Samsung Smart Tv What Operating System

Android TV

Android TV is an operating system that Sony released on its smart TVs in 2015. Previously, the operating system was built into a multimedia set-top box, but recently more and more manufacturers are offering buyers smart TVs with an already built-in Android TV.

Samsung Smart Tv What Operating System

Android TVs are popular with tech critics and users for a number of benefits.

Complete eco-system. If your smartphone has Android, then synchronization with the device will be smoother and faster. Plus, you can pull up all your favorite apps on your smart phone to your smart TV.

  • Convenient and intuitive interface. After turning on the device, categories with your applications appear on the screen. You can continue watching a movie, quickly open one of the latest applications or a frequently opened game.
  • Chromecast. A function that broadcasts content from a mobile device to a TV without additional settings.
  • True, there are a number of shortcomings that the developers promise to fix, but so far it remains only to accept. There are still not many android applications that are available on mobile devices and TV, that is, there are many to choose from, but the number of applications optimized for smart TV is still not much.

    It’s not easy to change settings without instructions, and the settings menu fills the entire screen, even if you called it while watching your favorite series. You can hear the opinion that Android-TV is easy to use only for Android users on smartphones, and for beginners in the world of smart technologies, it may seem incomprehensible.

    What OS do other brands of TVs use?

    Now we will briefly present information about which operating systems in smart TVs from other manufacturers, less famous, but no less high quality:

    • Firefox OS. An OS for Panasonic TVs developed under the wing of the Mozilla Foundation;
    • Roku is not very popular in our country, but it is often found as an OS for Sharp, TCL, Haier, Hisense and Insignia TVs.

    Tizen: operating system for TV

    Tizen OS is an operating system based on the Linux kernel. At the moment, it is found only in Smart TVs from Samsung, which are further developing this operating system.

    Tizen OS has a pleasant and user-friendly interface that even a novice user in smart technologies can easily figure out. During the development itself, the creators thought primarily of users who will encounter smart TV for the first time.

  • Menu navigation is mobile: to complete any task, just click on the remote control two or three times.
  • The speed of content transfer, upload from the Internet or mobile device to the TV screen.
  • The built-in Bluetooth network transmits everything that goes on the phone directly to the screen. It is convenient, fast, effective to arrange skype conferences with OS.
  • Multi-Link Screen function that divides the screen into two parts, making it convenient to view multimedia applications and the smartphone screen, for example, at the same time.
  • What Tizen OS can definitely be proud of is the variety of multimedia applications. Essential, useful, entertainment apps from the Galaxy Store are also available on Smart TV.
  • Gamefly Streaming allows games without a console, which can also be a plus for those who like to shoot during a commercial break.
  • However, such a powerful OS has its drawbacks. In particular, the power of the system affects its stability.

    True, this trend is found in older Samsung models. The company is constantly upgrading the engine, so new versions rarely encounter this problem.

    Smart TV: the best operating systems

    Smart products have entered a person’s daily life imperceptibly, but these days it is already difficult to imagine a day without a smart phone or TV. Smart TV. A TV that can be connected to the Internet, and the Internet, in turn, opens up new multimedia possibilities for the user. It products, including smart TVs, run on an operating system. Before buying a Smart TV, the user has a natural question, which operating system is better for the TV.

    Android TVs

    Sony was one of the first to use Android TV, but not the last. No wonder Android TV is called the most popular operating system for smart devices. You can find this OS on smart products from a number of other brands:

    • Philips;
    • Ergo;
    • Hitachi;
    • Tcl;
    • Sharp.

    Open webOS from LG

    Like Tizen, webOS. Operating system based on the Linux kernel. Webos only. An open system developed by LG. The webos operating system in lg TVs has many advantages, especially for a novice user:

    Ease of connection and use. During the greeting, an animated assistant appears on the screen, which will offer the user hints and tips.

  • Convenient and fast work with files and multimedia content at the same time.
  • Fast navigation and search. The screen displays a menu with frequently called applications, and on the side there is an information panel that will tell the user about the most popular games, movies, TV series.
  • Additional functions. For example, LG Magic Remote accepts commands by voice or gestures.
  • Despite the fact that WebOS is an operating system on Linux, it has no problems with stability. And the disadvantages will be significant only for an active user of smart TV.

