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Samsung Smart Tv Install Apps

Good day, dear users of our site. If you have become the proud owner of a Samsung Smart TV and want to expand its capabilities with the help of various custom widgets and applications that are not available in Samsung Smart TV Apps, and enjoy watching movies and TV from various resources. In order to install the widget on the TV, you need to follow some steps that I will tell you about in this article. There are many different ways to install widgets on your TV. I will tell you about the most popular and most convenient way from my point of view. Namely, using local web servers.

And so, install TheDark SmartTV Media Center / Server or XSMART Box server on your computer or another can be downloaded here. You can learn how to use the XSMART Box program by looking at this. After installing one of the programs. We launch it on the computer and click on the List of widgets button, a window opens into which we transfer the widgets downloaded from here in zip format. After you drop the widgets into the folder. The program will have an IP address that you will need to enter on the TV to synchronize applications.

Further on the TV, we enter under the develop account. I have described below detailed instructions on how to do this on different TV models. Including with detailed pictures on what and how to do.

Now it’s important. After all the actions taken, we exit Smart-TV, otherwise the widgets will not appear.
Then we go back and go to the end of the list

Important: All described installation methods lead to the removal of all previously installed
custom widgets with red stripe user

Instructions for installing applications on Samsung Smart TV J-series (2015)
1) Prepare USB-Flash (USB stick), format the partition in FAT32.
2) After successful formatting, create a userwidget folder
3) Load the Widgets you need into the (userwidget) folder.
4) After that, the USB-Flash is ready, it remains to connect it to the TV.
5) After connecting USB-Flash, you need to be in the Smart section of your TV, USB-Flash will detect your TV and will install the application, from the top of the screen you will see how the widgets are installed.
6) After successfully installing the widgets, go to the My APPs section and you will see your widgets, launch and enjoy watching.

For D series so

Create a new DEVELOP user
Create a new user on TV
Press the button on the SMART HUB.
Press the red button A to enter.
Create a user named: develop
Set PIN code: PIN code (6-digit number)
Click OK. You are in Develop mode
Installing / updating widgets
Press the blue D button
Select the last line Developer and click OK
Then go to Server IP and enter the IP (we are looking on the Internet or
Then click Synchronize.
Widgets will be installed
Exit the installation to the menu.
Press the red A button and exit the Develop user.
Now important! We must leave Smart-TV, otherwise the widgets will not appear.
We go again and go to the end of the list there are installed widgets.

Installation for H series 2014

1. Press the MENU button on the remote control. If the remote control is touch-sensitive, press again, select the menu.

2. Select SMART Features.

3. Select Samsung Account

5. Enter the login develop. Leave the password blank. If it requires a password, enter sso1029dev! (With exclamation mark)

6. Select any application and hold the OK button on the remote for a long time until the Additional menu appears. Installation Select IP

7. Enter IP address

8. Select any application again and hold the OK button on the remote for a long time until the Additional menu appears. Select Start User App Sync

9. After all the actions taken, we exit Smart-TV, otherwise the widgets will not appear.

For the F series, the instruction looks like this

Create a new DEVELOP user
Create a new user on TV
Press the button on the regular Menu remote control (or the Misc button on the touchscreen, use the arrows to move to the Menu button on the screen remote control)
Select the menu item Smart functions
We choose Uch. App. Samsung, select Login
Enter Email: Develop
Enter Password including exclamation mark: sso1029dev!
Check the box Remember password
Press Login
Exit the menu

Advice: By point: Enter Email: Develop user typed: develop (not with a capital letter, did not accept with a capital letter).

Further, about the password: the password field was not active for me, remember the password too, so after entering the develop user, if the password field is not active, immediately press enter and log in under the develop user.

Next, I will add something that was not in the instructions in the header:
Go to Smart Hub
Next, go to the Additional Applications item (located at the bottom)
Then go to the Settings item (in the upper right corner)
Go to the IP settings menu
Enter the address (we search on the Internet or
We press enter
Then go to the Synchronization line (also in the settings, located below) and see the widget loading scale.

