Samsung S8 Overheats On And Off

Almost any modern and productive smartphone is characterized by the problem voiced in the title of the article, so it’s far from always worth panic because of the heating of the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8. The Eighth Galaxy is a compact device with a powerful processor that can withstand heavy loads. And it is these very loads that most often lead to the heating of the gadget.

The easiest way to deal with overheating is to not load the processor while working with only a few programs. But this option will not suit many, so we will analyze the problem of overheating in more detail.

Why does the compactness of the S8 affect the heating of the smartphone?

Samsung’s goal is to make the smartphone not only powerful, but also stylish. Therefore, the corporation uses a glass case in the production. and quite thin. Accordingly, if the device performs a lot of tasks, then a slight overheating will definitely be peculiar to it.

If the gadget is a little warmer, then you should not sound the alarm. this is just a design feature and there is no getting around it.

How does the weather affect S8?

If you carry a smartphone in your pocket on hot summer days, do not be surprised that its temperature has risen. This happens with absolutely any items, including mobile devices. You can fight the heat in only one way. to clean the gadget away from direct sunlight. to the place where the environment cannot reach the Galaxy S8. Does the heat threaten the smartphone? If you do not leave it under the hot sun for the whole day, then it is unlikely.

Samsung S8 Overheats On And Off

Heating during charging. what to do?

If you charge your smartphone wirelessly, the S8 should not get too hot. Charging with a wired device slightly affects the temperature increase of the gadget, but cannot pose a threat to it.

The device will especially heat up when you use it while charging. play games, launch “resource-intensive” applications. In general, this is also normal. But it’s better not to abuse such things.

What to do to prevent the Galaxy S8 from overheating?

Light heating is an adequate response of S8 to severe loads and “difficult” operating conditions. But to make it comfortable to work with a smartphone (if it is seriously overheated, it cannot be held in your hand), you should follow certain rules:

  • Close, but not minimize programs that you don’t work with. We recommend occasionally dropping in the “Task Manager” to check if programs that work in the background are swallowing RAM. Closing unnecessary software will allow you not only to remove excess load from the processor, but also save a few percent of the charge.
  • If you leave the smartphone on charge, it is better to turn off wireless networks. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and, again, close all applications. Thus, overheating will not occur, and your device will charge in much less time. In general, we do not recommend actively using all kinds of functions when the gadget is charging.
  • If you see that due to some program the smartphone began to work more slowly (or even slow down!) And at the same time bask “like a stove”, then you should get rid of it. Absolutely any application can find an analogue. If the software causes overheating, “cooked up” it is definitely not of high quality.
  • Sometimes users complain not only about a sharp overheating of the Galaxy S8, but also about its quick discharge. The reason may be that you actively use all kinds of functions, leave dozens of applications open in the background, set the screen to maximum brightness, etc. But if you are sure that you are not creating a load on the smartphone, but it still overheats, freezes and discharges in a couple of hours without an explainable reason, you should send it to a service center (however, you must first reset the settings to prevent a software failure)

The most important conclusion is that you should not be afraid of a slight overheating, which does not “slow down” the phone! If overheating greatly reduces the performance of the S8, other problems are observed (for example, a quick discharge), then you cannot do without a service center. it is very difficult to find the cause of the “iron” breakdown yourself.