Samsung Syncmaster 943 How to Turn On

Samsung Syncmaster 943 How to Turn On

  • Type: LCD Monitor
  • Diagonal: 19″
  • Resolution: 1280×1024 (5: 4)
  • LCD Type: TFT S-PVA
  • Vertical spacing: 0.294 mm
  • Dynamic Contrast: 10000: 1
  • Response time: 25 ms
  • Maximum number of colors: 16.7 million.
  • Contrast Ratio: 1500: 1
  • Screen coating: anti-glare


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Features Samsung SyncMaster 943T

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Pros and Cons of Samsung SyncMaster 943T

good matrix for good money

Very good monitor. And for its price. generally excellent.

Colors and viewing angles. higher than expected, everything is even and clear. Quickly switch between usage modes. excellent, you can work with text mode, then turn on the movie and set the mode brighter. The monitor is used both for work and as a TV, you can watch from any angle. The ability to rotate the monitor vertically also pleased, although it was not really needed in the case.

Great monitor with the right matrix. Eyes do not get tired, viewing angles are good, there is nothing superfluous in the model. Very convenient stand, allows you to move the screen in any direction. Check for broken pixels and uneven backlight did not reveal marriage.

1) Minimalistic, strict, restrained appearance. 2) High build quality. 3) Good color rendering, contrast and viewing angles, which is generally characteristic of S-PVA. Of course, only at extremely large angles close to 180 degrees, colors begin to float. 4) An ordinary, convenient setup menu. 5) I also consider it a dignity that there are no extra bells and whistles that people who work with graphics simply do not need, but are most often just a marketing move to attract customers, for which extra money is charged.

I took this monitor, since the TN-matrix began to hurt my eyes. Everything is wonderful with this, I can now work for a long time, my eyes do not get tired. Compact, convenient, nothing more and it affects the price.

Perfect image, no color distortion at any angle, even when viewing from below. Convenient choice of settings profile with one button, you don’t have to climb into the settings themselves. The matte surface of the screen does not glare or reflect. There is nothing superfluous (speakers, microphones, cameras and other unnecessary things, for which they take extra money)

Excellent colors. The printer cannot print such colors even in the source (raw). You can adjust the height of the monica (for me this is important).

1) Not seen. Only that. that you probably can’t find it on sale.

As a drawback, I can only mention unsecured wires. If the connector can be screwed, then the power connector is held only due to its own friction. It would be more logical to remove the wires in “leg”. But if the monitor is not moved, then this drawback is not important.

the touch buttons on the panel do not have a backlight or bulges, so in dusk and darkness you can’t immediately get to the right menu.

1. Strange. a shaky, light and unstable stand, the monitor on it swings vigorously like a pendulum at the slightest sway of the table. I had never encountered this before, never expected. The problem of swinging was partially solved by stuffing the cardboard rolled up four times inside the height adjustment mechanism. By the way, height adjustment is absolutely useless. the monitor in its lowest position is even slightly higher than it should. The rotation function is also useless, as the aspect ratio of the monitor is very close to a square 1: 1. In general, I would be happy with an ordinary rigid stable stand without the functions of height and rotation adjustment.
2. Touch buttons without relief and sound confirmation of pressing. little things, but constantly confusing. My Samsung TV is also with touch buttons

1) On a black background, a slight flare is visible at the edges.
2) Failed to perfectly rebuild the gamut.
3) As many have noted here, touch buttons in low light can only be felt at random, because they are not only invisible, but also not tactile to detect, the backlight would not hurt them. To turn on the monitor, I feel for the right edge of the bottom frame with my finger and drag it along it until my finger reaches the extreme power button, since it is close to the edge.
4) The response time of 25 ms can not be considered a disadvantage for such a matrix and for such a price. Yes, there is a train. If you scroll, say, white text on a black background, the text becomes gray and slightly blurred. However, this almost does not interfere either when working with text or in games.
5) I did not like the standard utility for mood

Just now I’m sitting at a resolution of 1024×768. Under other resolutions, the image quality did not suit. Perhaps this is subjective, and maybe vidyuha is rather weak.

Absolutely blind touch control buttons, you won’t get right where you’re not used to it (insignificant flaw)

it is impossible to set the setup menu to another place on the screen except in the center, it affects the ability to calibrate the monitor. Sleep mode light “power” constantly flashing (IMHO annoying)

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