Samsung Smart Remote Does Not Work

What to do if certain functions and buttons do not work in YouTube (play, rewind, pause, and others)

On television platforms, in contrast to computer and mobile platforms, the source of the failure of certain YouTube functions often lies in control devices. Remote controls, hardware keyboards, air mice, joysticks, etc.

The most common culprit is the remote control that comes with your TV or set-top box. Many of them, unfortunately, do not shine with quality, therefore active use and too intense pressure on the buttons leads to their gradual failure. However, before the buttons fail, the batteries that supply the remote with energy fail. Therefore, do not forget to change them in time.

To confirm or disprove the version of the control device malfunction, it is enough to temporarily replace it with another one. If there is no second suitable remote control in the house, you can “delegate” this task to your smartphone by installing the TV Remote application or analogs on it.

The version with the remote control malfunction has not been confirmed? Then the likely culprit is the app itself or other factors that we covered earlier. You already know how to check and fix it.

Check your app version. Reinstall

It happens that the hosting application is not something that does not work, but does not even want to be installed on the TV. Perhaps this is because you are trying to put a version of YouTube for smartphones and tablets on your TV, because in the Google Play market, its icon looks the same as that of a television.

The service application for Android TV can be downloaded here.

Samsung Smart Remote Does Not Work

Check if your TV is set up correctly and connected to the Internet

According to user reports, many of them noticed that YouTube stopped working on the TV after changing the system time, IP address (including by connecting to a VPN), region of residence or DNS servers in network settings.

Google services, which include YouTube, are blocked, for example, in China. If you set China as the country of your location in the settings, then access to the hosting content will be closed for you. Therefore, to exclude the influence of the settings, return them to the state in which YouTube worked correctly.

In addition, the speed of the Internet connection, which can be pulled by other devices on the home network, affects the download and playback ofs. For example, computers when they are intensively playing or downloading torrents.

Check your Google account

If the hosting starts, but does not download content, go to its settings and click the sign out button, and then sign in again.

Check if other services are available for your Google account, such as Gmail. Try to log in to YouTube with a different user account.

If problems only arise in your account, check its settings and make sure that it is not blocked by security programs.

How to localize and eliminate the source of failure

First, remember what events preceded the problem and try to apply the solution that best suits your case. If there is no result, proceed to the rest. If the failure occurs for no apparent reason, follow the instructions in a convenient order.

Make sure your TV has enough free CPU and RAM

Often, problems with the launch of resource-intensive content, includings and movies in high definition, arise due to the overload of the processor and memory of Smart TV by other running programs.

To exclude this version, just turn the TV off and on again.

What to do if Samsung Smart TV slows down?

What to do if Samsung Smart TV freezes and the remote does not respond? We have discussed the main causes of this malfunction. But how can the problem be solved? Below we will study the available solutions that allow you to fix the problem yourself, without contacting a service center.

The remote does not respond

The reasons why the TV or set-top box stop responding to remote control commands:

The first is associated with a faulty device. For example, the receiver or control processor could be broken. Then you will need diagnostics in a service center and appropriate repairs.

  • The remote control is defective. If, after replacing the batteries, the device still does not work, then check it for operability, it is probably broken. To do this, make sure that the remote control is really faulty. Install a special application on your smartphone that allows you to control the TV from a remote distance. In the official program market in the search box, write “LG Remote” (or another TV model). If the device responds to commands, then the remote control is broken and requires either replacement or repair.
  • The next reason is related to signal loss. For example, the TV set refuses to respond to commands, but performs actions only after numerous button presses. This problem is mainly found on Samsung and Philips. To fix the situation, you need to hold down two keys on the TV set. Program and Volume. Did not help? Update software.
  • Interference. This includes household appliances. Tvs are not always installed in rooms, they are often placed in the kitchen, where a microwave oven can interfere, etc.
  • Wear of components. If the remote control is very old, then probably many parts are simply out of order.
  • Reboot

    The TV does not want to carry out commands from the remote control, but the indicator is on or blinking? Try restarting your device. In this case, you need not just turn off and turn on the TV, but get the plug out of the socket. Over, if you additionally use a prefix, then also disconnect it from the power supply. After five minutes, you can connect the devices back.

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    Lags when watching movies online

    Iptv requires an internet connection. It won’t work without online. Thus, the main reasons for lags when watching a movie are:

    • Slow internet connection. For optimal operation of IPTV, a connection speed is required. At least 2 mbps. Check this value using the service. Speedtest.Net. Go to this site and click the “Start” button, after a minute the result of the current speed will be shown on the screen. If the indicator is less than 2 mbps, then the problem is hidden in the slow Internet connection.
    • The second reason has to do with the playlist. Certain channels not working? The problem is in the files being played. Then use another playlist.

