Samsung Smart Tv Network Setup

All the nuances of the Samsung Smart Hub

Samsung Smart Tv Network Setup

How to sync. Smart Hub service overview

The proprietary Smart Hub service appeared on Samsung smart TVs in 2011 and since then has undergone many changes for the better. If on the first models of TV sets with this function there were only a few programs for accessing interactive television, today the capabilities of Smart TV devices are much wider. By pressing the “Smart” button on the control panel, the user opens the service page, where the following sections are available to him:

How to set up and activate the service

To open Smart Hub and use its capabilities, the user needs to connect to the Internet via cable or WiFi.

The cable connection can be carried out directly from the provider (directly from the wire entering the apartment or house) or through a router. In both cases, the cable is inserted into the LAN connector in the body of the receiver. And to connect via WiFi, you will need to select your own on the TV receiver from all available networks and enter the password (if it is closed). Further configuration of the connection depends on the IP address assigned by the provider. Whether it is dynamic or static. If the IP is dynamic, the connection will be established without user intervention. With a static IP, you will not be able to automatically access the Internet, you will need to manually specify the IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS server. To do this, you need to start the connection, interrupt it and select “IP Settings”, where the actions for manual data entry are performed.

Once the connection to the Network is established, you can proceed to the Smart Hub section. To do this, press the big bright button with the inscription “Smart” on the remote control. If you wish, you can set Smart Hub to start immediately after turning on the TV. To do this, you need to find “Initial screen settings” in the service parameters and enable the “Autostart” function.

How to register

To use the capabilities of Smart Hub, you will need to go through a simple registration in the service. It is necessary:

  • Press the “Smart” button on the remote control and open the TV panel’s SMART menu;
  • Press the “A” key on the control panel to call the account login window;
  • Select “Create an account” and accept the terms of the license agreement;
  • Come up with a username and password, enter a valid E-Mail address;
  • Open an email inbox on a computer or phone and follow the link received to confirm the creation of a new account;
  • Return to the TV again, call the account login window, enter the login with the password and click “Login”.

Registration in the service can be done through the page on Facebook. To do this, when opening an account, you need to select “create via Facebook” and in the window that appears, enter the login and password from your page on the social network. Next, you need to specify the registration data for Smart Hub. In this case, confirmation via E-Mail is not required. After creating an account in the TV’s SMART service, it will automatically be linked to the user’s Facebook login.

Why is the service not working

Sometimes it happens that a game or program in Smart Hub does not work. After an attempt to enter the application, only a black screen glows or nothing happens at all. What to do in such situations, we will describe below.

Lan connection

Using a cable Internet connection, the user automatically provides himself with a reliable connection and high-speed data flow. With a LAN cable, you can connect to the network in three different ways:

  • By connecting the Ethernet port on the TV to the same type of connector on the portable modem.
  • Using a router. The cable from the router should be connected to the network port on the TV set, given that the router is already connected to the existing modem and correctly configured.
  • Direct connection. A network cable connects the Ethernet port and the port on the TV.

Setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

When the Internet is connected, you can start searching for widgets.

Let’s consider several well-known applications for viewing IPTV and how to install playlists in them.

Vintera TV

To customize this widget, you must:


To use the OTT player, you must first perform the following steps:

  • Download this player to your device.
  • The application requires authorization, so we register on the official website.
  • We confirm the action by e-mail and the letter that came to it.
  • We go into the account on the site to complete authorization and edit personal data as necessary.
  • Download your favorite playlists and add them to the playlist.
  • We enter the information used for authorization into the application downloaded to the device and watch the desired telepictures.

How to set up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

Smart TV today is integrated into almost all new TV models. This function allows you not only to watch channels without restrictions, but also to manage air streams, chat and play various 3d games. But in order for all these opportunities to be available, you first need to perform a number of activities. This article will cover how to set up iptv on a Samsung TV device, and what you need to enjoy watching TV channels.

Wi-Fi wireless connection

Samsung Smart TVs can also be connected to the network via Wi-Fi. To do this, you need to use wireless routers (routers) and have an independent Wi-Fi adapter in the TV. If the TV model does not provide such an adapter, you can additionally purchase an external one and use it.

Setting up via the TV menu. Select the “Network” section and go to its settings section. Choose a wireless connection method and your network. Next, enter the password for Wi-Fi, and then complete the installation.