    In particular, WebOS is not as rich in applications as other operating systems, but all the basic programs needed for entertainment content. Lg also works with a small number of mobile app development companies, so the sync system is not as good as we would like.

    Platform functionality

    The functional potential of the OS in question is very wide. So, Tizen TV is characterized by support for:

    • Wireless protocols WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC;
    • Broadcasting digital television in IPTV format;
    • Wireless listening to music from external devices;
    • Control over viewing of digital channels, which include access to a TV program and the function of recording the broadcast on a schedule;
    • The ability to synchronize with a smartphone to control the TV receiver instead of the remote control (using a special program)
    • Functions of mirroring the phone screen on the TV;
    • Dlna system, which makes it possible to combine devices and household appliances into a single network;
    • Airplay technology (in the latest models), which allows you to connect devices from Apple;
    • Ambient Mode (in QLED TV models), which makes it possible to use the screen in such a capacity: as an information display with data on weather or traffic congestion, as a frame or a picture, as an integral part of the interior, merging with it due to copying the wallpaper pattern on the wall.

    The built-in capabilities of the platform should be noted separately. So, at the time of purchasing a SMART TV receiver, the OS, in addition to a variety of pre-installed applications (which will be discussed below), still has:

    • A media player for viewing files from USB-drives, which has a large number of supported formats;
    • A dispatcher for connecting external devices, which allows you to safely connect various gadgets;
    • A game panel that supports software written in Java, C, HTML5, NaCl and Unity;
    • Browser for surfing the Internet, however, watching movies and other streaming content through the built-in web browser can be difficult, so it is better to use special programs for this purpose.

    All about Tizen operating system Samsung Smart TV

    Smart TVs labeled Smart TV provide access to a variety of Internet content, which is gaining popularity among buyers, since they significantly expand the capabilities of a conventional TV receiver. When choosing a SMART model, users pay attention not only to the name of the manufacturer and technical characteristics, but also to the operating system installed on it, on which the potential of the device depends. The largest manufacturers of smart TVs often use their own software in their products, for example, the Tizen operating system in Samsung Smart TV. It is about her that will be discussed in this material: its functionality and interface, preinstalled programs and the ability to install third-party applications, as well as the advantages and disadvantages relative to similar platforms.

    Sdk Tizen

    Together with the next OS update in 2014, its SDK (software development kit) was released, that is, a set of tools provided for software developers, which allows you to create new applications for the platform in question. In other words, the Tizen SDK supports external extensions to enhance functionality. This means that users of the system can create their own widgets using the Tizen API.

    Preinstalled programs and content

    After purchasing and connecting a SMART TV receiver, the user immediately gets access to several installed applications, most of which are intended for viewing content, for example, YouTube, MegoGo, Netflix, IVI. Thanks to the use of the VP9 decoding standard and with sufficient Internet speed, the TV on Tizen OS allows you to broadcast movies, clips and more in 4K format directly from the Internet.

    Feature OS Tizen

    New Smart TV users often have a question what is Tizen OS. In short, we can say that this is an operating platform that allows you to access the Internet from a large TV screen, which is somewhat similar to a computer software. It follows that for the functioning of SMART-TV, it is necessary not only to turn on the TV, but also to ensure its access to the World Wide Web.

    The work of any smart TV receiver is based on this or that software. The Tizen operating system in Smart TV is a proprietary development of Samsung and Intel. Since 2014, the platform, originally developed and used mainly on mobile gadgets, began to develop in 2 directions: separately for portable devices and for SMART TV sets. So, Tizen OS is an open system of the Open Source standard based on the Linux kernel, which is periodically updated: version 4.0 was released in 2017, and 5.0 M2 in October 2018. Since 2015, Tizen TV has been installed on all models of television receivers instead of the previously used Samsung Hub.

    Features of installing third-party applications

    • H 2014;
    • J 2015;
    • K 2016;
    • M 2017;
    • N 2018;
    • R 2019.

