
  • Save your changes by clicking Apply and OK.

Important: If you do not see a connected monitor or TV in the list of available playback devices, right-click anywhere in an empty space and check the Show disconnected devices and Show disconnected devices boxes. Try to find a connected monitor / TV among them.

In a situation where even among the hidden devices it was not possible to find a TV / monitor connected via HDMI, you can try the steps described below.

No sound on TV when connecting a computer via HDMI

The HDMI standard allows you to easily display image and sound from a laptop or computer to an external monitor or TV. To transfer picture and sound, you just need to connect your computer to the device via a cable. But, as with any other data transfer standard, problems with HDMI can arise, including due to incorrect Windows settings. One of the common mistakes that users have to face is the lack of sound on the TV when connecting a computer to it via HDMI. There are several ways to fix this problem, which will be discussed below.

Please note: Before proceeding with the tips below, make sure that the lack of sound on the TV when the computer is connected to it via HDMI is not related to the settings of the TV itself. Often the reason is quite trivial, the TV sound is reduced to zero or the Silence Mode is turned on (Mute).

Installing drivers for audio output via HDMI

Another reason why there is no sound through HDMI on the TV is the lack of drivers. Most often, such a problem occurs if, when installing the card drivers, the user manually selected the components to be installed and disabled the installation of drivers for HDMI.

You can find out if the drivers for audio output via HDMI to your computer are installed in the device manager. This requires:

  1. Press the WindowsR key combination on the keyboard and write the devmgmt.Msc command in the window that opens;

If only a sound card is listed in the list of available audio devices, you need to download drivers from the card to your computer and install those components that are responsible for transmitting sound through HDMI. To do this, go to the Intel, NVIDIA or AMD website and download the latest card drivers, then run their installation. At the installation stage, select manual mode and be sure to check HD Audio driver among the available drivers.

Please note: The driver responsible for audio output via HDMI is called HD Audio Driver on the NVIDIA card. On other maps, it may be called differently.

After installing the necessary drivers, restart your computer and try to reconnect it via HDMI to the TV.

There is no sound, there is an image

If there is no sound from the TV speakers

If you turn on the TV, and there is no sound, first of all, eliminate a simple oversight and check volume settings. Turn up the volume with the remote control.

If this does not help, then either the TV or the remote control itself is faulty.

In the case of the remote control, there are fewer possible problems and they are much easier to solve. Required check:

  • Whether the remote control has broken mechanically,
  • Do not the buttons stick,
  • Whether there are batteries in it, whether they are dead, whether the polarity is correct.

It will not be superfluous to clean the remote from dust and dirt inside and outside. Most likely, by performing these actions, you will repair the remote control. In particularly difficult cases, a professional repairs remote control or its replacement on new.

After diagnosing the console, proceed to the inspection TV. Are there any mechanical damage, cracks, chips and so on? Maybe he fell, water got into him or some other trouble happened?

Mechanical breakdowns of TVs are eliminated replacement a broken part to a similar new one.

If you don’t find anything, try turning the TV off and on again. There is still no sound? Connect to TV headphones or speakers. If sound is reproduced through them, it means that they are damaged or just worked out the prescribed period speakers TV.

If you have a new TV, it is possible that the speakers were originally installed of poor quality or defective.

There is an image on the TV screen, but there is no sound: reasons and necessary repairs

Owners of TVs of various brands and models face the problem of no sound when there is an image on the screen.

Regardless of the price and quality of the TV, the sound system in it usually works stably for many years. Recently, however, the problem of the lack of sound has become much more urgent. There are many reasons for this, as well as the reasons for the malfunction itself.

Attention! If your TV suddenly stops sounding during operation and you notice a burning smell, immediately unplug it! Probably burned out microcircuit. The whole TV can catch fire, and the old one can explode!

If there is no sound in the equipment connected to the TV

If you don’t hear the sound TV in headphones or speakers, connected to it are possible three options:

Incorrect connection (often observed when using an HDMI cable).

  • Connectors for connection are loose or worn out, contacts are loose. In this case, the sound often appears and disappears if you touch the cable entry point. In any case, you will need to replace the connector.