Samsung Smart TV features and specifications

Samsung Smart TV is not just a TV, but an advanced multifunctional platform. It includes advanced features for viewing various content. Much more this system resembles a traditional computer or smartphone.

Here you can easily use social networks, watch and install various applications. These are the features that make smart technology so popular.

The main functions of Smart TV include:

  • The implementation of the display of digital television;
  • The ability to play content from external sources;
  • Implementation of Internet search;
  • Installation of various programs and applications;
  • Watching YouTube;
  • -calls via Skype or other systems.

How to install apps

Smart TV allows you to use a huge number of different applications that significantly expand the functionality of your TV. But before you can use them, you must first find and install them.

Application installation order:

  • Using the button on the remote control, go to the menu;
  • Find Samsung Apps among the list of programs and select;
  • Among the programs we find the necessary one and select it;
  • A window will appear with the “Install” button, which must be pressed;
  • The application will start installing.
  • Installation is usually done in a matter of seconds. Immediately after that, the required program will appear in the list and will be available for use.

    With Plug Access technology

    If your modem or router supports Plug Access, you can use it to set up your wireless connection. This requires:

    • Insert the storage device into the USB port on the router (if the light is blinking, then there is access to the network);
    • The device is now removed from the router and inserted into the TV;
    • Immediately after that, the device will begin to transmit the necessary information and establish a connection automatically.

    When the network check screen appears, the setup was successful.

    If in the process of using the devices the settings of the router change, then you must repeat the procedure to update the data.

    How to set up TV on Samsung Smart TV: expanding the capabilities of your TV

    Modern televisions greatly expand the possibilities for viewing programs. Now these are not just TV signal receivers, but the real multimedia centers. Samsung Smart TVs are in the lead in this area. But if you tinker with the device for too long and cannot properly tune the TV to Samsung Smart TV, then after studying this article, all difficulties will be left behind.

    Samsung Smart TV features and specifications

  • How to connect
  • Wired LAN connection
  • Wi-Fi wireless connection
  • Connecting using WPS
  • With Plug Access technology
  • Registration and account creation
  • How to install apps
  • How to find and configure channels

    Wi-Fi wireless connection

    To implement a wireless connection, you need a device that supports this data transfer. 7 series TVs are almost all equipped with the necessary equipment. But sometimes you may additionally need an external WiFi adapter that connects directly to the TV. This is necessary for those models in which this component is not built.

    The TV needs to be connected to a wireless IP device (modem or router). If there is DHCP support, then you can use this protocol and automatically configure the connection.

    It is important to select a free channel for the TV, since the use of the same channel by two devices will lead to interruptions and interference.

    If you need to connect a WiFi adapter, it is recommended to turn off the TV first. After connecting the device, it can be turned on. In this case, you can observe some distortion of the image, which can be removed after detailed connection settings. You can also use an extension cord to help place the adapter in a noise-free location.

    Rectangular USB adapters are widely used, which makes it easy to organize an access point. This adapter connects one end to the Samsung Wireless LAN port and the other to the USB port.

    You can also use an extension cable. It connects to the USB port and Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter. In this case, the adapter itself can be fixed on the back of the TV.

    After all the manipulations, you will need to start directly setting up the TV. An important place in this case is allocated to the system of protection of accounts and the network as a whole. For protection, a security code is used, which should be as complex as possible. Otherwise, it will be difficult to protect the network from intrusion.

    A combination of letters and numbers is used as a password.

    It is recommended to use different case letters. The password is entered during the initial wireless setup, and then each new connected device must use the network with this password.

    It is worth noting. That if the connection speed is lower than 10 Mbps, then there may be problems with automatic configuration. In this case, manual input of parameters may be required.

    After that, the connection will be configured and you can start using the functionality of the device.

    How to connect

    Setting up Smart TV Samsung is impossible without an Internet connection. This is the only way to use all the functions of the TV. Buying a device is impractical without the Internet. Consider the methods of connecting TVs of different series to the network.

    How to connect Samsung Smart TV to the Internet

    Recently, there have been many questions about how to connect Samsung Smart TV with a LAN cable to the Internet and set up a network on the TV. We will connect the TV to the Internet through a router, so make sure that it is correctly configured and has access to the World Wide Web. The connection of devices with each other using a twisted pair can cause some inconvenience in the form of wires underfoot, but also provide a comfortable viewing of films and TV shows.