    Internet and its connection

    Users often complain that Samsung Smart TV slows down when using home Wi-Fi. Let’s consider each type of connection:

    Wireless over WI-Fi. This is the most convenient type of connection. To use it, you need to go to the set-top box or TV menu, enter the wireless networks section and select the network name in the corresponding tab, and then enter the password and connect. But, if lags are found while watching movies online, then WI-Fi will be one of the main reasons. After all, such a connection is not reliable, especially if there are too many devices connected to the router. This can cause packet loss, which is why IPTV starts to slow down.

  • Wired by cable. This option is considered the best. The cable provides a stable connection. The problem may lie only in the protocols used by the provider. It’s good if the provider provides a dynamic IP.
  • Why Samsung Smart TV slows down and freezes: reasons

    Sometimes users encounter unpleasant moments while using Smart TV on TV. One of the most common problems is that the device starts to freeze or malfunction. The main reasons are:

    • Slow internet connection.
    • Too many unnecessary widgets are running in the background, because of which the device’s memory clogged up, and it began to slow down.
    • The cache is clogged in the browser.
    • You haven’t downloaded software updates for a long time.

    Look at the screen to determine the exact reason for the freeze. What happens when you brake? Does the notification error appear? After all, the reason may lie in insufficient antenna power. This is usually characterized by interference, poor picture quality or braking. But, the main reason is still considered to be insufficient connection speed.

    Software Update

    Samsung Smart TV often slows down if a new firmware version has appeared. Because for the normal functioning of the TV, it needs to be updated, otherwise it simply will not start. If the Internet speed is not enough, new software can be downloaded to flash memory via PC. After that, you need to connect the USB flash drive to the TV and update the system.

    Why Samsung Smart TV freezes and the remote does not respond: reasons, what to do?

    Why Samsung Smart TV freezes up. A relevant query in 2020. Smart TVs are becoming more and more popular. Through the Smart Hub application, it became possible to watch online, pictures, Internet pages, listen to music, play games. And everything on TV. In our material, we will identify common problems associated with freezing Smart TV, the reasons for their occurrence and possible ways to fix the problem.

    Why Samsung Smart TV slows down and freezes: reasons

    To understand the possible source of braking on a Samsung TV, let’s define what is happening on the screen.

    If you are watching TV channels, it may be due to a weak antenna. In the case of an Internet connection, there may be several options for acceptable problems:

    • Low speed or no network connection;
    • Many widgets have been downloaded. Memory is overloaded;
    • The cache has not been cleared for a long time in the browser;
    • Old firmware.

    The reason for freezing can also be an incorrect setting of Smart TV.

    Lags when watching movies online

    If Smart TV slows down when watching movies online, the problems may be as follows:

    The signal is being transmitted slowly;

  • Incorrect network configuration via Wi-Fi router.
  • Full TV memory.
  • With frequent use of the browser, the cache is full.
  • To get rid of hardware malfunction, clear the memory from the cache, uninstall unnecessary applications, etc. If connected via WiFi, try switching directly via cable to increase the speed of the Internet. When automatically configuring the router, try to adjust it manually to exclude this error option.

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    The remote does not respond

    The lack of response from the remote control may be caused by various factors.

    First of all, check the health of the batteries on other equipment. Perhaps they are out of order and need to be replaced with new ones. With a low energy intensity of the batteries, the remote control buttons may not immediately respond to pressing, and therefore the user begins to suspect that the remote control is inoperative.

    The camera on your smartphone will also help to check the operation of the remote control. Each device has an infrared sensor that provides a command signal. You need to place the remote control with the indicator upward above the camera and try to press the buttons. If there is a signal, it is immediately visible on the display. The sensor is on.

    In most cases, when the Samsung Smart TV freezes and the remote control does not respond, the reason for this is the remote control. Take it to a service center, where specialists will quickly help solve the problem.

    Device settings

    Sometimes TV lags due to incorrect settings. The fault may be your inattention, or a child “played” with the remote control. The solution to this problem is to reset Samsung Smart TV to factory settings. If the equipment does not respond to actions, try unplugging and plugging back. This should help.

    So, this article discusses the possible factors of TV freezing and how to fix them. If the described steps did not help, feel free to contact the service center from the manufacturer.