And most importantly, before all these operations, make sure that TheDark SmartTV Server is ready to work. Otherwise, it will give an error when synchronizing.

For series C, the instruction looks like this

Create a new DEVELOP user
Create a new user on TV
Press the Internet @ TV button on the remote.
Find and open the Settings menu.
Create a new user.
Select user type: develop
Set PIN code: PIN code
Installing / updating widgets
Turn the TV on and off. And login as a new user:
Go to Internet @ TV
Press the red button A to enter.
Select the develop user and enter the PIN code selected in the previous paragraph.
Click OK
Add new IP address:
Login under develop
Open the Settings widget menu
Select the Developer option
Select IP Address setup
Enter the IP (we are looking on the Internet or
Update the list of widgets:
Login under develop
Open the Settings widget menu
Select the Developer option
Select Synchronize user applications
Confirm your choice.
Click OK

Picture instructions for creating a new Develop user on Samsung Smart TVs (H, F, E, D)

Important: All the installation methods described below lead to the removal of all previously installed
custom widgets with red stripe user

Samsung H

To install the application on a TV of this model, you will need:

  • Go to SmartHub and select Samsung Account;
  • A new menu will appear in front of you, in which you will need to select Log in, and then click on Sign in;
  • In the window that opens, you will need to enter the develop login. In this case, you do not need to specify a password. It will be enough to check the box and click Sign in;
  • Now you need to go to SmartHub, point the remote control at some program, and clamp the middle of the cross on the remote control. Hold it until the sync menu appears;
  • In it, select IP Setting and in the field that appears, enter the IP address. Each group of numbers must be confirmed by pressing the cross;
  • Call up the synchronization menu again and select the Start User App Sync item;
  • You will be prompted to install custom applications, by agreeing to which you can install applications on the main or additional page of the Hub. After the installation of widgets on Samsung Smart TV is completed, you will see arrows informing about it;
  • To see the installed programs, you need to exit the Hub and re-enter.

Samsung F

It is more difficult to create a new user on the Samsung F series than on other devices, so we will consider this issue in more detail. So, to create an account named Develop, you need:

  • Press the Menu or Misc button on the touch remote control and go to the menu using the arrows and the on-screen remote control;
  • Go to Smart Functions;
  • Now go to your account by selecting it from the list;
  • In Email write develop, and in the field the password is sso1029dev !;
  • Check the box next to Remember password, click on the login and exit the menu.

Now you can proceed to the installation:

  • Click on SmartHub and go to additional applications;
  • Go to parameters and select IP Settings;
  • In the free field, write down the IP address;
  • After that, you need to update the list of programs, for which you need to click on Start App Sync;
  • If after that the downloaded programs do not appear in the list, restart the TV.

Series E

Here, to register a user, you will also need to click on the SmartHub button, and then on the A red button. Samsung Account will appear in front of you. In the free field, enter develop and write down somewhere the password that the TV will generate for you. After that click Login and proceed to installation. To do this, you must:

  • Log in with your registered name;
  • Go to the Service section. To do this, press Tools on the remote control;
  • Select the Developer item in the settings;
  • Now select the IP address item and enter the required IP in the empty field;
  • Refresh the list of programs by clicking on Synchronize user applications, in the Development section.

How to install widgets on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV lets you fully enjoy all the possibilities your TV has. Their quantity and quality mainly depends on the technical characteristics of your device, but you can always expand them by additionally installing the necessary applications or widgets for Samsung 6 and other series.

However, despite all the limitations, there is still the ability to install third-party applications from third-party sites. The only thing is that it will be quite difficult to install the application from a flash drive, since Samsung has blocked this possibility. But don’t worry. Workarounds exist.

Today we will talk about how to install widgets on Samsung Smart TVs of different series, as well as using a flash drive.

Installing a widget on Samsung C and B

With this method of installing the application on a TV series B and other series, it should be borne in mind that all programs that were installed before and have the user mark will be deleted. Therefore, if you do not want to lose them, you should save a list of their installation files in order to restore them later.