There is often no sound precisely because of the wear of the contacts and connectors, since the owners of various types of gadgets (laptops, game consoles, cameras) like to connect them to the TV (especially if its screen is impressive).

Worn connectors, poor connections, and faulty speakers also cause no sound in the first few minutes after turning on the TV (when there is already an image, but there is still no sound).

Often, TV owners are not worried about the absence, but quiet sound. In this case, the problem is hidden in the settings of the equipment connected to the TV, in the radio channel, the TV processor and other details. For example, memory could go astray.

In all these cases, diagnostics and professional repair are needed.

Diagnostics for customers of the VseRemont24 service center is carried out by a certified and experienced master absolutely free of charge. The cost of the repair depends on its complexity, as well as on the model and brand of the TV being repaired.

There is no picture on the TV, but there is sound how to fix the problem

In our time, a rare person does without a TV. Every year, the models are getting thinner, larger and offer more and more new functionalities. Modern plasma screens with Smart TV technology have little in common with devices that were on sale some ten years ago. However, the similarities between the old and the new generation still remain, breakdowns and malfunctions still occur. The reasons for this can be very different: blows, falls, ingress of moisture and direct sunlight, or an elementary marriage. In this article, we will take a closer look at what to do if the TV has lost the image, but there is sound. Let’s figure it out. Go!

What to do if there is no picture on the TV

First, it should be noted that a similar malfunction occurs quite often in a variety of brands of TVs. Tvs of all brands are equally affected by this: Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony, Panasonic and many others. Therefore, it makes no sense to blame the manufacturer.

There are many reasons for the absence of an image on the screen, and it is unlikely that you will be able to determine it yourself by eye. Most likely, you will still have to contact a service center or other repair service. It all depends on the nature of the problem. On this below.

It happens that when you turn on the TV, a splash screen with the manufacturer’s logo appears first (LG, Samsung, Philips, and so on), after which the screen simply goes out. With this, you can change channels and hear the sound. Some users noticed that after a while the image appears, but when you turn it on again, everything repeats and there is no picture. In this case, try the following tips:

  • Check the cable connection of the receiver as it may have come off. Make sure the cord is plugged in securely. If there is no signal from the set-top box, many TVs simply turn off the screen.
  • Also, the problem may be in the cable itself. The wire may be damaged or simply be of poor quality. This applies not only to HDMI cables, but also to cables with bells. In them, the transmission of the audio signal and the signal occurs through separate wires, and the problem may lie simply in a broken wire or poor contact. In some cases, replacing the wire can correct the situation.
  • Check the power cable. It must also be securely connected.
  • Some users have found a rather original way to solve the problem to increase the volume to the maximum (or close to it). After a few seconds, the image will appear and then you can set an acceptable volume level.

Please note that all the above tips will only help if the screen is working. This is indicated by the splash screen when the TV is switched on. If the screen saver is absent and the screen is constantly dark, this already indicates that some component of the TV that is responsible for the image is out of order.

There are several components, failure of which can cause no picture on the screen. It is quite common that the inverter breaks down, which supplies voltage to the backlight lamps. The lamps themselves can also fail, and this, in turn, provokes a breakdown of the power supply. In addition to the faults listed above, it is not uncommon for a matrix or motherboard to break down. Also, the problem may lie in the loops, converter and decoder. In this case, non-working parts and elements will have to be replaced with new ones.

It is not recommended to carry out repairs yourself, since modern TVs are quite complex devices, and you risk aggravating the situation even more. If the above simple tips did not help, then the best solution would be to turn to professionals, since the TV will need to be disassembled. It can be a service center of a manufacturing company or a private office, where repairs will be carried out efficiently and quickly.

One way or another, it is impossible to determine what is the reason for the breakdown of your TV without a thorough examination. In any case, the device must be disassembled and diagnosed for non-working parts and components. It is best if this is done in a workshop with appropriate conditions, however, if you do not like this option, many telemasters provide all these services at home.

Of course, replacing some parts can cost a pretty penny, but it should be noted that matrices or motherboards themselves rarely fail. Usually, damage occurs as a result of physical damage to the part, for example, when the TV falls or gets wet. In general, you cannot do without a TV master.

