Samsung tablet hangs what to do

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Samsung tablet does not turn off what to do. How do you reboot your tablet if it is frozen

Because of a hardware failure or software malfunction, the tablet may hang up and not respond to user actions. This can indicate both a serious failure of the device and a minor malfunction, which can be quickly fixed by yourself without much loss.

Most often this problem is encountered by users of old devices, as the operating system and the “iron” over time wear out and can begin to work incorrectly. If you encounter this problem at an early stage of using the device, then it is likely that you have purchased a defective device. Return it for diagnostics under warranty and demand to correct the problem or refund/exchange the tablet.

Also don’t forget that some of the problems can be caused by the user himself. For example, you can get viruses and/or damage the device mechanically while using it. In this case, you will most likely be denied warranty service.

Consider the options to bring your device back to life.

Trying to force the power on

Provided that the tablet does not respond to a normal press of the power button, you can make it work in a “forced” way. To do this, simply hold down the power button for 10-15 seconds. If it is a small system failure, the tablet should give signs of life and turn on. It may take a little longer to turn on than normal and/or be slow at first, but after a while it should be fine.

If the problem repeats too often, but also can be solved easily, then it is recommended to go to the service center, or scan your Android for viruses. Any delay in such cases may have unpleasant consequences.

Performing a forced reboot

If the tablet does not react on long pressing the power button at all, then try to start it with the boot menu. It can be called by long pressing the power button and one of the volume buttons (which button must be pressed depends on the device model). Hold these buttons for the same 10-15 seconds.

The device should vibrate, after which you will see the logo in the form of a disassembled Android. Then a special menu will appear, similar to the BIOS of a normal computer. In most cases the touch screen will not work in these menus, so you have to control with the volume keys (switching between menu items). To select any item you need to use the power key.

In this menu you need to select the item “reboot system now”. The system should reboot and work more or less normally. However, if there are serious problems on the device, then the OS will run in safe mode, where you will be able to find the problem and solve it without. But it is important to remember that the functionality of the OS in this case is very limited, for example the device will not be able to access the Internet.

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Charging the device

If there is no charge in the battery the device may not show any signs of life at all (do not even vibrate when you try to turn on). In this case just put it on charge and wait a couple of hours.

This option does not always help, especially if the device was almost fully charged and turned on normally a couple of minutes ago. However, if you will try to restore its functionality by some of the ways suggested in the instructions, it is recommended to fully charge the device.

If the charge indicator does not even light up during charging, it may indicate a serious problem with the battery. Take your tablet to a service center for diagnosis and repair.

Search and removal of viruses

While using the device it might have been infected with viruses which caused a system failure. But since you can not turn on your tablet, we have to use a computer to scan the device.

You have to connect the tablet via USB-cable, because if you do it via Wi-Fi, it is not certain that you will be able to run an antivirus scan of the tablet. Once connected, refer to these instructions (the instructions are discussed using the example of Windows Defender, the standard antivirus of Windows):

Factory reset

This option is the most extreme, as it implies the loss of all user data and settings. Before you start the reset procedure, it is recommended to remove all SD cards and SIM cards from the device, because the data on them can also be damaged.

The universal instructions for resetting Android devices are as follows:

In theory you can restore the old user information, but to do this you will have to use special utilities and/or specialists. Not sure that you will be able to recover all the data.

Repairing the power button

If you’ve tried to turn on your tablet using one of the previous methods, but the device shows no signs of life, then there’s a chance that the power button is broken. In this case, the tablet will have to be brought to the service center.

Provided that the warranty is still active, the repair will be completely free of charge. However, if during the diagnostics it is found that the breakage of the button is your fault, then the terms of the warranty are canceled, and therefore you will have to pay for the repair.

Screen replacement

It also happens that the device itself is fully operational and normally turns on / off. But the screen may be broken or damaged. Even if you have not beaten or scratched it, poor assembly or careless use could break the contacts, which led to the inability to turn on the screen.

The replacement can be done under warranty, if the time has not expired. But do not forget that if you are the culprit of the breakage, then the warranty service you are likely to be denied.

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Yes, this method of pressing three buttons at the same time helped us to restart the Samsung Tab 4 tablet. Thanks so much for the tip, very glad it worked out!! hour. 25-01-2019 min.Message:Madina Author:19

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Nothing worked, no luck for me.What ever I did, it won’t start.Battery died, put it on charge, started to turn on and the same thing. hour. 18-12-2018 min.Message:nata Author:04 87471047660 It really helped the first time Thank you. hour. 15-12-2018 min.Message:Aidana Author:15 aika.2013@inbox.Thank you very much! 27-11-2018 min.Message:Aya Author:07

Thanks for the help, it worked to reload. Hangs while working Skype time. 18-11-2018 min.Message:Nina Author:19 Bat.anat@ Thanks for the help. Samsung Galaxy Tab4 Tablet. Hold down the off button for 5 seconds and it restarts by itself. I got hung up while wiping the broom and eliminating the threat from the transtat translator program. hour. 30-10-2018 min.Message:COLLOBOC Author:21