    Connecting the TV to a Wi-Fi router using a LAN cable, rather than a wireless connection, in some cases can help avoid interruptions and freezes while watching movies through Samsung Apps, as well as when transferring files from a computer to a TV.

    For comfortable viewing online or broadcasting media content from a computer to a TV through a router, you also need to have a high-speed Internet connection and high-quality active network equipment. In addition, this connection method can also give positive results and relieve you of discomfort, because the data transfer rate in a LAN network cable is higher than in a Wi-Fi radio channel.

    It is possible to argue about the advantages of this or that connection for a long time, but this is a topic for another article. This material is a kind of continuation or addition to the article on how to set up a wireless Wi-Fi connection on a Samsung Smart TV.

    Connecting Samsung Smart TV.

    If the TV is connected to the router via a network cable, the TV will automatically start the network setup via the LAN wire in two steps. If the connection is wireless, then Smart TV will start configuring the network via the Wi-FI radio channel in five steps.

    We will create a connection via a LAN cable, and where to read about a wireless connection I already wrote above.

    How to set up Samsung Smart TV.

    So, connect the cable between the router and the TV via the Ethernet port and go to the Smart TV menu in the “Network” section and open the “Network Settings” item.

    After entering the network setup, you will see a message that the network cable is connected. Click the Start button to configure your wired network settings.

    After a successful network connection and network connection, click the “OK” button. Now access to the Internet on your Samsung Smart TV is open for you. But if the connection and connection is not established, then do not rush to contact your Internet provider, but click on the “IP Settings”.

    In the IP settings, try changing the DNS (Domain Name System) values. Instead of the value “receive automatically” set “enter manually” and specify the public DNS address from Google Or After that, try to re-establish the network connection link by clicking on the “Retry”.

    If the connection is not established again, but the router is working normally and there is an Internet connection on other devices, then with a high degree of probability we can assume that the problem is in the TV itself.

    Enter the settings of the router (router) and temporarily disable the DHCP option (Dynamis Host Configuration Protocol), and change the network settings on the TV. To do this, go to the menu and go to the “Network” tab, open the “Network Status” item and click on the “IP Settings” button.

    Here you need to specify the network settings in accordance with the parameters of your router (router). For example, if the router’s gateway address is the standard, then specify the following parameters in the Smart TV settings:

    Ip address:
    Subnet mask:

    In many cases, a TV with such parameters finds the router not only via a wired LAN connection, but also via a wireless WI-Fi connection and gets access to the Internet.

    That’s all. I hope the article was useful and informative for you. See you on the blog pages. Until.

    Possible setup problems and how to fix them

    • Pages are taking too long to load.
    • Move the router closer to the TV.

      • No internet connection.

      Reboot the TV or adapter, disconnect and reconfigure.

      • Adapter settings are wrong.

      This problem is solved by manually configuring the Internet. You can use the WPS system. It allows you to connect in automatic mode.

      • Poor, fuzzy picture, interference during playback. Content.

      The main reasons for this phenomenon are either a low data transfer rate, or a weak processor is installed in the router. The way out of the situation will be to replace Wi-Fi equipment with a more powerful one or increase the data transfer speed.

      • Switching off and on the equipment by yourself.

      Here you need to check its settings. If the cause persists, experts recommend changing the firmware or firmly fixing the outlet.

      But it also happens that you have to turn to the services of specialists. In case of independent shutdown of functions or, for example, interruptions in the soundtrack. Often such problems arise due to software failures or failure of some part of the technical design.

      It is also worth remembering that if the Smart TV is purchased from hands, then the settings of the previous owner are installed on it. It is recommended to reset them to the factory settings, and re-configure not only the connection to your home network, but also the standard ones (brightness, channels, contrast, etc.).

      Smart TV connection on LG model

      This action can be done in five steps:

      Turn on the TV, go to the main menu and press “Home”.

    • On the working panel, select the “network” folder, select the “network connection” option. Lg Network Connection
    • There will be 2 types of connection. Select the one you want (wireless or wired) and click “configure connection”. Lg connection selection
    • After that a list of available networks will appear. Select the appropriate one. Lg choosing a network to connect
    • There will also be a button “setting manually”, by clicking it, enter the necessary parameters.