    If Google has stopped supporting an app on your Samsung TV, you can fix the problem in the following way:

    Installing the application mainly helps to solve problems on TV that were released after 2012, that is, on new models. What should owners of legacy smart TV devices do? How to watch YouTube? You can of course use a browser, but this is not the most practical solution. It is more rational to use the proprietary Samsung TV Cast application. The main advantages of this program:

    • Immediate response, no lags or bugs on all Samsung Smart TVs released after 2010;
    • The application is designed to plays from YouTube, as well as to open other web pages and launch all kinds of content;
    • If you have a tablet or smartphone from Samsung, then install this application on it to sync devices.

    When the app is successfully installed, you need to open the site you want to play on. In our case, this is the YouTube portal. You can open the site both on TV and on a mobile device. It doesn’t really matter. If you opened the portal from a smartphone or tablet, you can transfer the image to a large TV screen with one click.

    Using the TV Cast program, you can log into YouTube with your personal account. This will give the user access to a personal library of content, subscriptions and interesting channels.

    On the forum threads dedicated to discussing LG TVs, you can find many posts from users complaining about the missing YouTube application. Where did the program go? Mostly, the utility is automatically removed after updating the operating system firmware. You can solve this problem in the following way:

    To avoid similar problems in the future, do not install beta versions of the firmware, as they usually contain extremely many errors.

    Top reasons why YouTube isn’t working

    Youtube is pre-installed on Smart TVs. This means that users do not have to download and configure the application themselves, as it is installed by default. With this program, you can play all kinds ofs. You don’t have to open a browser. The application interface is extremely user-friendly and practical.

    Why did YouTube stop working? Why did the app disappear from the TV? Let’s consider the most common options:

    These are the main reasons for the emergence of problems with YouTube. If there is a program, but it does not work correctly, then it is really possible to restore it. You need to update the TV firmware or check for a new software version. It is possible that the error will disappear automatically after a while.

    Why is there no YouTube app on Smart TV? It is much worse if the program worked correctly, but then disappeared without removing it. Owners of TVs manufactured before 2012 were sent messages from Google with a notification that support for the YouTube application is ending. This means that now you can use the service exclusively through a browser. The developers argue such a radical decision by the fact that the software is extremely outdated.

    In 2012, the next generation YouTube TV program was created based on HTML5 syntax. The developers have managed to integrate a wide range of new functionalities into the software. Previously, these options were not available. Google continues to improve the software, regularly releasing all kinds of updates. For example, thematic tabs were added, the search system underwent significant optimization, navigation was noticeably simplified.

    Why YouTube doesn’t work on TV and how to restore the app

    What to do if YouTube does not work on the TV, or the application icon disappeared altogether? You need to start with diagnostics. To restore a popular streaming service program, determine the cause of the failure. The specifics of restoring viewing directly depends on what caused the application to disappear. Sometimes the problem can be solved by installing the latest version of the operating system firmware. In some situations, this is not enough, so users resort to drastic measures.

    Sony bravia

    Many users tried to update the firmware and also roll back the settings to the default value, unfortunately, these actions did not give the expected result. Therefore, it is not worth wasting time on meaningless manipulations. How to return YouTube Smart TV to Sony Bravia? The only real way is to stream the signal from another source. You can also use a browser. Don’t Forget the Universal Method. Installing the YouTube App.

    Installing YouTube on a TV

    How to set up the YouTube app on a Smart TV older than 2012? You don’t have to watch through a browser or buy a new TV model, an Android set-top box. There is a universal solution that suits absolutely all users, regardless of the TV model and manufacturer. To continue enjoying high quality on YouTube, you need:

    Download a widget called “YouTube” to your computer or laptop.

  • Create a “YouTube” folder on a USB flash drive, and then unzip the contents of the archive into it.
  • Insert the memory stick into the USB port of the TV.
  • Turn on your TV and then launch Smart Hub.
  • A new program will appear in the list of widgets available for use. “YouTube”.
  • This is an analogue of a traditional service, which is absolutely no different from the original application. There are alternative ways to solve the YouTube problem, but they are tailored for a specific TV brand. Consider absolutely all available options.


    Due to the update of service standards, now it will not be possible to watch YouTube on TV from Philips either. In new versions of the software, the operation of the application has been stabilized, errors do not pop up while using the program. Consider the fact that not all TV models support the updated standards. Therefore, the YouTube branded application will continue to disappear from older TV models. If you are using the 2010-2012 model, then install the alternative programs, which we already talked about earlier.

    How to install YouTube if the application was automatically removed from a new TV? First, update your TV software to the latest version. If the model supports the updated service standards, then the program will function correctly. With the proprietary YouTube application, you can continue to watchs on the big screen.

    Functionality of Smart TV technology

    Providing access to the Internet, without using a PC and additional set-top boxes. This function allows you to play various located in the vastness of the Internet resources. Some models have the function of recording a file to an external storage connected to the TV. Also, you can open social networks. This allows you to display various content without connecting a mobile phone to a TV.

