Samsung Tv Does Not Play Avi

Basic formats for TV

Unlike old TVs, which could only broadcast through an antenna, modern devices can use different sources of information. A common option is USB drives, which download movies from the Internet. Sometimes the TV cannot play the downloaded movie. This is due to the file extension. To avoid such a situation, below it is described what formats the TV reads, and what to do if you cannot find a movie in a suitable encoding.

Samsung Tv Does Not Play Avi

Popular formats

At the moment, TVs are able to distinguish between most common formats. Let’s consider the main ones.

First of all, these are files of the MPEG standard that appeared quite a long time ago. It is subdivided into several subspecies:

  • Mpeg. 1, the outdated CD format;
  • Mpeg. 2 used by DVD;
  • Mpeg. 4, very popular today and ubiquitous in communications and streaming.

The next, no less popular format for that works on the main part of devices is H-264, or as it is also called, Advanced Coding. This codec is characterized by the preservation of the optimal picture resolution provided that the source file is maximally compressed. Avc format significantly outperforms MPEG in many ways.

Supported modern TV formats

Today, most TVs, not only from well-known manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, Philips, LG, but also from other companies, have a relatively standard set of codecs that allow you to read the most common formats. These include:

  • Mpeg 1/2/3/4;
  • Divx;
  • Hevc;
  • Avi;
  • Wmv.

Sony 4K TVs on Android TV

There are other formats, but they are quite specific, so they may not be supported on TVs. It should also be understood that the above list is the most popular extensions, but not all manufacturers and not in each of their models implement their reading.

Divx and Xvid

The expected restart and finalization of the Mpeg codec can be called files compressed using competing technologies DivX and Xvid. The presented codecs are equally good at converting recordings to Mpeg. 4. These algorithms are also built into the factory set of TV software.

What to do if TV does not play a movie

Sometimes even the format stated in the passport is not readable. This is possible due to inappropriate picture resolution, bit rate, frame rate and for a number of other reasons. In addition, incorrect playback may be associated with poor-quality recording. The film did not download, or there was a failure when loading to a USB flash drive, but this went unnoticed by the user.

The TV may not read a movie from a USB flash drive if it downloaded incorrectly

If the TV does not play the movie, and you cannot download it in a different extension, then you should try to update the firmware. Sometimes, along with it, the capabilities of the device expand, including the emergence of support for new formats.

Which TV to buy, everyone decides for himself. It will be Sony or Samsung, LED or OLED, plasma or LCD. The modern market is able to offer many excellent devices that can handle almost all existing formats. They can vary in price, build quality and parts, but overall, they do a pretty good job with their functions.

Why does the TV not read MKV, AVI, etc.?

Many people, buying a TV with USB output, hope that now they will be able to throw all their favorite movies onto a USB flash drive and watch them on the big screen. But sometimes they will be disappointed. The TV refuses to play some files, and this happens especially often with the AVI and MKV formats. Let’s look at the main reasons why this happens.

  • This TV does not support USB movies. This port is intended solely for updating the TV software package. The situation is certainly not the most pleasant, but not at all hopeless. Most TV models can be flashed in order for them to start playing files. Also, some models allow you to connect the USB viewing function through the engineering menu. To get there, you need a special service panel, but this is far from necessary. You can get into the engineering menu of some TV models using several infrared diodes. However, we do not recommend you to do it yourself, if you are not an expert, because even if you manage to get into the engineering menu, you are unlikely to find the required parameter. And if you change the wrong parameters, you risk breaking the TV, and you will inevitably have to contact a service center to repair it.
  • The TV does not support this format (this happens especially often with the MKV format). In this case, you will not be able to do anything, so you need to convert this file to any of the formats supported by your TV. Alternatively, you can connect your TV to your computer via HDMI. In this case, the TV begins to play the role of a monitor, and will be able to play all the files that your computer can play. To create such a connection, you need a dedicated HDMI cable.
  • The TV has outdated firmware. In this case, you may also need to reflash your TV. You can do this yourself by downloading the official software for a specific TV model from the manufacturer’s website, or you can also at a service center. We strongly recommend that you contact the specialists, as only they can guarantee you that the software of your computer will work after the update.
  • The codecs installed on the TV do not support this format, or they are outdated. This problem is quite simple to solve. Just download the necessary codecs from the Internet and install them on your TV.
  • Manufacturer hardware limitations. Sometimes TV manufacturers set different limits for each format. For example, some PHILIPS models play AVI files only if their size does not exceed 1.5 GB. In this situation, you are unlikely to be able to change anything, so you will have to convert the file to another format, or connect the TV to a computer via an HDMI cable.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why a TV set may not read various file formats, and it is not always possible for a person to independently determine what is wrong. Therefore, if your TV does not want to read MKV, AVI and other formats, contact the TV Service Center. Our experienced technicians will help you determine the cause of the malfunction, diagnose and repair the TV directly at your home.


