Samsung S7 Access Point Settings

Have you become the proud owner of a brand new smartphone? Excellent! But here you come home, open the box, take out the phone. And think about how to set up the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Now you will find out everything and be able to set up your phone yourself without any problems.

Where to begin?

Samsung S7 Access Point Settings

Create your original Samsung account. In principle, you can do without it, but then you can’t use everything.

Creating such an account is incredibly simple. Go to settings, look for “accounts”, add, select “Samsung” from them and create. If you already have an account, you can log in with it.

Take care of security using Android chips. They will help you track your smartphone in case of theft or loss anywhere in the world.

Already installed Android is attached to the Galaxy S7, so you just need to go to the site and log in through a google account. Being far from the device, you can also block it, make a call, erase the memory.

Fingerprint registration

To register prints, go to settings. Find in them the “lock and protection screen”, then “fingerprint”. “add”.

Such settings help log in to the network, unlock the screen, use the Samsung Pay service.

If you want to get rid of the settings you don’t need, simply click on the “delete” symbol on the application.

Other settings

The smartphone has a large number of settings. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the necessary quickly. For convenience, use a function such as “take settings up”.

To do this, go to the settings and click “edit” in the upper right row. You can select up to 9 settings.

The gadget has a very decent battery. But you can still get the most out of it using the built-in mode. When this mode is turned on, background applications are turned off. You save so much charge.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is running the new Android Marshmallow 6.0. the latest way to search on a smartphone. After introduction into his environment cardinally changes the style of Google user.

So how do you configure the Samsung Galaxy S7 for this? Hold the home button, hold until white lines appear on the sides. You will then be asked to use Now on Tap. The essence of Now on Tap.

This question is asked users only the first time. This is necessary for reading information. For example, you read information about John Boyeg, after which you had a desire to visit his IMDB.

An instant scan of the screen area will occur and results will be displayed with links to exactly what you need.

The phone has an SD card slot. You can use it to expand space up to 200 GB and store a photo.

How to set up mobile internet?

Now we turn to the main question. how to set up the Internet on the Samsung Galaxy S7? The settings on all Samsung Samsung Galaxy phones are very similar.

But the main thing is to configure it very easily with a minimum amount of time. You can easily configure the Internet yourself and save money, because you do not have to go to mobile phone stores.

There are two ways to configure.

  1. Order automatic settings from your mobile operator. You just need to make a call to your operator, name the smartphone model. After that, automatic settings will be sent to you, which must be saved on your smartphone. True, sometimes it happens that operators send VAP access instead of settings to the Internet, or they simply do not have automatic settings. Therefore, I would recommend setting up the Internet in a second way.
  2. Manual settings. To do this, enter the access points. The method is that you yourself enter all the settings into the smartphone. Do not worry, you only need to enter an access point, which can be taken from a mobile operator or found on the operator’s website. Sometimes access points are not required, just register “nternet”. Then go to the menu / settings. Find the menu of the mobile network. Sometimes the menu may be in other bookmarks. You find the menu of the access point and use the touch keys to type “Create a new T / D” (on the screen or at the bottom). Enter any name. Access Point (APN), for example, Where the “proxy” leave the field blank. Then use the keys to select “save” on the screen or at the bottom. The access point you created appears in the APN list. Activate it. Reboot your smartphone. Voila, you can use the Internet.

Now you know how to configure Samsung Galaxy S7. At least you can easily figure out most of the settings.

Still have questions? Ask in the comments or go to the forum where you can find answers to all questions that are related to phone problems.

Especially on the forums, gadgets can be studied literally completely.