The installation of widgets on a C or B series TV must be started by creating a user, which will later be called Develop. This requires:

  • Press Internet TV;
  • Go to settings;
  • Create a new user by choosing the Develop type for him;
  • Set for him.

Now let’s go directly to installing the widget for Samsung B and C series.

  • Reboot your TV;
  • Press the Internet TV button, and then A;
  • Select the user you just created and enter your PIN to login;
  • Go to the menu and go to the widget settings;
  • Now select the Developer item, and in it IP Address setup;
  • Here you will need to enter the required IP address or, if you do not know it, enter and save;
  • Now go back to Developer, select Synchronize user applications and confirm your choice by clicking OK.

Samsung D series

When installing programs on TVs of this model, you also need to start with the registration of a new user. To do this, press the Smart HUB button located on the remote control, and then press the A button to enter the menu. Further, the creation of a new user will be no different from the same process described above.

After completing the process of creating a user, you can proceed to installing applications. For this:

  • Press the D button;
  • Go to the Developer section;
  • Select Server IP and enter in the window that appears;
  • Now you need to click on Synchronize. This will install the nStreamLMOD and OVP widget;
  • Exit the installation completely by going to the main menu;
  • Press button A located on the remote control and log out of your account;
  • Now exit Smart TV, and then go back into it;
  • To find installed programs, scroll down the list.

Installing Apps on Smart TV

It will take a few minutes of patience to install applications on different Smart TV models. Self-tuning programs on the TV will save money on calling the wizard and help you create a convenient selection of widgets for yourself.

How to install applications on Smart TV: types of programs, instructions for downloading and installing

Smart TVs came along and expanded the capabilities of conventional receivers. Now it is not only the usual television. Now you can go online, watch YouTube and chat with relatives on Skype. Our article will help you install applications on Smart TV.

Via Play Market

To download or update a widget:

On the remote control, press the Home button and go to the applications menu.

  • Find in Google Play or Play Market.
  • In the search bar, enter the name of the application you want to add.

Through Game World at LG

To find a game:

Press the Smart TV button on the remote control.

  • Click on LG Game World.
  • Use the search bar for a specific application or explore the categories of games.


Services that are initially included with the TV. These are TV players and playback utilities. The entire list of recommended programs can be found in the Smart TV menu.

How to find widget on smart TV

Apps for Samsung Smart TV: games, movies, audiobooks and music on your TV

Installing widgets on your Samsung Smart TV doesn’t take much effort. Most of them are created for watching movies and TV channels, but you can find game and just useful widgets from Angry Birds to Yandex applications.

Popular add-ons for Samsung Smart TV

Ivi.Ru is a universal application for watching TV shows and movies on Samsung TV. In this online cinema, most of the domestic and foreign cinema is freely available. New items of recent years for Smart TV are paid and available by subscription.

  • Sts program for viewing a popular TV channel, which broadcasts both domestic sitcoms, shows and series, and foreign products.
  • Zoomby is the app for those who have missed their favorite movie or TV show. Immediately after the broadcast, the content enters the program, where it is available for review at any time.
  • Amediateka has collected the most hit series for Smart TV in the program. Users will be able to watch captivating stories in excellent quality simultaneously with the US premiere.
  • Iptv technology for viewing over the Internet is also available after installing the appropriate widgets on Samsung Smart TV. Ip-TV will give access to free TV channels. You only pay for the Internet connection. Iptv is gaining more and more popularity among Smart TV owners.
  • Have a karaoke at home and have fun with your friends. It is enough to download the application of the same name of the popular service.

    Installing widgets on Samsung Smart TV

    To use the applications, you need to follow these simple steps. Many programs require no configuration and work well out of the box.

    Go to the Smart Hub section and select Samsung Apps. A list of applications will open, divided into categories for the convenience of users.

  • Go to the required section and read the descriptions of your favorite Samsung TV apps. If in doubt, go to the category of popular programs. Here you will definitely find interesting and useful software.
  • Apps for Samsung Smart TVs are easy to install. Open each desired program in turn and find the Download button.
  • The rest of the smart TV in 2017 does itself. You just have to run the application.