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Bought an ivi subscription on a samsung smart TV does not reproduce anything

Bought an ivi subscription on a samsung smart TV, does not play anything? Plays only free movies, and the subscription was purchased through the mts phone for 299 rubles!

You voted (13)

Hello, please write the complete model of your TV and the version of the installed firmware. Use the recommendations on this page

Model: UE40ES6720S
Firmware: T-MST10PDEUC-1041.0

Log in to the ivi application on TV using your username and password from which you paid.
In case the problem is not solved after authorization, write in more detail.

  • Send TV model and installed firmware version (Support → Contact Samsung)
  • Send tabs “profile
  • When viewing which problem occurs?
  • At what minute of viewing?
  • Send a screenshot with the problem

You take money for what. I also paid for a monthly subscription of SAMSUNG TV. For two days I spend my time to measure the speed, update the software. I did everything as it should, but I looked at one film somehow, at the end of the film I gave an error. It no longer shows films by subscription at all gives an error. Waste time again to understand what is the reason. You get money, so make it comfortable, pay for a subscription and watch all films by subscription in peace. And you have a lot of people like me, from each yes to 299 rubles. Not sickly you earn there. If I do not understand technology, what should I call a specialist? Will you pay me for this specialist? You have to waste your precious time on YOU, pay money to YOU. In my opinion this is too much, your shop will be closed soon, I will complain about YOU to Rospotrebnadzor. Everything expensive for YOU IVI !!

In order for us to solve your problem, please indicate your TV model and firmware version.
Write in more detail on which error occurs? At what minute ?
If possible, please send a problem.

Samsung 32 ” TV series 5 Smart TV Full HD LED UE32F5300AK Firmware T-MST12DEUC-1116.0 updated version, internet speed is excellent. Oh yes, some movies began to be loaded, two days later, but after a while the Error crashes! Fail to connect to streaming server. Please correct this problem. By the way, the quality of the film Color of the Night is poor, the translation is terrible. For what the money is paid is not clear.

Today I paid for a monthly subscription to SAMSUNG TV, SMART TV GENERALLY DISCONNECTED AND DOES NOT SHOW. I paid through the phone, the money was withdrawn. So maybe you can somehow transfer this money to a computer at least?

Samsung TV does not play MP4 over USB / SD. Solution to the problem

You can find similar topics on different forums. Samsung Ultra HD TV does not play MP4 files. What solution? Let’s figure it out now.
Generally speaking, Samsung 4K TVs can play various SD / HD / 4K resolutions. But it’s about the codec. As you know, MP4 is a complex format with various codecs.

Samsung 4K TVs do not support all MP4 types, so sometimes you might run into an unreadable 4K MP4 file. The solution to the problem is to convert an arbitrary MP4 file to a format supported by your 4K Samsung TV. And then it will be possible to transfer the converted via USB port or SD card slot, and play them on the Samsung 4K TV screen.

How to play MP4 4K on Samsung 4K TV via USB / SD slot?
There are many 4K converters on the market today, but only a few are perfect and safe. One such outstanding MP4 converter for Samsung 4K TVs is iFastime Converter Ultimate, which can encode any 4K MP4 on your computer for any Samsung 4K TV or other Samsung TVs, making 4K MP4 viewing possible through USB / SD ports. Port without any problem.

Besides 4K MP4 to Samsung 4K, this easy-to-use TV converter can also convert DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K H.265 MKV, AVI, H.265, Tivo, MPEG, FLV, VOB, etc. For a large number of Samsung 4K TVs. With it, you just need to select the Samsung 4K TV format with just one click, and then connect the USB flash drive with the converted 4K TV to the USB port of the Samsung 4K TV.

Solution to the problem

Three Steps to Convert MP4 4K to USB / SD Slot Transfer Samsung 4K TV
Step 1. Click the “Add” button to add your 4K MP4 files to the program. You can directly drag the one you want to convert to the left pane of the program window:

Step 2. Choose an output format
At the bottom of the converter, select the format from the drop-down list of the corresponding field. Set the output format Format TVS Samsung TV. The formats here are equipped with the most suitable parameters / audio in accordance with the requirements of the TV manufacturer’s official website and user manual. In our case, this is “Samsung TV (. Mp4)”.

Step 3. Run MP4 4K Conversion for Samsung 4K TV
Click the “Start Conversion” button in the lower right corner (with a big green arrow); the converter will begin to transcode MP4 4K to MP4 for Samsung 4K TV to view from a USB flash drive or any other removable media via USB.

Once the conversion is done, simply click to the left of the “Open” button to find the converted 4K MP4 files. They will be in the Output folder specified on the bottom line. In our example, this is the folder “C: \ Users \”.

Next, copy the received data to a medium (flash drive, external hard drive, SD card). Now just insert the media into the USB / SD port on the TV. And we proceed to the osim haim, i.E. Reproduce and enjoy the picture.