Thank you! hour. 29-10-2018 min.Message:Dmitry Author:20

Thanks! hour. 29-10-2018 min.Message:Dmitry author:20 It worked, thanks a lot.)) hour. 23-10-2018 min.Message:Dmitry Kuzminov Author:14 Thank you very much! It worked))couldn’t do anything for the second day((( hour. 20-08-2018 min.Message:Julia Author:10 mil.74@ I have a Samsung tablet tab 4 hangs itself restart, every five seconds black screen-vibration-script Samsung and again again. Tried all the pushes didn’t work. But then decided to keep longer for about a minute three buttons off. и. at the same time. It helped, just need to hold for longer about a minute. 1 hour. 17-08-2018 min.Message:Tatiana Author:14 ipvanish@ Great! The first method helped. Hour. 15-08-2018 min.Message:Ivan Author:12 chernenkoand@rambler.Thank you. It helped to reload the tablet. one hour. 25-07-2018 min.Message:Andrei Author:15 Thank you very much help I froze my tablet battery is not removable on charge did not stand the tablet is cold and does not react to anything, I pressed the off button.and. in 10 sec.reloaded. Thank you for an hour. 11-06-2018 min.Message:unknown Author:10 kam2877@rambler.Thank you very much for your help )) everything is super hour. 12-05-2018 min.Message:Jamal Author:21

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Why does my tablet hang??

There may be several reasons, here are the most common.

  • Virus.
  • Operating system corruption.
  • The failure of any application.
  • Not optimizing the app.
  • Malfunction of the device.

The last case is the most unpleasant, because it requires going to the service center. In other cases you can fix the problem yourself by doing a reset, or simply using a similar app from Google Play.

How to restart the tablet with buttons?

Reset using Reset

Most tablets, including expensive Samsung and Huawei models, have the ability to reset the device. This helps not only in cases where the tablet has stopped responding to the user during operation, but also if it hangs on the logo and does not start.

Reset button hidden under a small hole in the panels of the case. To reset your tablet, you will need:

  • Find a thin tool, for example, a paper clip for the SIM card compartment or a piece of stiff wire will come in handy;
  • enter the tool in the hole;
  • Press the Reset button and hold it for 3-5 seconds.

If the owner of the tablet uses this reset method, you must first consult the instructions for the device. Individual models can completely reset the device to factory settings. In this case, before pressing the Reset button, it is worth removing the memory card from the tablet. After rebooting, you will have to restore all applications and system settings, the user.

Diagnosing the problem

Most often the tablets of Chinese manufacture are subject to hang-ups, although such unpleasant situations with the gadgets of the most famous brands are not excluded.

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It is important to determine at what point the gadget freezes. Hanging can occur when the screen saver with the brand name appears, then it may indicate that the operating system can not boot. Also running a program or game can cause a serious hang, up to the loss of control of the gadget. The system may freeze while you are working, watching a video, surfing the internet, or playing a game.

Causes of freezing

If the tablet hangs and does not turn off, the algorithm of necessary actions can be understood only after identifying the causes that led to this situation. In addition, you should know that the causes leading to the malfunction of the device are divided into two categories:

The tablet may not respond to touch due to damage to the screen

The most common are software reasons when the user himself provoked the hang-up of the gadget, installing incorrect software. Software failure is also observed in the case of a virus infection during the installation of an application. Certainly, the virus will provoke malfunctioning of the operating system and some applications. Very often in the case of a virus infection there is a failure of settings.

The hardware causes include the mechanical damage of the tablet, accompanied by the failure of the board. It is also possible to provoke a hardware hang-up of the tablet by the user himself, connecting to it faulty external devices. For example, if the charger fails, the device cannot be charged normally either. Accordingly, the hardware freeze will be observed in this case.

So, after determining the cause of the tablet hangs, it becomes clear what to do next. To do this it is enough to recall what kind of action your device has been exposed to recently.

If it has been dropped or bumped, you will have to go to a service center. The user is unlikely to be able to independently detect hardware failures, because it requires a certain set of tools and, of course, some knowledge and skills.

If the reason for freezing was the installed program, the user can solve the problem without the participation of others.

Hardware damage to the tablet

Repair may be required in principle any component of the “tablet” Samsung, which has been exposed to external influences: display, motherboard, battery, cables. there are many options. And not always a protective case is able to save from mechanical damage. For example, it is unlikely to save from a fall from the 10th floor.

If in your situation the damage is not fatal, you will need to repair or replace the broken and bent components. You can get the necessary information from the Service Center.

The exact cause of why the Samsung tablet does not turn on. Only a SO engineer can install it. Do not get upset prematurely. the diagnostic results will adjust your expectations. One thing is certain. the careful and cautious handling, compliance with operating rules is the key to a long service life of technology. SO provides a warranty of up to three years.

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