Samsung T580 Tablet Update Center

A device may run slowly for several reasons. Use the tips below to speed it up.

Reboot device

If the device is slow sometimes, just reload it. Rebooting will clear the full memory and clear the errors.

Samsung T580 Tablet Update Center

If the device freezes and does not respond to clicks, use the instructions on the link below.

Remove unnecessary applications

Most installed applications work even if you are not using them. The more applications, the more processor is loaded. Because of this, the device runs slower and discharges faster. To prevent unnecessary applications from wasting resources on your smartphone or tablet, revise them. According to the results, uninstall or disable unnecessary applications.

Opt out of app updates

When developers write or update applications, first of all they adapt them to new devices and versions of Android, and only then they think about older ones.

The new devices have better performance, so they cope with the latest applications without much effort.

Older devices, firstly, have lower performance, and secondly, are forced to work with applications not optimized for them. Because of this, “brakes” arise during the operation of the device.

Therefore, if the device is more than two or three years old, update only the most necessary applications. The rest let them remain the version that you installed initially.

Check device in safe mode

Downloaded devices, those that are installed after purchase, can slow down the operation of the device. To find out if there are any such applications, boot the device in safe mode. In this mode, all downloaded applications are disabled, only those installed at the factory work.

If in safe mode the device works fine, the problem is in some (or several) downloaded application. It may be too “heavy” or simply poor-quality and “hang” the system. Unfortunately, safe mode will not help to figure out which application is to blame. Therefore, we recommend that you delete one application at a time and watch how the speed of the device changes. Better to start with the last installed or updated.

If the device also slows down in safe mode, continue to the next tip.

Reset data

If the recommendations above do not help, then most likely the problem is a major software failure. To fix it, reset the data. When data is reset, all files are deleted from the memory, the operating system settings are reset, and with it errors are deleted.