Now you know what to do if the TV has lost the picture, but there is sound. You will also understand what could be the reason for such a malfunction. Write in the comments if this article was useful for you, share with other users your experience in solving similar situations, and ask any questions of interest on the topic of this article.

Where to go?

In fact, if your TV has no sound, this does not mean an unequivocal breakdown of equipment. It doesn’t matter what kind of TV you have, Samsung or Philips, LG or Sharp. Crt, plasma or LCD. The principle of their operation is in many ways similar and, before calling the master, just check the device visually.

No sound on TV when PC is connected via HDMI

Subtle moment of connecting a computer to a TV. Let’s say you’ve downloaded an interesting movie from the Internet and now you want to watch it on a large LCD screen using an HDMI cable. One problem when connecting hdmi from a PC, there is no sound on the TV. This may be a signal that the contacts have moved away from the connector, and it is simply impossible to output sound to the TV. Loose contact is the third most popular reason for silent TVs. Even if you connect correctly, there will still be no sound until the pins snap into place. In this case, there is an image, but the sound from the computer is not output to the TV speakers.

Why did the TV sound disappear??

No sound on the TV makes it impossible to watch your favorite shows. It is wrong to think that this problem applies only to old devices: unfortunately, the sound can suddenly disappear even on a TV purchased yesterday. Often the reason lies on the surface and you can solve it yourself at home. But it is not uncommon for a breakdown to occur inside, and you will certainly need the help of a qualified specialist. What to do if there is no sound on the TV?

We identify the reason for the loss of sound on the TV

What problems can lurk inside the TV? The most common option due to improper handling of equipment is the ingress of moisture. Even if your TV is in a dry room, it will not be flooded with water from the window during rain, this will not always be a guarantee of safety. Many housewives wipe the equipment with damp rags, spray indoor plants with spray guns, and then there is a risk that moisture will still penetrate into the TV. And this can be fatal for the correct operation of the microcircuits. The microcircuit just got wet and the sound on the TV instantly disappeared.

So, microcircuits are the first vulnerability of every TV. They influence the presence of sound. Bbk, Supra, Akai and others have yet to come up with a versatile option that can withstand moisture. Of course, it is best to avoid such situations, but once the problem has happened, you will need to call the wizard. Self-repair of equipment can only aggravate the situation, and in the case of such a complex device as a TV, it can become dangerous for the user.

Speaker failure is the second most common reason why there is no sound on the TV. The TV itself may be fine, but if the speaker is broken, no sound will appear. Only a competent master can diagnose this problem and find solutions. You should not unscrew the speakers on your own, if you are not a specialist, in 70% of cases this only leads to more complicated breakdown and damage to more parts of the TV.

Imaginary breakdowns

In practice, the breakdown may not be so bad at all. Some of the reasons for missing TV sound may be ludicrous, but they are very common. Often people simply forget to increase the sound on the remote control, and it seems to them that it has disappeared. Therefore, first of all, see if everything is in order with the settings. Forgot to switch them, that’s why there is no sound. Also, don’t forget to check the batteries in the remote control.

However, failures of this kind, those that can be easily eliminated on their own, are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have lost sound, then most often the cause of the breakdown lies in the bowels of the equipment. It is better not to go there on your own. The scheme of the device of all TVs is approximately the same, and therefore a qualified specialist will undertake the repair of any brand: Toshiba, Sony, Daewoo for the master, it does not matter. If the sound does not work, then it is likely that something is broken in the filling.

Summing up

So, in addition to the typical everyday reasons caused by the user’s absent-mindedness, the following main ones can be listed:

  • Ingress of moisture;
  • Damage to microcircuits;
  • Broken speakers;
  • Bad contacts.

Breakdowns of this kind should not be attempted with your own hands. Here lies the danger of further disrupting the operation of equipment and, as a result, buying a new one. You always need to call the help of a qualified specialist, since today such a service as repairing TVs at home is also available. Whether your TV is a JVC or Rolsen brand or any other, an experienced TV technician will always diagnose the problem and easily fix the equipment. If you lose sound, don’t despair! Call by phone 8 (495) 707-05-05.

