Samsung Tv Factory Reset

How to reset all settings of SAMSUNG TVs (including smart TV) to factory settings.

In some cases, we may need to reset the TV settings to “Default”. This can be achieved by doing a factory reset.

Basically, on all Samsung TVs, the reset is the same. The only thing that may be different is some menu item names.

Consider the process of resetting to factory settings using the example of a Samsung D-series TV.

Go to the TV section. To do this, press the “EXIT” button on the remote control. We hold it for up to 10 seconds.

Samsung Tv Factory Reset

After holding, a new window will appear. See image below.

It offers the ability to restore all default settings, both the general TV menu, and Smart TV and Smart Hub settings. To do this, you just need to press the “OK” button.

However, in F-, H-series models, this button does not work. Therefore, owners of TVs of this series, in order to reset the settings to the factory settings, will need to do the following.

You need to press the “MENU” button on the remote control. Then go to the “Support” section.

After that, select the subsection “Self-diagnosis”.

Next, you need to select the “Reset” item. You will be required to enter a security PIN. The default is 0000. A reset warning window will appear. We agree with him by pressing the screen button “Yes”.

There is a similar option on D-series TVs.

We also press the “MENU” button on the remote control. Then go to the “System” section. Go to the “Plug Play” subsection.

Click the “OK” button. In the window that appears, enter the security PIN. Settings will automatically reset to factory defaults.

After that, it will be possible to re-tune the TV from setting the time, country, etc. Before channel setting.

The second step of resetting with this method is to go to Smart Hub. Press the “SMART” button on the remote control.

Next, select the settings section by pressing the blue button on the remote control. See image below.

Next, in the window that appears, select the “Reset” section. Look at the image above. This section is the second in the list. Enter the password again (0000). After that, the remaining settings will be reset.

Smart TV will restart. After restarting, you will be able to see that all widgets that you previously installed will be removed.

If you now try to log in under the “Develop” account, we will see a window that will indicate that the account will need to be recreated. In this case, you will need to re-accept the terms of the service agreement.

Services will be updated and services (widgets) installed.

K series

For owners of a K series Smart receiver, the following sequence of actions must be followed:

Go to the general menu by pressing the “Menu” or “Home” button located on the remote control.

  • Find the item “Settings”.
  • After login: “Reset”.

    You will need to enter a password, in all devices it is standard: 0000.

    All that remains is to confirm your actions and the TV will update, turn off and turn on itself.

    Series H

    Those who need to update the Samsung H series Smart TV will need to do it according to the algorithm below:

    On the PU, press “Menu” or “Keypad”.

  • Use the buttons to go down to the “Menu” section in a new window.
  • Go to “Support”.
  • After: “Self-diagnosis”.
  • Reset“.
  • The standard PIN-code is 0000 and confirm the actions by selecting “Yes”.
  • The settings will be updated to the original.

    How to factory reset Samsung Smart TV?

    Don’t know how to reset Samsung Smart TV to factory settings or are you afraid of breaking something on your “smart” device? This is not surprising, such an action scares many Smart TV owners. But do not be afraid, if you carefully consider this action, study the sequence of manipulations for a specific model, then the update will not bring any troubles, and after it all previous problems that can slow down the overall operation of the entire system will probably disappear.

    How to reset settings on Samsung Smart TV

  • D series
  • K series
  • J series
  • Series H
  • F series
  • E series
  • Series M, N, Q, LS
  • R series
  • Factory reset via Smart Hub

    R series

    For such a series, you must follow the exact specific instructions:

    Enter the main menu (“Menu” / “Home” located on the PU).

  • The “Settings” section will appear, go to it.

    Click on “General” and “Reset”.

    Dial the standard code: 0000.

  • It remains only to approve the actions by choosing: “Yes”.
  • After rebooting, you can customize your own Samsung Smart TV from scratch and enjoy all its features.

    F series

    For the F series of Samsung Smart TVs, it is important to open the menu items also in a strictly established order:

      Enter the settings thanks to the remote control buttons labeled “Menu” or “”.

  • Go down the pointer to the point “Support”.
  • Press “Self-diagnosis”.
  • Next “Reset”.
  • Pin code for all Samsung TVs: 0000.
  • Select the “Yes” button.
  • The settings will be deleted, and it will return to the factory settings, having previously automatically rebooted.

    E series

    E-series Smart TV to reset the settings requires the following manipulations:

    The entrance to the general menu occurs after the key with the name “Menu” is pressed on the control panel.