    For example, the model with the code UE40J5200UA contains the letter J, which means that the TV was released in 2015.

    Android TV is the best operating system for running apps

    But all these nuances with applications do not apply to services for smart TV. For example, TV streaming services like Netflix, Plex, Spotify and others have quality smart TV apps, regardless of platform. In addition, there is an omnivorous VLC player for multimedia playback. The latest update to the Android TV operating system ensures that any service that offers 4K content can be easily displayed on any smart Ultra HD TV. In addition, voice control is developing more and more from version to version. Therefore, you can comfortably fit on the sofa and ask your smart TV to turn on a new episode of your favorite TV series.

    To be fair, it should be said that Android TV has not yet acquired all the features that classic Android has on portable gadgets. So, smart TVs that work on this platform cannot boast, for example, the Picture-in-Picture function. But this platform is developing very actively, so we are sure that very soon Android TV will acquire all the coolest Android chips.

    Separately, I would like to note the Chromecast function, which allows you to start watching on a mobile gadget, and end on a smart TV, and vice versa. We believe that just for the sake of this one chip it is worth choosing the Android TV platform for a smart TV.

    Firefox TV is a simple and very beautiful system with a hazy future

    The collaboration of the renowned electronics manufacturer Panasonic and the developer of one of the most popular browsers in the world, Mozilla, has given us the operating system for Firefox TV smart TVs. Already, after the recent announcement, this system can offer its users a simply stunning interface and many useful applications.

    Why did we write in the title that this system has a vague future? The thing is that the main developer of Firefox TV, Mozilla, has decided to throw all its energy into working on its browser. So, the fate of Firefox TV is now completely in the hands of Panasonic.

    This is all very sad, because Firefox TV has a bright, memorable interface with many beautiful icons, smooth, pleasant animations and an amazing carousel for accessing applications. We believe Firefox TV has the most beautiful interface of any smart TV platform. Apps like Netflix, Amazon Instant, YouTube, AccuWeather and iPlayer Firefox TV make it a very decent platform and it would be a shame if it disappears.

    Smart TV operating systems overview

    On our website, we have already introduced you to a new trend in the world of electronics with smart TVs. But what makes a smart TV really smart? Thanks to this, such relatively simple devices have learned to go online and run simple casual games?

    The cornerstone of any smart system, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or gaming PC, is the operating system. Today, when buying a smart TV, you have a choice not only among a large number of models from various manufacturers, but also a choice among software platforms. As for the choice among the various manufacturers, then you can use our recent material in which we talked about the best smart TVs in 2017. Today we will help you decide on the best software platforms for smart TVs. So which smart TV operating system to choose in 2017? Let’s figure it out.

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    Samsung Tizen is a bright, affordable and modern smart TV platform

    We must pay tribute to Samsung, which has never been afraid to take on the full cycle of developing its products. So, the company not only makes the entire iron part of its smart TVs itself, but also has its own software platform Tizen TV. Like Android TV, Tizen TV also originates from the sphere of smartphones (the fact is that some of the company’s smartphones are installed not Android, but Tizen).

    As far as the operating system interface is concerned, Tizen TV reminds us very much of webOS. That is, the system has the same large and bright icons and application shortcuts that look very good on the TV screen. Tizen keeps a very close eye on what you watch and what apps you use. All this is necessary in order to constantly select the most relevant content and applications for you. The most important feature of this operating system is the ability to customize the icons on the screen for yourself. Also, do not worry about the availability of streaming TV services, because iPlayer, ITV Player, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon are immediately on board in Tizen TV.

    Lg webOS is a fast and dynamic OS for smart TVs

    The first version of the webOS operating system from the electronics giant LG appeared in 2014. After the release, several versions of this OS have already been released, and the latest version for today is webOS 3.0.

    The essence of the webOS concept is that regardless of whether the streaming TV service is running, or a laptop is simply connected to the TV via HDMI, everything will be displayed on a dynamic screen with the same icons. Over, the system works very quickly and smoothly. True, we lacked a little the simplicity of the system settings as in Firefox TV or Tizen TV. Apps for getting content are also fine, with Amazon Instant, BBC iPlayer and YouTube preinstalled in the operating room.