    How to uninstall programs for Smart TV

    It happens that applications get bored or no longer relevant. The best widgets appear, and those that you liked earlier fill the menu in vain. Although they do not take up memory space on Smart TV, the user wonders how to remove unnecessary add-ons. It’s as easy as installing new widgets on your Samsung Smart TV.

    Installing a variety of applications on Samsung Smart TV is within the power of even people who are not familiar with computer technology. Downloading karaoke, as well as programs for digital television Wifire TV or watching channels over the Internet using IPTV is easy and simple. No need to dig around the net looking for compatible apps, Samsung has prepared all the necessary programs.

    Installing widgets (applications) on Samsung Smart TV Q, R (2019), N (2018), M (2017), K (2016) and J (2015) series on Tizen OS

    Detailed instructions for installing widgets (applications) on Samsung Smart TV Q, R (2019), N (2018), M (2017), K (2016) and J (2015) series on Tizen OS using the new development environment Tizen Studio.

    Installing and configuring Tizen Studio

    First, you need to download and install the required software on your PC or laptop. Download and install Java, then you need to download Tizen Studio with IDE installer. Important: choose the version that matches your Windows system: 32/64 bit.

    After installing Java, we proceed to install Tizen Studio, if necessary, you can change the installation path.

    After successful installation of the application, the Package Manager should appear, but if this did not happen to a friend, then we go to the folder with the installed program (tizen-studio \ package-manager) and find the package-manager.Exe file there and run the Package Manager.

    Next, select install opposite Tizen SDK tools.

    After installation, go to the Extension SDK tab and select install opposite Extras.

    Installing Tizen Studio packages will take some time, so go to the official Samsung website and register (if you don’t have an account yet). Next, you need to find out the IP address of your computer or laptop. To do this, you need to go to the Network and Sharing Center, then select Local Area Connection (or wi-fi), select Information Your current address is in the IPv4 line (as shown below).

    Now let’s move on to setting up the TV itself on Tizen OS. Open Smart Hub, go to the Applications section and press the button 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on the remote in sequence, if they are not on the remote, press the on-screen remote. In the development window, select ON and press Enter, then enter the IP of your computer and select OK.

    Next, we restart the TV. (Turn off from the remote control and disconnect from the mains for 30 seconds)

    Now turn on the TV and go to the Applications section, if you did everything correctly, then the Developer Mode inscription will appear.

    Now we go to your previously created Samsung account. Click on the plus sign and enter your data.

    Also, you need to find out the IP address of the TV, to do this, go to Menu and select Network / Network Status / IP Settings.

    Now, we return to your PC and launch the already installed Tizen Studio application, you can find it in the 9tizen-studio / ide / TizenStudio.Exe folder). After starting Tizen Studio: 1) Select TV Connection, 2) Select Plus, 3) enter any name (Name), 4) enter the IP of the TV, 5) now click Add (as shown below).

    Next, turn the switch to On.

    Now you need to create an author and distributor certificate. To do this, you need to go to the Tools section, and select Certificate Manager.

    Now we check the box on TV and select next (Next).

    Here you can enter any name of the certificate.

    Then you need to enter any Author name and Password (Important: you need to save this data somewhere, since it is quite possible that you will need it in the future.

    Next, we see a window asking you to log into your account. Enter the account data that you previously created on the Samsung website.

    After a successful login, go on Next.

    Now you need to enter the Password, you can use the same as previously created, leave everything else as it is.

    If everything is done correctly, a window will appear with a message about creating certificates. Important: you need to save the certificates in another place, not the fact that you can get them only once on a specific TV, the folder with certificates is located in Drive: \ Users \ Username \ SamsungCertificate.

    Creating a project in Tizen Studio and installing applications on a TV

    Select the project creation icon (top left), select Template and click next.

    Here you need to choose TV.

    Now select Web Application.

    Here you can enter any Project name and select Finish.

    Now, you need to download and unpack, for example, ForkPlayer app for Tizen TV or select Other. Next, you need to open the archive with the application files and drag it into the project, agreeing with everything.