      Smart TV connection via Wi-Fi

      Modern Smart TVs are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi modules. If your TV model does not have such a module, then you need to purchase an adapter for connecting to wireless networks. It is connected via a USB connector on the TV. The settings of most Smart TVs do not differ, so the algorithm of actions is common for models popular on the Russian market. Setting up via Wi-Fi is done as follows:

      • Turn on the Wi-Fi router and make sure that it is in working order;
      • You do not need to configure it. The settings on it are standard for all receiving devices. You can clarify the functionality of the distributed Internet via a smartphone;
      • Connect the adapter to the TV (if it is built-in, no action is required);
      • Press the “menu” button on the TV remote control;
      • Go to the “network” section;
      • Network configuration

        • Click the “network settings” option;
        • Check again the distribution of Wi-Fi, then click “Start”;
        • The TV will start an automatic search for networks and show them in the form of a list: select the name of your network and enter the password for Wi-Fi.

        Search for connection

        It should be remembered here that if Wi-Fi neighbors are mistakenly selected, the Internet connection will constantly disappear, so we carefully look at the name of the network.

        Many novice owners of “smart” TVs have some difficulties with entering a password, due to forgetfulness, data loss. You can find it either on the back of the router, or on your phone or tablet. You need to go to the “connection properties” section on the gadget. There is an option “allow opening the password window”

        A similar algorithm for connecting Smart TV through a computer. Here it should be borne in mind that the connection will work only through the Wi-Fi network. If you synchronize your PC and Smart TV using an HDMI cable, then the monitor of the latter will simply broadcast the image from the computer.

        Manual Smart TV Tuning

        If you have difficulties with automated Smart TV setup, then you can try the manual option. This method can be used if the parameters are incorrectly set, or if the factory settings have not changed. This happens if there are failures in the Smart operating system or when the provider’s network settings are false. You don’t need to be afraid of this. The situation is quite fixable, the main thing is to find out the correct parameters.

        This is most conveniently done through a computer if it is connected to the same network. You need to double click on the “connection” icon and go to the “information” section.

        Below are instructions for the most popular Smart TV models.

        Smart TV box. Tv connection process

        Smart TV box is a compact device based on the Android operating system. It is a small module with an integrated processor and memory. In terms of functionality, it is very similar to a tablet equipped with the same operating system, the only difference between them is the interface. How to connect and configure Smart TV via a set-top box? For this you need:

        • Of course, the prefix itself;
        • Tv with HDMI. Connector (included are HDMI. Extension cable);
        • If the set-top box does not have a remote control, then you need a computer mouse or keyboard to control.

        The setup process itself looks like this:

        • The set-top box is connected to HDMI. The connector on the TV. If necessary, you can connect via an extension cable.
        • Next, a microUSB power cable is connected to the set-top box; the other end fits into the corresponding socket on the TV. If it does not have such an input, then the connection can be made through the power adapter to the outlet (it comes with the set-top box).
        • If there is no remote control included, an adapter for a mouse is installed in the console into another USB connector (there are 2 of them).
        • On the TV, select the HDMI reception mode, otherwise there will be no picture. If there are several of them, select the active.
        • Wait a few seconds for the equipment to boot.
        • The main screen will appear. A convenient, functional interface.
        • Go to Setting, connect to Wi-Fi (if available), set time, date, time zone for proper Wi-Fi operation.
        • Return to the main screen and select the TV folder. There you can view any multimedia format.
        • To watch TV channels switch from HDMI to the corresponding output.

        Wired LAN connection to the Internet

        So here’s a step-by-step guide to LAN connection:

        • It is advisable to have a crimper on hand. You will need this tool to clamp the twisted pair wires. This can be done with a regular screwdriver, but it is more problematic. Using twisted pairs, a connection is made to an external modem.
        • We connect the Internet cable to the splitter. The latter can not be used if you will only use the Internet through a TV. In this case, the cable is connected directly to the Internet port on the TV.
        • Next, Smart. The system on the TV independently starts the process of configuring network parameters.

        We connect the cable to the TV

        If the automated configuration for some reason was not successful, see the section “manual configuration”.