  • A large number of built-in games allow you to while away the time or keep children busy for a while. In addition to the built-in games, there are a large number of applications that are available for download on the Internet.
  • Also, this function allows you to view the forecast of weather conditions and exchange rates and much more.
  • Very convenient playback and material on connected USB devices. You can also edit, delete, create various folders and albums for better sorting.

    In this one you will learn more about this remote control:

    How to choose a remote control for your Samsung Smart TV

    At one time, Samsung Smart TV technology revolutionized the TV industry. This is a very creative and interesting decision of the company. It contains a large number of functions that are now irreplaceable. For the correct functioning of this function, a good Internet connection is required, therefore the company installs good equipment in TVs with Smart TVs to ensure high speed Internet. For more comfortable control of this technology, you can use special pointers, which are distinguished by great functionality.

    Smart TVs are essentially multimedia platforms. For their manufacture, the most modern technologies are used, which allow to achieve maximum indicators of image and sound quality. This contributes to the fact that the cost of these devices is quite high. You need to choose a device based on your requirements and for a specific TV model. There are push-button and touch-type devices. If you have any problems setting up or using the Smart Remote Control, search the Internet for a solution or contact your hardware vendor.

    Push-button device type. The main advantage is that there is no need for configuration. It can be used immediately after installing the batteries in a special compartment. It can connect to multiple devices at once at the same time. Thanks to this, the keypad is universal. It is also often chosen for its ease of operation, as well as for its low acquisition cost.

  • The touch type has a more complex connection process. Insert the batteries first and press the power button. After that, hold down the “RETURN” and “GUIDE” keys for a few seconds until the “bluetooth” icon appears. The appearance of this notification indicates that the device is paired with the TV. The remotes supplied with the TV only work with this unit.

    Samsung smart TV remote

    Currently, the Samsung Smart TV remote control is an indispensable product. For a long time, Samsung has been producing remote controls to work with a large number of products. Some of them are universal and fit several types of devices. To buy such a device, you need to decide on a list of characteristics that you want to get for a certain cost. The more expensive the remote control, the better its performance.

    Remote control settings

    Samsung Smart Controls are touch-sensitive devices that allow you to control TVs from a distance. They are bundled with Samsung TVs that have the Smart TV function and were released after 2012. He is able to control not only the TV, but also the set-top box that is connected to it. It can also be used as a control device for a Blue-Ray player. It has a voice control function with which you can increase or decrease the sound and perform other actions without touching the remote control.

    This remote has a touchpad

    The main advantage of this remote control is the touch-sensitive touchpad located on the front side and occupying 40% of the area. It allows you to easily configure the TV, comfortably navigate the TV menu and in the browser. Touch panel for maximum comfort and ease of operation.

    How to disassemble the Samsung remote

    Sometimes there are situations when, when trying to switch a channel, the TV reacts only after a few taps. Often, this phenomenon occurs when the remote control is clogged with food, or jellied liquids. As a result, it becomes necessary to disassemble the Samsung remote control and clean it from dirt.

    The first step is to inspect the Samsung Smart TV remote and locate all the fasteners. Often they are located not only on the outer surface of the remote control, but also in the battery compartment. Usually fastening is done using small screws, which can be unscrewed with a Phillips screwdriver.

  • Next, you need a plastic card. It must be inserted into the corner of the device, and the cover must be tucked. After that, tell you you need to walk it around the console. This must be done carefully so as not to damage the latches. Then carefully remove the battery contacts from the seating slots.
  • The next step is to understand how the board is fastened to the back cover surface. If fastening is made with screws, then they must be unscrewed with an appropriate screwdriver. If it is fastened with latches, then you must carefully open them.

    Malfunctions and their elimination

    If you purchased a device and it does not function, the first step is to follow these steps:

    Read the instruction manual carefully;

  • Make sure the device is compatible with this TV model;
  • Disconnect the batteries and put them back;
  • Remove the power plug from the outlet, wait a couple of minutes, plug it back in and turn on the TV.

    The disadvantage of Samsung Smart Touch remote control devices is that repairs are not carried out in official service centers. The cost of the original remote control sometimes reaches a third of the cost of the entire TV set. Therefore, most users try to repair the remote themselves. A common problem is the gradual increase in the rate of discharge of the batteries, and eventually the remote does not work at all even with new batteries. This is facilitated by the failure of the capacitors at the positive input. To solve the problem, you can simply remove them, but this does not guarantee safety of use, however, without them, the remote control will begin to function normally.