    Now you need to right-click on the project name and select Run As 1, and then Tizen Web Application. If everything is done correctly, the application will launch on your TV.

    Installing applications on TV SAMSUNG 2013 smart TV (Setting up IP-TV in smart TV)

    Author: mik
    Blog: Forex: trying to make money.

    How to install applications for viewing IP-TV and others on Samsung TVs with smart TV made in 2013.

    For today I decided to step aside from the topic of trading and relax a little. A couple of months ago I bought a new TV SAMSUNG 2013 with smart TV, and there was a problem with watching IP-TV, which my Internet provider provides for free on my TV. Since this is my second Samsung with smart TV, at first I thought that everything is simple. As in the first one, you open the smart hub, log into the smart hub under the standard username and password, fill in the ip address of the player installation program for viewing, and everything is ok.

    Instructions for setting up LG Smart TVs

    But it turned out to be not so simple, the smart hub system was updated in Samsung TV with smart TV in 2013, and the login is performed only when entering Samsung Apps, and the navigation in the smart hub itself has also been updated. Therefore, I had to install an application for viewing IP-TV CN.Ru (now it is called 4TV) from Samsung Apss. It simply adds the address of the playlist of your provider (it can be different) in m3u format and watch Internet TV on your Samsung TV with smart TV. But the fact is that this application is still a little damp, and it seems to be good to use it, but somewhat inconvenient. Often providers offer their own smart TV applications, or the nStreamPlayer application has been slightly redesigned by the provider.

    Now about the main thing, how to set up IP-TV on a Samsung smart TV in 2013, after extensive searches for a solution to the problem with setting up, I found a way that made it possible to set up IP-TV on my Samsung 2013. I am enclosing instructions on how to set up IP-TV, and install the viewing application on SAMSUNG with the new SMART HUB 2013.

    When setting up IP-TV, and installing the application, follow everything strictly point by point and everything will work.

    How to install smart TV apps in TV SAMSUNG 2013

    1. Press the button on the regular Menu remote control or the Misc button on the touchscreen, use the arrows to move to the Menu button on the screen remote control, (I only have a touchscreen)
    2. Select the menu item “Smart functions”
    3. Choose “Samsung account”, choose “entrance”
    4. Introduce “Email”: develop (enter in the window without using any e-mail, just a word)
    5. Introduce “Password” including exclamation mark: sso1029dev! (most likely it is not required to enter it, try first without entering a password, I did not enter everything went fine)
    6. Check the box “Remember password”.
    7. Click “entrance”
    8. Exit the menu
    9. Press the button “Smart Hub”
    10. Choose “Add. App”
    11. Choose “Param”
    12. Select the menu item “IP Settings” and enter the IP address of the server (it is usually given by your provider for downloading the application, or the application developer)
    13. Select the menu item “Start App Sync” (synchronization)
    14. The icon of the installed application should appear in Smart HUB, if it does not appear, restart the TV
    15. Installation of app for samsung smart tv 2013 is completed.

    In order to update the application, simply repeat steps 1-3, 7-11, 13-14

    Usually, smart TV applications provided by the provider for watching IP-TV are already configured and additional application settings are no longer required, you can simply launch the application on your TV and watch Internet TV IP-TV.

    If you downloaded a third-party application for example nStreamPlayer (at the moment it seems to have become paid), then to set up IP-TV on a smart TV, download the playlist of your provider, save it on a USB flash drive, insert a USB flash drive into the TV, enter the smart hub, run the application, select the playlist on the flash drive in the settings, and run. Ip-TV is working. Or indicate in the application the Internet address of the provider’s playlist location, as can usually be found on the website of your provider. And run it, everything should work!

    That’s actually all you need to set up IP-TV on smart TV SAMSUNG 2013, or install another application.

    You can also use the smart TV application to watch IP-TV and other functions.
    Thedark SmartTV MediaCenter, with it you can watch IP-TV and use various smart TV widgets on your TV.

    I hope my information will help you and you will not have any problems watching IP-TV.