    In general, the guys from LG need to pay tribute, because they actually managed to create a good, beautiful, fast and stable TV platform from scratch. Of course, webOS lacks some flexibility in terms of settings, and the ecosystem is not as developed as that of competitors. But it has all the key applications you need to use your smart TV comfortably.

    Disadvantages of the Tizen operating system

    For many users who have never opened programs on the Tizen operating system, the main drawback is the dissimilarity from Android. This is true, but this aspect cannot be considered a disadvantage. Visually, they differ, but it is extremely biased to say that the Tizen interface is more complex than Android. Rather the opposite. Samsung has managed to create a unique operating system for television.

    Tizen system advantages

    Os Tizen TVs are considered by many experts to be the best option for users who have no experience with Smart TV. This conclusion follows from the objective advantages of the operating system:

    • Convenient synchronization system with Samsung mobile devices;
    • A wide range of applications and games;
    • Support for voice and gesture control;
    • Intuitive and simple interface;
    • Unlimited possibilities for further optimization.

    On the positive side, everything is very clear, except for the last argument. Let’s consider it in more detail. You need to start with the fact that the operating system for the Tizen TV is being developed at once by several world famous companies: Samsung, Intel, Linux. For example, only Google is working on improving Android.

    Tizen was developed using web technologies. This opens up completely new possibilities for improving the operating system. Applications can be managed using the Web API. Applications are developed in the following programming languages: HTML5 / JavaScript / CSS. From a technical point of view, this is the most progressive operating system.

    Which OS is better to choose a TV: Tizen, Android or WebOS?

    In the modern market, TVs with support for Smart TV are mainly represented. Therefore, each potential buyer faces a very difficult question: what criteria should you pay attention to before buying equipment? There are many important aspects that need to be taken into account, but if you evaluate the functionality of the Smart TV platform, then be sure to pay attention to which operating system it runs under.

    What is Tizen OS

    Sales statistics show that Samsung TVs are in great demand. The products of this brand are in no way inferior in popularity to Sony, Apple, LG. Tvs from the South Korean manufacturer run the Tizen operating system. Many users hear about this software for the first time when they are going to buy a TV, so there are doubts about the advisability of buying such equipment.

    The vast majority of Tizen TVs support the use of a Bluetooth remote control. Their peculiarity lies in the function of voice control, search. To activate this option, simply click on the corresponding button.

    Tizen OS applications are located in a special panel located at the bottom of the screen. This is a very good solution, since the programs do not cover the main picture. Absolutely all applications are divided into two categories, popular and recently launched. The preinstalled package includes many useful programs from various developers. Users have access to software for performing various tasks.

    You can install games on your Samsung Smart TV with the Taizen operating system. The developers also implemented a preview option that allows you to resume work from the point where the previous session was completed. This is especially useful when watching movies. You can always resume watching where you left off last time. It doesn’t matter where exactly the content is played, in the browser or in the application.

    On a TV with OS Taizen, there is access to the memory of other gadgets connected to it. You can broadcast content from your smartphone to the TV screen, just press one button. Owners of Samsung smartphones and tablets will have additional functionality available.

    Which system is better to choose?

    It’s hard to say that Android is better than Tizen, webOS or vice versa. Each user chooses the best OS for the TV individually. Let’s make a short summary so that everyone can choose the option that suits them. Samsung Smart TV runs on the Tizen operating system. It is intended for fans of online surfing. Ideal for beginners who don’t want to go into customization. Implemented convenient synchronization with other gadgets.

    Webos supports HTML5. It’s somewhere between Android and Tizen. Used on LG TVs. A flexible system of settings is available to users. The pre-installed software package includes all the necessary applications.

    If you want full access to all settings, then a Linux-based operating system is not for you. The best Android option. Despite the deeper configuration system, for many users it will not be a problem, since the vast majority of smartphones run on software from Google Corporation.