  • Enter the support section.
  • Click on “Self-diagnosis”, and then on “Reset“.
  • If the password has not been changed before, then the standard one will do: 0000.
  • It remains only to confirm your intentions with the “Yes” button.
  • Removing unused applications

    Removing unused or unnecessary applications is one of the most effective ways to free up the internal memory of the TV receiver. To do this, you will need:

    Enter the main page of SmartTV;

  • Open the applications menu (APPS panel);
  • Go to settings (icon in one of the upper corners);
  • In the window that opens, find unnecessary (unnecessary) applications and sequentially click on each of them, pressing the “Delete” key;
  • Confirm the actions performed and close the window.
  • You can get the same result if you reset all Smart Hub settings. This will remove all downloaded applications and fix any existing errors. This will reboot and install all factory applications in automatic mode.

    Resetting Smart Hub settings can be done through the Settings menu, following the route “Support. Self-diagnosis. Reset Smart Hub “. There you will need to enter the security PIN code “0000” (by default) into the corresponding line. After the “Reset completed” message appears, you need to go to the APPS panel, wait for the notification of the initial setup and, following the prompts on the TV receiver screen, enter the menu. There you will need to select the applications required to use and press the “Finish” button.

    In the event that resetting the Smart Hub parameters to the factory state did not lead to a positive result, you can carry out a similar procedure for the entire TV. How to do this is shown in detail at:

    In this case, on all Samsung SMART TV sets (series 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.), the settings are reset in the same way. The only possible difference is a slight difference in the names of the menu items.

    Freeing up the internal memory of Samsung SMART TVs

    You can free up the internal memory of Samsung SmartTVs by performing simple operations such as uninstalling unused applications and clearing the built-in browser cache. If these actions did not lead to a positive result, then the owner of the TV will have to contact Samsung‘s Unified Support Service or, at your own risk, try to reset the TV settings to the factory level.

    Contacting Samsung Electronics Unified Support Service

    The unified support service for Samsung Electronics has been operating since 1994. The remote service, thanks to which the owners of the TV equipment of this brand, without leaving their homes, receive not only qualified advice, but also operational technical support, has allowed the company to significantly increase public confidence in its products. By calling the hotline 88005555555 or by leaving a message on the website (Online Live Chat), the owner of the TV can notify the operator of the problem.

    To provide service specialists with remote access to your TV receiver, you must:

    • Open the TV menu;
    • Enter the “Support” section;
    • Select the item “Remote control”;
    • Provide the security PIN to the service technician.

    In this case, the work is carried out online, and the service operator sees on the screen of his device only what is displayed on the faulty TV receiver. You should be aware that the company guarantees complete security of data that may be stored on the TV.

    Consequences of insufficient internal memory

    The accumulation of data in the built-in storage of information can ultimately lead to an overflow of the usable volume of the TV receiver’s internal memory. In this case, content viewing stops, and a corresponding message appears on the screen. In some cases, the application may spontaneously start overloading. In addition, the message about insufficient memory space may appear completely unexpected for the user at any time when:

    • Connecting the TV to a computer;
    • Using a USB flash drive;
    • Listening to audio files;
    • Watching movies, etc.

    In practice, the internal memory of Samsung SmartTVs fills up when the owner uses the built-in browser to view content. After full filling of its volume, the TV “freezes” and / or disconnects from the Internet. This makes it impossible to install widgets and / or applications, as well as view content. The problem can be eliminated only by freeing the internal memory of the TV receiver from unnecessary data.

    Clearing the embedded browser cache

    You can free up the TV’s internal memory by clearing the cache of the built-in browser. They do it as follows:

    • Go to the main menu of Smart-TV;
    • Launch a browser;
    • Open the “Settings” menu;
    • In the section “Deleting history” find the item “Cache”;
    • Click “Delete now” to confirm the action.

    Clearing the cache may take several minutes, after which content browsing should resume.

    System reset of the TV

    If all of the above methods did not lead to the expected result, and the owner of the TV does not have the opportunity to contact the service specialists, then he can take a risk and carry out an engineering reset of the TV settings on his own. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a number of actions in the following order:

    Turn off the TV;

  • On the remote control (RC), strictly observing the specified sequence, quickly press the buttons: INFO. Mtnu. Mute. Power or MUTE. 1. 8. 2. Power, while the TV turns on, and the service menu in English appears on the screen;
  • Use the Up and Down arrow buttons to select Option and press OK;
  • In the window that opens, select the Factory Reset item and press the OK button on the remote control twice.
  • The TV will then turn off and then on, and the initial general settings (menu language, country, network settings, etc.) will begin. Then you need to do the usual TV customization (channels, etc.). When accessing the SMART menu, it turns out that all the widgets and previously made settings are missing. They will have to be installed again. In more detail, the process of carrying out a system reset of the TV settings is shown on:

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