Missing sound while watching a movie

We are watching a movie, the sound signal suddenly disappears. This indicates a defect in the microcircuit, and a burning smell is suddenly heard from it. It is necessary to turn off the TV from the power supply to avoid fire, and call the wizard. An old CRT can even explode. Perhaps the fault was the network load, which led to the burning of the microcircuit.

No sound when turned on

We turned on the TV set, the image is there, but nothing is heard. You need to turn it off, then turn it on again. It did not help, we continue to look for the reason. We try to see if a sound signal will be received if we connect headphones, then speakers. When there are no breakdowns in the connectors, it means that the speakers are failing, the service life of which could have come out. If the TV is new, the reason will be a factory defect, or the most ordinary mechanical damage.

The place where the cable is connected, where there is not always good contact, will give such a reason. There is another very rare reason when just part of the cable breaks, but it is she who is responsible for voice transmission.

Loose contacts and connectors

On the back of the TV there are connectors for additional connection of various equipment. Some people use them too often. This leads to wear, poor contact and loosening. The sound on the TV has disappeared, which means that we are looking for the reason in the connectors, in their breakdown, in the weakening of contacts, especially with frequent use.

On the front panel of the TV receiver there is a connector where headphones are often connected. Some people find it more convenient to listen to TV programs, and sometimes silence is needed in the house. Once, turning on the TV in normal mode, the sound disappears. To check and establish what caused the lack of contact, it is necessary to move this output. If it appears and disappears, the connector must be replaced with a new one. Read also how to choose wireless headphones.

The reasons for the disappearance of sound

  • Contacts are loose;
  • Broken speaker or connector;
  • The microcircuit is burnt;
  • It was not possible to correctly connect the PC and TV with an HDMI cable, and also to set up the speakers on the computer;
  • Malfunction of the processor or radio channel.

Recently, TVs are increasingly used not only for watching TV channels, but also for connecting different devices. Connected with gadgets: headphones, laptops, game consoles, cameras. What Can Cause Sound Problems.

Sometimes it is missing due to incorrect connection to the device. This often happens when using an HDMI cable. It is possible that this could be a breakdown of the TV speakers.

The sound on the TV is missing

Almost 90% of the information a person receives through sight, but without sound, the picture on the TV becomes uninformative. Therefore, any problem with speakers and sound causes panic in the TV owner. Consider what to do if the sound on the TV disappears, many problems can be fixed by yourself and at a service center.

Any device can fail, no matter how reliable it is, even if it is produced under the well-known brand of Sony, Daewoo, Samsung, etc.

The reasons for the breakdown depend on the build quality, design features of the device, the term and conditions of the TV set, etc. An extremely exotic problem can be called a problem at the software level, such a situation can arise only with smart models, but when working with official firmware it is unlikely.

Before taking the device to a service center or workshop, make sure that:

  • Nothing is inserted into the headphone jack (on many models, switching to headphones is done in hardware);
  • Correct sound output in the settings (not AV-channel or S / PDIF, but speakers);
  • The volume level is higher than one and the silent mode button is not pressed;
  • The problem is not with the signal source (even digital TV can sometimes be broadcast without sound).

If all else fails, review the information below. Perhaps you will identify the breakdown yourself and be able to fix it without the help of specialists.

Household breakdowns

The reason for the lack of sound can be the most common household breakdowns, of which the main ones are:

  • Moisture ingress on the internal TV devices;
  • Malfunction of contacts;
  • Breakdown of speakers;
  • Damage to microcircuits.

Why is there no sound on the TV

By clicking on the button, I consent to the processing of my personal data. Vasya, good afternoon! First, you need to check the sound settings on the TV itself. If not pressed, then you need to check what is configured for sound transmission. Sometimes, if there is nothing Important on the TV. Helps reset to factory settings.

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Smart Simulator

Dear friends, today we will try to resolve the issue of what to do if the TV from the flash drive does not reproduce sound. Let’s not say that the problem is quite serious: TV does not have to be attributed to any master at the first stages.