    Smart TV capabilities

    Initially, smart TV was intended to receive content from other sources, not just from terrestrial channels. To do this, they used a connection to a computer via a local network and an Internet connection for viewing online. Today this function of smart TV remains the main one.

    Using the operating system as the basis for Smart TV allows you to expand the functionality. For example, you noticed that Sony is using Android TV. And most TV viewers are familiar with Android smartphones. So this is how the functionality of the TV receiver can be expanded, although there are different versions of Android on the TV and smartphone. You can download apps from Google Play and install. And these are weather widgets, news, various games, etc. And each operating system has such capabilities, only there are its own services.

    Plus, all operating systems have the ability to work with social networks, where you can communicate while watching movies or broadcasts of sports competitions.

    Manufacturers for such TV sets produce special control panels, they are made specifically for their operating systems, so that it is easy to operate them. Today, such smart remote controls are made universal so that they work with all equipment from one company.

    Smart TV allows the viewer to control using gestures or voice. To do this, the device has a built-in camera to follow your gestures. A microphone is built into the remote for voice commands.

    You can also connect smartphones to a TV receiver, and this makes it possible to control and transfer media files.

    Technologies are developing so much that it is already possible to control all household appliances of one brand from the TV using special services, and these are refrigerators and washing machines, etc. This is how the idea of ​​a smart home is realized and television receivers with Smart TV play a central role here.

    Smart tv what is it

    To expand the capabilities of a television receiver, manufacturers have been using Smart TV for several years now, such television sets are also called smart TVs. How to use it, what opportunities does it give to the viewer?

    Smart TV sets can work on the Internet, unite all media devices at home into a single network, allow you to play games, install additional applications. And all this thanks to the smart TV functionality.

    Samsung’s Tizen system

    The main advantage of smart TVs is their own access to the Internet, which allows you to watch movies online without a computer, without downloading. There are many services on the Internet with films, music, and all this becomes available to you. For example, YouTube or Netflix, Megogo, Tvigle and others.

    I must say right away that smart TV is an additional functionality and it does not affect the quality of the image or sound in any way. You can watch live TV programs without these new features.

    Lg’s webOS interface

    In modern devices of any well-known brand, almost all models have Smart TV.

    Companies use different operating systems on their models:

    • Samsung Tizen;
    • Lg webOS;
    • Philips, Sony Android TV;
    • Panasonic own development based on Firefox OS.

    How to use

    For a smart TV to work properly, in order to use all the functions, you need to connect the TV to the Internet. To do this, you need to use a cable from the router and the Ethernet port on the device or the built-in Wi-Fi module. Wi-Fi requires a router in the house, connected to the upstream internet cable from your provider. The communication channel must provide a speed of at least 2 Mbit / s, but this is a minimum, and preferably 10-20 Mbit / s for watching 4K.

    Through the settings, find the network item and there, using the prompts, connect to the Internet. It’s easier to do this on a TV set than on a computer.

    After that, registration on the official website of the manufacturer may be required to gain access to the full set of functions.

    Lg webOS

    With information about different Smart TV systems:

    All services that use the Internet are of course a convenient thing, but do not forget that all the time you have to use only the remote control and the virtual keyboard. This can cause some discomfort with the browser. Here everyone will have to choose personally whether he needs all these innovations with such ease of work.

    But modern smart TV systems have pre-installed services that open when you press the cursor and there is no need to open them through a browser. Pre-installed services. These are widgets of popular sites on the Internet dedicated to films, music, news, etc. Therefore, you can watch movies from the Internet quite simply. Over, many companies implement in their TV receiver models the ability to control using gestures or voice commands.

    Android TV on Sony

    You can make a Smart TV from any TV, for this you buy a set-top box on Android and connect to the Internet and a TV set of any brand. Get the same functionality or even more.

    Advantages of the Tizen system:

    • Available support
    • Voice and gesture control
    • Wide range of applications and games
    • Cooperation with Samsung smartphones

    Photographic greeting

    Immediately after starting the receiver, an aesthetic and eye-pleasing tutorial appears on the screen, helping to get acquainted with all the options and capabilities that the tizen operating system provides on the TV. The biggest advantage of this peculiar introduction is its simplicity. In the windows that open, users can read a short text and get an idea of ​​how this system works. Thanks to this, you do not need to dig into the operating instructions.

    It becomes clear that the developers created their creation with the idea of ​​users unfamiliar with the capabilities of Smart TV devices. Therefore, skeptics looking for the shortcomings of the tizen operating system can be safely advised to put Samsung for this its first, small plus.


    The main change from the previous system (Smart HUB) is the reorganization of the main menu. With its help, it becomes possible to launch specific applications and TV functions. Previously, the menu took up the entire screen. The user had to interrupt the viewing of the program to get to the selected options. Now, this process is greatly simplified by the use of photographic icons at the bottom of the screen.

    It is worth noting that the menu is very clear, everything is at arm’s length, just a few movements with the remote control. Navigation is smooth and fast, all applications launch without any problems.

    There are several ways to control your TV. First of all, the user can use the supplied remote control, which is not much different from competitors on the market. An interesting innovation is navigation with voice and gestures. It is also worth mentioning the special cameras installed in some Samsung TVs with face recognition. With its help, the user enters the Smart HUB, which will be described below. Samsung TVs also have USB ports that allow you to connect a keyboard and mouse.

    Should you buy Tizen TVs? How to choose?

    Published by YRA on 07/29/2020 07/29/2020

    Since 2015, Samsung has been running a massive advertising campaign for its new Smart TV Tizen system. It is from this year that all new Tizen TVs on the market have Linux-based software. The system was originally designed exclusively for mobile phones. However, the goal of the Korean company is to bring all of its devices (from smartwatch devices to TVs) together on one platform.

    The developers’ attention was drawn to the tizen operating system, which was supposed to guarantee fast and stable operation of Smart TV, as well as have many useful functionalities. Is it really?

    Functions and applications

    However, how rich are tizen TVs in terms of available features and applications? First of all, it should be mentioned that it provides an efficient and very fast exchange of content between the TV and other Samsung devices.

    This is made possible by the development of one software on all platforms, which contributes to their compatibility. Thanks to the Quick Connect function and the Wi-Fi direct connection, you can quickly and accurately transfer photos and other materials in a bundle of TV-smartphone. It is also worth mentioning the use of the Bluetooth network, which allows you to view information on the smartphone screen even when the TV remains turned off.

    However, the connection between Smart TV and Samsung smartphones does not end there. According to the manufacturer, the phone can also be used for scheduled TV launch. In addition, it can be configured on the screen in such a way that immediately after switching on, information related to the weather or daily routine opens.

    Samsung TVs are not without the Multi-Link Screen function, which allows you to split the screen into two parts. On each of them you can look at unrelated materials or use various applications.

    Speaking of apps, it’s time to move on to the aforementioned Smart HUB. It used to be the only software on Samsung TVs. Although the latest Tizen TVs have not lost this app either. But now it is being used as a multimedia platform. It contains a basic set of applications, including a web browser, VOD programs (VOD.Pl, Ipla, Chile), as well as applications such as YouTube, Spotify or Skype.

    The offer of specialized programs is truly impressive. There are a large number of solutions prepared for children, educational applications and a whole bunch of games, such as DIRT 3 or LEGO Harry Potter. Noteworthy is the ability to connect game controllers, as well as the GameFly Streaming app, thanks to which you can play without a console. This functionality is featured in PlayStation Now, which enables gaming in the cloud. However, the app is currently only available in the United States.

    Functions and applications provided by the tizen operating system:

    • Quick Connect, that is, streaming content on a TV-smartphone line
    • Wide compatibility with Samsung phones
    • Multi-Link Screen, which allows you to split the screen in two
    • Smart HUB is a multimedia platform containing applications and games
    • Gamefly Streaming. No console game

    Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages of the tizen operating system. The biggest one is related to stability problems. Some previous TV models may freeze the system. However, Tizen is evolving all the time. These problems must be resolved in the near future. Currently, we can safely recommend TVs with tizen OS. Primarily due to the wide cooperation with mobile phones, as well as due to the wide range of games and applications.

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