This should be done in case of obvious breakdowns, but more on that later. First, let’s figure out the correct operation of the storage device and transfer of the flash drive on the TV. You can fix the error with sound playback when watching TV by examining the cause of the problem. Such ports are usually equipped with devices that belong to the Smart TV family or were released shortly before their appearance.

Usually, users watch movies in this way: they download them from the Internet on a computer, then transfer the data to a USB flash drive and turn it on on a large screen. This is a really handy thing. But often people are faced with the problem of playing movies or on TV.

For example, a Philips TV does not play sound from a flash drive, what should I do then? With what it can be connected? How do I fix this problem? Should I immediately run to the service center and shout about warranty repair?

We will get answers to all these questions further. First, let’s figure out how the system for playings on TV from a flash drive works. Naturally, to begin with, as noted above, the user downloads the necessary from the Internet, any method of obtaining the desired file can be rewritten from a disk or other source of information, then copies this document to a USB flash drive. After that, the device can be connected to the TV using the USB port and switch the receiver to the inserted device.

To do this, press the Source button on the remote control and use the navigation keys to transfer the selection to our flash drive, there will be its name. Click OK and wait for the menu to appear. Typically, on these TVs, the program asks the user to select the type of files to open. The device system will now scan the data on the USB flash drive.

It will display only the formatted files. This is done for greater convenience in relation to the user: if there are more than a hundred photos and only one movie on the flash drive, then imagine how difficult it will be to search for it among a huge number of other files. So, we chose a movie, put it on, but there is no sound on the TV when a flash drive is connected. And this is where your problems begin. But they are solvable, so do not be discouraged, but get ready to fix what was wrong. First, let’s define the reason for this behavior of the TV.

The thing is, it just doesn’t support the audio codec built into the movie. What does it mean? Any has several tracks: at least this is audio and.

And if the TV does not support the audio format, which is in our movie, but supports the track format, then the user will see the picture without sound.

Since we have already started talking about tracks, it is worth mentioning that there can be two audio tracks. Then try switching them using the buttons on the remote control, you can find out more in the TV user manual.

To avoid such a problem, you need to check the download file. Check the format of its tracks and compare it with those supported by the TV. This list can be viewed in the user manual or on the official website of the manufacturer.

All you need is the model name of the device. That is, there should be no problems at this point. Please note that the XviD format is most often used, as it is universal for all devices. Look at this point when downloading movies. But what to do if the codecs do not fit at all, and there is no way to download another movie? Then you can transcode the audio format to the one you need using third-party utilities. The following can act as such programs:.

Naturally, it is better to just download another than to spoil the existing one. Over, such programs can do the conversion for a very long time. Especially if you change the format larger than two gigabytes as p. Consider this moment too.

Dear friends, we have learned why there is no sound on the TV through a USB flash drive and how to fix this problem. Summing up everything that was said earlier, the following key points can be highlighted: Please note that the USB flash drive used must not contain any viruses.

Therefore, first check it on the computer and only then insert it into the TV port. We hope you succeed. Tell us in the comments how you overcame this problem, what tools helped you?

Good afternoon, and if the sound was originally there, but during the playback process it disappeared, what to do in this case. When you switch to TV programs, the sound appears. Good afternoon, but if there was sound before, but when turned on again, it creaked and the sound disappeared, what to do in this case. Good day! I have sound on the TV from the flash drive, but it is not when I connect the speakers through the amplifier.

The sound of TV programs goes through the speakers, but there is no sound from the flash drive. I would be very grateful if you can help. Home Smart TV. How to fix no sound from a flash drive when connected to a TV.

1 USB flash drive in TV 2 Watching movies on TV from flash drive 3 Why is there no sound on TV from flash drive? If you can’t watch a movie even with the official support of its format, then you should contact the manufacturer for help. Related articles: Setting up sound on TV when connecting a computer via HDMI Connecting a USB flash drive to a TV to watch movies Reasons for computer freezing when connecting a flash drive.

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Samsung TV no sound

If there is no mechanical damage, go to the next recommendation. If there is any mechanical damage, contact a Samsung service center. A small software glitch may have occurred on the TV. Unplugging it will reboot it and clear the errors. Unplug the TV and plug it back in after 5 minutes.